The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/16/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the Chandler family living room, Colby remembers the accident. J.R. and Babe come into the living room. J.R. questions Colby as to what is wrong. Colby denies anything being wrong. J.R. comes to the conclusion that Colby is an alcoholic. Colby denies the accusation. Annie is in the living room of hers and Ryan’s apartment when Ryan comes downstairs. Annie hands him a cup of coffee, but Ryan reminds her that she and coffee doesn’t mix too well. Ryan goes on to tell her that he remembers everything. Greenlee and Aidan wake up together. Jake comes home and finds them in bed together. Jake immediately packs his things and starts to leave, but Greenlee coaxes him to stay. Kendall questions Zack as to why he is letting Annie get by with what she had told the police about him. Zach confides to Kendall that he had beaten up Ritchie. Andre and Cassandra meet for breakfast and they wonder if Adam can really make all of this hit and run accident go away. Samuel visits Erica in prison and tells her that she is free to leave.

Kendall and Ryan meet up together. Ryan lets Kendall know what had happened to Greenlee. Ryan also lets her know that he remembers everything about the last four years. Kendall sees through him and realizes that Ryan still loves Greenlee. Zach calls Annie and tells her to meet him at his office. Annie arrives at Zack’s office. She confronts him as to what he wants. Zack lays her wedding band on the desk. Greenlee tries to play matchmaker by fixing Jake up with someone. Kendall pays Greenlee a visit and tells her that she has something to tell her about Ryan. When Erica goes back to her cell, one of the fellow inmates accuses Erica of ruining her life and now she is going to ruin Erica’s. Colby takes a drink.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Neal enjoy NYC together, which leads to a kiss. Barbara tells Meg that Rick Decker can prove Paul’s innocence, but he also implicates her, as Meg is incensed that she would believe that she could kill Sofie. Susan and Rick have a run in. Luke worries about how Holden reacted about Damian’s money; he wonders if he is upset with him taking the money? Lily assures him that Holden is proud of him. Luke worries if they are ok? Lily assures him that she and Holden are back on track. While Neal is at his meeting, Carly calls for a massage, but Holden shows up instead. He pleads with Carly to stop running away from them. Holden tells her that he will leave Lily for her. She can’t deal with that is going on between them and will not be the reason his marriage falls apart. Holden and Carly end up making love again though. Meg and Rick have a run in and Paul ends up punching Rick. Margo questions Lisa and learns more information about the night Sofie died. Cole tells Barbara that he knows what she did to Sofie while on her medicine. Carly and Holden are almost caught by Neal and she tells Holden that he has to go home to Lily and make it work. Margo questions Meg some more and she realizes she is now a suspect. Dr. Schiller calls for Sofie and Paul goes to speak with her. Cole tells Barbara that he saw her inject Sofie with a syringe. Cole has her believing it because of the side effects of morphine. Paul and Meg learn that Sofie had two sonograms floating around and realize she was lying about Paul being the father of her baby. When Carly blows off Neal in the bar, he comes upstairs to see her packed. Carly comes clean with why she went on the trip with him. Neal knows it was to get over Holden. Carly confides in him and he offers his friendship and anything more if she ever wants it. Holden comes home and Lily can see there is something wrong. Meg and Paul think if they can find out about the real father of Sofie’s baby then they will be one step closer to finding the killer; they decide they should talk with Mike and possibly Aaron. Cole blackmails Barbara for $100,000 to keep quiet. Holden confesses to Lily that there is someone else and that he is having an affair.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne is ticked that Eric bypassed him and wants Marcus to handle shipping of twenty very important packages accompanying him to New York for distributors. He’s confronted by Donna who is disappointed they won’t have any alone time before his car whisks him away to the airport. She’s not terribly pleased when Stephanie calls and it’s obvious that Eric is going to be out of town for one night and yet has to call and check up on ex-wife. He is pleased that Donna has hired an assistant and thinks Owen will be able to take care of all her needs. Meanwhile he has to focus on the company to thwart what the industry is saying about him and his new young wife. She realizes she is a liability.

