The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/15/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie calls around to the shelter houses to try to find Randi. There is a knock on the door and it is Randi’s “pimp.” He demands to know where Randi is. Angie refuses to tell him anything. At the Chandler mansion, Colby and Cassandra are in the living room. Cassandra tells Colby that Andre had gone to tell his father everything about the hit and run. Adam comes in and wants to know what is going on. Colby and Cassandra come up with some off the wall story which Adam doesn’t buy for a moment. Colby finally breaks down and tells Adam what had happened that they think that they had killed Ritchie. Annie, at the police station has just picked up Ritchie’s urn. Jesse comes up and begins to question her yet again about the last time that she had seen Ritchie. Jesse can’t believe that Annie would have Ritchie’s body cremated before his investigation was over. Annie shows him a signed statement which her father had signed that he wanted Ritchie cremated. Greenlee, in the hospital, tells Ryan that she loves him because he had saved her for Aidan. Ryan is taken aback that she doesn’t love him the way that Ryan loves her. Aidan comes into Greenlee’s room and sits down on her bed. The pimp begins to give Angie a hard time when Frankie arrives home and puts him to going. Angie is more than a little upset when Frankie wants to go after the pimp. Dre meets up with Samuel at the Yacht Club and begins to tell him what had happened until Samuel gets a phone call which changes everything. Andre changes his mind about telling Samuel about the hit and run.

Angie goes to the police station to tell Jesse what had happened with Randi’s pimp. Two police officers bring Randi into the police station for prostitution. Adam offers Colby and Cassandra his help in getting through this crisis. Behind Cassandra’s back, Adam advises Colby to throw her friends under the bus. Colby is taken aback by Adam’s remark and refuses to turn against her friends. Adam urges Colby to trust him that he will make this go away. Adam gets on the phone to his associate and orders to do away with Colby’s new car. Adam also calls the police station and reports the car being stolen. Greenlee and Aidan arrive home from the hospital. They begin to kiss and can’t get enough of each other. Ryan arrives home and hugs Emma. He plays a game with her, “Does she remember.” Ryan is happy and relieved that he remembers his family and his children.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey lies and tells Tom and Margo he made a mistake with his relationship with Emily and he will never see her again. Casey also tells Tom and Margo he wants to move back home but in exchange Tom and Margo have to agree to allow Emily to keep her parental rights to Daniel. Tom says no because Emily is dangerous and he must do anything possible to keep her away from his children. Barbara hires a lawyer who tells her the only hope to make Paul a free man is to hire Rick Decker to help determine who killed Sofie . Barbara makes a deal with the devil despite her better judgment. Rick tells Barbara he has found a higher power in prison and the only thing he wants to do is help people. Allison makes peace with Chris and tells him that she just wants to be a nurse and never see him again in her life. Allison screams when she sees Rick and Chris comforts her when she cries. Chris promises Allison that he will keep an eye on Rick and he won't let him hurt her. Paul gets out on bail and Rick later tells Barbara that Sofie was killed by a medical professional because the syringe was stolen from the hospital and Sofie was only injected once so the killer knew what he or she was doing. Barbara later calls Paul and tells him that Meg might not be innocent.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge look through their former wedding photos, and she wonders if they will ever be that happy again. She is bothered by his lack of compassion about her family, particularly Storm and Donna. Nick brings Bridget over the threshold. They nix a trip to Rome and just want to head upstairs to bed. She comes out in a sexy little short black number and they begin the honeymoon. He wants her to know that whatever he is, she is right there in his heart. Felicia meets Owen and convinces him to make up some story that he’s just here to pick up his check from Donna. He witnesses some snide words between Pam and Donna and suggests to Donna that she could use an assistant. Of course him, since he was trained as a paralegal. She wastes no time to share this news with Pam and Felicia. Then she tells Owen that she feels like she made the right decision, someone she can trust. Owen tells Felicia he will get incriminating photos, but he doesn’t want Donna to know it was him involved.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Morgan and Phillip pick up the package from Paul at the post office. