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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Erica is being released from prison; Sam had a hand in getting her released. Zach rushes into the hospital holding Annie. Annie fainted when they were talking. Jake asks Annie if she could be pregnant. Greenlee has forgiven Annie, Kendall, and Aidan for hurting her. Ryan asks Annie why she was with Zach. Ryan wants too know why Zach called Annie. Annie accuses Greenlee of wanting Ryan then threatens to make Greenlee stay away from Ryan. Ryan thinks that Kendall told Greenlee that he loves her. Zach tells Ryan that Annie has secrets. Greenlee believes that Annie is crazy. Adam will accuse Petey of rape if he does not forget that Colby was involved in an accident. Jesses mentions the tire tracks taken off of Richie’s clothes are from an expensive car. The new inmate blocks Erica’s exit, because she wants to give her a present. Annie is pregnant.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Liberty and Parker are almost caught sleeping together in the same bed but Liberty later confesses to Janet that she and Parker just made out and then feel asleep but nothing else happened between them. Janet gives Liberty safe sex talk and tells her they are going to the doctor later so he can talk to her. Lily tells Jack she intended to kill Carly with her car and later Jack finds out about Holden and Carly's affair. Jack is angry and yells at Carly for doing things without thinking about the people who will be hurt by her actions. Jack tells Janet about Holden and Carly and she consoles him. Parker overhears Jack and Carly talking about the affair and goes to Liberty for support. Holden tells Luke about the affair and he gets upset and tells Holden neither he nor Lily want to see him again. Katie advises Brad to talk to Liberty about sex but he is nervous about having the talk with Liberty. Lily tells Holden she doesn't want to talk to him but he can talk to her lawyer.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia and Thorne are shocked, but are happy that Eric agreed to the gifting of the company to Ridge. They don’t want him out, just Donna. No fireworks and it should be a smooth transition. At home Eric feels worn out and confesses to Donna that he feels empty. He agreed to Ridge’s request and they will make it public tomorrow at a press conference. She begs him not to do; the company needs him now more than ever. It will be like cutting off his own arm. He comes alive and says no, he doesn’t want to step down. Not by a long shot. He’s turned the company around before and he can do it again. He will decide when he steps down. Nick pops by to see Beth. He’s glad she is here and undergoing tests. She admits she is feeling better and not as lonely. Katie is surprised to see him as she thought he should be on his honeymoon. Nick says the Logan women have a lot in common. Katie replies yes, neither of them would be here if it weren’t for Nick. And it was her honor that she was a part of his wedding and served as justice of the peace. Donna is happy that Eric has changed his mind and also is going to include Marcus as an heir. Eric knows when he doesn’t give the company back, his family will feel betrayed and blame Donna. Brooke and Ridge initiate their new, Eric's old, office by making love. Donna and Eric make love and she tells him how lucky she is to be his wife. Then she panics when she realizes he is more than just asleep when he doesn’t respond.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie meets Max on the train. At first, he wants her to leave, but she talks him into letting her stay and help him search for his sister. Nicole and Ava trade tales of woe in regard to EJ and John. Nicole tells Ava about Trent, and confides her dark secret to her. Marlena tells Rolf that he must help her put the disc back together, or he will go back to jail. EJ makes a large “campaign contribution” (i.e., bribe) on John’s behalf to a local judge. John says he approves of the action, but still doesn’t trust EJ. He expresses anger at EJ for shooting him, and also for trying to take custody from Sami. EJ swears he is just trying to protect his children. Roman arranges for Lucas to do something dangerous to help shorten his jail time. Sami overhears that he is going back to maximum security and flips. They argue about Chloe, and later, Sami tells EJ that she has forgiven Lucas, but will never forgive him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly approaches Claudia to buy Jax out of Crimson, but before she can accept, Jax nukes the deal, later explaining hotly to his wife that he cannot deal with crime families like that at all, lest he go up on RICO charges again and lose all. Then, he tells Kate about it and she threatens to sue him if he does it, causing him to warn her not to threaten him again. Spinelli and Maxie are worried about Lulu's mental state being a weak link and ask Jason for help. Dr. Hunter realizes that Nadine might be onto him. A new crime family approaches Sonny. After Eli rejects Anna as too old for his image, Patrick decks him, putting the tour at risk and causing Anna to ask Noah to fill in as a rock star, but he, fearing for his sobriety, refuses. Eli opens his mouth and comments about Anna not fitting the image again, and Patrick decks him, again. Lulu smuggles a gun into the jail, hoping to bust Johnny out. Before she can, he grabs the gun and pretends to take her hostage.