The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/31/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Angie and Jesse are having problems with Frankie, and Cassie breaking the law. Far too many people, such as Jesse, Dre, Colby, Petey, Adam and now Krystal, are sharing the teen’s secret about Richie Novak. JR is taking the bait and falling into the traps that Adam is setting; JR is trying to take over Chandler Enterprise from his father. Sam decides that he will tell the press that he likes Erica Kane and she likes him. Erica wants to finish their first date tonight so they go to another restaurant. Babe brings a family photo to JR in support of his efforts to take over his father’s company.

Krystal is concerned about Colby and she talks to Adam about her. Adam thinks that he has everything under control. Colby tells Petey that Dre, Cassie and she want nothing to do with him. Krystal reminds Adam that he is breaking the law by aiding, and abetting the children and concealing their crime. The police have caught the teens in several lies. If the police question them, Colby suggests that they stick to a plan. Jesse will bring Cassie in for questioning. JR proposes that he and Babe get married in San Diego.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden tells Emma that he and Lily are farther apart then ever; Emma suggests doing everything he can in order to save his marriage, so she suggests they start by inviting Lily and the girls over for a barbeque.  Luke tries to divert Faith and Natalie from asking questions as to why Holden isn’t staying at home.  Liberty is less then thrilled to see Ugo still employed as her bodyguard by Brad.  Carly calls Jack to help with Parker and learns she is the least of his problems when Jack tells her that Parker and Liberty slept together.  Janet meets Ugo and is furious.  Janet thinks she should take Liberty away from Oakdale.  Lily begrudgingly accepts Emma’s invite.  Carly tries to talk with Parker, but she is met with snide comments.  Jack jumps to Carly’s defense when Parker blames her for being a bad role model.  Brad and Janet fight over how he is handling Liberty, as Liberty slips out unnoticed.  Sage wants to go to the barbeque at the Farm and Carly is forced to take her.  Faith can see how her parents are acting and calls them on it; Lily admits to her that they are having problems again, as Faith runs off.  Brad fires Ugo when Liberty is able to sneak away.  Liberty is able to call Parker and tell him to meet her at Java.  When Carly drops Sage off, Lily sees her trying to leave and unleashes on her about sleeping with Holden, as Faith and Luke overhear.  Lily and Holden are crushed when Faith tells them that she hates them both.  They later talk about how they are hurting one another and the children with Carly and with Dusty while Luke tries to comfort Faith.  Carly tells Jack what happened at the farm and surprisingly he is supportive.  Brad finds Liberty at Java and throws her over his shoulder to take her home.  Noah and Luke talk about moving in together, but Luke explains he needs to support his mom and sister right now.  Lily tells Holden they need to end it to put everyone out of their misery because for the foreseeable future she can’t get over what he did with Carly.  Emma wants Holden to go after Lily, but he can’t.  Jack suggests Carly take Sage to Montana for a break while he hold down the fort there, as Carly is thankful for his understanding and support.  Parker shows up to see Liberty, but she is already gone.  Brad and Liberty have another disagreement over how he is treating her.  When Liberty tells him that she will see Parker, he throws her cell phone out the car window. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus doesn’t understand why Donna won’t send Owen packing. She thinks Owen has proven himself and he’s earned his job. Marcus begs his mom to cut him a check and let him go. Instead Donna has Owen take her home. He pretends to understand and even states that if she wants him to go, to smooth things between her and Marcus, he will go. But he still means what he said, that he is crazy about her. He smooth talks her into believing that she deserves all she has attained lately and he wants to help her keep it. Marcus confides in Brooke about his suspicions and they both agree that no matter how nice Owen appears, he has an agenda. Donna does concede that she needs to protect her husband’s image and give attention to the fashion industry’s gossip. Perhaps Marcus is right and she really needs to let Owen go.

