The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

At Fusion, Greenlee assures Amanda that everyone's finally with the right person and that she's happy for Ryan and Annie, since she has no romantic feelings toward her ex. Setting her sights on Jake, Amanda exaggerates her neck spasms so she can get to see the hunky new doc in town. At the hospital, Jake performs his magic on Amanda's neck. Despite Annie's discouragement, Ryan is determined to find out what happened to his vasectomy. At the clinic, he is shocked to learn that Dr. Cooper only made an incision, for which he will receive a nice settlement. Ryan visits Greenlee and kisses her goodbye. While hanging out at the town pool, Colby's friends are upset that she has rum in her drink, but she acts flippant about not being the one who killed a guy. Colby and Pete urge Dre and Cassandra to stop acting guilty and start enjoying their summer. Finally realizing they have to perform damage control for their families' sake, they all agree to stick together. After she apologizes to her brother for having killed him, Annie dumps his ashes off the pier then overhears as the teens vow that no one will know they killed Richie. Angie tries to do a little matchmaking by inviting a single young nurse to dinner with her family. Randi insists she's not a victim, because she decides to earn a living by prostitution, but Frankie encourages her to realize her potential and set her sights higher. When Fletcher, her pimp, finds her, however, he reminds her she'll always be trash.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emma surprises Holden when she comes home; she is curious as to why he is back at the farm. A nervous Holden dances around the issue but then admits that he made a mistake. Lily tells a stunned Lucinda that she wanted to kill Carly the night before because Holden and she had an affair. Parker calls his mom a slut and that is when Carly realizes that Parker knows; she tries to explain, but he doesn’t want to hear it and tells her how he will never understand why she continually ruins their family. Paul finds Meg near death bleeding from a gunshot wound. Barbara tries to comfort him when Meg is taken into the OR, but he is worried that he will lose her this time for good. Lucinda wonders if Holden’s actions were payback and believes Lily should divorce him now. Lily isn’t so quick to believe that and Lucinda can’t understand why she would defend him. Lily reminds her that she has kids and she also made a mistake with Dusty. Paul has to call Holden to tell him about Meg and ask about donating blood. A distraught Holden and Emma race to the hospital where Emma blames Paul. Parker goes to Liberty for support after having it out with his mom. Susan tells Paul, Holden and Emma that Meg will be fine and then Emma learns that Paul and Meg are married. Emma is stunned and doesn’t handle it well. Holden tries to remind her what is important now while he and Paul even try to joke. Emma sobs admitting that she was so scared. They all go to see Meg and she tells Emma that she has something to tell her; Emma puts on a happy face and tells her that she knows about he marriage; they will have a big party when she is better. Carly goes to see Lily to try to explain what happened. She takes most of the blame, but Lily is furious and lets her have it. Carly pleads Holden’s case. Lily also doesn’t believe it is over because Holden couldn’t tell her it was. Lily finally orders Carly out of her life forever. Liberty tries to comfort Parker, but she thinks that all parents mess up and that he needs to realize this and move on. They are both soured on the perfect family. Liberty and Parker kiss again. Holden takes Emma home and prepares to tell him what he did when a raving Lucinda rushes in running at the mouth about Holden’s betrayal. Holden tries to stop her, but Emma hears the gist of what Holden did. Emma thinks everything fell apart when she left. First with Meg and now with him. He needs to do everything in his power to fix this. Meg and Paul share some time together as she recovers. Paul is worried that he is so selfish by wanting her with him even when it puts her in danger. Meg tells him a bullet wound won’t keep them apart. Holden calls Carly and they both lament over the people that are telling them off even though they realize they deserve it. Holden wants to see her to talk, but Carly isn’t sure. Holden explains that both of their lives are falling apart and since they aren’t succeeding putting them back together alone then they should try to do it together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Parker calls Carly a slut an tells her he will never forgive her for making such a horrible mistake by having an affair with her best friend's husband. Liberty makes Parker realize that everyone makes mistakes and he should stop worrying and let the grown ups hand their lives. Liberty tells Parker that he should stop expecting to have a perfect family. Parker tells Liberty that before when he had a big problem he would have run away but now he is glad to be able to talk to her and the two kiss. Emma, and Lucinda find out about Holden and Carly's affair and Emma advises Holden to fix the mess that is his life while Lucinda tells Lily to divorce Holden. Carly pleads with Lily to forgive Holden for the affair because Holden still loves her he was just lonely. Meg is shot by Cole but after a blood transfusion she is operated on and the doctors are able to remove the bullet so Meg will be fine. Emma finds out about Meg and Paul's marriage and although she isn't happy about it she is happy that her daughter is okay. Emma promises Meg that when she feels better they will have a party to celebrate her marriage.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge wakes up in his father’s room and speaks to a comatose Eric that he is going to go and take care of everything. Don’t worry about the company, just focus on getting better. Donna packs up some of Eric’s things at the office so he will wake up to something familiar. She encourages Marcus to go spend some time with him too as Marcus was on his mind last night, wanting to include him as an heir. Ridge finds Donna in Eric’s office and assures her he will take care of everything. She reminds him that while Eric may have agreed to giving Ridge the company that he never signed the papers so technically nothing has changed. He changed his mind again once he got home and is not ready to step down. Ridge states that Eric can’t speak for himself so is he just supposed to take her word?

