The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/23/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Now that she's out of prison, Erica indulges in all earthly pleasures at the Yacht Club amidst phone calls to her children and her producer, Pam, informing her that she's baaack!!  Meanwhile, her best gal pal Opal runs into Samuel and warns him that Jack is the only man for Erica. This is not news to Sam, since his campaign manager has also just advised him to stay away from a woman who's had 10 husbands.  So, what does he do?  He goes to see Miss Thang in her fabulous lair.

Jesse informs Tad that his wife is backing Adam's lie about Colby's car being involved in Richie's hit and run. When J.R. visits Zach in his office and offers to work with him to overthrow Adam, Zach declares he's a loose cannon whom he cannot trust, but J.R. is determined to win with or without Slater's help. Meanwhile, Adam is busy chasing after Krystal who declares for the umpteenth time that she's married to Tad while giving her ex her best "come hither" look. Tad arrives home and breaks up their little meeting then gives Krystal the opportunity to come clean, but she fails to divulge her secret about Colby. Fed up with Annie's unpredictable behavior, Kendall wants to fire her, but Babe defends her co-worker then gives her Colby's phone number as a possible sitter. Having overheard the spooked teens discussing their accident, Annie devises a plan to get their "confession" on tape by installing a nanny cam in her apartment and inviting Colby to sit for Emma and bring her friends.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg is anxious to leave the hospital, but Paul is going to keep her preoccupied by something else, which is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. Allison tears into Aaron for no apparent reason. Aaron is worried about how Allison is acting – erratic and moody – it is like she is on drugs. Kim worries about Chris taking so much time off and offers him a job at the station, but he explains that he is just taking his time before he jumps into something again. He doesn’t want her to worry. Daniel wants his dad to tell him why he doesn’t want him to be with his mom anymore. Emily pleads with Margo not to take her to court. Margo tells her to give up custody and they won’t put her profession front and center, but Emily won’t give up Daniel. Casey pleads Emily’s case, but Tom won’t budge. Paul goes to sees Emma about a favor. They butt heads at first, but then they agree to a truce and she agrees to help him. Allison tells Aaron to leave her alone because he is not her friend, as Chris watches. Chris tries to help Allison too, but she turns her anger on him. He suggests she have a physical since she is exhibiting strange symptoms, but she won’t listen to him either. Allison fidgets so much that she breaks her bracelet. Paul asks Meg to marry him again, and then brings in Emma and Barbara. They are all prepared for a wedding, which thrills Meg. Meg receives gifts of something old (a veil of Emma’s), new (the wedding dress she liked from Fashions), borrowed (family bible) and blue (a gift Barbara thinks came from Gwen). Paul even convinces Meg’s minister to preside over the ceremony. Emma jokes with Paul about him making it hard for her to dislike him. Tom and Emily’s hearing starts and Tom is prepared to show his evidence, but then he sees Casey come in and sit on Emily’s side. He changes his mind, much to the courts chagrin and the case is dismissed. Margo is furious, as Tom explains why he did what he did. Allison apologizes to Aaron and explains that she didn’t know what happened to her. Chris tells Susan that he is worried about Allison and her behavior and health, as Susan tells him to leave them all alone. Meg and Paul’s wedding starts, but Meg faints as she is saying her vows to Paul. Meg finally awakens and admits to feeling off and even hallucinating, but no one suspects it might be from the necklace she was wearing. Emily tells Casey he was the main reason she still has her son. She kisses him passionately in public and tells him that she no longer cares who knows about them; she loves him. Allison sees them and Emily tells her the same thing she just told Casey. Allison flatly tells them congratulations before she walks off. Meg and Paul are married. Chris receives an unsigned note and gift; it is a watch and based on what the note said, he assumes it is from his mother. He leaves her a message thanking her for her support, but not mentioning the actual gift. Paul and Meg revel in their newfound wedded bliss again, as the necklace sits nearby on Meg’s bedside table.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is pleased that Marcus calls her “mom” for the first time. It means so much for him to be with her now. Steffy sits by Eric’s bedside and cries that she needs his help in speaking good of Marcus to her dad who doesn’t approve. She wants to continue to see him. Later she meets Marcus in the lounge and both confide they can’t get each other off their minds. She’s pleased that she is a distraction. Owen reports to work and remarks to Donna that he just heard about Eric. She tells him about the take-over and he asks to see the papers. If the document has not been signed by Eric, she might have an out. They look in the safe to find who Eric might have designated to run his affairs if he is incapacitated. Owen informs her that she is the power of attorney so she has the legal right to stop Ridge. She hesitates only because she wants to do the right thing for Forrester Creations too.