Owen studies a press release sheet of Donna, and Felicia tells him to study it well, the bimbo bitch, her father’s worst mistake. Owen concurs that Donna doesn’t belong with an old man like that, so he’s still on course for Felicia's plan to happen. Both Steffy and Marcus are disturbed that Owen has hitched his wagon to Marcus and has wormed his way into getting a job with Forrester. Ridge and Brooke snuggle and she lays out plans for them to go on a trip and camp out under the stars and make love every time they see a comet. He brags there will be a lot of meteor sites and he thinks he can be up for all the shooting stars. He feels like it is times like this that he just wants to get up and conquer the world – his world at Forrester Creations. He is blessed to have worked side by side with his dad, but he now wants to run the company himself. He thinks his dad would be happier just designing. Owen catches Donna crying and digs it out of her that Eric left for New York to do some damage control. Felicia sees Owen coming out of the office and pulls him aside. She informs him that her father is going out of town, her mother is in a bad way, she needs this to happen tonight. He tells her consider it done. Owen offers and Donna accepts his invitation to take her home.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie confides in Steve and Kayla about Max leaving town. Steve admits that he told Max not to take Stephanie with him. Stephanie says that she is an adult, and it’s her decision. She’s going after Max. Kayla backs her up. Max takes a train from Paris to Marseille. He runs into a paparazzo, who takes his picture and asks for an interview with the famous race car driver. Max declines, and the man makes a phone call, telling someone that Max is back in France. Abe and Theo visit Bo and Hope, and Theo and Ciara don’t get along. Hope advises Abe to be supportive of Lexie and to communicate with her. Victor begs Bo to protect Phillip after he tells him about the recording of Phillip threatening Paul. Bo refuses, saying that he is a cop, and has to do his job. Victor’s heart almost gives out, and Bo hands over the tape recorder. Kate begs Phillip to tell her what’s going on, but he refuses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli is completely bummed out and it does not help that Coleman will not serve him anything stronger than orange pop, though he gladly lets a jubilant Eli Love, who is celebrating being with Anna, have all he wants. Taking notice of the Jackal's misery, Eli suggests he learn guitar. Anna thanks Robin for hiding the baby bump from her new "Love." Max approaches Sonny and gains permission for him and Milo to return to work for him. However, he refuses to take the flowers Kate sent Sonny that Sonny does not want and regift to Diane. When Sonny tries to visit Kate, a designer, mistaking him for a model, sends him away. Lulu's angst over the murder continues. Sam, Nikolas, and everyone at the clinic is dismayed as the phoney drug problem that has plagued General Hospital affects them, perhaps with fatal results. Seeing a little girl who would have been the same age as her daughter had she lived makes Sam melt down and demand that Lucky do something to stop whoever is doing it. Maxie is sure Lulu will crater. Sonny finally sees Kate and makes it clear, he is to come first with her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva calls for a water repair, so she goes looking for someone to help her. Jeffrey gets an invite for coffee from Angela, he says he is busy, then changes his mind and goes. Then Jeffrey meets up with Reva, and tells him about the water leak. While sitting at different tables he tells her maybe they shouldn't see each other for awhile until she can figure it out. Mallet, Frank, Marina, Buzz are at a baseball game. Daisy talks to Cyrus about feelings. Back at the Police station, Marina is reading a report when Mallet comes in. Marina talks about Grady saying something about Alan. Mallet gives her advice as to how to get to talk to Grady and Alan. Frank gives a heart to heart talk to Daisy. She still wants to see Grady and she tells Frank he can't stop her from seeing him. Frank says he can. She still tells him ways she can. Cyrus visits Grady. Cyrus has a tape recorder and tells Grady to listen. They hear Reva's voice. Grady wants out, but Cyrus says there is a catch. The catch is to never see Daisy again. Marina has a talk to Daisy about Grady. Cyrus and Jeffrey meet. Jeffrey warns Cyrus to be careful what he says to him. Cyrus leaves. Daisy visits Reva and tells her about her day