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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

After Jake informs Annie she's pregnant at the hospital, her excitement is tempered by Ryan's shock, especially since Kendall has just told him that Greenlee doesn't know how much he loves her. As Greenlee, Kendall, and Ryan wonder who the baby's father is, Annie assures everyone that Ryan is her one and only. When a test confirms that he's not shooting blanks, Ryan takes his wife home. At ConFusion, Greenlee assures Aidan that the news doesn't affect her feelings for him. When Jesse informs Adam that his supposedly stolen car's tire tracks match those on Richie's body, Krystal helps him lie to the police chief for Colby's sake. Meanwhile, Cass, Colby, and Dré warn Pete Cortlandt to keep quiet about his suspicions, but their strange behavior prompts Jesse to put a tail on the girls. After Erica manages to free herself from the clutches of an insane cellmate, Jack leads her out of prison.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg and Paul go to Mike for help with Sophie. Mike doesn’t know how to help because he knows nothing, but then he off handedly mentions Col and Meg and Paul’s interest is piqued. Cole surprises Barbara in her room and holds a gun to her telling her that he has a Plan B. Allison receives a gift from her long lost dad. Cole takes Barbara hostage and is almost caught when their paths cross with Lisa. Aaron convinces Allison to see what he dad sent her; she finds a note that isn’t signed and a bracelet. Paul and Meg separately talk to people in Sophie’s life and come to the same conclusion that Cole is at the top of their prime suspect list. Cole brings a blindfolded Barbara to his hide out and tries to get her to write a note to Paul wanting $100,000, but she refuses. An increasingly unstable Cole shoots up and then looses it when he confesses to Barbara about how he taught Sophie a lesson by killing her when she lied and disrespected him; Cole acts erratically and continually threatens Barbara. Barbara realizes that Cole is the father of Sophie’s baby too. Bob and Susan try to mend fences. Allison and Chris run into one another when they are both out for runs. Meg and Paul know something is seriously wrong when Lisa tells them that she saw Barbara with Cole and they find her room partly ransacked. Barbara decides her only way out of this is to pretend to go along with Cole and write a letter. Cole delivers the letter to where he thinks Paul will be, but he comes across Mike instead and gives it to him. Barbara is able to get herself free and is able to arm herself with a syringe of drugs for when Cole comes back. Barbara tricks Cole and injects the drug into him causing him to lose consciousness. She calls Paul and describes a bit of her surroundings so Mike is able to guess where she is. Aaron finds Chris and Allison having fun running, but he becomes more concerned when Allison almost faints. Cole awakens through and realizes what Barbara did and tries to attack her. Susan tells Bob about Allison’s strange gift from her father and how she feels it is a bad omen. She also tells him though that she won’t let Chris weasel his way back into Allison’s life. Paul and Meg go looking for Barbara where Mike thinks she is and find an empty but ransacked room. Barbara is hiding and comes out when she realizes whom it is. Barbara is admitted to the hospital for observation. Barbara apologizes to Meg. Meg helps Susan out when she goes to fill Barbara’s prescription, but she finds trouble waiting instead when Cole shows up with a gun wanting drugs. Cole shoots Meg. Mike sees Cole racing from the hospital and captures him. He then tells Paul the good news who in turn thanks him for all his help. Barbara is happy to hear about news of Cole being caught and is sure their nightmare is over now. However, Meg is lying unconscious in a pool of blood in another hospital room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna calls 911 when she panics at not being able to revive Eric. The paramedics rush him to the hospital. Brooke informs Rick that she and Ridge are going to be married again very soon. Ridge also has his own news that Eric is stepping down and they will be in charge tomorrow. Rick is unsettled by this, but they assure him he will get his share and continue at work as usual. Donna calls Brooke and tells her that Eric may have had a heart attack. It’s wait and see and pray. Marcus asks Steffy what she thinks about Donna hiring Owen? She’s not crazy about his type and Marcus asks what is her type? She says honest, straight forward, what you see is what you get. She inquires if he has asked Donna anything about his father? He replies yes, but not much as he sensed she was not ready. He’s curious, but he will ask when the time is right. He asks her out for a second date to the Bikini Beach. However they spot the papers Eric has not signed yet, but giving the company to Ridge and Brooke. The security guard tells them that Eric is in the hospital with what they think is a heart attack.

Bridget makes sure that Donna is allowed into Eric’s room. She fights back tears as she holds his hand and begs him to please don’t leave her. She vows to have him back, she is going to take such good care of him and everything will be like it was. Felicia, Thorne, Rick and Ridge sit by Eric’s side and assure him that he is a fighter so now is the time to fight and not give up. Ridge reams into Donna for bringing this on. She dishes it right back that Ridge is the one who is adding to any stress so don’t dare blame her.

