The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/1/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Aidan has brought ten acres of land by the yacht club, and plan to build a house for Greenlee and he. Kendall thinks that Annie decapitated Greenlee’s head on a Fusion poster on purpose, because she hates her. Kendall thinks that Annie can be dangerous; she can be more liker her brother then they think. Annie comes in with a wrench in her hand. Annie spots the ghost of Richie sitting in her chair; he knows that Annie is as crazy as he was. Zach knocks on Annie’s door; she apologizes for telling Jesse that Zach beat up Richie. Ryan walks into Fusion and asks Kendall if she told Greenlee that he loves her. Annie drives her car into the woods then she destroys it to make it look as if she was in an accident.

Jesse shows Cassie and Dre pictures of them in the gas station store. He also shows them a picture of Colby’s new car that Adam claims was stolen. JR confesses to Adam about having him committed then leaking the story to the press; his confession is being taped. Zach suggests that Annie and Ryan take a vacation at his Vegas casino; she wants Kendall and Zach to join them. Richie knows that Annie is not going to bed or to Vegas until she takes care of Greenlee. Jesse tells the teens that he cannot tell who is telling the truth so he will arrest them all. The gas in Greenlee’s apartment fireplace is escaping.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Meg informs Paul that heís taking her out to lunch. After she puts the necklace on, she hears strange music but Paul doesnít. Alison is frustrated while trying to study. Aaron notices she is shaking all over too. She reveals to him how she found Chris at the hospital naked and confused, like he didnít know why he was there. Dr. Bob is worried about Chrisí symptoms too and asks about any new vitamins or medications. Aaron accuses Chris of what he did. Bob is stunned and insists they need to find out what is wrong. Alison tells her mother to go away, stop ragging her about her grades. Margo tells Emily she is going to back off because Casey and his youth have a short attention span and he will get sick of Emily all on his own. All three, Emily, Meg and Alison have a spell and experience hallucinations. Meg sees and hears Sophie and a baby carriage, Alison is drawn toward the pond and starts to walk into it and goes under. Having overheard a conversation, Chris follows Alison and pulls her out of the water and gives CPR. When Aaron finds Alison in the hotel room, he warns Chris that he is calling the police. Based on all the evidence, Margo has to take Chris in. Emily makes demands on Casey that he marry her right away. They make a quickie flight and even quicker ceremony. Meg shows up at Emmaís and reveals she has been having dreams. Emma does not think she is crazy or has been terrorized by ghosts, just Paul. Emma wants Meg to move in with her for a while, but Meg wonít. Emma begs her to be careful. Barbara tells Paul not to run away from this, something is wrong with Meg. Back home in bed, Meg sees Sophie again. Only instead of a baby in the carriage, she sees a gun. Sofie tells her that she must now kill Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie calls Bridget and wants to thank her again for last night. She laments what a perfect little family she has. Bridget insists on coming to the hospital to be there for Katie at one of her regular checkups. She lolls around in bed with Nick and brings up she’d like to give Jack a little brother or sister. While waiting, Katie looks at the prom photo of her and Nick. Steffy is happy to hear of Marcus’ promotion to supervise Shipping and Receiving. But she doesn’t like that half of her family was thrown out of the company. Marcus calls Donna and he is ecstatic that Owen was sent packing and should be on his way back to San Diego right now. He tells Steffy that technically he is her boss now, so is she ready for her first assignment?

The assignment - Marcus and Steffy spend the day playing in the surf and sand….and kissing……and kissing…..and kissing. Nick is stunned but assures Bridget that he does want a child with her, but he would never ask her to risk her health for it. She’s willing to take that risk if he is. While looking for a lost shoe, he looks under the bed and finds Katie’s Laker cap and shoes and thinks fondly on their days together. Dr. Patrick gives Katie some very unexpected news, she is pregnant. She refuses to believe that is possible and is processing that news when Bridget walks in and wants to hear the test results and sees the startled look on their faces.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Hope and Roman go over the e-mail asking what happened to the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Hope tells Roman that she will talk to Harry, and see if he can trace the email, to see who sent it so they can talk to them about the evidence. Harry traces the e-mail to a computer in the Java Cafe. Hope goes to the cafe and talks to the manager, Evan who says she can look at the surveillance tapes. While Hope views the CCTV footage, she discovers Ava at a computer. Hope tells Roman that Ava is a direct link to John. Later, when Bo and Hope meet to catch up on the case, she tells Bo that there must have been something else in the package that Paul sent Morgan, so she confronts him about it. Bo finally admits he tampered with evidence to protect Philip. Meanwhile, Roman discovers John gave the undercover cop a slip, Roman tells the undercover cop to stop watching John and focus on Ava. Bo visits Phillip in the hospital and expresses his concern that someone knows he suppressed evidence. Even thought Bo might have to confess, Philip will stick by Bo. Later, Morgan visits Philip in the hospital, she wants to find out what happened to her father. Philip tells Morgan that he heard everything while he was in a comma, even when Morgan told him that she loved him. Morgan is embarrassed and Philip pulls her into a kiss.

