The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/6/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Adam is in the living room, trying to do some work and Carmen is making noise, vacuuming. Erica comes to visit. She and Carmen hug. Erica asks Adam to help Andre out of this mess because it is Adam’s fault that he is in this mess. Erica assures him that if he helps Andre then he could he helping himself in the process. In the squad room at PVPD, Jesse tells Andre that he is free to go. Angie and Frankie, at home, and they discuss how that Cassandra is feeling guilty over what had gone down at the police department concerning Andre and his being arrested for the murder of Richie Novak. At the Chandler mansion, Colby and Babe discuss with Colby her drinking and how that she hadn’t been able to go to the AA meeting the night before. At the Slater house, Kendall and Zach discuss Annie’s accident. Kendall feels that Annie is going crazy. Zach, as usual, defends Annie’s actions. Zach suggests to Kendall that they go with Ryan and Annie to Vegas. Kendall is against the idea of spending time with Annie. Frankie lets Angie know that he has a date with Randi. Angie is against the idea of him dating Randi, but she tries to keep it to herself. There is a knock on the door and it is Jill. Colby, finally, agrees to go to the AA meeting. Zach goes to the police department to check on the accident report concerning Annie’s accident. Amanda and Babe arrive at work. They are both distraught because it seems as though they are always the ones at work while Greenlee and Kendall are off somewhere else.

Jill tells Angie and Frankie that she is there to check on Cassandra. Jesse and Zach discuss the Novak case and if there is any new evidence. Jesse wonders why Zach is so interested in the case. Amanda and Babe tell Kendall that they are quitting work. Kendall tries her best to keep them from quitting. Kendall defends Annie to Amanda and Babe, which puzzles Amanda and Babe. Kendall lets Amanda and Babe know that she is going to Vegas with Annie and Ryan. This further baffles Amanda and Babe until Kendall shows her true colors and lets them know how she really feels about Annie and her behavior lately. Adam has had enough of Erica and Carmen and he fires Carmen. Erica gives Kendall a call. J.R. and Colby go to the AA meeting. J.R. lets them know all about his life as an alcoholic. J.R. and Colby leave the meeting. Colby leaves the hospital not wanting to go back to another AA meeting. Outside of Angie’s apartment, two thugs grab Frankie and drags him off.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad wants he and Jack to work together to keep Parker and Liberty apart, as Parker listens. Katie and Liberty talk about she and Parker. After some bickering, Janet, Jack and Brad try to get on the same page in the parenting department. Alison has more trouble breathing and when Aaron rushes for help, Chris comes in and the nurse announces he is now Alison’s attending physician. Aaron is determined to change that. Emily and Susan talk about how crazy she acted and Emily tells her that she has to get her marriage annulled. Casey shows up and Emily wants to leave the hospital to talk. Katie and Liberty bond over fashion. Chris tries to take Alison’s blood, but she responds violently and stabs him with the needle he used to draw her blood. In her confused and paranoid state, she thinks Chris is trying to kill her. Emily and Casey are talking about ending their marriage when Emily sprays more perfume on and suddenly she can’t keep her hands off of Casey. Afterwards, she does an about face and wants to stay together and show him off. She even wants to go talk with Tom and Margo about their marriage and tell them that they are together forever. Casey is confused but thrilled with her turn around. Chris tries to explain to Aaron that he and Alison have the same chemical compound in their blood that is making them sick, but Aaron just wants him away from Alison. Katie brings Liberty to the ‘family meeting’ Jack, Brad and Janet are having. There, they tell Liberty and Parker that they are not allowed to be seen together without parental supervision. Liberty actually agrees without hesitation, but Parker is incensed and will not heed to their request, as he stomps off. Chris promises to do his work for Alison in the lab. Jack admits to Janet that he is worried about Parker because he has lost a lot in his life; he second-guesses his parenting style after he sees Liberty’s reaction versus Parker’s. Janet reassures him that he is a wonderful father. Parker waits for Liberty and tells her that he knows she was saying that she would go along with their parents request to stay away just to appease them, but Liberty tells them that she was serious and they should try to do this. Parker tells her