Days Recap Written by Sheila

Sami needs to sublet her apartment so John has asked her to offer the apartment to Ava. If she doesn't, John said he would just move Ava into the mansion. Sami agrees but Steve and Kayla get upset about the idea of Ava living across the hall from them. So Ava leaves and decides not to get the apartment. Ava asks John if she can move into the mansion, but he wants her to have a place of her own so they can have some alone time. Meanwhile, Marlena is talking to Roman about what they can do about the broken disc to regain John's lost memory. Chloe goes to the police station to say goodbye, and that she is sorry that he broke house arrest to come see her, before Lucas is sent to maximum security. He admits that he doesn't regret what they did the night in the elevator, Chloe says she doesn't either.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Johnny and Lulu escape with her pretending to be his hostage. As a result, Mac arrests Jason as a possible accomplice. Maxie and Spinelli fret over what Lulu might do while all this goes on. Because of a missed message, Carly gets into Jax's bad graces; he believes Kate over Carly about Carly never getting word of the event. In a private conference later, it is revealed that Kate and Clarice did in fact set Carly up for a fall. Claudia quizzes Sonny about the new mob family approaching him; he insists it's legit. Though Nikolas seems to possess no romantic inclinations for Nadine, he protests when she plans to go out with Dr. Hunter, a possible suspect in the fake drug ring. Lulu and Johnny try to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Nikolas suspects the truth of their ruse.

GL Recap Written by Beth

On land the Real Reva and Josh are looking toward the water to see a boat carrying the actors that play them. Reva is smiling. Jeffrey and Cassie are not too far behind wondering if they should go. Josh and Reva help the movie preacher with what their vows were. Josh and Reva get to know the people playing HB, Reva's Mom, Sarah. After they leave. Josh says that was creepy. Then flashback to the real wedding. Cassie phones Josh, only to come up next to him to surprise him. Reva talks to the actress portraying her. She tells her she didn't have cold feet at the real wedding. Reva looks over at the little actress portraying Maura and starts to cry not being able to continue. Billy talks to the actor portraying him. Cassie is looking from a distance at the real Reva and Josh dance. Jeffrey comes over to her and talks to Cassie. He tells her he is letting Reva do this without fearing a problem in their relationship. Cassie can't believe what she is hearing when he tells her to do the same. She tells him she can't do that. She goes off running into the woman playing Sarah Shayne. Cassie is stunned. Billy goes over to the actor playing him and talks. All during these times both Reva and Josh go back in time to via flashbacks. Reva is on the dock at the film site and Josh looks over thinking the worse. He runs over. He tells her he didn't know what she was going to do. She tells him she isn't going to jump in. She later says her old life is gone forever. Josh says he never should have walked away. Reva says they are going in circles and it has got to stop. Josh asks her why fight her feelings. They get interrupted by a set hand and go back to the set. The real Josh and Reva stand side by side facing each other in front of the film preacher.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While it looks like Viki has died in the car crash, she finds herself talking to people in the "afterlife." Her deceased infant granddaughter, Megan is now a young woman. She is Viki's guide. Viki meets Asa. She also hears from Niki Smith (who goes wherever Viki goes) that she is taking care of Viki, and Tess is taking care of Jessica. Viki also meets her deceased husband, Ben. Dorian also sees a "ghost." Mel comes back from the dead and tells her he knows all she's been up to and that she must atone. Meanwhile, Rex and Bo get "rescued" by the Texas ranch hands. But they find themselves living in 1968. Bo is Asa. Rex is Bo. And they wonder what they are going to do with their present situation. In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser tells Tina and Cristian they must watch Sarah go over the waterfall in a raft and there is nothing either will be able to do about it.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

The House of Chow is tumbling down as Nikki finds out that she is literally “Married to the Mob.” Things don’t stop there because Paul and JT are still investigating his past and slowly but surely the puzzle pieces come together as they reveal Walter’s identity and ties to the mob. The question is will Nikki survive in time to file for divorce? Nick returns the keys to the tack house to Victor, who is forced to reconsider his actions by Sabrina’s words of forgiveness, its too late because Nick’s mind is made up and he still decides to move out. Brad and Jill are also digging for information about David Chow, when Heather provides them with his phone records they realize that he is a threat and prepare to take him and Nikki down. Still trying to solve the murder of Ji Min, Heather finds a picture of him with Walter and tries to put two and two together, Heather is also asked to the gala by Adam. David plans to drug Nikki.

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