The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/25/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Jack, Sam and the cameraman are in Erica’s room. Frankie is mad at Fletcher, because he believes that he is following Cassie. Jesse is now feeling a little pressure and second-guessing himself since he thinks that Cassie may be involved in the Richie Novak case. Ryan catches Annie with the nanny cam. Kendall wants Annie gone; she talks against her to Babe, and now to Greenlee. Annie tells Ryan that Colby, Cassie, and Dre killed Richie. Jack asks Erica what is she doing. She gives Jack a gift; it is a staple gun. Sam let Jack know that Erica gave him a new silk tie; he loves it, and he is wearing it.

Jesse second-guesses his duties as the chief of police. He wants people to trust him not just respect him, because of who he is. Ryan is upset because Annie did not come to him. Kendall is suspicious of the convenience of the new pregnancy Annie is experiencing. Jack wants to know if Sam got Erica released so he could date her. Frankie threatens bodily harm to Fletcher. Frankie enters the pool hall and bet the heck out of Fletcher. Ryan throws away the film from the nanny cam. Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan is in love with her!

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Vienna is mad at Henry so he comes up with a plan involving some fake legal maneuvers from Bonnie by allowing Vienna to see papers saying he is going to give up his shares at Metro. When she does she resigns to the fact of living in poverty but in love. Parker and Liberty did the wild thing and then are slightly embarrassed of what to do next. But mama bear is hot on their trail and informs Jack who holds her responsible since she gave Liberty birth control pills. All she really wanted to do was protect Liberty from things she did wrong. Carly calls and wants to discuss Parker with Jack. She and Jack end up arguing because he knows Parker is acting out because of her affair with Holden. She made this mess, she will have to undo the damage. Holden surprises Lily by asking her not to go through with filing for the divorce, they owe it to themselves and their children to try one more time. He says it is over with him and Carly. Lily says it makes a difference with her if he is really over his feelings or just that the affair is over. Holden and Carly find themselves in church at the same time. He’s come for guidance, the only person he can now turn to. Carly says they are sinners looking for forgiveness. She vows that it is over between them. She is going to take the high road and he needs to do everything in his power to get back with Lily. He admits he has tried, but only part of him wants to go back. Emma pleads with Lily to give Holden another chance for their sakes, but also for the beautiful, precious children. Parker surprises Jack by reminding him of the proposed fishing trip, he’s changed his mind and now would like to go. Jack grabs at this immediately and says they will leave tonight. He tells Janet this is just what he needs to get the two kids apart for a while and him to have a serious talk with Parker about doing it!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester’s are waiting in the board room, waiting for the transfer of ownership. Donna is at Eric’s bedside telling him this is wrong. She knows he can’t tell her now what he wants her to do, but she will adhere to his last words to her that he will decide when to step down. He will not let this happen. She joins the others in the board room before the press is allowed in. Things come to a halt when Donna informs them that she is not qualified to run the company, but legally she has that right and she is not signing anything. They are all shocked when Donna tells then about the $200,000 that Felicia offered Owen to break up her marriage. Felicia slaps Owen and tells him he is fired. Donna stands up to her and says she is not the one in charge and has no right to fire anyone. Felicia was the one who tried to betray her father and trash Donna in the process. Katie makes a big dinner for Bridget and Nick. She thinks they deserve it since Bridget is spending so much time at the hospital both working and to be with her dad. Nick just happens to stop by to check up on her and Beth and has a lively exchange with Katie. Beth tells Katie later that she couldn’t help but notice how she lit up when he walked into the room. Katie admits she is a little bit in love with him, and she thinks for a short while perhaps he was in love with her too. Now he is married and they are friends, married people can have friends.

Bridget is at her father’s side when Nick comes by. They both reminisce about the last time they were there with Katie after her heart transplant and the rejection. Katie fills her mother in on her memories of those times in the hospital and her own special prom and time on the island that Nick provided. Brooke asks Felicia if she is true? Felicia admits it and says she will not apologize for it. Donna says no one is taking a thing from Eric as long as there is a breath in her body… open the door to the press. Ridge wants to dismiss them, not taking questions, but Donna stands up and wants to make a statement.

She lays out some plans of who will be doing what and then shocks Ridge and the room when she says he will be stepping down as President. She will be running Forrester Creations.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Steve tells Bo he did the right thing by covering the evidence against Philip. Steve asks if he has told Hope. Bo says no and that he can't involve Hope into this because she is a cope. Hope goes and sees Kayla and says she needs advice about Bo. Kayla tells Hope that her and Steve are having problems as well about Ava, and that she will talk to Bo for her. They both agree that they both need to work thru there problems. Kate and Philip discuss the Hollingsworth case. He feels guilty about Bo putting everything on the line for him. He tells Kate that Bo thinks he killed Paul. Kate says there is nothing to link him to Paul. Philip receives a letter on his doorstep that reads "I know your secret." Philip thinks John did it and he says he is going to handle it.

