The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/5/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal and Tad try their best to comfort Colby after both Andre and Adam have been arrested. J.R. and one of the board members visit Adam in jail. Jesse apologizes to Samuel for this situation with Andre. Erica arrives at the police station to comfort Samuel. Jack arrives at the police station and sees Erica with Samuel. At the hospital, Jake assures Ryan and Annie that the baby is fine. When Ryan goes out of Annie‘s room to make a call, Annie calls Rachel to bring Emma to the hospital. Andre is formerly hand-printed and photographed. Ryan comes back into Annie’s room and tells her that Andre had been arrested for Ritchie’s murder. After the board member leaves from visiting Adam, Adam begs J.R. to help him to help Colby. After a lot of discussion, J.R. agrees to help Adam. Krystal offers Colby to move back in with them. After Colby leaves Krystal and Tad alone, Tad orders Krystal to tell him what had happened between Krystal and Adam. Krystal tries her best to explain to Tad what had happened, but Tad doesn’t entirely believe her. Samuel thanks Jack for agreeing to defend Andre. Jack congratulates Jesse on his appointment to Police Commissioner. Reporters flock into the squad room to question both Samuel and Erica. Samuel vows that he will stand behind Andre. Erica promises to stand by both Samuel and Andre. Jack questions Andre. Annie tells Ryan that she will do whatever it takes for them to have their “dream life. “

Annie, Ryan and Emma spend quality time together in Annie’s hospital room. Jake and Frankie discuss Andre’s arrest when Frankie turns around and sees Randi. Samuel and Jack discuss Andre’s case. Jack has a talk with Jesse about the blood on the bumper of the car that Andre had been driving. Jesse comes to see Adam to let him know that he had made bail. Jesse shows Adam a piece of evidence that he had obtained from the car that had been supposedly stolen. Frankie asks Randi for a date. Annie tells Ryan that she loves him, but Ryan still can’t seem to return the sentiment.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie tells Jack and Janet that Brad and Liberty are getting along from what she saw on her secret mission to the cabin; she thinks this will be met with relief and happiness, but instead Janet is angry with Katie that she went without her; she also feels they are judging how she is as a mother to Liberty. Brad and Liberty bond some more after he gives her driving lessons. Parker shows up at Liberty and Brad’s cabin wanting her to run away with him. Liberty is unsure, but Parker convinces her that her dad is only appeasing her for the time being, but nothing will change afterwards. Meg continues to be plagued by visions of Sophie’s ‘ghost’ telling her to kill Paul. Paul makes an appointment with Dr. Michaels for Meg, who begrudgingly goes. Jack and Katie are able to calm Janet down and they all try to get along. While Parker hides, Liberty tests Brad to see how he will treat her. When she doesn’t like his responses, she agrees to leave with Parker in Brad’s car when Brad walks to the store. Meg sees Sophie’s ‘ghost’ while she is talking with Dr. Michaels so Dr. Michaels tells Paul that Meg needs to be hospitalized. Paul declines promising her that he can take care of Meg better at home. Brad realizes Liberty is gone and calls Katie, but since Jack and Janet are with her, they learn about Liberty’s vanishing act too, so they anxiously join Katie on her road trip to the Lake – especially when they realize Parker is gone too. Liberty and Parker’s life on the run ends as quickly as it starts when Liberty comes to her senses and realizes they can’t go on the run with less then $50. Parker still wants to go, but Liberty tells him that she is heading back. Sophie’s ‘ghost’ convinces Meg that Paul is trying to drive her crazy so she winds up in a sanitarium the rest of her life. Meg becomes more unstable and paranoid, as she pretends to take the sedative pills Paul gives her. Paul calls Dr. Michaels and tells her that he now believes Meg needs more help then he can give her, which Meg overhears. Even though Janet is furious with Brad, they and Jack and Katie work together to find Liberty and Parker, which they do soon afterwards. Parker is angry at Liberty. Brad still wants to keep Liberty and Parker apart – even in the car ride home. After giving into what Sophie’s ‘ghost’ suggests that she needs to do in order to save herself, Meg takes Paul’s gun out of the safe and hides it from him under her pillow.