The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Chandler Enterprises, J.R. is on the phone when Babe walks into the office. He lets her know that he is planning a takeover of Chandler Enterprises. Babe is suspicious of his plan for a takeover of Chandler Enterprises. At Pine Valley Hospital, Jesse walks into the doctors’ quarters where he finds Frankie. Jesse holds up Frankie’s hand and sees the bruises and cuts. Jesse remarks, “do no harm.” Adam sits at a table with one of his associates and he wants to know if Colby’s car has disappeared so that there is no trace of it for the police to find. The man assures him that the matter had been taken care of. Angie confronts Cassandra about her artwork. Cassandra tells her that she will tell her everything. Another associate and board member walks up to the table. Adam questions him if he had done as he had asked concerning J.R. and the entire board, supposedly, being completely behind J.R. The man assures him that every board member is behind J.R. Adam assures them that J.R. deserves everything that was being done to him because of the article that had been in the newspaper concerning Adam being in the insane asylum. Jesse questions Frankie as to why he had beaten up Fletcher over Randi. Jesse also tells Frankie that he had had a police following Cassandra and that it wasn’t Fletcher. Krystal finds Colby, sitting on the dock of the Yacht Club. Krystal picks up the glass and takes a sip. Krystal finds out that it is rum. Krystal lets her know that Adam had told her everything about the night that Ritchie had been run over. They hug. Cassandra is angry when she finds out from Angie that Jesse had been having her followed. Angie pleads with her to tell her what is going on.

J.R. tries to convince Babe to start up her own cosmetics business. Babe has her doubts about the whole idea. Krystal promises to stand behind Colby if she wants to go to the police about what had happened with Ritchie. Frankie vows to go after Fletcher and kill him. Cassandra tells Angie that she wants to go home to Paris to her father.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Vienna thinks Henry has signed Metro back over to Carly, so she wants to make Al’s more upscale so Henry will be happy; she wants to go shopping with the money he got back, except Henry has no money and still owns half of Metro. Janet realizes by Liberty’s reaction that she actually did have sex with Parker. Jack tries to talk with Parker about sex. Brad is intent on snooping through Liberty’s stuff, but Katie is able to talk him out of it. Brad admits that he is worried that Liberty will turn into Janet. Brad has another plan. Janet and Liberty talk about her first time; Janet thinks that she and Parker should just be friends from here on out because there is too much confusion in a physical relationship at her age. Parker and Liberty each think the other one is ignoring them. Henry stalls Vienna, then goes to Katie, and asks for a loan to keep Vienna in the dark. Janet and Jack talk about Liberty and Parker and he learns that they had sex, as he is shocked. Janet asks him to keep it between them. They are interrupted by Brad, who wants them to help keep Parker and Liberty apart and for Janet to take back all the ‘sex paraphernalia’ away from Liberty, as Jack and Janet agree to keep him from going over the edge. Janet worries that Jack will hate her because they lied. Jack doesn’t see it that way because he sees Janet as protecting his son and her daughter. Liberty and Parker realize they aren’t ignoring one another and feel much better. When Carly needs Henry at Metro, Henry has to bail on Vienna by pretending he is sick. Later, Vienna brings him soup and he is nowhere to be found. Vienna tells Katie that she is worried Henry is gambling again. Katie tries to convince Henry to come clean, but he is afraid. Too late, because Vienna overhears their conversation and realizes Henry has been lying to her. Emma isn’t pleased to find Janet rearranging her kitchen and tells Jack as much, but Jack defends her and asks Emma to give her a chance, as Janet listens nearby. Brad feels better about things after having talked to Jack and Janet, but then he realized that he never turned off Liberty’s computer after he attempted to snoop online, as he races home. Vienna is at home packing. Liberty and Parker are getting comfortable at home since they are by themselves. Soon one thing leads to another and they are kissing. They take out a condom and start to get carried away again, as Brad walks in the house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen apologizes to Donna for the kiss. He overstepped. She asks him to promise that it won’t happen again. Marcus comes in and says the office is in a buzz, what is happening? She explains who she fired and she wants him to step up the operations in Shipping, she needs loyal people. She also tells him Felicia hired Owen to seduce her. Marcus can’t believe Donna still believes in Owen and his loyalty. He thinks he was in on it and simply backed out. Brooke waits for Ridge and is worried. He finally shows and she apologizes for not being able to change Donna’s mind. He says it’s the biggest mistake Donna will ever make. Owen suggests a meeting at Donna’s house rather than the office. When Donna arrives, she finds Owen in her bedroom picking up lingerie and he shows her a broken wedding photo frame. He suggests someone was there, she thinks one of Eric’s kids, and asks to stay in the guest house tonight to protect her. Steffy discusses the circumstances with Marcus and they think Owen is working some angle and Marcus is making it his business to find out. He suddenly kisses her and makes her promise no matter what happens between his mom and her dad, it won’t come between them.