John and E.J. are going over Ava's trial when Morgan shows up. She demands John to tell her where her father is. She says she knows John had something to do with it and she is not leaving until she gets the truth. Ava's bodyguard, Eddie shows up when Morgan reaches in her purse. He assumes she has a gun, so he fires off a shot just as Philip shows up to confront John. Philip dives in front of Morgan to save her life, and Philip is hit by the bullet, and falls into the floor.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Johnny continues to teach the young lady, who tries to get closer and learn more about him, to Lulu's chagrin, but Johnny is cagey. Carly pushes to save her marriage. Nikolas and Lucky continue to try and figure out where their sister is. Sonny assures Diane he's only working with the Russian mobsters to keep them away from Jason. Scotty offers a reward for the fugitives.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh visits Cassie. Lizzie and Beth spend time with Alan. Lizzie tells them what she has set up with realtors on small houses. Beth and Alan are not thrilled. Lizzie shows them the tickets. Bill is waiting for Remy in Ava's room. Remy comes in angry. He tells them he knows that is his son. Ava says she is sorry. Remy asks Ava if she was pregnant when they slept together. She says she thought she was with Bill's baby. Remy demands a paternity test. Bill says no. Remy then threatens for one. Lizzie wants Alan's help in finding Jonathan and their baby. Reva calls Marah to tell her she is getting married again and to whom. She has to leave a message. She then attempts to call to call Shayne. Josh says he is there to pack up more of his things before RJ gets home. Then Josh thinks maybe leaving some stuff home will help RJ understand what is going on. Outside Josh and Cassie get into separate cars to go to meet up with RJ. RJ notices the two cars and asks. Josh doesn't tell him, but suggests he put his bag in his mom's car. Lizzie, Beth and Alan are in a car. Lizzie wants Alan to remember a number. Alan keeps on saying 1439 over and over again until he grabs a piece of paper out of Lizzie's hands. Lizzie is shocked. Remy visits Ava, who is alone and napping until she hears footsteps and notices him. He tells her he is one that never believed in things he couldn't see. But perhaps there is a reason for what happen. Lizzie goes to the address that Alan repeated. She sees toys in the yard. She knocks on the door and a woman answers telling Lizzie that she and her husband live there with a daughter. Josh runs into Bill outside the hospital. They talk, Josh not knowing that Bill now knows that Remy is the biological father. Josh tells him he knows. Josh tells Bill that he and Cassie split up. Bill tells his uncle he is sorry. Josh tells Bill he'll pray for him. Mel comes to see Ava and sees Remy there. Mel leaves and Remy stays to talk to Ava, who is all teary. Bill returns with flowers. Remy can't believe they are going to try and save their marriage. Remy is disgusted. Bill gets up and tells him to leave. Remy doesn't. Bill tells him that Ava and he will raise the baby. Cassie talks to RJ about her and Josh's splitting up. Reva appears at Cassie's to hear the end of what Cassie is saying to RJ. Cassie asks RJ to leave her alone with Aunt Reva. The two start in on each other. Cassie blames Reva for her upcoming divorce. Reva tells Cassie that she is marrying Jeffrey. Reva also tells her she knew who she was marrying when she married Josh. Mel gets in the middle of the fight between Bill and Remy. Mel defends her brother's actions. Later Remy leaves and then Mel tells Bill she will go and find Remy. Lizzie is not happy with Alan after she visits the address he gave her. Reva is on the phone when Josh shows up looking through her door window. He wants her to invite him in after she tells him to leave. He then walks right by her into the house. Mel finds Remy and they talk. Mel gives him advice and he interrupts her saying that is legal advice. She says no that is sisterly advice. Ava and Bill visit the baby. Ava asks Bill if he loves him. Bill says more and more. Alan tries to make up for his address mistake. Beth gets a call about Ava's baby and tells Lizzie and Alan that Ava's baby is not Bill's but Remy's. Lizzie laughs. Reva tries to explain her decision to marry Jeffrey didn't have anything to do with the fake movie wedding. Reva says that after the movie wrapped so did her feelings. She thought that Josh thought they were clear on that. Josh says they were.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Brody admits that he has always been in love with Gigi even though it looks as though she does not return his feelings and is really in love with Rex. Charlie knows that he has to make some changes. And when he finds out that Viki has been in an accident, he rushes to see her. Dorian acts like maybe she is ready to bury the hatchets and get along with Viki. But she wants to make certain that David and Addie divorce. Blair and John look like they are growing closer. And they end up kissing passionately. Marty seems to trust Todd while asking him about the time she was raped in college. She seems to have no clue that he raped her. And he is hoping she does not regain her memory.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

David Chow aka Angelo Serafini is DEAD. Nikki is rushed to the hospital but makes it out ok, only to be told that David has drugged her and died in a car accident. The Newman Clan and their significant others are all at the hospital, Paul is also there caring for Nikki. They learn that David was not alone, Sabrina was also in the car and currently in the ICU suffering from critical injuries, the baby is gone and slowly her organs are failing as her blood becomes more toxic. Victor orders Michael to contact the best specialists to care for her unable to accept the fact she’s dying. Victoria wants to make amends but Victor orders her away. Daniel and Amber make-up.

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