The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Greenlee is at the pier taking her boat out on the water. Angie is very angry, because she found Randi in Cassie’s bedroom; Frankie brought her there. Babe is upset over how Kendall and Greenlee ignores the business and leave her to run it. Colby, Dre and Cassie (teens) talk about hitting something the night Richie died. Zach had a plan to get rid of Richie and he discussed it with Ryan; he wants to know if Ryan would rat him out to Jesse. Annie offers to take a lie detector test. Annie finds the movie ticket stub. Frankie wants Randi to stay at the Hubbard’s home overnight.

Colby was wasted the night Richie died, but the memory of hitting something is returning. Jesse’s questions are stressing Annie out; she starts to lie about Zach saying that Richie told her that Zach had beaten him. JR wants to buy Fusion for Babe. Colby answers the door and Petey, the nerd, is standing in the doorway. Jesse puts Zach under arrest. Kendall cannot understand why Annie would implicate Zach, because he befriended her and made her apart of their family. Petey noticed that Colby’s car is dirty, has a dented fender, and has blood on it as if she hit something.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad gets upset when he is informed by Liberty that Jack and Janet are having sex. Brad later confronts Jack about it and accuses him of being just like their mother keeping secrets and hiding who he really is in the eyes of others. Jack tells Parker that he and Janet are just having a casual relationship and being responsible so nobody gets hurt. Parker tells Jack that having sex with someone should not be casual but serious business. Brad decides it is best that Janet leaves town because she is setting a bad example for Liberty. Janet cries and calls Liberty who is hiding in Parker's room waiting to talk to him because she is afraid he will break up with him because of Jack and Janet. Parker wants to know how serious Liberty is about him so she gives him a kiss to prove she is serious about him. Janet tells Jack Brad and Katie are forcing her to leave although she hates saying goodbye to Liberty. Jack feels pressured by Parker, Brad and Janet who is crying so he tells Janet that she can stay at the farm with him.

Holden goes to Carly's house to beg her not to go to dinner with Neal at his and Lily's house tonight because he can't stand watching her with another man. Carly tells Holden she feels the same about watching him with Lily and would much rather be with him then Neal. Carly makes it clear that she doesn't want to be alone and Holden is married then she must find someone else. The couples have a tense dinner in which Holden and Neal argue about the sport of Polo and how Polo ponies are mistreated. Lily thinks Holden behaved terribly and tells him to go apologize to Carly right away. Carly and Neal have dinner at the Lakeview since they left Holden and Lily's house after the fight. Carly tells Neal that she wants to go to Montana for a few weeks to rest and clear her head. Neal suggests she go to Paris with him to clear her head and Carly refuses at first until Holden arrives and apologizes to Neal but Carly can see he is still angry and jealous. Carly tells Holden that she has decided to go to Paris with Neal for a few weeks because she hopes the time away from him will help ease the tension between them. Holden tells Lily about Carly's trip with Neal and she is thrilled . Holden is still angry but he decides to take Carly's advice and concentrate on his marriage.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As she dresses for the wedding, Katie puts her finger on her chest scar, she looks at her dress and then longingly at Bridget’s wedding dress and a picture of Nick. Brooke presents Bridget her grandma’s pearls to wear today. Stephan tells Beth to relax, she will only be a distraction to him, all other eyes will be on Bridget. Donna and Jackie exchange polite conversation, but Donna does declare she hopes Nick is not making a mistake since he may love Bridget, but he’s in love with Kate. Bridget tells Katie one more time that this day would not be happening except for her. She has a surprise for Nick, but she needs Katie’s help to pull it off. Katie doesn’t quite understand what Bridget means when she says she wants her at the altar and the justice of the peace will be coming for her.

