The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/30/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica prepares for her date with Samuel, when to her complete surprise, Zach and Kendall arrive at her door. They invite her out to eat, but she tells them that she has a date. Kendall is taken aback when Samuel arrives at Erica’s door with roses. Jack waits in the Valley Inn dining room for Carmen to arrive. At B.J.’s, Jake waits for Frankie. When Frankie arrives, Jake notices his hand and wonders what happened to him. Frankie explains that he went after Fletcher. Jake thinks that that was a very bad idea. Frankie is surprised when Randi walks in and asks to talk to the manager about a job. Frankie wants to defend Randi when the manager of B.J.’s give her a hard time for not having any qualifications for the position. Ryan walks into ConFusion and wonders what does he have to do to get a drink. Greenlee appears and gets them both a beer. They sit there, drinking and sharing small talk. Each one wants the other to be happy. Aidan stops by Annie’s to see Ryan, but finds him gone, so he gives Annie the third degree.

Erica invites Zach and Kendall to dinner with her and Samuel. When they all enter the Valley Inn dining room, they are mobbed with reporters. Carmen, squeals when she sees Erica and runs to hug her. Carmen, upon seeing who Erica is with, urges Jack to fight for Erica. Samuel leaves Erica alone with Jack, Carmen, Zach and Kendall. Annie comes into the ConFusion and sees Greenlee’s hand on Ryan’s. Frankie wants to go after Randi when she is turned down for the job, but Jake cautions him to be careful.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad finds Parker and Liberty about to have sex. Carly asks Jack to pick up Sage for her at camp. Holden asks Lily if they can go together to pick up the girls; Lily has no interest in doing that. Vienna tells Henry that she is leaving him. Brad tells Liberty that Parker is going with him because he is about to do things his way, as Katie tries to talk with Liberty. Brad and Jack have it out about what Brad walked in on, as Janet also walks in on this. Lily doesn’t want to pretend to be happy with Holden, but finally gives in and agrees to go with him. Henry pleads with Vienna for her to stay, as she admits that she has lost faith in him. Henry asks her to stay until he gets back. When Brad finds out that Parker and Liberty have already had sex, he lurches at Parker. Janet defends Liberty while Brad is furious and threatens Parker, but Jack has a few threats of his own. Liberty and Katie talk about how she and Parker had sex. Jack tells Parker how disappointed he is in him, but Parker reminds him that he and his mom are not exactly role models for him. Jack hopes he doesn’t end up like them, but he knows that Parker is not ready to handle having sex and he and Liberty are no longer allowed to see each other. Carly arrives at camp to get Sage, but is nervous if she is going to bump into Holden and/or Lily, which she does soon after when Holden walks over. Janet goes to see Liberty, who is very worried about what her dad thinks of her and how Parker is. Janet tells them Brad knows everything. Brad brings home a bodyguard for Liberty. There is an uncomfortable confrontation between Lily, Carly and Holden, which Winky interrupts and makes worse when she tells Lily that she thought Carly and Holden were married and even bunked them together. Lily is incensed. Parker challenges Jack about his order that he stay away from Liberty. Janet comes to talk with Jack and it dissolves quickly as Jack realizes hindsight is 20-20 and is mad about listening to Janet. Henry proposes to Vienna, but she can’t accept because she doesn’t know why he constantly makes decisions without thinking of the future or about her. Carly and Lily go another round and Lily is so mad when she learns that Faith almost walked in on Carly and Holden, that Lily leaves with the girls and leaves Holden to find his own way home. Carly tells Holden that Lily left and why. Holden worries what she will tell the girls. Carly drives Holden home. Sage asks Holden if she cans come by tomorrow to ride horses, as Holden tells her she can come by any time. Vienna tells Henry that she needs time to herself; she needs to find herself again without him, but promises that she still loves him. Faith worries about her parents, but Lily tells her that everything is fine. When Liberty is able to sneak in a call to Parker, he tells her that no one will keep them apart. Katie tells Brad that he is taking the wrong tactic with Liberty because his actions may cause him to lose her for good. Jack and Janet disagree about how they handled Liberty and Parker. Janet is mad that Brad and Jack are more alike then she thought. Janet walks out after their fight. Holden and Lily fight about how she left him, but Lily is furious about his behavior and how cavalier he and Carly were sleeping together at their kid’s camp. She promises him that the days of him lecturing her and she taking it are over. She wants him out, as she kicks him out of her house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna sits beside Eric and then asks Bridget did he have a good night? She needs a little hope and Bridget says he is stable, that’s the best she can tell her. Pam catches Owen sprucing up Donna’s office with flowers, and she makes a snide remark about him being a "crackerjack" assistant. He comments that it’s Donna’s first day as CEO and he wants it to be special. She smarts that Eric may be in coma, but he’s still the CEO despite Donna now being the big cheese. Brooke wakes up, no alarm this morning. Ridge says that’s because he unset it, now that he is a man of leisure. Owen puts Donna through the paces of her first morning of business. She welcomes Marcus as a distraction as her head is reeling from business. Marcus is worried when she says someone was in her house last night. He questions Owen if he knows anything about this and just how straight up he really is.