Rick sits by his father and also wants a sign from him if he really wants Ridge to own the company. Donna joins him and then tells Eric that she knows he believes in her by assigning her power of attorney. She wants to do right by the company and his children. Ridge walks in and intends to leave, but she asks him to stay. She knows he expects her to fall in line like a good little soldier, but he just can not take over the company while Eric is in a coma. She assures him she will fight him and do what she feels right for the company. He doesn’t want to argue in front of his dad. He’s shocked when he finds she is the power of attorney. That aside Ridge doesn’t feel that is needed between father and son. Donna begs her honey bear to help her be strong and make the right decision. She won’t lose the company and when he comes back, Forrester Creations will be his to run. Just come back! Ridge thinks calling Eric honey bear is disgusting. All of this is her fault and even though Donna is Brooke’s sister he will take her down.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Abe tells Morgan that the police found her father's jacket in the river. Bo confront Philip of murdering Paul and lying to him about it. Philip says he is guilty of threatening him, but he is not a killer. Bo is upset at himself for giving up the tape, he says listening to victor was a huge mistake. E.J. tells Ava he has gotten them to drop the kidnapping and shooting, but they are not going to drop the plane crash.

Tony and Kate share a drink and toast to the success of her Hearth and Home product line. After Tony leaves Anna shows up, Kate and Anna have a drink together and discuss there children. Later, Hope is worried about Bo's behavior and accuses him of knowing something more about Paula's case. Bo just says he has a few theories. Hope asks him what they are and he refuses to tell her. Hope is upset that he is keeping secrets from her, and Bo says it is for her own safety.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason asks Diane what kind of sentence Lulu could face, and upon hearing the answer decides not to give her up. Sonny defines his role for the new mob family. When Sonny overhears Anthony screaming at Claudia in public, he intervenes. Robin rents her old room to Dr. Hunter, but he proves to be obnoxious, so Maxie resolves to get rid of him. Diane, after seeing Sonny with the new mob gal in town, fears he is cheating on Kate. Johnny and Lulu find refuge in a music teacher's home.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie gets upset. Remy talks to someone on the phone. Ashlee goes to Dinah excited about her new job. Dinah gives her a job looking at the blogs to see what people are saying about Bill. Ava and Bill are having an argument when the phone rings. Alan has a door meeting with his "groupie" group. That is until they invite themselves in to his house. Beth and Lizzie are now together talking about Lizzie wanting to move to California. Beth asks where. Lizzie says Beverly Hills. Beth isn't exactly thrilled with that answer. Remy in his EMT uniform visits Ava. Ava says she is in a big huge mess. Remy rubs it in her face. Ava says she doesn't need that right now. Bill has lunch with Dinah, who is not happy with him and doesn't mince works telling him. Later back with Ashlee they are back looking at blogs. Dinah later gives Ashlee an assignment to go back at the station and tell Manny the station manager what they found out. Ashlee is alone and finds out more from the computer and is excited. She finds out an Heiress is searching for another place to live. Beth becomes worried for Alan. She realizes he has been acting weirder than usual and doesn't want James around him. She continues by telling him she can't handle this thing about Gus. Ava and Remy start a plan. Ashlee catches Bill outside on the phone making some plans. He drives off and she makes a call on her cell. Alan meets up with Lizzie. That are talking about a tree house for Zack. Alan questions Lizzie about her move to L.A. After Alan leaves Lizzie, Bill shows up. She looks agitated and Lizzie tells him she'll figure something out. Ashlee reports to Dinah about what she knows concerning Bill. She tells Dinah that Bill is "pissed". Alan is on a bed and Beth is hovering over him asking him why she is staying with a man who is signing his own death warrant. Bill meets up with Lizzie, then Dinah shows up asking both of them if this is a good idea that they be seen together. Then Alan shouts out that Bill is needed at the hospital that the baby is coming. Meanwhile Remy and Ava are together in an elevator kissing, when harder contractions start. She shouts, "Oh My God!" Remy helps her to her knees. The baby is coming. Bill and Dinah and Lizzie are already at Cedars when Ava and Remy arrive. Bill orders for a doctor. Ava wants to know where her doctor is. The doctor on call says that Ava's doctor is being paged. Ava wants to make a Bill a promise that if anything happens to her he'd take care of the baby. Remy wants to stay until he knows Ava is ok. But Dinah orders her to go. Lizzie is shocked that Alan knew about Bill needing to be at the hospital even before it happened. When Dinah goes to check on Ava, she orders Remy to go. As music plays Remy is wandering the streets kicking himself, Alan is in his kitchen with Beth and Lizzie. And Ava and Bill are together in a hospital room waiting for the little one to be born.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Starr and Langston discuss the baby and decide to make a tape for the baby to see when it turns sixteen. Starr wants to explain why she is giving the baby up. Markko and Cole talk about giving up the baby and Cole's relationship with Starr. Todd talks to Marty and slips, saying she is a psychiatrist. Marty is mad and demands to know what else he hasn't told her. Todd tells her they knew each other in college and they slept together. Marcie goes to John's to drop off clean clothes for Mike, but he's at work. John and Marcie discuss the baby and Marcie's and Mike's relationship. Clint tells Nora he wants to bribe David Vickers into divorcing Addie, but only if Dorian gives back BE. David is at the hospital with Dorian. Viki is being treated and Mike says she'll be okay. Dorian's lawyer shows up, and she tries to get David to sign divorce papers. (She called her lawyer from the ambulance.) After a while David signs the papers. Clint calls David and tells him to come over but don't tell anyone. When he does, Clint offers him ten million dollars to divorce Addie. Marty asks Todd what turned her life around and Todd tells her she was raped.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian and David rush Viki to the hospital. It looks like she's going to be alright. And she is very intrigued that Dorian, of all people, would have saved her life. Dorian makes certain that David holds up his end of their bargain by signing divorce papers to end his marriage with Addie. Meanwhile, Clint knows he must similarly bribe David in order to get his help in overthrowing Dorian's ownership of BE. So he offers David a large sum of money to divorce Addie, thereby making David no longer "eligible" for Dorian's money and having no incentive not to help the Buchanans overthrow her.

Starr and Cole are still both wondering what will happen. Neither wants to give up. She plans to give the baby to Marcie and Michael. Marcie wants to adopt it with or without Michael. And Todd is developing a relationship with still amnesiac Marty. She still has no clue about how they knew each other in the past.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Today is the day of The Gala, Nikki and David go forward with their decision to keep up their appearances until tomorrow. David is exposed on national television for his extensive gambling thanks to Adam. It is also revealed that Skye is missing, Heather is spooked by Walter as Paul learns that Ji Min knew both Walter and David after seeing a pic from a newspaper article. Cane and Lily are happy as he plans to propose but is sabotaged by crazy Chloe who blurts out she’s pregnant and the baby is Cane’s. Amber is at the Gala trying to avoid Daniel, funny but Daniel is trying to do the same. Victor wants to announce Sabrina’s pregnancy to his children who are not interested. Jack tells Sabrina he was responsible for the article and David spikes Nikki drink with liquid morphine.

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