anxiously that he can’t and won’t stay away from her because he loves her, as Liberty is unsure how to handle this revelation and tells him that they need to cool off. In the lab, as he is taking his own blood, Chris starts to exhibit symptoms similar to Alison’s, as he fights to stay coherent and well. After Casey is worried about how Emily looks, he convinces her to go back to the hospital. Once there, Casey starts to act funny and aggressive, especially after Susan asks him to leave Emily in her care. Susan realizes he may have caught what Emily has. Brad and Katie talk about trying to start having kids. Liberty goes to sees her mom upset about Parker, but she doesn’t want to talk about it now. Casey barricades the door right before he and Emily seem to become more afflicted by this sickness. The guard breaks in and struggles with Casey while Susan tries to tend to a semi conscious Emily. Jack tells Parker about the tennis program that he applied to in Chicago accepted him; it would be a great opportunity, but he would understand if he doesn’t want to go. However, surprisingly Parker jumps at the chance and tells his dad that he wants to go. Chris, in his afflicted state, goes to see Alison again to promise he won’t give up, but Aaron finds him there and orders him out. Chris attacks Aaron with his bare hands. Bob rushes in and explains that Chris is obviously sickened with the same thing Alison has. He worries about how Chris will have trouble stopping this infectious disease that is spreading around the hospital now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

From The Marlin, Katie stares down into the water and sees her brother, Storm. He tells her that he is her heart, and he knows she is pregnant. Does she want to live her life that way when no one will talk to her when they find out the facts? Why doesn’t she come in for a swim, they will always be together. She jumps in. She keeps trying to reach for him, but can’t quite touch his hands. Then her perfectly sane brother turns his grotesque face toward her. She tries to swim away, but he keeps pulling her under. Beth has therapy with Taylor. She speaks of her past days as being another woman. She was mired in depression. But she feels the therapy, medication and her family and friends are helping some and she has had a few moments of actual joy. She doesn’t know how long it will last. Bridget changes her mind and tells Nick on the phone that he doesn’t have to go by and see Katie after all. But how about they ask Taylor if Katie can be Jack’s Godmother, she needs some lifeline right now. Bridget reads her mother a section from a book that helped her when she lost Nicole and made her see the light.

Katie is startled when Nick joins her on deck. What she had experienced was a daydream. She comments that life is a miracle. She looks skyward and thanks him for the many blessings that keep reigning down on her. And she turns to Nick to say thanks for all the things he has given her. Right or wrong on Catalina Island, as long as there is breath in her body, she promises she will nurture this baby. She will love life and this child. He says they will get through this somehow. She says yes they will.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo prepares for Hope’s big surprise, which is a vow renewal ceremony. Chelsea, Maggie, and Julie all help Hope prepare for the event by doing her hair and make-up, and getting her dressed. When Hope hears about the Cajun-themed food, she flashes back to her first wedding to Bo in New Orleans, and figures out that she is getting re-married. Later, she and Bo take a horse-drawn carriage to the church. Stefano admits to both Tony and EJ that he is awake. He swears them both to secrecy, saying that he can‘t let the person who put him here find out that he is conscious. Tony tells Anna, and she almost spills the beans to Lexie and John, but Tony is able to cover for her. John and EJ talk about Ava and Stefano. John tells EJ that the time will come when he will have to choose between John and his father. Lexie is suspicious when both EJ and Tony balk at the suggestion that Stefano have electroshock therapy. A masked man with a syringe stalks Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Both Anthony and Scott visit the Quartermaine's with overt threats; Scott with more of the same, accusing Lulu of using the family and promising legal wrath, Anthony reminding them that if Lulu goes the way of her mama and gets his boy killed, there will be blood. While Kate confronts Claudia, who assures her Sonny will return to the life, Maxie tries to get Spinelli to investigate the Karpovs on the Crimson computer, but before they get far, Kate returns, determined to have the best wedding anyone ever had. Lulu remains nervous.