Bridget sits and speaks with her dad when Stephanie and Thorne come for a visit. Thorne assures his mother that his dad will pull through this. She tells the “foolish old man” that she loves him more than anything in this world. With Steffy looking on, Marcus speaks his heart to Eric of what a good man he is. He’s happy that Donna has him in her life. He will live up to Eric’s expectations and make him proud. He wipes away Steffy’s tears, kisses her and tells her if she needs someone to lean on, he’s here. Donna tells Ridge he can run the company, but the ownership can not be transferred now while Eric is in a coma. They need to pull together in order for him to get well. Ridge signs the papers, stares Donna in the eye and states as of now Forrester Creations is run by him.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Daniel is concerned about Victor's heart rate and blood pressure so he has a talk with Bo, and forbids anyone even family to visit Victor in the hospital. Daniel asks Chelsea to check out an apartment with him that he is thinking about getting. Meanwhile, Philip and Kate discuss how Kate destroyed the tape of Paul, and Philip is upset about how he has put Bo on the line of ruining his reputation and possibly could lose his job.

Lexi and Abe go over the possibilities of potential treatments they have to consider for Theo. Abe doesn't understand how there going to come up with the money, Lexie says that they can use Theo's college fund. After wards, Abe gets a phone call about information involving the Hollingsworth case. Philip and Morgan go to the police station and find out that the police found Paul's jacket floating in the river. While Stephanie is on the train a stranger enters her sleep car, and tries to rob her, so she attempts to spray him with a can of pepper spray but he runs away.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate's successful ruse proves to be the straw that breaks Jax's back; he announces that his marriage to Carly is over, but she won't allow him to leave. She's willing to fight for their love. She reminds him that for better or worse was part of their vows. Claudia breaks the news to Spinelli that Maxie was willing to whore with Johnny for twenty grand potentially. Both Trevor and Rick find their lives on the line; if Johnny dies, they're both goners. Nikolas, Lucky, Claudia, the cops, Anthony, and the Lansings all try to figure out how to find the young fugitives.

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Epiphany is stressed due to her extra workload.  Toussaint comes to the hospital to interview for a job.  Dr. Leo Julian is in charge of a new group of interns and he’s less than happy about it.  A car comes crashing through the hospital.  Robin is injured and Dr. Ford is killed.  Patrick is chosen as the new “temporary” chief of staff.   Patrick wants Robin to take the rest of her pregnancy off but she plans to return to work.  Patrick “puts” Robin on maternity leave “early,” much to her dislike.  Patrick comes down on the driver of the car then Epiphany informs him the woman had no trace of drugs or alcohol in her blood.  Patrick goes home to Robin but instead he finds Robin’s old friend, Jagger Cates.  Robin comes home and explains her connection to Jagger.  Dr. Claire Simpson doesn’t impress Dr. Julian and either does Holistic Medicine Dr. Saira Batra.  Patrick works to figure out why his patient lost control of her car and crashed through the hospital.  The woman, Alice, suffers a stroke and Patrick operates.  Robin returns to work even though Patrick doesn’t approve.   Epiphany gives Toussaint a job at GH.   Leo gets into a physical altercation with Intern Kyle who turns out to be his brother.  Robin disapproves when Alice’s fiancé leaves her.  Alice’s situation makes Robin appreciate what she has with Patrick.  Jagger brings his son, Stone, to meet Robin. 