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget questions Brooke of why God lets bad things happen to good people? Katie hates her life right now because of what happened to her. Brooke is thrilled that Bridget wants to have a baby with Nick right away. Nick tells Katie that he will not look upon what happened on Catalina as a mistake. She keeps saying over and over that she betrayed Bridget, her best friend, her family. He finally states that what happened was meant to happen, don’t poison it. He’s bowled over when she blurts out that she is pregnant. She knows this will kill Bridget and not be good for the baby either as he might be born at risk. She spreads pain wherever she goes and she doesn’t know how Nick can stand her. Everything she touches withers and dies. This was her doing, his hands are clean. Bridget calls Nick and wonders how he is since he rushed out so fast? She asks him if he can find the time to stop by Katie’s, something is not right with her. Katie wanders on the bow of the boat and looks up to the Heavens and questions what does HE have in store for her? A familiar voice calls out and she leans over the railing and sees Storm in the water, “save me.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max tells Melanie about how he found out she was his sister. She wants to call Trent to confirm, but Max convinces her not to, since they aren’t on good terms. Melanie discovers that Max was a famous racecar driver and is excited to have a celebrity in the family. She and Stephanie don’t hit it off well, and Stephanie cites her callousness towards Georges and the way she lies to her father for money as reasons not to like her. Max begs her to give Melanie a fair chance. Later, Melanie is arrested by the police. Hope confronts Phillip about the evidence Bo stole. Phillip apologizes and claims to be innocent, saying that they both know John Black is behind all of this. Later, Morgan stops by to take care of Phillip while he recovers from his gunshot wound. John finds a letter from Ava, saying that she is leaving town. Marlena stops by to tell John that Stefano might come out of his coma. John threatens to kill Stefano and storms off. Marlena finds the letter from Ava and calls Roman to tell him that she has skipped bail. Later, she and John meet outside Stefano’s room. John vows to do something about Stefano. Marlena urges him not to, but later threatens Stefano herself. Tony and EJ discuss Stefano’s condition. Trent threatens Nicole, saying that he knows about her divorce settlement with Victor. Thanks to EJ, Nicole is able to concoct a lie as to why Max is in France, and Trent backs off. Stefano threatens revenge on all of his enemies.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Shortly after Lulu visits her mother and confesses her fear of becoming insane, Scott visits and explains his motives in going after the girl. Lotus wants to help Johnny escape while Lulu is gone. Jason turns to Carly for advice on Sonny, and she points out that if he's a threat, he has to treat him like any other threat. Maxie and Nadine almost get caught in Doctor Hunter's room but come up with a fast cover story. Nadine claims to be visiting to find out his shirt size, because she spilled pasta on one of his, and Maxie accuses him of having a girl over at an improper time, eviction grounds in other words. Karpov and Jason warn each other to keep out of their businesses. Lulu comes home to Johnny, guilt free.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Fallen From the Sky:
Patrick and Robin discuss baby names.  Patrick proposes the name Dale if the baby is a girl.  Robin counters with Matilda.  Epiphany shows a softer side with Toussaint.  Leo flirts with Dr. Batra.  A difficult patient is brought into the ER.  The patient turns out to be Robert Scorpio, Robin’s dad.  Leo’s pregnant patient isn’t really pregnant so Dr. Batra offers her help.   Dr. Batra helps the woman work through her false pregnancy.  Claire and Kyle adjust to becoming roommates.  Robin thanks Jagger for finding Robert and bringing him to GH.  Robin says Stone displayed “unusual behavior.”  Jagger says he’s heading back to California.  Robert is confused and disoriented.  He thinks Kyle is Luke Spencer.  Kyle plays along.  Jagger catches Robert sneaking around the hospital.  Robert doesn’t recognize Robin.  When Robert speaks of Robin, he thinks she’s still a little girl.  Robert collapses.  Patrick has Robin removed from the room while he’s tending to Robert.  Patrick learns there’s fluid on Robert’s brain causing his strange behavior.  Patrick prepares to operate.  Before the operation, Robin visits with her dad.  This time, Robert recognizes Robin and comments on her pregnancy.  Jagger sticks around to support Robin through her dad’s surgery.  Jagger admits he’s afraid something might be wrong with Stone.  