Ridge talks to his father and conveys they do not want to lose him, please fight and come back. He has way too much ahead of him to give up now. Brooke tells Bridget that it’s a great comfort to her to know that Bridget is Eric’s doctor. Marcus gets Owen to confess that he is all about opportunity and he’s crazy about Marcus’ mom. Marcus isn’t happy to hear this and continues to razz on Owen for just hanging around the rich and the famous. Donna returns and Marcus insists that Owen tell her himself what he just said. She’s stunned when he says he is nuts for her. He lays it on big time, yes L.A. is great, the fashion world, the lifestyle, the estate, all of it, but it all pales compared to her. Marcus is disgusted and tells Owen to get his bags packed, go back to San Diego and never look back. Owen makes it clear that if he leaves, it will be because Donna wishes it. Marcus asks his mother to speak up and tell Owen, but she remains silent.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

John reveals he is responsible for Paul's disappearance and is trying to pinpoint it on Philip. He shows Ava where he is holding Paul Hollingsworth. She wants to know why John didn't tell her, John says he is just know starting to trust her. Paul wants to leave and go see his daughter. And John wants to know what happened to the recording Paul made of Philip threatening him. John says he can't go anywhere because Philip can't pay for his murder, if he is seen. John tells Paul his daughter is in love with Philip, he knows because he took a bullet for her. Daniel yells at Kate for going in to see Victor and making his blood pressure hit the roof. Daniel is not allowing any more visitors. Victor wants to see his son, Daniel doesn't like it but finally lets Bo in to see Victor. Chelsea thinks Daniel was to hard on Kate.

Philip is still unconscious, he has lost a lot of blood and has just had a blood transfusion. Morgan is in his hospital room and confesses that she has fallen in love with him. Chloe overhears and is in shock. Nicole shows up to see Philip. Hope interviews Morgan again they need to go over all of her father's evidence. Morgan tells her everything she knows. Hope asks questions about the package Paul sent to Morgan. She wants to know if Morgan saw anything else in the package when she opened it at the station. Morgan says no. Hope asks Bo the same question. Hope receives an anonymous e-mail asking about the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. That states: "Are the police withholding evidence"?

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Eli realizes he goofed and tries to win Anna back, but she's gone. Robin witnesses Eli rejecting his own illegitimate child and his mother. However, Patrick talks to the boy and his kindness is impressive. To Jax's dismay, Carly handcuffs them together, forcing him to call a locksmith. When Jerry wants to deal with the Karpovs, they remind him of his ties to the legal profession. Nikolas tries to keep Nadine away from Matt Hunter.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy has finished a workout and is getting ready to leave the locker room when she gets a call on her cell. Mallet is face to face with Grady literally. He keeps calm. Marina is doing a run and Cyrus appears. Now Reva is getting it from Buzz about Josh and she being together instead of her and Josh. Frank runs into Natalia. They talk about Rafe and Harley and how each misses the other. Marina sees Daisy eating outside her car. Marina asks her if she is living in her car. Daisy tries to evade the question. Marina tells her she is not spying for her Dad. Whatever she tells her stays with her. Reva is home and hears some yelling outside. She goes to investigate. Grady is out there kicking her trash cans. When he sees her he runs. Frank tell Natalia about going to see Harley because Daisy was getting out of control. Natalia is a little upset, but in control. Reva is outside yelling as if Grady is still there. She tells him to stay away or he'll be sorry. Daisy is at the park on a blanket having a meal when Grady comes by. Grady wants her to meet him later at 7pm at the Gazebo. He tell her to bring her ID. When he leaves she gets a call from Reva to come quick. Daisy packs up and leaves the park. Cyrus has a sandwich for Marina. Her favorite, Swiss on rye. Frank reassures Natalia that Rafe is ok. Daisy gets to the Hospital and asks for Reva. Reva tells her it is only a sprain. Reva tells her about Grady stalking her. Reva tells Daisy she blames her sprain ankle on him. Cyrus tells Marina when she looks at the evidence that Grady did it and he wasn't involved. Reva then tells the truth of how she got the sprained ankle, but that Grady is not out of trouble yet. Marina goes to Mallet to back off. Cyrus is on the phone with Grady's lawyer. After a bit of talking, Grady asks Cyrus if he is sorry they found each other. Natalia gets word about her son on the phone and tell person she will get the first plane out. Reva tells Mallet that Grady won't interfere in her life. Daisy and Grady meet. He tells her the meeting at 7 is off. That she got him in more trouble.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Rex calls Gigi from 1968. He says he's stuck. They have a bad connection and Gigi doesn't understand what he's saying. Viki returns home to tell her daughters what happened when the brakes failed on Natalie's car. She is being asked to go to Africa to speak to heart patients. Jessica urges her to go so she can be alone with Natalie and Jared. Carlo Hesser plans Talia's wedding to Jonas. Jonas stabs Antonio. Todd meets Blair and John in the park. He tells them he has a new woman in his life. Todd tells Blair that John might have been sleeping with her but he was thinking of Marty. The woman he let die. John punches him. Brody and Charlie talk about what Brody confessed at the AA meeting. Charlie assures him that what is said at an AA meeting is kept secret. But he talks to him about Rex and how he would want to know if he had a son. Gigi runs up and tells them about the strange call from Rex. Charlie tries to call him but doesn't get through. Brody goes to a job interview at the gym. Rex is worried about being sent to Vietnam. Bo has the idea to go to the Bonjour. He says Madam Delphina said to follow the pie. Talia marries Jonas. Cris rescues Antonio and they dress up like guards and go to the wedding. Cris tells him he couldn't save Sarah. In 1968, Renee walks into the Bonjour and slaps Bo.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill comes to term with David Chow being Ji Min’s killer. Nicholas comforts Nikki and urges her to grieve the love she had for David, while Kay comforts Jill and helps her let go. Jana and Sabrina visit and Sabrina reveals that she is certain of her fate but Victor is still hopeful. Heather asks Paul to investigate Skye’s disappearance as a favor to Adam to see if it has anything to do with David. Heather also gets her job back at DA’s office. Amber and Daniel break up for good. Nikki resigns from Jabot. Kevin asks Jana to plan their wedding.

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