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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Fletcher, Randi’s pimp, is at the police station to pick up Randi. Jesse slams Fletcher into a chair, and warns him about pimping in his town on his watch. Randi is not interested in talking to Frankie so he buys her time for talking only. He pays one hundred dollars for twenty-five minutes. Ryan is so happy that he recovered his memory. Zach places Annie’s ring on his desk; he gets her to confess that Richie was blackmailing her.

Kendall tells Greenlee that Annie tried to set up Zach for Richie’s murder. Zach says he will ask Annie one more time to tell him about Richie. Jesse advises Angie to allow Frankie to make his own mistakes. Greenlee sees Ryan; she hugs him and then tells him that Kendall told her everything. From the look on Ryan’s face it is clear that he believes that Kendall told Greenlee that Ryan loves her. Annie faints from Zach’s questioning.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry and Vienna argue because he bought part of Metro and kept it a secret from her but later she decides to help Henry when he persuades her he wants the club because he is shallow and misses the glamorous life. Vienna gets angry at Henry again when she discovers he hired Bonnie to help persuade Carly to sell part of Metro to him. Vienna feels hurt that Henry is sharing important secrets with Bonnie and fears Bonnie will take Henry away from her. Janet gets angry at Jack because he didn't tell her that he caught Parker and Liberty kissing. Janet and Liberty later have a big fight when Liberty tells her mother that if she decides to have sex someday she will use birth control to avoid an unwanted baby. Parker and Liberty are studying in his room when the two start kissing and touching each other. Holden is unable to lie to Lily anymore so he tells her about his affair with Carly. Carly is determined to do the right thing and when Holden tells her that he admitted everything to Lily she gives Holden a good-bye kiss and tells him that she will make Lily hate her so Lily can love him again. Lily is determined not to cry over Holden so she goes out and when she sees Carly in the headlights of her car she speeds up and heads straight for Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen admits to Felicia that he has no incriminating photos of Donna. His opinion is she loves her husband a lot. She says that is temporary. They are going to break up, and if Owen can’t make it happen sooner then she will find another way. Bottom line, he says he can not accept her proposal. Upon Eric’s return from New York, Ridge tells him that he and Brooke are going to be married and he is calling a meeting tomorrow and wants Eric to turn over the company to them. Eric doesn’t see it as the passing of the torch, but more like an ambush. Donna is adamantly against it as well, but Ridge tells Donna they don’t have time for her period of transition. The company is on a downward spiral and they have to fix in immediately. He hands Eric a legal document to sign giving Ridge control. They will tell the press it is a wedding gift. Eric won’t hear of it and promises Donna they will not have a family meeting tomorrow. He will solve it right now with just Ridge. Eric tells Ridge that he is disappointed in him. Ridge makes a long passionate plea and it looks like it is falling on deaf ears. Donna is flabbergasted that Brooke is in on this plan too. Eric looks at the papers again and finally says okay. His heart is not in giving up the company, but the men hug and Ridge vows not to let him down.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie prepares to leave to meet Max in France. She tells Caroline about Max’s trip, and Chelsea and Morgan buy her some going-away gifts. Morgan refuses the money her father sent her, telling Abe to hold on to it until Paul returns. Roman and Marlena have a heart-to-heart about Sami. Roman wonders if Sami wouldn’t be better off without EJ or Lucas, but Marlena disagrees. She begs Roman to do all he can to help Lucas get out of serving time. Roman says that he will try. EJ runs into Trent and Nicole, and warns Trent that he has his eye on him. Trent threatens Nicole, and forces her to mine Stephanie for information on Max’s whereabouts. Trent calls Max, but Max hangs up on him. Ava and John toast to the future. EJ proposes that he and John start working together and John agrees to give him a shot. Kate visits Victor, and he gives her the tape. She promises to destroy it for Phillip. Bo tells Phillip about the tape, and Phillip insists that he didn’t kill Paul. Bo nearly tells Abe the truth, but doesn’t.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