Walking down the aisle in the garden, Katie whispers to herself that she can do this. The guests are beyond stunned when Katie takes her place and explains she has been deputized and she will be marrying Nick and Bridget. Midway through the opening ceremony, she stops and says she can not continue with this until they all know how she really feels about this couple.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor is rushed to the hospital. Bo, Phillip, Kate, and Caroline come down to keep vigil. Daniel is able treat Victor, and he tells Caroline and Kate how proud of their sons he is. Chelsea begins a new job as an occupational therapist. Hope continues to try to get Lucas to tell her why he went to the Salem Inn. Kate warns Chloe to stay away from the Kiriakis men. Chloe tells her that she and Phillip broke up, but Kate wouldn’t be happy if she knew the whole story. While Stephanie and Caroline are at the hospital, Max writes them two goodbye letters. He heads off to Europe to search for his sister. Chloe calls her mom and tells her about Lucas and her guilt over him being sent back to prison. Kate tells Daniel that Chelsea can never know about what happened between them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Despite her belief that Johnny killed Logan, Claudia refuses to frame Jason or allow her father to hurt either Lulu or Maxie. Anthony does plan on pressuring the girls into helping him keep Johnny out of jail. Carly tries to alibi Jason, however her main concern is the Kate/Jax situation. Kate fields questions from reporters and maintains that she loves Sonny. At the last minute, Anna withdraws from the trial. However, when Patrick states his love for Robin clearly and sincerely on the witness stand, Robin is moved to say he can see her and the baby any time and that she's willing to be a family with him. Alexis loses the case gracefully. On a lighter note, Anna freaks out to learn that Noah's rock star double is returning to town and will find out she's a grandma.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill comes home to find Ava asleep on the couch. He talks to her. He has a hand on her tummy talking now to the baby. Ava arouses and is happy to see Bill. Reva visits Josh outside his house as he is cutting wood. They are talking about the movie. Reva now realizes Josh isn't dealing with old feelings and calls him a coward. Josh can't believe his ears. Reva says that Josh heard her and storms off. Later Reva is having lunch with Jeffrey. They are talking about the drugs and Grady's imprisonment. Josh goes inside running into Cassie. Cassie is shocked to see him. They agree to have lunch together. Josh tells her he found a shopping list for a care package for RJ and went and bought all the stuff and sent it to him. Cassie is happy and thanks him. Ava shows off a dress to Bill and he thinks it looks great. Lizzie packs her suitcases while talking to herself. No sooner does Ava leave Bill alone, Lizzie shows up. Bill meets up with a couple and tells them his wife, is at the table. When Bill take them there, Lizzie is seen in the restaurant's elevator looking in. Jeffrey goes to Josh to tell him that the director will pay a fine and contribute to Mother's Against Drunk Driving. Josh isn't satisfied. Jeffrey thinks things are now fine. Josh says no, he continues to say that the movie is bothering Cassie and Reva. Josh says Reva is fine. Reva goes to Cassie with news of Grady's latest imprisonment. Telling her it is on a drug charge and that Jeffrey is working on keeping him there. Then the subject turns to the Movie. Reva tells her that Josh is trying to close it down. Cassie doesn't really react. Cassie goes to a therapist and starts out with small talk. Lizzie and Lillian talk about what Bill and Ava. Lillian sees what is in her grand daughter's suitcase, sexy stuff. Lizzie says he can be with her and still be a good father. Bill's meeting with the older couple (man and his wife) goes well. The older gentleman tells Bill he'd be a good successor when his term ends. Lillian runs into Bill and lays into him. Telling him not to hurt her granddaughter. It is really becoming a good day for Bill when later he runs into Jeffrey. And Jeffrey tells him in short to be true to Ava. Ava goes to see Remy. Remy now realizes Ava lied about the baby being Bill's. He now tells her he isn't happy. Ava talks him into still being her friend and treat this as normal. Remy agrees. They later end up playing cards. Cassie is on the phone with one of the boys. Jeffrey cannot concentrate. Bill goes to see Lizzie, who is on a tire swing waiting for him. Jeffrey gets angry at Reva and Reva gets angry at Josh about the movie and real life, his marriage. Reva says Cassie slept with someone else and he thinks she is complicating his life? Josh tells her not to bring this on Cassie.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Lindsay trial starts. Nora wants to prosecute her for the murder of Spencer Truman. But everybody else objects except Lindsay. She pleads guilty. Tess has a plan to make her family believe that she wants them all together. She has both Viki and Clint believing that she wants Natalie and Jared to both live at Llanview with the family even though they do not want that. In Mendorra, a secret is uncovered when Antonio finds out Carlos Hesser is hiding out there and he is Talia's real father. Rex goes looking for Bo noticing he's not at Lindsay's trial. But Bo is nowhere to be found. Rex goes to Rex's apartment and only sees movers and no sign of Bo.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Daniel is furious with Amberís infidelity and decides to move out, he also calls Phyllis on her hand in manipulating the situation. It is also revealed that the person she slept with was none other then Professor Korbel. Jill gives Brad a new position and tells him to keep it quiet. Glo and Jeffrey share their news of wedded bliss with Kevin and also are trying to figure out how to get a piece of Jabot. Jack makes some changes to Korbelís story about Sabrina without the approval of the team. Victoria and Sabrina continue to go at it in the presence of Kay as they discuss the Gala.

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