The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/4/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Jesse questions Andre, Colby and Cassandra about Ritchie’s death. Each one takes the blame for driving the car the night that Ritchie was killed. Samuel comes into the police station, on the phone, and he sees Andre there. He immediately wants to know what is going on. Tad and Krystal also arrive at the police station. Aidan and Greenlee have finished making love when they smell gas. Aidan begins to investigate if they have a gas leak. Ryan and Kendall have found a key inside a picture frame and wonder what the key is to. Kendall begins to suspect that Annie is hiding something from Ryan. Annie, purposely, damages her own car to make it look as though she had had a wreck. She tries to call Ryan, but doesn’t get an answer. She mumbles to herself that he had better not be with Greenlee. After Annie can’t seem to reach Ryan, she calls Zack to come to help her. Annie acts as though she is worried about the safety of the baby. When Zack arrives to help Annie, the police also arrive to help. Jesse orders one of the other officers to separate the suspects. Krystal tries to comfort Angie as best as she can. Samuel questions Jesse as to why he is pushing Andre so hard. Samuel, then asks to talk to Andre. Aidan and Greenlee walk in on Kendall and Ryan discussing a secret. Greenlee, immediately, wants to know what the secret is. Kendall gets a call from Zack letting her know that Annie is in the hospital due to a car accident. Zack also wants to know if Ryan is there. Kendall affirms that he is. Samuel orders Andre to let him handle this. Andre confesses that he was the one driving the car. Jake orders an ultrasound on Annie. Ryan arrives at the hospital.

Kendall suspects that something is wrong with this whole situation. Jake performs the ultrasound. Ryan and Annie get to see their baby. Greenlee suggests to Aidan that they stay out of everyone’s business. Andre, Colby and Cassandra make their statements about the night that Ritchie was killed. Annie remembers killing Ritchie. Andre is arrested. Colby and Cassandra are released. Samuel calls Jack to defend Andre. Adam is arrested.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey and Emily celebrate their quickie marriage in a hotel room. Margo waits at the hospital for Allison’s test results. Susan is sure they will find drugs in Allison’s system that Chris gave her. At the station, Bob and Chris await the results of Allison’s tests, as Bob worries how Chris is always there when something happens to Allison. Katie goes to talk with Janet about the fact that Brad and Liberty went on a mysterious road trip yesterday and haven’t come back. Brad takes Liberty to a remote cabin in the woods, as Liberty is determined to walk home she heads off, but Brad knows she will be back. Janet is so mad with Brad that she intends on calling the FBI and media to tell them what he did; Katie thinks they should talk with Parker first. Parker swears he doesn’t know where Liberty is. Janet wonders if Jack and Parker are not telling her the truth. Allison is upset after not being able to remember what happened with Chris. After making love, Emily seems to come to and wonders suddenly what is going on when Casey calls her his wife. Susan tells Margo there are no toxins or drugs in Allison’s blood. There is a strange chemical compound however that they are looking into, but it may be nothing. Margo and Susan still are unsure what is going on, but Margo has to go release Chris from custody. Liberty shows back up after having seeing a bear; she and Brad have an argument about the way he is handling her and about how he is overdoing the whole fatherly routine. Margo tells Chris that he is free to go, but Chris isn’t happy because he is adamant that there is something really wrong with Allison. Emily freaks out when she learns she and Casey are married and yells at him for letting her do this because it could jeopardize things with Daniel. Casey tries to convince her that they will be ok, but she wants to have it annulled and to leave immediately. Casey finally gives in tells her that he is done and he will give her what she wants. Brad calls Katie when she is with Janet and Jack and tells her that he is going to do things his way and that he has a plan. Katie figures out where Brad might be and Jack asks his friend at the State police to run Brad’s license plates; he and Liberty are at Half Moon Lake. They learn where he and Liberty are. Janet wants to go there, but Jack wants her to give them time now that they know they are ok. Katie pretends to listen as well, but when she leaves, she heads up there. Unbelievably, Liberty and Brad finally have a breakthrough and have some fun when he takes her fishing for her dinner. Once back in Oakdale, Emily tries to make things right with Casey, but he has had it. Janet wonders if Jack isn’t secretly happy Liberty is far away and that this is a way to punish her as well because she gave Liberty the birth control pills. Chris tries to go