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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad reads Kathy a story when Krystal comes home. Krystal wonders why Kathy isn’t at day camp. Tad lets her know that he had given Kathy permission to stay home from day camp. Krystal doesn’t like the idea of her staying home. Kathy interrupts and tells Krystal that she doesn’t want to go to day camp and Krystal can’t make her. Pete tells Colby, Dre and Cassandra that he saw blood on Colby’s new car. Colby, Cassandra and Dre scramble to make up an excuse to tell Pete as to where the blood came from. Seeing the tension between the threesome, Pete asks Colby to let him in on what they're hiding. Colby denies that they are hiding anything. Dre owns up and tells Pete that they had hit some wild animal. Pete wants to do a forensics test on the blood, but Colby stops him. Jesse and Zach go to the crime scene. Jesse urges Zach to tell him what had happened there the night that Richie had died. Kendall and Annie argue over the fact that Annie had told Jesse that Zach had been the one, who had beaten up Richie. On the sailboat, Greenlee hits her head on the boom and faints. Ryan watches with horror through a pair of binoculars. Ryan goes to her rescue. Ryan begins to remember everything about the last four years. Carmen visits Krystal to talk about Adam. Krystal urges Carmen not to say anything about the kiss that occurred between herself and Adam. Carmen gives Krystal her word. Ryan rescues Greenlee and manages to get her to the docks. While they are waiting for the paramedics, Ryan tells Greenlee that he loves her. Tad manages to talk Kathy into going back to day camp tomorrow. In the hospital, Greenlee thanks Ryan for saving her for Aidan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke tells Lily that he and Noah would like to move back into the farm. Their happiness is short lived when Luke gets an envelope in the mail from his biological dad. Chris gives Bob his resignation. Allison tells Aaron about the letter of apology from Chris. Aaron offers to start over with Allison back in Seattle, which pleases her, but ultimately she needs to do it here. Carly asks Jack to stay at her home while she goes out of town, but Jack tells her that he can’t. Carly sees more then she would like to of Janet when she learns she is now staying at the farm. Neal tries to talk with Holden because he is wondering why Holden seems so against he and Carly going away. Holden pretends this doesn’t really interest him. Jack and Carly argue about her leaving town with Neal and he compares this to Simon so Carly goes on the attack about Janet. Chris wants to do the right thing and leave town so Allison can rebuild her life, as Bob is proud. Bob admits that he took care of things with Allison. Allison gets a call from Brenda wanting to meet. Luke learns Damian wants him to have some of his trust. Luke is against taking the ‘dirty’ money, but Lucinda is all for it - to do some good with it. Neal and Holden continue to dance around the subject of Carly, as Holden asks him questions, but Lily wanting him to come home interrupts them. Holden is a part of the discussions about what Luke should do with Damian’s money, but he seems distant and Lily calls him on it. Jack and Carly spar until they finally come together, as Jack agrees to stay at her home without Janet’s help. Allison tells Aaron that Brenda told her they would let her back in the program; Allison is incensed. Holden sees Carly and cautions her to rethink Paris, but she snaps back that he can’t offer her what she needs. Holden overhears Neal tell Carly that they need to make a quick business stop in NYC before Paris. Jack explains to Janet he is moving back to Carly’s to take care of Parker and she isn’t exactly welcome. They disagree on how to handle their ‘relationship’ and how much their kids need to know. Janet understands in the end and agrees to stay private about it. Allison takes Chris to task about butting in again with Brenda, but he explains that it was his father’s doing because they all want to do the right thing and that is why he is resigning. Allison is stubborn and doesn’t want to take their help and Chris advises her not to give up her future because of him. Noah cautions Luke to not be so quick to not reach out to his dad. When Lucinda comments to Lily about Holden’s strange behavior, she admits that she can’t get to the bottom of what is bothering him. Carly ignores Holden’s attempts to reach her, as she and Neal toast to their trip. Chris tells Kim that he is going to take his own advice afterall. Allison accepts Brenda’s offer. Janet questions whether Jack is jealous of Carly’s relationship? Jack responds by taking Janet upstairs. Luke tells Lucinda that he is going to take Damian up on his offer, but he wants to start a foundation for sick kids and their families with the money instead. Lucinda is proud, as Luke tells Noah that he is actually doing it for him, so they can change the world together. Carly is doing her best to leave Holden behind. After his repeated attempts to reach Carly fail, Holden lies and tells Lily he needs to go away overnight to fix a problem with a horse out of town. Holden then turns around and arranges a flight to NYC.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

From the podium Katie tells Bridget not to cry. She thought she could do this, but she can’t. What she needs to say is bigger than these words on paper. She remarks that she is encouraged they have found their way back to each other, their spirit, their generosity, their trust. She knows their love is real and thanks them for sharing it with her. Finally Nick and Bridget exchange their vows, and Katie pronounces them husband and wife. Everyone is joyous throwing rose petals at the happy couple……all except a forlorn Katie. At the reception Ridge tells Brooke that this wedding has set her in a mood, and it’s about time they set their own. He knows both of them have been distracted, but he wants to make up for that. Katie returns to the garden alone at the wedding site and reflects on the day. How much she loves these two and now she thinks she has what it takes to move on. She will love them both until her dying day.