While paying a visit to Johnny in jail, Spinelli tells him he knows that Lulu did the murder. Though Spinelli is sure that Lulu could get off on self defense, Johnny is less copasetic and wants the Jackal to keep quiet, something Maxie vehemently insists that Lulu should do as well. Despite all Anna and Robin's worries, Eli is cool with Anna being a grandmother. Sam is desperate to stop the fake drug trade and also flares with jealousy over Liz and the boys. She and Lucky have a loud, public fight over it. Jax is able to use his charm to seal a business deal for the magazine. Meanwhile, Carly plots to oust Kate from Crimson by getting Jax to buy her out. It turns out, the break up was fake, allowing Sam to appear unconnected to the cops so she can go undercover. Nadine suspects Dr. Hunter of being tied to the fake drugs.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan has "groupies" ladies come to see him. Lizzie is not pleased. Bill has a few things for the baby and leaves them with Olivia but not before telling her he doesn't want to let Billy see the kid. Olivia reassures him in time he will. Remy and Mel talk about Ava. Remy says he is in love. Bill tells Dinah he has an interview but keeps mum the people and subject. Bill puts a stroller together and admires it. Beth and Dinah have a drink and talk about Bill's future. Dinah tells Beth things are going good and he has an interview with a reporter. Beth tell Dinah the report she mentions is a fashion reporter and a darn good one at that. To which Dinah doesn't know what to say. Bill goes to see Billy to tell him he needs him. He practically pleads with his father. Billy gives in and goes with Bill. Natalia shows up at Alan's little get together but doesn't want to come in. Alan tries to persuade her. Even telling the ladies in the room who she is. Alan later meets up with Lizzie and wants to know why Lizzie is so bent on getting the house back and getting Beth and he back together. Alan tells Lizzie Bill is going to loose what he's got and never will make her happy. Billy takes Bill to see a few of his friends. And tries to show Bill off. Telling these friends he is going to be a first time Dad his business dealings. One of the guys gets on the phone. Later this guy shakes Billy's hand and asks what he is planning on calling the "Kid". Bill says Max Harlan Lewis. Bill looks pleased. The reporter is talking with Dinah, who is really giving the interview all she's got. Lizzie goes to Beth. Beth realizes something is up. She doesn't want to hear it. Alan is laying down on a parking lot and Bill finds him. Bill asks if he is hurt. Alan says no. Moments later Bill calls Lizzie. Beth tells her not to answer, she does. Bill says it is him. Lizzie finds Alan and Bill sitting in the parking lot. Lizzie become concern. Bill tell her how he found Alan. Lizzie suggests going to the hospital. Alan doesn't want to. Olivia gives Natalia advice concerning Alan. Dinah goes to a realtor looking for a country house. The realtor says she is too late that her brother bought the house. She says she wanted to do this for family. Alan gets a clean bill of health and tells Olivia. She thinks this was a sham. That she knows him from the time they were married. He still says Gus comes to him. Olivia says why only him, not her, or Harley? Remy asks Mel about her marriage to Rick. She says things were good up until she had their daughter. She gets teary eyed. She says she wishes she never got married. He asks if he should fall in love. Mel tells him she just wants him to be happy. Dinah warns Beth to take care Lizzie. Beth tells her that Lizzie can take care of herself. Lizzie meets up with Bill telling him of her Grandfather's experience. Lizzie says she wonders if they are supposed to be where they are in their lives. Bill drops off Alan and Lizzie home. Alan continues to talk to his "Groupie" group.. Tells them he is a fraud. Saying he climbed the ladder climbing on people to get what he wanted. Then his son, Gus came along and changed all that. Natalia is listening in wonder of what Alan is saying. Billy talks to Dinah about Bill and his needs. Dinah says Bill has everything he needs right where they are with her. Dinah says they are on a mission. Billy drops off the box of stuff. Bill and Lizzie talk about business. Lizzie acts happy asking if he wants her help. Bill says sort of. Lizzie realizes she is being used.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex goes to find Bo after Madam Delphina gave him the "clues." He knows that Bo is in danger. And sure enough, Bo wants to ride a horse over a gait, in the rain, drunk, in an order to prove to Asa's ghost that he is not a coward. Back in Llanview, Gigi lays down the law to Shane about his drinking behavior around Shane. She tells him she doesn't want him around Shane until he makes some changes. Viki almost fails to stop her car when she sees Dorian on the street, after Tess cut her brakes. Dorian demands that Viki gives her a ride home. Viki tells Dorian only under certain conditions. Jessica struggles to come out and urge Tess not to endanger Viki nor kill Natalie or Jared. They argue but neither convinces the other. In Mendorra, Carlos Hesser exposes Tina and the prince as frauds, reveals that he is in charge, names Jonas Chamberlain as the new royalty and offers Jonas his "daughter's" (Talia) hand in marriage as Jonas' queen.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Colleen confronts Amber after finding out she slept with Adrian and calls her on being a slut. Victor cuts Nick and Victoria out of his will. Nikki gets wind of David's real identity and decides to end their marriage. Cane and Lily prepare to go house hunting and Chloe becomes Restless Style's new employee and Amber's new BFF.

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