The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/28/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie visits Randi in her hotel room. Frankie’s hand is bleeding badly. Randi wants to know if he had gone after Fletcher. Frankie lets her know that Fletcher had to be stopped. Jesse tells Angie that he had a police following Cassandra. Ryan destroys the video that Annie had made of Colby and Cassandra. Ryan asks her if she wants Colby and Cassandra to go to jail for running down Ritchie. Annie swears that she is telling the truth about Colby and Cassandra running down Ritchie. Ryan finds it hard to believe anything that Annie says anymore. Kendall lets Greenlee know that Ryan loves her. Greenlee doesn’t believe her and wants to know what Ryan had said to Kendall about Greenlee. Randi questions Frankie if he had killed Fletcher, but Frankie refuses to give Randi an answer. Frankie tells Randi that he feels an attraction for her, and that he felt that he needed to fix things. Randi gets a call concerning Fletcher and his well-being. Angie blasts Jesse for treating Cassandra as if she were a criminal. Kendall and Greenlee join Aidan and Zach for drinks at the Confusion Bar. Greenlee lets Zach and Aidan know that she and Kendall always discuss Ryan and how much they love him. Ryan encourages Annie to be honest with him. Annie opens up and tells Ryan that she had made that video to protect herself.

Randi offers herself to Frankie as a way of thanking him for helping her, but Frankie refuses. Kendall tells Zach that she had told Greenlee that he loved Greenlee. Kendall and Zach make love. Greenlee tells Aidan that she loves him and only him. Annie begins to explain everything to Ryan about Ritchie, and how that how Ritchie had always made her feel guilty about everything. Jesse finds out that Frankie had been the one, who had beaten up Fletcher. Cassandra draws a picture when Angie walks in on her. Angie tells Cassandra that she is breaking her heart. Aidan and Greenlee make love.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg is released from the hospital. Emily receives a gift by mail and assumes it is from an ad executive; it is two canisters of perfume. She takes one for herself, sprays some on herself, and then and holds the other for her mom knowing she loves the perfume. Tom and Margo are interested as to what Casey is up to when he invites them to an expensive lunch on him. Susan wants Alison to have a check up. Chris is edgy with Bob when they are on the golf course. Meg admits to seeing Sofie the day they got married. Paul wants to take Meg home so he can take care of her, as he grabs Barbara’s necklace she got as a gift at the last minute to take with them. Casey sets up Emily and his parents to get them together for lunch and it doesn’t last long or end well. Alison receives a clean bill of health. Alison tells her mom that she thinks her gift – the bracelet – brings her good luck and she can’t wait to get it back from the jewelers after he fixes it. Chris has a dizzy spell and Bob is concerned enough to want him to go to the hospital to have tests run. Paul shows Meg a surprise – he got rid of the roses that hid Sofie’s body so they could move forward in their life. Paul puts Barbara’s necklace on Meg’s neck so it will be safe. Alison picks up her bracelet but gets side tracked when she goes to put it on. Emily gives Susan one of the perfume gifts she received, but when Susan asks her if she is feeling alright because she is pale, Emily flies into a rage about Casey and yells at Susan. When Casey catches up with her a minute later, she takes out her anger on him next. Margo goes to see Paul and Meg to warn them that the DA may want to bring charges because Paul hid Sofie’s body, as Meg becomes upset with Margo and then almost faints. Meg sees Sofie again and races to talk with her. Casey and Emily have a big fight, which Alison overhears and Emily tells them both she doesn’t feel well and she is going to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Emily starts to hyperventilate, as she washes her face to calm down. She sprays more perfume on herself. Casey tells Alison what has gotten into Emily and how it is his fault. Chris begins to sweat and his clothes are bothering him, as he is in the on-call room. Paul and Margo can’t find Meg, who is having a disturbing conversation with Sofie (in ghost form), who is taunting Meg about how she must be glad she and her baby are dead, as Meg collapses and Paul and Margo find her. Alison offers Casey some advice and then gives him a hug. Emily comes back, sees this and rails at Alison calling her names and insinuating she and Casey are sleeping together until Casey can pull her away. Alison finds a naked Chris shivering and scratching at himself in the on-call room. Chris is even confused by his behavior. Margo and Tom disagree over how to handle Emily and Casey. Casey and Emily talk, as she is so embarrassed by her behavior and unsure where it came from. Casey assures her that they will all be fine. Alison wonders what is going on with Chris when she can actually see he isn’t feeling well. Meg is worried about what seeing Sofie means. Paul promises he will take care of her, as Meg starts to panic more, she asks Paul to take off her necklace because she feels can’t breathe.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna shocks them all including the press that she has the power of attorney and she will be running the company. In the best interest of the company, she will be looking to her sister and her nephew for their help in continuing. Owen informs the press if there are any more questions, they will have to go through him. Ridge chides Donna that if she thinks Eric is going to be upset with them, just wait until he sees what she has done. She will be out of all their lives for good. Pam demands to know what is happening in that room. Thorne, Ridge and Felicia leave and tell Pam to be on guard, she probably is next. She storms into the office, but Donna assures her that Eric would not want her to let her go too, so she can stay but downstairs in the general receptionist area, not the executive one. Owen will be taking care of all Donna’s needs. Ridge berates Felicia for her crazy plan. God help them now, the company is in Donna’s hands. Felicia states that either she read Owen wrong or he has another agenda, bigger than the $200,000. Owen cautions Pam that it wouldn’t be wise to make an enemy of Donna. Brooke feels like she has to choose sides, Ridge or Donna? She wants Donna to rise above this, this is not about revenge. She vows she will help in any way she can, but why draw the line in the sand? Tell Ridge she made a mistake and he will come back.