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill is outside with Hilda, the maid talking. She walks away and Lizzie shows up. Marina talks with Daisy. The subject is Grady. Grady and Cyrus are talking about getting someone on the inside of the SPD. Grady suggests Marina. Cyrus doesn't like it. At home, Bill is talking with Vanessa. Mallet visits Dinah, who is in a jail cell. Mallet wants to call Vanessa. Dinah says no. Mallet makes a call to Bill and tells him Dinah is there. Just then Lizzie tells both Vanessa and Bill that Dinah had called her earlier worried about Bill. Lizzie suggest that he start making funeral arrangements. Bill says no. Vanessa says she agrees with Lizzie on this. Dinah is released thinking it was Bill. She ask a female cop, then turns around to find Mallet standing there. Marina and Cyrus are exercising and talking about Daisy and Grady. Daisy meets with Grady saying she is sorry. That she still does believe in him. She wants to make it up to him. He tells her to make a stand. Dinah and Mallet have a picnic at the park and talk about Bill. Mallet tells her he called Bill and he hung up on him. Mallet says he is sorry. Dinah tell Mallet she just wanted that baby to be alright and Bill's. Bill goes to the hospital and talks to a nurse Tyler about the baby. She informs him that arrangements were already made. That the real father and Miss Lewis took care of it. Bill gets upset. Lizzie arrives and drags him away before he causes a scene. Back in the park Daisy and Grady talk more about being with each other. Grady asks Daisy who the real reason is that Tammy is dead. Daisy says Alan Spaulding. Grady tells her to keep telling her family that. Marina is still not happy with Cyrus. She tells him she can see through him and what he is up to. That he makes people fall for him then do his dirty work. She leaves after telling him he doesn't have what it takes. Lizzie tells Bill that she knows how good he is. That he will bounce back. Bill passionately kisses Lizzie. Lizzie breaks the kiss and tells him that she doesn't want to make love with him just to make him feel better. He tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her. Lizzie tells him that she will help him with Max's service that is all. Marina disrupts Mallet and Dinah's lunch. Lizzie and Daisy meet at Tammy's grave and talk. Daisy says every time she comes here she asks a few questions. No answers. Daisy walks into Company and finds Cyrus fixing a radio that Buzz got out of storage. The mention of Grady, Cyrus tells Daisy she is asking for trouble. Lizzie runs into Grady and Alan and Daisy are all they talk about. Lizzie tells Grady not to hurt Daisy. Vanessa goes to Dinah to to find out about her jail ordeal. Dinah gets angry at her. Bill comes home and starts throwing the toys he got Max, everywhere. When he is finished he just sits on the loft. Marina and Mallet surprise an elderly couple while coming out of the Beacon's elevator. Daisy talks to Cyrus not knowing that Grady is spying on them. Lizzie comes back to Bills to find Hilda picking up the toys that Bill through off the floor. She starts upstairs and sees Bill at the top just sitting there. He tries to talk to her but doesn't make much sense. Saying Ava did him a favor. Bill tells Lizzie he has to except the fact people die. Bill then says this is his house, but could be theirs if she stays. Dinah is at the gate and can't get in. She starts to climb the gate and starts yelling.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Antonio, Cristian and Sarah talk about getting Talia back while on the plane from Mendorra. At Vikki's going away party, everyone tells Dorian to leave. Vikki leaves for the airport. David Vickers gives the dog (David Vickers) to a couple of nuns at the airport. He sees Vikki and they talk. Gigi and Brody work at Rodi's. Gigi asks him to put her purse behind the bar and when she walks away Rex calls. Brody tells him Gigi is in the shower and he's about to join her. Layla meets Vincent at Rodi's. Another woman comes up and says she is his girlfriend. Vincent admits to cheating on Layla. She breaks up with him. Blair goes to Todd's to find out who he bought the night gown for. The bodyguard tells her to try on the nightie and he'll let her upstairs to see. She tries it on just as Todd walks in. Sarah and Tina discover that Kane has the jewels. Tina remembers making a copy of the jewels and hiding the originals in the dog's coat. Kane jumps from the plane. In Texas 1968, Bo and Rex worry about changing things in the past will affect the future. Bo knows he has to go over to father David Vickers with the Gigi look alike. Rex is upset but tells him to get it over with. Rex looks at the time travel book and realizes Delphina's name is mixed in the title.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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