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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Annie wants to film Colby and her friends talking about Richie’s murder so she has asks Colby to babysit for her, and suggests she bring her friends with her. She is the one who actually murdered him; their confession will assist her in getting away with murder. Cassie thinks she and her friends are being followed. Frankie is upset that Randi left the shelter, and an opportunity for a job, and a new start. Greenlee tells Jack that she is OK with Annie’s pregnancy; she doesn’t want kids or Ryan.

Ryan wants Aidan to check out why he was not informed that his vasectomy never took place. Jake was supposed to be Colby’s biological father, but Adam bought the sperm bank and switched the samples.  For a year, though, Jake thought he was the little girl's daddy. Jack cannot believe Greenlee’s happy attitude. Erica gives Sam a new necktie then helps him put it on. Randi receives a text message from Fletcher saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide.” Jack arrives at Erica’s room and sees her in Sam’s arms while a photographer takes pictures from the doorway. Jake is jogging and runs into a lady (Beth Ehlers) on the trail. He stops to give her a second look!

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack confides in Janet about how worried he is for his kids regarding the fallout of Carly and Holden. Jack wonders if he should take Parker away, and Janet suggests he talk with him about the birds and the bees. Brad and Katie find Parker and Liberty kissing. Luke and Noah talk about his parent’s marriage. Carly and Holden talk about their situation. Jack tries to ask Parker to go on a fishing trip with him, but Parker tells him that he already knows what his mom did. Brad struggles to talk with Liberty about the birds and the bees, as Katie listens and doesn’t agree with his approach. At first, Brad thinks he did well, as Katie sets him straight. Luke doesn’t think there is such thing as happily ever after, but Noah disagrees. Luke wonders why they haven’t had sex yet then. Jack tries to talk with Parker about what happened, but Parker continues to be confused and angry; he thinks his mom is the one who needs the help. Janet takes Liberty to see the gynecologist, while Brad and Katie go to see Dr. Schiller for advice/information. Brad wants scare tactics and not information on what you do after adolescents have sex. Brad tries to talk with Liberty again when he accidentally sees she has condoms from her visit to Dr. Schiller. Luke is confused as to why Noah could sleep with Maddie and not him. Noah explains that Luke is his forever unlike Maddie, and that is why it was easier; he wants it to be great and not because they have the house to themselves. Later, Luke finds Carly and Holden by the pond. He suggests they stay away from each other for good. Carly tells Luke that Holden will do everything he can to make this right – starting with staying away from her. Brad is livid and is even more so when he learns Janet took Liberty to get the condoms. Janet explains that she didn’t want Liberty to end up like her. Later, Parker and Liberty commiserate over their parent’s behavior. Parker and Liberty get closer and he asks her to come upstairs. Carly tells Holden all that is left is to say goodbye, but Holden isn’t sure and doesn’t want her to leave. Janet puts her foot down with Brad because she raised Liberty her entire life and doesn’t need his permission for anything. Janet goes to Jack to complain about Brad; he is on her side until he hears she got Liberty birth control. She tells Jack that he needs to buy Parker condoms, but he disagrees. Jack doesn’t believe Parker would be ready for that. Brad admits to Katie that he is terrified Liberty will wind up like Janet. Parker and Liberty wind up in bed about to consummate their relationship. Carly and Holden say a tender goodbye.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge confers with the company lawyer that Donna’s full power of attorney is blocking his way to attain the company. Donna also discusses it with Owen and tells him she could never do any of this without him. Brooke tells Ridge that Eric may be in a coma, but she feels he knows they are there and is aware of their feelings. He tells her about Donna’s block with her power of attorney. And once fashion houses get to a certain point, they are damn hard to save. Brooke says she will try to persuade Donna the transfer is the best for the company. Brooke tells Donna she doesn’t have to feel alone, there is help. Donna counters with that she can’t let Eric down. He’s counting on her to do the right thing, his wishes is to keep the company under his control. Felicia blows off Owen that she didn’t find the right man for the job before her father had a heart attack. He never had a problem with his heart before marrying Donna. He listens in at the door to Brooke trying to convince Donna to give over her power of attorney so Ridge can run the company. Donna does agree to take that leap of faith so she can concentrate just on Eric.