Brooke tells Rick that Donna realizes she went to far, so hold the buyers at bay who are freaking out. Owen gives Donna a pep talk that she can do this. Just keep her staff who are experienced with her, they will rally around for Eric. Donna tells Brooke that her decision is final, Thorne, Ridge and Felicia are not welcome here, but she does need her and can’t do it without her. Brooke leaves and again Owen emphasizes that Donna has too much integrity to let the Forrester’s manhandle her. She is so amazing. He suddenly kisses her. Shocked, she says this is so wrong and runs out.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Philip lied unconscious after taking a bullet for Morgan at the DiMera mansion. Eddie, shot Philip while aiming for Morgan. Eddie thought Morgan was going for a gun, when actually she was reaching for a letter. Morgan was trying to get information from John about her father. Kate is worried, Philip was shot in the upper abdomen and ruptured a major artery. He needs a blood transfusion, but Philip has a rare blood type and the hospital is in short supply. Kate goes in Victors room and tells him about Philip being shot. His monitors go off, and he goes into cardiac arrest. Daniel, tells Bo, Chelsea and Kate it's going to be a long night for both Victor and Philip.

Morgan is interviewed by Bo and Hope at the police station. Morgan believes that the police are not doing anything, and believes that John Black killed her father to silence him. Ava and John have sex, afterwards Ava fills him in on getting the Judge Fitzpatrick as a judge and not being extradited to Ireland. John is troubled by Morgan's emotional outburst and wonders what she'd do if she knew the truth: that he is responsible for Paul's disappearance.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After bluster and threats are exchanged, Claudia and Trevor begin to realize they need to work together to find Johnny. Robin wants Noah to help her mother realize she should go for it with Eli. Noah does not care for that plan. Jason and Sonny continue to clash over Sonny's trying to offer too much advice. Lulu's somewhat mediocre piano lesson is cut short when Johnny's pretty student, Linda, returns hoping for more practice and to learn more about the couple, especially him. A man who is apparently in charge of her spending, refuses to pay for any extra lessons because her income is limited following her father's death at the Zaccharas' hands. Despite paying a visit to the mile high club, Jax is still not ready to reunite with his wife. Fearing for Sam's safety, Lucy wants to get her out of being undercover. Claudia strikes a deal with Trevor; she will sleep with him if he gets Johnny cleared.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva yells at Josh about what happens when they are together. Bill is having a discussion with his parents about Ava, the baby. Seems Billy was kept in the dark about who the father was. Vanessa tells Bill to tell Billy who the birth father really is. Jeffrey visits Ava, who is in shock. Jeffrey tells Ava that Olivia is in Canada. Ava tells Jeffrey that the father of the baby is really Remy not Bill. Jeffrey goes to talk to Remy. Reva visits Ava. After Ava tells Reva about the baby Reva hugs Ava as she cries. Mel and Remy are at Company. Mel sees how angry Remy is and that she is proud that he is keeping his cool. Bill visits Ava with gifts. He tells her he saw the baby boy, then named Max. Jeffrey and Reva meets each other in the parking lot. Jeffrey tells Reva that Ava's baby is Remy's. She is shocked. Then she tells Jeffrey that Ava is in real trouble. Jeffrey visits Ava again and tells her she needs help. That he will get it for her. Jeffrey visits Ava again after Reva's talk. He tells her he'll be there for her. Reva is in the doorway of Ava's hospital room listening. She is smiling because she likes the way Jeffrey is handling the situation. Mel sees Vanessa in the hospital hallway. She threatens Vanessa that if Bill get in Remy's way, Bill will pay. Bill and Billy are back at the Mansion talking about the fact that Remy is the father of little baby Max. Billy tells Bill he is not going to use this to make up for Billy's not being there when he was growing up. That the little baby is also a fighter. Ava goes to visit the baby when she gets to the viewing room she sees Remy looking in the window viewing the baby. She is scared to go near him and returns to her room. Josh sneaks up on Reva, who is outside the hospital on a bench. Josh sees Reva needs a good cry and lends his shoulder. She takes it and has a good cry while Josh just holds her. Remy visits Ava, who is dressed and about to be discharged. As she leaves her room. Remy starts to follow but stays in the hallway. Vanessa reports what she is seeing inside the hospital to Bill who is outside near his car. Jeffrey sees Bill's car and Bill get out as he drives away. Billy is looking at a picture of he and Bill.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

David surprises Dorian by telling her he refuses to divorce Addie, regardless of their "agreement." He even goes so far as to burn the $10 million check that Clint gave him for that purpose. Blair and John get closer and end up sleeping together. Todd is growing close to Marty. She asks him all about the rape but makes it clear that she trusts him and likes him and has no recollection of what he did. Charlie goes to see Viki in her hospital room and declares his love for her. She admits to him that she loves him, too.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Victor is in grave denial over Sabrina’s condition, he orders specialists and surgeons be flown in to save her life. Sabrina’s loss of the baby is revealed to the Newman clan. Jabot is taking a huge hit in the aftermath of the crash, Brad and Jill handle damage control. While Adam takes charge in his father’s absence and gloats in Jabot’s misfortune. Nikki finds out the whole truth about David and Adam finds out that Skye is missing. Victoria and JT realize their secrets could’ve prevented the turn of events. Jack buys the exclusive rights to the crash photos of Sabrina.

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