Katie brings Nick a cake her mom made and he and Katie and Bridget enjoy it. Katie commiserates with Bridget over her dad and the longer it takes for him to come out of the coma, the worse it will be. Bridget has a gift for her as Nick calls “Christmas in July” and she’s blown over by the lovely prom photo with Nick. She gushes on and on how amazing Bridget is and how much she admires her, and thanks her for all that she has done for Katie. Donna tells Owen she is sorry, but it’s the only thing she can think to do considering how Marcus feels. He says he understands and the last thing he’d want is to hurt her. He says goodbye and leaves her with a kiss. She looks at a photo of her and Eric and cries. A big, lovely mansion and she is all alone.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

At a French bistro, Max is approached by three strangers, Les and two friends. Les knows that Max is looking for Melanie. He demands to know where Melanie is, and Max says he doesn't know where she is. After noticing Max's race car identity, Les informs Max that Melanie owes him money, and suggests that Max can have her if he pays her debt for her. Max says that he can't pay off her debt and says that he is not romantically involved with her. Les says that if he finds Melanie first she is dead. While Trent tries to contact Melanie by phone but can't reach her, Nick views pictures of her on his laptop but can't remember why she looks so familiar. Trent approaches Nick and asks if he knows where Max went. Nick covers for Max and asks Trent why he is so interested. Trent then admits that he is Max's father. Nick then notices that Melanie has a video blog. While Nick watches he realizes where he's seen her before, from the picture that Max showed him from Trent's cell phone. So he calls Stephanie, and tells her that he knows where they can find Melanie. While Trent suspiciously watches on the phone. Nicole gets a call from Trent asking if she has found any information on Max, and tells her to work harder on finding out the information. So Nicole goes to EJ for legal advice about what to do if someone is blackmailing you. Nicole tells EJ that she was seduced by Trent in college, and married him and that they are not divorced. EJ tells her that this could void her settlement with Victor. Nicole says that Trent also blackmailed her into staying away from EJ.

EJ and Sami play with the twins on the floor, and start to bond. They both apologize for their previous behavior. EJ tells Sami that he doesn't know if they can return to being friends because of Lucas. Sami says that he won't be a problem because he is going to be in prison for a long time. Afterwards, Sami receives a phone call from her dad saying that she needs to come to the hospital to see Lucas. Sami rushes out and EJ becomes disappointed. Chloe and Nicole visit Lucas, and see that he is badly beaten. Nicole gives them some privacy. As Nicole leaves, she offers advice to Chloe outside of his room to not come between Sami and Lucas. Roman visits Lucas and comments him on agreeing to be a snitch in prison, and tells him that he is a hero. Afterwards, Sami goes and sees Lucas in the hospital, she is shocked when Lucas tells her he is out of prison for good this time, because he made a deal that he would go undercover, and find out information about a guy that is sneaking drugs into the jail. Lucas says that he had to do it, so he can have a life with his daughter. Sami wonders if that life includes her and Lucas tells her that they need a couple of months apart.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