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie tells Josh he is not over Reva and never will be. Lizzie turns on the TV only to hear Bill's being endorsed. Bill and Ava talk about the endorsement and their future and then he leaves for the office. Josh and Reva actually run lines that the actors are supposed to say in the wedding scene but it doesn't go as smoothly as it should. Reva gives the actors advice on how to say the vows. Bill and Billy talk about what will happen if Bill enters politics. Lizzie tells Bill her family is back together. And also it would be hard to see him and Ava happy about the baby. Lizzie tells Bill she got a job in Los Angeles. Josh talks as Reva listens. He tells her that everyone knows the truth, they belong together. She says she loves the movie. The memory of them. And the love they had for each other. She says that scene is not them anymore. They kiss and Cassie and Jeffrey see it. Later Josh talks to Cassie. She tells him she gets it and has for a long time. Josh tells Cassie he never meant to hurt her. Reva tells Jeffrey and he tells her that is one of the things he loves about her is her honesty. Even if it hurts. Confused. Reva tells him she chose him. Jeffrey asks when did she know she wanted to stay with him. When she laughed, she tells him. Everyone thought her laugh was too loud. They kiss. Josh and Cassie go home and continue their talk about Reva and his feelings. Cassie is crying as she tell Josh he helped her through the most terrible time in her life. The discussion then moves to Josh asking if he should move out tonight. While hugging Cassie makes a joke about Dr Frankel not going to like what has happened. Lizzie goes to see Billy and tells him she is going to Los Angeles to work and live. Billy tells her not to give up on life. She tells him she isn't, just starting a new chapter. Billy jokes that they are quite a pair. Lizzie tells Billy to take care of Bill. While looking for something, Josh finds the original plans for the Veterans Memorial he was going to build. Bags packed he leaves. Cassie calls him back as he forgets something from the fireplace. He tells her he will call and they hug. Reva and Jeffrey are on a set of tree swings in the park talking, then they kiss.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Rex both experience the "Blast from the past" and live on Asa's ranch in 1968. People know Bo as Asa and Rex as Bo. Two people who look like Gigi and Shane enter. Rex and Bo both assume they are the people they know them to be. But Gigi reveals she's not herself, knows nothing about Rex, and knows Bo as Asa. She is Emma Bradley, mother of both Spencer Truman and David Vickers. We see that Shane is young Spencer. But David has not yet been born. And Bo reminds Rex if he (as Asa) refuses to sleep with "Emma", then David Vickers will never be born.

Viki is also on a "journey in the afterlife". Ben Davidson tells her it's not her time yet. She must return to her life. And at that time, David Vickers tells Dorian she must save Viki. He will divorce Addie if she does. And Dorian knows she has no choice. SO Viki comes back to reality. And at that point, it looks like Carlo Hesser has killed Cristian and Sarah. But Agnes Nixon concludes that they might survive going down a waterfall no differently than Viki survived her near brush with death.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Young love, tainted love and unrequited love rock the fair city if of Genoa City as they prepare for the event of the summer, The Gala. Cane and Lily move into their humble abode, while Chloe waving her stalker flag follows the moving van to the lovebirds nest. Daniel and Amber call the love line with Dr. Drew in hopes of advice to save their relationship, they don’t get the answer they want and simultaneously decide to move to LA. Nikki reminds David that their relationship is OVER after the Gala, he has other plans which consists of liquid morphine. Sabrina and Victoria get into it as JT and Paul continue their investigating David. Ana and Devon plan to sing a duet. Paul and JT share with Victor that Nikki’s life is in danger, and because of his refusal to do a job so is David’s.

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