talk with Allison, but Aaron stops him even though Chris tries to explain they haven’t yet figured out what might have killed Allison. Jack tells Parker that Liberty is ok and with her dad, but he needs to head out and talk with someone. A furious Margo learns that Casey and Emily got married. Emily is crying at her office wondering what is going on with her. Bob finally heeds Chris’ wishes about looking at Allison’s medical file. He shows Chris it only because the same chemical compound that was in his blood is in Allison’s. Aaron is trying to help Allison study to get her mind off of things, but she is becoming irate and babbling, as she plays with her bracelet. She becomes very upset, itchy and doesn’t want the blankets on her as she violently swats them away. Brad and Liberty have more fun as they spend the afternoon together learning about one another. Katie sneaks up, sees them signing and laughing, feels good about this and leaves unnoticed. Margo goes to confront Emily about why she is jerking Casey around, but Emily collapses. Susan learns that Emily has been admitted to the hospital. Emily tells her that she thinks something is terribly wrong. She later tells her mom that she doesn’t remember going to St. Louis to get married to Casey. Chris and Bob learn of Emily’s episode and start to think these are all related. Jack goes to see Janet to talk things through. Parker makes a bus ticket reservation to Half Moon Lake. Liberty cooks the fish she caught and cleaned for Brad, as he happily watches. Susan learns that Allison is having another episode and outside her room, Chris promises he will get to the bottom of this, as Bob tries to get him reinstated.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is visibly upset when she visits Eric and finds they have put him on a respirator to help him breathe better. As Nick helps Jackie in her shop, they discuss little Jack and how the ladies love him so much. Of course the conversation turns to Katie and how much they miss her. And how amazing Katie is and how close she is with Bridget. Stunned from hearing the news that she is pregnant, Katie sinks to her chair to absorb it all. She has flashbacks of her time with Nick on Catalina Island, around the campfire as he holds and comforts her. She cries she does not want pity or comfort, but she hates her body and feels so useless. He assures her that she is beautiful and he kisses her. Bridget returns and sees her crying and demands that she tell her what is wrong. Saved by the bell, the doctor comes in and assures Bridget that Katie is doing okay. Katie is sorry if she scared Bridget. Alone, she begs Dr. Patrick not to say anything to Bridget. He promises he won’t, but he wants her to see an Ob/Gyn immediately, this is not a typical pregnancy. Bridget returns again and wants Katie to tell her whatever is bothering her. If it is not her health, then what? She can confide anything at all in Bridget. Consumed with guilt, Katie asks her to please leave before she says something she will regret. What is happening is some sick joke.

Donna sits over Eric, and Bridget commiserates with her. Bridget feels like there must be something else she can do for him, yet she knows everything is being done so all they can do is hope and pray. Donna states she does not care what they say or what the odds are, she is not going to give up. He is coming back to them. The doctors ask Katie if this was a planned pregnancy? It’s very high risk. Her heart could still be at risk for rejection. She almost faints in the office. She has more flashbacks, the one time she could have gotten pregnant. She calls Nick immediately and asks if he can meet her at the Marlin now, she will explain then. She gets there first and when he shows up, he has to literally pull it out of her. He knows she saw her doctor today. Was it bad news? She doesn’t know whether to answer yes or no.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nick tries to learns more about Max’s sister Melanie. Chelsea is curious about Melanie, but Nick refuses to say anything. After he’s unable to reach Max, and after seeing Melanie lament about finding love on her blog, Nick decides to fly overseas. Max sees Melanie at the café. Les demands money from her, and Max gives him half of what he is asking, telling him to get lost. Melanie demands to know who Max is and why he is involving himself in her business. Max admits that he is her brother. Ava tells John that the police are tailing her. EJ tells her that Fitzpatrick has been taken off of her case. The D.A. also has direct evidence that she had her men tamper with the plane. He admits that she has little hope. EJ tries to convince John to be honest with him. Meanwhile, John is holding Paul in his basement. They talk about the fact that the evidence of Phillip threatening Paul has not come to light yet. Later, John learns that the police received the email Ava sent about the evidence. They make love, and Ava leaves John a letter. She sneaks out. Hope and Bo argue about his motivations for withholding the evidence against Phillip. She agrees to stand beside him. Lexie and Tony discuss the fact that Stefano has had a seizure and is being moved to the Salem hospital. He could possibly come out of his coma. Victor and Kate also discuss the evidence against Phillip, and Kate assures Victor that no one will ever find out what happened. Phillip tells Morgan that he overheard her telling him that she was falling for him. They kiss.