Donna tells Owen that she believes Eric’s children know what is best and she is going to give Ridge the power run the company. He hesitates, but then decides to tell Donna the truth – all about Felicia’s offer to him to try to break up Donna’s marriage. He knows he was wrong in the beginning, but he got to know Donna and knew she was not that kind of woman. And Eric surely knew what the others would do if they had the power so that is why he gave it to Donna. Owen states that he’s her man, he will be there for her, to protect her from all of Eric’s kids. She says she knows what she has to do.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Bo questions Philip about his involvement with Morgan. Considering the circumstances about her father, Bo thinks Philip should stay away from her to keep him from looking suspicious. Philip says he had nothing to do with Paul's disappearance and he cares for Morgan and wants to be there for her when she needs him. Later, Steve asks Bo if they can meet for a beer at the pub. While at the Pub Bo confides in Steve about what he has done. Ava tells John she's worried, and wants to skip bail and flee the country with him. John says he doesn't want to leave the country, he says he is going to beat the drug charges and says he will help Ava fight the charges of her case.

Daniel decided to stay in Salem, and has sub-let Sami's apartment. He and Chelsea go out on the roof and share a dance together, underneath the stars. Max and Stephanie are ready to get off the train and track down his sister. Stephanie figures out that from the address they have that Max's sister must live at a female boarding school. They guess that she is a student there.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

More than one person sees history repeating itself, thinking Lulu will mirror Laura; victim of assault, murderess, then madness, since steps one and two have happened. Anthony assures his daughter he loves her, but he loves his son more. Scotty goes ballistic upon finding out Logan is dead. To pay for their room and board, Johnny begins giving piano lessons, and his first student is a young beauty.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Doctor gets Ava prepped for delivery when Vanessa arrives. Dinah catches her and gives her an update. They site down in the waiting room to wait. Dinah tells her mother how much she and Bill have connected and created a whole new world together. In the park Mallet tells Marina about Ava. Marina sounds excited as Remy comes by. They all talk about Ava and the baby and the hospital. Marina suggests to Remy he go back to the hospital, at first he doesn't want to go. But Marina's pushing him makes him go back. Remy runs into Lizzie. Remy tells her he feels alone. Lizzie tells him he is not alone. That they are friends. She also tells Remy that she is not waiting around for Bill to come back to her. After Bill kisses Ava he leaves her side and goes with the nurse to get ready. While with Remy, Lizzie gets a call from someone who tells her there is a photo of her and Bill on the internet right this very minute. When the baby is born it is not what Bill expected. The baby is black or African-American. Bill is not happy, Ava is not happy. She tells him she picked someone close to Bill, Right?! Lizzie talks to a possible contributor to Bills campaign. Lizzie tells him she is out of the picture. That she is moving to L.A. Dinah goes outside to talk to Remy. Ava is not happy with Remy. Bill is on the phone with the fertility clinic trying to get info on the donor. Vanessa is listening in on the conversation only hearing Bill's side of it. After he hangs up he tells his mother that the baby is black. Vanessa tells him it shouldn't matter. Bill sees it another way. Vanessa tell him life is not what he thinks, but it will be ok. Remy visits Ava. Bill is walking to the nursery to look at the baby. When Vanessa goes to see Ava she sees Remy there. It becomes uncomfortable for Vanessa until Remy goes. Then Vanessa just looks at Ava. Then she asks Ava to make a promise, that Ava never take the baby away from Bill. Alexandra is back and Dinah is the first to see her. Alex tells her she doesn't trample and Dinah tells her she doesn't trust her. The which Alex just says, Hmm. Bill and Ava visit the baby. Dinah makes a hand shake deal with contributors. Lizzie looks up her new job assignment in L.A. and tells Alex about it. Lizzie jokes that she is trying to get her mom and Alan to come along. Alex laughs at that saying, "That will be the day." Lizzie gets up from her chair and hugs Alex. Remy and Bill run into each other at the hospital.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole are still furious at each other and neither will call the other even though both Langston and Markko want them to. Todd concludes to Marty that it might be better for her to go away and start a whole new life. But she wants to know all about the rape, how it happened and whom the rapist was. Dorian looks like she is having an "epiphany" to atone for her recent wrong doings. Blair reflects that she wants to have more in her life than her family and she might have feelings for John.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Gala is full of DRAMA, as David’s identity is totally revealed and Paul and JT realize that he killed JiMin and his motive behind it. Jack is no longer anonymous as it is brought to Victor and Michael’s attention from Philippe Chanderot that Jack was the person who interviewed him. Sharon refuses to join forces with Nick and Phyllis to rein Jack in, Nick is infuriated. Victoria finds out the truth about Jack and his manipulating the article and goes to make things right with Sabrina. Chloe’s pregnancy announcement does not go quite the way she planned as Cane and Lily join forces and tell her she’s lying head on. Ana and Devon perform a duet that has everyone buzzing, Nikki is drugged by David who has convinced Kay that she is drunk and Sabrina and David are targeted by the mob.

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