Leo and Dr. Batra give in to their weird attraction.  Robert pulls through the surgery, but Patrick says he found a tumor on Robert’s brain.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia, Jeffrey and Reva are at Company after hearing the news of the baby. Jeffrey is trying to get Olivia to eat something. She refuses. Then Reva tries to no avail and gives up. Olivia asks to be excused and Reva gets up so that Olivia can get out of the booth they are all sitting in. Olivia runs into Dinah. They just look at each other. Jeffrey tell Reva he wants to get married right now. Remy's Dad visits him. Remy think his Dad is there to tell him how lousy things turned out and it is his fault. His Dad says no. Lizzie is getting no where with Bill, but she stick with him. Lizzie still tries to talk to Bill. When she mentions Remy also missing Max he says he doesn't care what anyone else felt. Remy's Dad tries to get some emotion out of Remy and succeeds and Remy starts pounding the wall and crying and yelling. Dinah hears about Max. She tells Olivia she tried to fix everything for Bill. She really isn't making any sense. Olivia tells her so. Reva asks Jeffrey if he talked to Ava. He says he left a message. Jeffrey wants to get married right away. Reva isn't so sure now is the time and tells him that. He then says he has to take a walk and gets up and leaves Company. Reva sits there looking at him leave. Jeffrey goes to a bar and finds Josh there. Josh, not knowing the baby dies asks about it. When Jeffrey tells him. Josh is genuinely sorry. Josh tells Jeffrey he'll listen if he just wants to talk. Jeffrey says thanks and starts. Only when Jeffrey asks Josh a question about Ava and fatherhood does Josh give advice about fatherhood. Josh also tells Jeffrey to go to the batting range to get the hurt out of him. And tells him good luck and leaves. Remy gets another visitor, Lizzie. Remy says not right now. Lizzie ignores him and walks into his place. She wants to express her sympathy that she has been there. That people want to reach out. When he tells Lizzie that Ava doesn't even know, Lizzie is shocked. She tells him to talk to Bill since in a way they were both Max's Dads. Dinah finds Bill and talks to him. She tells him she tried to fix things for everyone. Bill tells her to be happy. When Bill tells Dinah what he wants to do by talking with Remy she argues with him that it isn't a good idea. Mallet has to stop the argument. Remy's Dad, Clayton goes to the bar. Jeffrey is there. They talk after Clayton asks for a drink. Jeffrey asks about Remy. When Clayton tells him, he tells Clayton that Ava is in another hospital and doesn't know. Dinah and Mallet are having a conversation when Remy walks up. They don't see him at first, then Mallet looks over and says hi. Dinah tries to talk to Remy and he just walks. Olivia and Jeffrey meet to discuss what is best for their daughter. Josh gets flowers and goes to see Reva. She reminds him they are not together and she is marrying Jeffrey. Josh says he saw Jeffrey and he is in no shape to marry. Remy goes to see Ava, but just gets inside the door of her room...

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Dorian finds out that Cole broke up with Starr, she instantly assumes that Todd put him up to it because he doesn't want any man in his daughter's life except for himself. But neither Starr nor Blair buy that. "Jessica" (who's probably really Tess) plans a going away party for Viki and invites her friends and family. But she still has a "plan" for Natalie and Jared. Charlie and Jared are getting along well and reconciling. Antonio grudgingly agrees to go back with Tina and Cristian and leave Talia behind after she demands he does. They all believe they have lost Sarah. But Cristian finds her, and she is alive and well.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Sabrina’s funeral, citizens of Genoa City go to pay their respect to Sabrina only to find that Victor had the service cancelled. Victor is MIA as he boards a bus bound for destination unknown. Michael gets information about his father from Paul and decides to meet him in prison; Kevin agrees to go with him.

Adam tries to deal with the death of Skye, while Victoria and Nick try to be there for their father, this does not fare well and causes tension with Nikki to being the blame for the invasion of David Chow. Nikki is sent his ashes and considers going off the wagon, instead she takes them to the stable and dumps them. Devon and Ana work on a song while Neil learns that Karen was the one who suggests Tyra get a place of her own. Neil is not to happy ; Karen and Tyra have words. Daniel gives Victor the sketch of Sabrina.

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