and what people are saying. Then the subject turns to Reva, Jeffrey and Josh. Jeffrey makes a call to have Grady's arrest file looked up. Reva calls Josh to invite him to the movie's version of their wedding. She gets his answering machine and tell him to give her a call. Frank and Mallet visits Grady in his cell. Grady seems pleased, until Frank tells him that with any luck Cyrus is leaving town and leaving him behind. Marina goes to the house the Spauldings rent. She sees Cyrus there drinking. She tells him he shouldn't be in there because the Spauldings are renters. After a bit, Grady leaves and leaves an empty bottle on the kitchen table. Daisy goes to see Grady and tells him she is leaving. She has to go someplace to get away. Jeffrey visits Reva on a business call. He tells her about the painkiller supposedly on him where the same drugs he is taking and are missing. She tries to explain. He tells her he'll handle it somehow. Jeffrey then leaves. Reva lies down on the couch she was sitting on and starts to cry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Jessica/Tess talks to Nash about what she thinks will happen to Natalie and Jared. They went out to pick something up at the vineyard. They don't know that Tess cut the brake lines to Natalie's car. Viki meets Jared and Natalie in the garage. She has some chemicals in a crate that she wants to lock in the basement so Bree won't get them. Jared takes the chemicals. Viki offers to go to the vineyard for them. She takes Natalie's keys because she left hers upstairs. Natalie steps out to talk on the phone. Alone with Viki, Jared tells her that he was the reason Charlie had to lie to her and asks her to give Charlie a second chance. Natalie and Jared come back to the kitchen and Tess is shocked that Viki took the car. When Natalie and Jared go to take the chemicals downstairs, Tess talks to Nash. She doesn't care that Viki is driving the car with the cut brake lines. She says Viki deserves it for what she did to her when she was a little kid. Natalie and Jared go into the next room to get drinks. Tess goes down to the basement to get the chemicals to poison the food. Tess serves the poisoned food to Natalie and Jared. She says she has morning sickness all day long and can't eat. Viki is thinking about what Jared said about Charlie. Dorian gets in her limo. She's saying how she's going to go home and get rid of David. We see the limo driver is David. David confronts Dorian about the rohypnol in her doctor's bag. He tells her about what Markko and Langston did to him. Dorian seems proud of Langston. She orders David to take her home. David says not until she tells him about the drug. He says he thinks she used it on Charlie. David runs out of gas and leaves Dorian stranded with the car and starts walking. Dorian sees a car coming and starts to wave. Viki steps on the brake but nothing happens. Dorian, thinking the car isn't slowing down, steps into the middle of the road.

Bo goes to the ranch and sees Chuck. He says he wants to be alone so Chuck goes out to check the barn. He says there is a bad storm coming. Bo sees Asa at the ranch. Asa calls him a loser. They talk about the past and Asa says Bo never had any guts. Gigi and Charlie talk about how things were when they lived in Texas. Rex is at the Bonjour looking for Bo. Moe and Noelle say that Bo was there but left when he found out they didn't serve liquor. Rex talks to Noelle about Gigi and his wedding when Brody came back. Rex goes to the ranch and finds Bo in the barn ready to saddle a horse. He tells him not to take that ride.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Genoa City is still buzzing about the article about Sabrina that was tweaked by Jack. Crimson Lights is all abuzz as Lily confronts Colleen surprised that Adrian would write such trash, Chloe walks in and Colleen does not hesitate to put her in her place, after learning about what she did to Lily and Cane. Chloe is not moved and states that she is not going anywhere. Jana's ouja board is going crazy and has her freaking out, so when Kevin blurts out Amber’s rendezvous with Korbel she loses it, Colleen also overhears this and confronts Amber and they begin to fight; Daniel breaks it up. Chloe needs a job and inquires about one at Restless Style after telling Amber she slept with Cane. Cane and Lily talk about going house hunting. Everyone is shocked by Sabrina’s presence at the Gala luncheon and Victor confronts Jack on his lies. Nick decides that Jack needs to go and Jack feels the same about Nick.

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