Brooke calls Donna and makes one more effort to get her to change her mind and not fire Ridge and company. Only Owen, hooked to her hip and giving her a hug, seems to be on Donna’s side. She pours out her problems to him and starts to fix a drink until Owen takes it away and tells her she does not need that, she needs a good night’s sleep and to stay focused. He massages her arms until she feels slightly uncomfortable and pulls away. He leaves and she crawls in bed crying over a wedding photo. Owen makes his bed on the floor outside her door. He gets a phone message – when is he leaving L.A. and coming home? He grins – never.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Max and Stephanie are in Marseille, France. They went to the boarding school but had no luck finding Max's sister, Melanie Layton. At a local bistro, Max runs into a tabloid journalist he had a fling with a few years earlier, named Daphne. Max tells her why he is in town and she makes a few calls. Daphne, finds out that Melanie has a rep as a party girl who never pays for her own drinks. Stephanie, discovers a high school boy named, George, who knows Melanie personally. He tells Stephanie that she just used him for his money. He was in love with her, but once he lost his savings account she disappeared. George warns Stephanie to stay away from Melanie, that she is trouble. Meanwhile, in Salem, Nick is on his lab top and finds a picture of Melanie partying in Cannes. Nick thinks she looks familiar but doesn't know why.

E.J. runs into Nicole and tells her he doesn't want anything to do with Samantha. He only wants to see his son Johnny. She is nervous when she catches a glimpse of Trent at the cafe with them. Trent approaches them and tells Nicole he needs to speak with her. She tells Trent she is tired of being controlled and manipulated, he reminds her that he has something on her, and not to test him. Trent finds out that Max is in France, and wants Nicole to find out why. E.J. runs into Marlena, she tells him she is not happy about how he is treating Sami. Marlena, tells E.J. that she knows about the court order, and the little stunt E.J. pulled with Mr. Burke at the Immigration. Marlena, says she has called the Immigration office, and has had Mr. Burke fired. She can't believe E.J. has used them by letting him move into the mansion. E.J. explains that he was just trying to keep his family together. Marlena asks if he still loves Sami, and E.J. says yes, that she is the mother
of his child. He knows she has feelings for him too. That the sad part is that Sami is done with him. She has chosen Lucas, and now E.J. must take steps to protect his son.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax is not willing to reconcile. Johnny is wracked with guilt over what his family has done. Eli apologizes to Anna for how he treated her. Sam gets a job with the Karpov organization. Claudia warns Jason about Sonny.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick is over worked.  Leo makes a play for Dr. Batra but she’s having none of it.  Jagger and his son, Stone, have dinner with Robin.  Jagger decides to move back home to Port Charles. The Julian brothers clash yet again.  A man comes into the ER with a sick child.  Robin says the girl needs a bone marrow transplant.  Leo’s patient gets upset with him because he doesn’t “pray to a higher power,” so Dr. Batra steps in.  Later Leo and Dr. Batra clash over treating the patient.  Epiphany likes what she sees in Jagger.  She offers Jagger a room at her house but he and Stone move in with Robin.  Robin learns that her young patient was adopted from China illegally.  Jagger says the child has to be returned to China but Robin asks him for some time.  Robin confides in Patrick about her young patient.  Patrick says they have to return the child to the authorities.  Robin wants Patrick’s advice as her boyfriend, not her superior.  Dr. Batra is curious about Leo so she asks Robin her thoughts.  Toussaint makes a critical error and Epiphany calls him on it.  Robin notices some strange behavior in Stone and she brings it up to Jagger.  Robin and Patrick fear there’s something medically wrong with Stone.  Jagger gets offended and he leaves with his son.  Leo is upset when he learns Robins’ patient was smuggled into the country.  He rushes over and tells the adoptive parents.  Patrick threatens to put Leo on probation.  The adoptive parents blame Robin for exposing the truth.  Epiphany questions whether Toussaint is capable of doing his job.  According to Kyle, “Leo has a few unresolved issues about adoption.”  He tells Claire how Leo was given up for adoption by his birth parents in Iran.  Leo and Kyle have a heart to heart over a beer.