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva watches a video of her marriage to Josh, the one in where she is in a boat and on the water. Daisy says the reason Jeffrey is running away from Reva is that she is out of control. Jeffrey ponders that statement after Daisy leaves him. Cassie is in the park when she comes upon a little girl. She introduces herself and then the parents come to them. Josh at the church rehearsing his sermon when Reva comes in. He stumbles for second. She tries again to invite him to the movie wedding. He says he can't go. Jeffrey meets up with Cassie. He wants to know what she is doing in his neck of the woods. She tells him it is about the arrests. She asks him if he is going to the movie wedding. He says no. Outside, Josh is yelling at Reva for almost loosing her wallet and her purse. He says he cares what happens to her. She is questioning why Josh is being so concern. She tries again to invite him to the movie wedding. He says no, but maybe if they were still married he would. But things have changed. The separate and go their own ways. Frank Talks to Cyrus about his brother. After Frank leaves a folder on a desk and walks away, Cyrus picks it up and reads the contents. Daisy tries again to see Grady. Again Grady tells her to go. She begs to stay. Daisy goes to see Reva again. They agree not to argue about Grady. Jeffrey calls the Chief of Police to authorize the dropping of charges for Grady. Reva talks to Daisy about what she should wear at the movie wedding saying I will be captured on film forever and wants to look good. Cassie is with Dr. Frankel. Josh walks in and tells them he is sorry he is late. Dr. Frankel complements Josh on how he looks. The reason for the visit is to talk about having a baby together. Dr. Frankel asks if their current situation is stable. They don't answer. Frank releases Grady, but warns him murder charges are still pending. Frank shows him to the outer office as Cyrus watches from above cove. About to take a drink, Daisy gets a message on her cell. She reads it and then takes a drink. Jeffrey surprises Reva. Reva asks if he is following her. He says maybe a little. The doctor's appointment with Josh and Cassie is not really going well. Josh tries to answer the doctor's questions about what it would mean to have a baby in their lives right now. At the park, Reva asks Jeffrey about the other day at Towers. He answers her, and tells them that Grady is out and why. She is not happy. She now doesn't want to be near Jeffrey. But tells him she will keep an eye out for Grady. Jeffrey tells her about a laugh that completely filled the room. She laughs cause she knows he is talking about her. He tells her to call her if she needs anything. She says she will and then says she has to get going. Josh and Cassie are at Towers having a drink. Cassie tell him of the invite from Reva. Then the conversation changes to Dr. Frankel and her shoes. Josh says he didn't look at her shoes. Josh asks Cassie if Dr. Frankel is helping. Cassie suggests a fertility clinic. The mentions the movie and he tells he to stop talking about the movie. Grady is outside and he walks up to a patrolman and says, Nice day. The guy walks away. Frank tells Daisy that Grady is out of jail. And that there is a flight for both of them. Daisy says she is not going. She looks to Cyrus. Cyrus tells her to go. After Daisy leaves. Frank and Cyrus have words. Cyrus tell Frank to get her to Harley. Cassie is in the kitchen when there is a knock on the door. It is Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Cassie about Grady and asks about Josh. Cassie and Jeffrey change the subject to Reva and Josh and Cassie says they should go to the wedding. Jeffrey isn't so sure. Cassie says that it is easy for him, she and Josh aren't over yet and then correct herself and omits yet. The wedding scene starts. Reva and Josh are smiling at each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki reluctantly picks Dorian up and drives her after seeing her stranded. They argue about Charlie. Viki reveals that she believes that Charlie did not fall off the wagon and Dorian might have had something to do with what happened to him. Meanwhile, Charlie attends an AA meeting and tells the group that he has no clue how he wound up in the ER for alcohol poisoning and knows he had to no reason nor desire to choose to drink. At the same time, Gigi tells Brody she does not want him around her son until he clean up his act with drinking. Brody then attends the same AA meeting where Charlie is talking. While Viki and Dorian are in the car, the brakes fail (due to Tess) and they crash. Bo and Rex have both been injured at Asa's ranch while riding horses in the rain.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Cane takes Lily house-hunting unbeknownst to her he has already purchased her dream home, he asks her to move in she agrees, this brings him to his next course of action asking Neil’s permission to propose to her. In the world of Amber and Daniel they have a third party Chloe who shares with Amber that she will get her and Daniel back together. JT raves about Ana’s singing and takes Nikki, Reed and Victoria over to Indigo to hear her sing. Victor and Sabrina prepare to see their baby’s first ultrasound, he also continues to plot to destroy Restless Style by getting all their advertisers to cancel, this along with cutting Victoria and Nick out of his will. The truth about David Chow’s identity is revealed as Paul discovers that he and his buddy Walter were knee deep in the mafia scene. Walter confronts David about the job he refuses to do telling him he really has no choice and Nikki enraged gets wind of his mafia ties and confronts him.

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