On the rooftop lounge, Felicia finds Owen waiting and they exchange a lively banter. He asks what can he do for her today? She asks if he is up to a challenge; she has a great opportunity for him? Her dad is going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer and Donna will need company, and Felicia thinks Owen can provide that company. Then produce proof of that infidelity. Owen says he is not her guy. Felicia offers $200,000 and claims that she will find someone else if he won’t. He quips like he always said “life is too short to drink cheap wine.” They shake on it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami overhears Chloe telling Nicole that she slept with Lucas. Sami flips her lid, and a food fight ensues. EJ breaks it up, and Sami blames both him and Chloe for Lucas getting arrested. Sami threatens to leave the house with the twins, but EJ produces a court order forbidding her from doing so. Daniel explains to everyone that Victor had another stroke. Daniel and Kate discuss the fact that they had a brief, ongoing affair while Chelsea was in the hospital. They both decide that it’s best for Chelsea if they act as if nothing happened between them. Phillip agrees to help Morgan go through her father’s things. Later, Slone gives her a delivery notice from the post office. Phillip and Chloe try to talk, but Phillip leaves to take Morgan to the post office, and Chloe considers the conversation finished. Victor asks Bo to watch out for Phillip. Bo and Roman get a break in the Hollingsworth case.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Mike brings Spinelli's lunch, he quizzes the young man about if Sonny might be trying to retake his place in the mob. Carly lays down the law; it's either the business with Kate or her. Though he dislikes ultimatum's, Jax agrees to limit contact to just business. Mike affirms his trust in Kate's love for his son. Anthony summons Maxie and makes it clear that if she or Lulu betray Johnny, especially over the murder, both will die. Lulu, however, is on the verge of confessing that she did it. Maxie does admit it all to Spinelli, and after being questioned by Anthony, Lulu is ready to run away.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is surprised to see a different maid and asks where Ava is. The maid says out. Remy is with Ava looking for something to drink. After asking Ava if she wants water he gets no answer. Looks and finds her asleep on the couch. He goes and covers her up. Lizzie and Bill are together outside. Mel sees Cassie at Company. They decide to catch up on what is going on with each other. Reva and Josh discuss struggling with their emotions. Jeffrey starts a very important meeting. Olivia starts snooping. Remy starts to worry about Ava. Lizzie storms off after her talk with Bill. Bill calls for her to wait. She returns to talk. She tell Bill since he is with Ava she can't be with or see him. She doesn't want to be something she is not. While with Lizzie, Bill gets an urgent call from Olivia asking if he is with Ava. He says no, that she was supposed to be home resting. He then tells her he is on his way home. He hangs up and tells Lizzie. She says to go ahead. After he leaves she has a good cry. Ava wakes up from her nap and stretches. Remy relieved. They make a date to go to Ramondo's, a place they haven't been in months. Josh is surprised at the greeting Cassie gives him. Reva is alone. Jeffrey calls her on her cell. He tells her he is finished early and wants to make a date. She is not really with it. Tells him she can't make it. Mel catches up with Lizzie. Lizzie says she is a moron for loving Bill. Mel says she is not. Jeffrey and Reva catch up with each other. Reva tells Jeffrey that Josh kissed her. His reaction is subtle. Bill finds Ava. She tries to explain. Bill is not happy he storms out of the room she is in then starts in on Remy pushing him and yelling at him. Lizzie makes a call. Ava answers the phone. Lizzie hangs up. When Bill comes thru the door Ava tells him she is ready to go. They leave. Ava says that Bill is ordering her around. Bill says to stay away from Remy. Ava says the same about Lizzie. She then goes to lay down. Josh sees Lizzie on a set of stairs and sits down to talk to her. He asks her if she is ok. She tells him she'll let him know. He taps her on the knee and takes off. Jeffrey is listening to Reva tell him about the kiss with Josh.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marcie and Starr agree that Marcie should adopt Starr's baby, with or without Michael, with or without Cole's approval, and with or without regard to Todd. But Michael has moved into John's apartment revealing to his brother that he cannot support Marcie's obsession about having this baby at any cost. And Todd knows that Cole is on the same page as he is with wanting to prevent Starr from letting the McBains adopt the baby. Rex goes to find Bo and notices he has disappeared and vacated his apartment. Madam Delphina reveals to Rex that he needs to go and find Bo to protect Bo from some sort of "danger." Carlo Hesser reveals that he is Talia's father. And Cristian reveals to Sarah what Carlo did to him not long ago.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

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