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey arrives at the hospital to visit Ava and baby Max. He goes to the Nursery window to look in on the little baby. Frank is back and he brought Daisy back with him. He tells his father this. Buzz isn't too happy. Frank says he had no choice. They both haven't heard from Harley in awhile. Daisy meets up with Ashlee. She tells Ashlee she escaped. Grady at the bar and Cyrus isn't happy with him. Jeffrey is back in his car when Reva arrives and they talk about Ava. Reva has told him she thinks Ava is suffering from PPD, Postpartum Depression. Back at home, Reva and Jeffrey are talking about wedding plans and whom to invite when Hawk arrives. Hawk tells Reva in front of Jeffrey that Josh wants her back. Reva reminds Hawk she is marrying Jeffrey. Later alone, Reva and Hawk go at it. Reva tells Hawk he shouldn't have told her what he did in front of Jeffrey about His wanting Josh wanting Reva back. She tell Hawk she is happy. Tells him she is not the same person after her cancer. Hawk tells her he has a feeling in his bones this is wrong. Reva wants Hawk to leave. They go in opposite directions. After Ashlee and Daisy talk, Ashlee takes off. Daisy is just sitting there on a bench in the park when Grady appears. They talk about meeting later. He then kisses her on the head. Jeffrey tells Reva that Grady's case goes to trial soon. Subject then turns to Hawk. Reva apologizes for him. Jeffrey tells her it is just a father's concern for his daughter. Hawk winds up at Company talking with Frank and Buzz. Buzz and Frank tell him about Daisy and Grady. Hawk is not happy. He wants to know why Reva didn't tell him. They tell him that she didn't want him to worry. They toast their daughters. Cyrus is still at the bar when Jeffrey arrives. They talk about Grady and letting him leave the jail. They both agree that they want Grady away from Daisy. Jeffrey tells him about Marina. At the park, Daisy is still there. Reva arrives and wants to know where the cop ordered to protect her is. Daisy says sarcastically says lunch. Reva isn't happy. She tells Daisy she just wants her safe. Reva wants Daisy to talk to her. Daisy says everything she tells Reva, Reva tells Harley. Reva says that is because she lies to her. They then talk to each other. Reva wants to know what Daisy sees in Grady. After all last summer it was Rafe. Daisy says he protects her. Reva disagrees. She says some one who has done what he has done doesn't protect. Jeffrey goes to see Hawk about being a father. And Hawk wanting Reva back with Josh. Jeffrey says it isn't going to happen. Jeffrey says he doesn't want to fight with Hawk. He just wants permission to marry Reva. Daisy goes to see Frank for help. She tells him she is living with Ashlee. Frank tells her he thinks that is not a good idea. Not liking his answer, Daisy says goodbye and leaves. Cyrus goes to see Buzz. They both voice their concerns for Daisy. Daisy goes to meet Ashlee at the park. They talk about their upcoming living together. Ashlee agrees but only if she can get it in writing. Daisy hugs her. Jeffrey goes to talk to Hawk again. Only to talk to Hawk through his room door. That is until he tells Hawk he's had a rough day worrying about Ava and his got a bottle of Bourbon. Hawk opens the door and lets him in. At the shed Reva meets up with Grady. She tells him she was at Tammy's grave and saw the flowers he placed there. She still isn't moved. She tells him it's sad. Daisy tells Ashlee about "G" as she called him. Ashlee then gets it. She just wants a place to meet Grady. Hawk sees how much Jeffrey loves Reva and gives him his blessing. Reva calls Jeffrey and when she hears weird things she asks if Jeffrey is with her "Pop".

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Rex are still trying and failing to get out of 1968. But a new character appears who looks just like Lindsay and who reveals that she was Bo's mother, Olympia angry at her husband, Asa's infidelity and worried that her baby boy will be drafted to go and fight the Viet Nam war. Bo tells Rex there's nothing they can do to rewrite history. And he has already tried unsuccessfully to make a call to the present. But Rex finds his cell phone, makes a call and reaches Gigi in the present. Gigi finds that she might be out of a job after the diner has burned. In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser has arranged for Sara and Cristian to be killed and for Talia to marry Jonas Chamberlain. Blair and John have slept together but are agreeing not to "jump into" anything. Todd and Marty are growing closer. But it looks like Todd is going to go to the diner and run into Blair and John.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The crash is no longer declared an accident it has been updated to murder and all evidence points to Walter. Heather tells Jill David Chow murdered Ji Min. The future of Jabot is uncertain as Kay and Jill fight recent events. Glo and Jeff love this and buy shares like crazy. Daniel and Amber are on shaky ground as Chloe continues to suffer from severe delusions, sharing her pregnancy with Amber and revealing that Cane is her baby daddy. When she drops by the Ashby/Winter residence to share her botched sonogram with Cane, Lily does not hesitate to let her know that she is living in alternate reality. Phyllis calls a truce with Amber and Sabrina and Victoria mend their fences. Victor vows to handle Walter and Nikki is bum rushed by the media as she leaves Jabot.

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