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin worries that her mom's crush on Noah is just rebound from Eli. Sonny and Jason continue to clash over Sonny's ties to Karpov. In a panic Lulu desperately wants to run from Lotus and the US to Mexico. Johnny resists. Maxie tries to protect Spinelli from Layla. Sam's investigation continues, but she runs into Jerry and it scares her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey runs into Reva. She knows something is on his mind. He says it is his cases. She knows it is Ava and the baby. Natalia says to Frank she couldn't find Rave in California. Frank tries to cheer her up. Offers a once a month free lunch deal. She smiles. Mel an Remy are on the phone talking about the baby. Remy tells Mel he is going to find Ava. Mel cautions him that it may not be that simple. He ignores her and says they are meant to be. Lizzie and Bill are together outside talking. He still believe they can share full custody. He can't walk away, he tells Lizzie. At the hospital everyone gets word there is something wrong with the baby. Olivia is already there when Bill arrives. Mel calls Remy, who thinks she is calling to change his mind, that is until she tells him there is something wrong with the baby. Jeffrey is not there. He hasn't gotten the word yet. Jeffrey is still with Reva. Olivia tries to get Jeffrey on the phone. Bill yells at Remy that this is his fault. Jeffrey gets Reva flowers. Then he hears his cellphone go off. Olivia fills him in on what is going on with the baby. Reva understands and says they can marry anytime. The baby comes first. Jeffrey thanks her. Remy and Olivia look through the Neonatal ICU's window at the baby. Olivia tells Remy that Mel is a good doctor. She'll figure out what is wrong. Olivia tells Remy she is not worried. Marina calls Frank to tell him the news of Ava's having the baby and the latest on the baby's condition. Bill and Lizzie are playing one on one basketball. Bill doesn't know the latest about the baby. Lizzie tells him she is gong back to LA. He drops the ball and walks away. She goes after him. Jeffrey arrives at the hospital followed by Bill and Lizzie. Mel come out distraught. The baby died. She doesn't say it but the look on her face tells all. Mel wants Jeffrey to find her brother. Remy is seen lighting candles in the chapel when Mel finds him. By the look on her face he knows it isn't good and starts to cry. Mel goes to her brother and they hug. Lizzie tries to comfort Bill. Mel and Remy walk by them in the hall and stop. Bill leaves the hospital and Lizzie just stands there until Reva motions for her to go ahead and go after him. Remy goes into a visitors room and rifles through his wallet saying he had a picture of the baby and now it is gone. Again he starts to cry and Mel is there to hug him. Reva tells Jeffrey she is there for him. They hug. Not far away they see and hear Olivia get upset. She says something went wrong. Lizzie finds Bill in his car. she goes to the passenger side window, she starts to talk to him. Bill then says it was his son. Lizzie tells him she is worried about him. She then gets in the passenger's seat and closes the door saying she is not going anywhere.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

David attempts to scam Clint and Nora since he has nowhere to go. But they don't fall for it. In Mendorra, Cristian saves Tina and Cain from beheading. Antonio saves Talia from Jonas. And they rush to find Sarah. Bo and Rex are still stuck in 1968 and at the Bon Jour Cafe. Rex wants to get back to the present. And Bo seems to know how they can do that better than Rex does. In the present, Brody tells Gigi he want to find them jobs and for them to commit to each other. But she makes it clear that she loves Rex and not Brody.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Arrangements for Sabrina’s funeral are being made with no help from Victor. A body is found by Paul in the stables where Nikki’s horse was boarded; later it is identified to be Skye. Crimson Lights is jumping, all the young folks in Genoa City have decided to hang out here and pine for the love they lost (Amber and Daniel). Chloe on the other hand reveals to everyone in the presence of lovebirds Cane and Lily that she is pregnant and carrying Cane’s baby, Lily decides to nip this thing in the bud and demands a DNA test be done. Neil and Tyra become allies in convincing Devon to finish school and focus on music later. Colleen asks Daniel on a date and Adrian shares with Amber his plans to move to Maine. Kevin finishes planning Jana and his wedding in Malibu.

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