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope secure a warrant to search the package. They find Morgan and Phillip at the pub, and Bo takes Morgan down to the station to open it. Inside, she finds a letter, but she breaks down in tears and can’t finish it, so Hope takes her home. Phillip confides in Victor, telling him he fears he made a mistake that could destroy the whole family. Bo finds a tape recorder in the package from Paul. On it, Phillip threatens Paul’s life. Sami and EJ argue over whether or not she can leave the mansion. Sami brings up Nicole, and how she doesn’t want her around the twins. EJ tells her that he will eventually move on with someone, and she has to accept that. He says it’s over between them, and that she got what she wanted.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Eli Love's appearance makes Anna nervous and Epiphany annoyed. Although Mac attempts to release him from jail, Jason resists, wanting Diane to look over the paperwork and make sure they can't nab him again. Meanwhile, as Johnny and Lulu argue about her either running away with him, confessing, or staying silent and sticking to the plan, Lucky shows up to arrest Johnny. Though Jax is still trying to mollify Carly, Kate wants to capitalize on the publicity the somewhat racy photo of them has caused. Jax won't go along and states that he wants things to be only business between them. Sonny makes it clear he will not be Mr. Kate Howard. To Spinelli's enraptured joy, fair Maxie and he have a heart to heart, deep conversation and they have an intimate encounter that Maxie repents of later, feeling she used him. Mac pulls Lucky from the Zacchara case; conflict of interest. Jason urges Lulu to silence and promises to try and fix things. To help her mother's romance, Robin tries to hide her condition from Eli.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy goes to visit someone but no one is home she tries to break in. She fails, Frank comes up behind her. Daisy says she misses Harley. Frank reassures her she will be back. Cyrus gives Grady a piece of his mind. They are both going nuts behind bars. Josh gets a visit from Hawk. Josh thinks something is wrong with Reva. Hawk says no, that it is Josh with the problem. It's the movie. Carson sees Reva dusting what she says is her house and he tells her it is part of the movie. Reva tells him she doesn't know who she is. Carson leaves and Daisy appears wondering what Reva is doing there. Reva tells her she and Jeffrey aren't living together but they didn't break up. Reva continues by saying she has to work things out. Back at the jail, the brothers are still at each other's throats. Daisy has another heart to heart with Reva about boys. Josh talks with Frank about needing help. Frank suggests Josh put away the collar every once and awhile and ask someone else for advice. Then the subject changes to Reva and her feelings and how she can handle things. Daisy visits Grady in jail. Grady wonders if her visit has anything to do with "Dear ole Grandma Reva." Daisy says no. The Frank and Reva appear. Reva grabs a hold of her and pushes her toward Frank, who takes her back to the outer office, while Reva says words to Grady. Reva has had a rough day when she runs into Hawk, who tries to talk her into going to the beach. Reva says she is busy. Grady wants to talk. Cyrus goes to Frank and gives him a piece of his mind about bugging Grady. Josh visits Grady. Grady wants Josh's guidance. Grady tell Josh about the way Reva is bugging him and no one believe him. Josh just walks away as Grady yells for him to come back. Josh goes to see Reva with Grady's accusations. Josh is afraid that that if Grady gets out he'll come after Reva. Reva says she can take care of herself. Josh leaves. Reva gets angry at Cyrus telling him that he brother destroyed her son and they girl he was married to. Reva calls Jeffrey to tell him she misses him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marcie and Starr go to court to oppose Todd and Cole. But the judge rules that neither of them have "custodial rights" until the baby is born. Langston attempts to seduce David and has Markko videotape them in an attempt to get David in trouble with Addie. But he doesn't buy that. Jessica (as Tess) makes nice to Natalie and Jared but she secretly attempts to cut their brake lines and asks them to drive to the vineyard to get something for her. Nora and Clint have a scheme to overthrow Dorian's ownership of what was previously B.E.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Restless Style has hit the stands and creating quite a buzz. Too bad it has nothing to do with the cover girl, Victoria Newman. Instead it is about her stepmom and once best friend Sabrina; the poop hits the fan when they read the exclusive article written about Victor’s new bride, unbeknownst to Nick, Sharon or Phyllis. The article differs from what Adrian submitted thanks to Jack’s twisting and turning of words. This has Genoa City buzzing as they prepare for the Gala luncheon. Nikki shares with Kay that Newman Cosmetics' role in the Gala won’t be happening this year. Restless Style and Jabot has taken its place. Of course. this adds more controversy. Can someone say something is about to EXPLODE?

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