Maggie finds Chloe in Lucas' hospital room and wonders what Sami would think if she saw the two of them together. While Chloe gets coffee, Lucas tells Maggie that he and Sami are having a couple of months apart and he needs to get away for a while by himself to figure everything out. So Maggie offers him the keys to the Horton cabin on secluded Smith Island. Nicole admits to EJ that Trent has forced her to stay away from him. Although she would love to be with him, Trent wouldn't allow it. EJ asks where this leaves their relationship. EJ suggests that they find something against Trent. Nicole tells EJ that she knows a secret about him: Trent is Max's biological father, and Max's biological mother died when he was little so Trent gave him up for adoption, and then the Bradys adopted him. And now he wants to know what Max is doing in France. EJ tells Nicole that they need to find out, and that he will call Stephanie. Nicole thanks EJ for all his help.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After hearing Lotus offer to teach Johnny Spanish so he and Lulu can run off to Mexico, Lulu vows to get a Spanish dictionary and learn it herself. Sonny's dealing with Karpov cause Diane anxiety and are something he wants to hide from Kate. Mike fears his son is addicted to the business, like he is to gambling. Nadine still chafes at Nikolas' protective streak that is making her investigation difficult. Liz tries to get Nikolas to help reunite the apparently broken up Sam and Lucky. Later, she and Jason run into each other in the park and Monica sees the two and the boys as a lovely family. Maxie wants the Jackal to help her get rid of Dr. Hunter.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy gets ready to be a father. Mel does remind him that Jeffrey has legal custody. Mallet finds Bill asleep on a park bench. And with a cut forehead. Dinah continues her phone conversation with Lizzie. Lizzie says she is not coming back. That she can't. Dinah threatens her, but Lizzie stands her ground. Olivia is unpacking when Emma comes in to see her. She wants to see the new baby. Olivia assures she will in time. After Emma leaves Olivia dumps her luggage on the floor of her room and lays down upset. Mallet takes Bill to Cedars to check out his head wound. Bill is playing pity me. Saying Dinah is now mad at him. Lizzie is talking to her dog about Dinah's phone call. She is telling this dog that she is not going to LAX and get on a plane back. Then Natalia shows up. They talk about Lizzie situation. Natalia tells her to trust in faith. Bill visits little Max. Dinah goes to see Remy. She asks how he is doing. He says he is happy. Then he ask why is she asking. Blake tells him he is her friend. While outside, a nurse comes up to Bill to say that little Max can now come out of his incubator to be held. When Bill gets to the Nursery's door, he sees Remy holding little Max. After Remy returns Max to a nurse he turns around to see Bill standing there. They just look at each other. Remy says he is going to call Jeffrey. Mallet calls Dinah to tell her about Bill. Dinah thanks Mallet and agrees to meet later. Remy then appears to Mallet. He tells Mallet that he wants to be a cop. Seems he was a cop in training in Chicago. Mallet is cautious. Remy tells him he is a father now. Mallet congratulates him. Natalia and Lizzie's discussion turns to talking about Gus and Rafe. Natalia then apologies for bother her. Lizzie says she isn't. Bill goes to see baby Max and is holding him when Olivia comes to the nursery. Bill doesn't see her. Olivia looks angry. Bill sees Olivia and they talk. Olivia says she wants Max with Remy. Bill says he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Olivia yells at him, threatens that Bill will not walk out of the hospital with the baby. Remy and Mel's parents are in town. They find out about the baby. They are shocked. He mother says she will support him. Remy tells them of the first time he saw the baby. Then his father hugs him. They want to know the name of the baby. Remy says Bill named him Max. But as soon as he gets Ava's ok, they will name him Clayton after Remy's father. Dinah still talking to Bill tells him she loves him and that he must go on without Ava and the baby. She tells him this is over. The dream of a family is over. Bill gets angry at her saying she has no right. That every relationship she has had has gone up in flames. Dinah tells him she is doing this because she loves him. Olivia goes to Cedars to talk to Remy. She wants Remy to help her save the baby from Bill. Remy tells Olivia she doesn't have to worry that what he is doing will be for Ava and the baby. Dinah goes to Mallet to lick her wounds of the fight she had with Bill. She tells Mallet what Bill said about her and her relationships with men. Mallet says that is ridiculous. He continues tell her look what she did to Alan Spaulding, taking his house and company away. He tells her to go and tell that to Bill. Mallet leave a blank ticket with a not on a car's windshield. And Lizzie meets up with Bill. Remy calls Ava and gets her answering machine and he leaves a long message. Dinah goes to Remy with a envelope of money saying to him that he is a friend. That Max was almost her nephew. And that he is going to need it if he is to be a good Dad. Remy is shocked but happy that Dinah won't fight him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole informs Starr that he will sign for her to give their baby up for adoption. But it's only because he knows that she wants to abandon their child. And he also tells her that they are through. She cannot accept that and cries. Michael and Marcie are still at odd where she wants to adopt Starr's baby but he believes it will never work. Meanwhile, Todd and Marty are getting to be friends. She completely trusts him and believes that John is a terrible person, based upon what Todd tells her. In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser has Talia married off to Jonas Chamberlain. But Antonio is determined to rescue her. David has a plan for how to raise money now that he is all alone and homeless. Bo and Rex are still stuck in Paris, TX in 1968 assuming the roles of Bo and Asa. Emma is the mother of young Spencer Truman. And there is a dilemma about whether she should have another baby, who will be David Vickers.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

With Sabrina gone , Victor’s revenge begins his first victim is Nikki, who goes to offer comfort. Nick and Victoria see this attack and asks that Victor calm down but are meant with harsh words as well. Devon confides in Karen searching for an ally as he prepares to confront Neil and tell him he wants to drop out of school to pursue music. Neil and Tyra share a tender moment that Karen walks in on and is not to happy about; she offers to help Tyra search for an apartment. Jack is aware that with Sabrina’s death will come Victor’s wrath full force but he stands by his decision to run the story and Sharon does too.

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