As her first act at home after coming back from rehab, Monica tosses Scotty, who is bragging about his plans to arrest Lulu and possibly the entire Q clan as accomplices in the murder of his son. Lulu predicts Johnny's pupil will bring trouble into their lives. Lucky teeters on the edge of darkness with worry about everything, especially his sister. Impressed by Patrick's interaction with Eli's son, Noah says he will be a good daddy. Johnny's student reveals that she knows who he is. Nadine's undercover career is hampered again by Nikolas. In Claudia's opinion, Sonny is dealing with Karpov to get revenge on Jason.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey visits his newborn grandson. His tells him as if he, the baby knows that Grandpa is his legal guardian. Bill is going to the hospital to pick up Ava and the baby, unbeknown to him, Jeffrey is doing it instead. Remy asks his sister, Mel for help in seeing his son. Then Bill and Dinah arrive. When the are all told by hospital security they are no longer on the list of visitors they go at each other blaming the other for this. Until Jeffrey appears and tells them he has been appointed legal guardian until they all act like adults. They are all shocked. Olivia finds out after she gets back from her trip about Ava. She is not happy. She lets into Jeffrey telling him he screwed up. At Company, Remy walks in on Marina, who is on the phone talking about Ava. Marina doesn't realize it until she hangs up. Then Remy and Marina talk. Remy tells her he hasn't been able to see his son. Jeffrey and Olivia continue their argument outside. Olivia things Jeffrey blames her for the situation. Jeffrey tells her he doesn't. Dinah and Bill talk about what just happened at the hospital. Then the Governor walks in for a business meeting. Remy gets tested so that he can be sure he is the baby's father. And Mel does the test telling him that this will help in getting the right to at least see the baby for now. Bill's political support goes out the window when in this business meeting the man tells him he can't support him. Bill thinks it is do to the current situation with Ava and the baby and tells the Governor he is trying to rectify it. Still the Governor says, sorry no and leaves. After a bit Bill also leaves. He leaves his cellphone on the table. It rings and Dinah answers it. Dinah thinks Ava is on the other end. Olivia gets home, Jeffery appears and tells Olivia what went on. How Ava doesn't even want to see the baby. How Bill and Remy have been fighting. Remy at the park calls Ava and leaves a message. When he hangs up Dinah shows up. Remy tells her he doesn't want to talk to her. But she doesn't budge and so Remy tells her what he wants for his son and leaves. Dinah later finds Bill and tells him that Ava called her. That the reason Ava has left was because of the fight between Remy and he. Dinah tells Bill she is sorry. Remy goes to see Jeffrey to get his help in seeing Ava and his son. Jeffrey doesn't want to help him because of the way he has been acting. But after Remy talks to him, Jeffery reconsiders. Olivia talks to Emmy about the baby. Dinah runs into her mother, Vanessa. Vanessa thinks what is bothering Dinah is a scratch on her car. Dinah lets into her that it is Bill and his attitude of blowing her off. Vanessa reminds Dinah what she did for Bill when he was in grade school and how it made him fell. After this Dinah does feel better and hugs Vanessa and thanks her. Vanessa then runs into Bill, who tells her he doesn't have time for her right now. Vanessa doesn't budge. Bill tells her he has been dreaming of a son like Max and a wife like Ava. Bill later goes into the nursery at his house and looks at the crib and walks away. Olivia calls Ava and tells her she will visit her the next day. And can she bring anything. Jeffrey and Remy continue their talk about Ava. Remy says he agrees with Jeffrey about sending Ava away to get help. Things between Jeffrey and Remy get a little better. Jeffrey tells Remy that he wasn't there as a father when she was younger. After a bit Jeffrey invites Remy to go with him. Remy says sure. Jeffrey reminds him who he is dealing with as he walks out the door, that Remy is dealing with Grandpa. Remy smiles and walks out the same door. Bill is home and starts packing Dinah's things and leaving them at her feet. Olivia smiles. Remy and Jeffrey visit little Max. Jeffrey smiles at Remy when he hears Remy introduce himself as Dad to little Max. Dinah calls Lizzie to ask her to come back home. That Bill needs her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Addie concludes to David that they cannot stay married. And she sends him packing with the dog, David Vickers. Both Starr and Cole wonder what to do in regard to their dispute. But he concludes that he will sign papers for her to give their baby up for adoption. She assumes that he's "come around." But he also informs her that they are "through." Antonio, Cristian, Talia and Tina are still stuck in Mendorra assuming that Sarah has been killed. Carlo Hesser announces the marriage of Talia and Jonas Chamberlain. But Antonio and Cristian manage to get out of the prison to stop Carlo and Jonas from going through with their plans. Bo and Rex are still stuck in 1968 and in Paris, TX. And Rex finds out many things about the history of the Buchanans from his "blast from the past."

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Restless Style is being bombarded with calls regarding Sabrina Newman, and the article they printed. Jack offers to buy Nick and Phyllis out. At the hospital Sabrina’s fight for her life ends and everyone must come to terms with the way they treated her. Nikki is visited by David’s ghosts. Adam decides to take his birth name Victor Adam Newman, since he is the next heir to the Newman Enterprises throne (he thinks).

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