The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/10/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Kendall was allowed into the visitor cell to talk with Erica, because she is her consultant on the prison show makeover. Randi’s pimp, Fletcher was released from prison. Aidan visits Greenlee after she called him to talk. Erica wants to know about Richie, the man who almost killed Zach, and Greenlee. Erica wants to know if Zach killed Richie. Jesse has some evidence coming in that will nail the suspect down. Sam Woods and his dad, Melvin Woods are at the marina for lunch, (the dad is being played by Melvin Van Peebles, a famous producer).

Carmen wants to talk to Sam and his dad about her new song, “Carmen from the cell block.” Jack warns against it. All the designers are lining up to be on Erica’s next makeover show. Aidan ask for forgiveness, and it appears that Greenlee is going to forgive him. Jesse calls to set up an appointment to meet with Annie to discuss Richie. Greenlee says she needs blue skies, and is going sailing to clear her head. Aidan advises her to go sailing, and then return to him. Angie finds Randi in Cassie’s bed.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Margo catches a half naked Emily in her house and is so angry that she takes out her gun and tells Emily she could kill her and get away with it by claiming Emily was an intruder. Casey arrives and gets between Emily and the gun and tries to persuade Margo to put down the gun but has no luck persuading her to put down the gun. Tom arrives and grabs the gun from Margo and Margo tells him that Emily and Casey have been having an affair even though she warned Emily to stay away from him. Margo also follows through on her threat and tells Tom that Emily was a thousand dollar a night prostitute. Emily cries as she tells Tom it was a brief bad time in her life. Tom tells Emily to get a good lawyer because he is going to do everything possible to take Daniel away from her. Casey tells Tom and Margo he doesn't respect them anymore so he is leaving home and he isn't coming back. Margo vows to do everything in her power to rescue Casey and keep him away from Emily. Emily tells Casey that their relationship is over and he should find a girl his own age. Emily and Susan both kick Casey out of Emily's office. Emily cries fearing she has lost both Casey and Daniel.

Mike persuades Jack to investigate because he is sure that Sofie was murdered and is buried in the garden at Fairwinds. Jack tells Mike that a piece of Sofie's jewelry isn't enough evidence to search the garden. Jack goes to Fairwinds with Mike to ask some unofficial questions. Jack is surprised when Paul doesn't allow him to search the garden and he is stunned when he learns that Meg got married earlier in the day without informing her family. Jack tells Paul he will return with a search warrant to search the garden. Meg rushes to Barbara to tell her everything and asks her to tell the police she killed Sofie. Barbara tells Meg she just scared Sofie hoping that would get her to leave town but she didn't kill her. Paul digs up Sofie's body and puts it inside his car trunk to move it to another place. Jack and Mike arrive just as Paul is closing his car trunk and when Jack opens the trunk he finds Sofie's body. Jack places Paul under arrest and advisees Meg to keep her mouth shut whatever happens because a wife isn't obligated to testify against her husband. Paul goes down to the police station and tells Jack he didn't kill Sofie and he won't say another word. Jack advises Paul to get a good lawyer because if he doesn't Meg could be waiting a long time for her wedding night.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie walks in and catches Nick stretched back and enjoying his booze and cigar, the last day to stink up the place. She announces she will be moving out, giving him and Bridget their privacy. Bridget shares with Brooke her tears of joy, not believing this is really happening tomorrow. Brooke promises her she has regrets about choices in her past, but she vows not to interfere in this marriage. Bridget confides to her mother that she knew Nick would be worth the wait until he got Brooke out of his system.

Felicia browbeats her dad to do something about her depressed mom….or is he too busy with his new wife, the floozy? He reminds her how cheap and insulting this is to him. Donna unexpectedly finds Owen in the buff by the pool house. In the process she shares that her husband is concerned and is now visiting his ex-wife. She thanks him for helping bring Marcus into her life. He makes sure she realizes it was all his doing and he even paid for the plane fare. She offers to pay for it, but he puts it off saying he knows she is good for it and she can just stop by his office later. Felicia seeks out Owen and notifies him that she’d like to see him at Forrester’s tomorrow. Nick gives Katie her basketball set back and she promptly dares him to a shooting match, a lot of touchy-feely leaving them both a little uncomfortably aware.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor and Nicole sign divorce papers. After a second warning from Trent, Nicole tells both him and EJ to stay out of her life. Victor and Caroline make plans to go on a date. Victor collapses shortly afterwards. Max talks with Trent, and tells him that he wants to cut all ties with him and avoid him from now on. He tells Stephanie that he is no longer interested in meeting his sister. Later, after she leaves, Max flashes back to Steve telling him to keep Stephanie out of this, and Max says he has to do this on his own. Caroline tells Trent not to come back to the pub. Bo, Hope, Phillip, and Sami all try to get Lucas to admit why he was at the Salem Inn. Lucas refuses to say, and Sami breaks down when he is hauled off for processing. Hope thinks Lucas is protecting someone, and Bo is suspicious of Phillip’s interest in Morgan and her father’s disappearance. Morgan confronts Chloe, accusing her of lying to the police to get back at Morgan for seeing Phillip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Fallout from Logan's death spreads across town after he is found on the clinic's doorstep. Anthony is among those questioned. Meanwhile, Claudia is sure that Lulu will betray Johnny, and Lulu and Maxie try to figure out what to do next. Spinelli plans to find out who killed Logan so as to keep Jason clear. On a different note, Robin and Patrick prepare for court. Anthony orders Claudia to frame Jason for the killing.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is baby sitting her baby sibling, talking to her if he understands. After changing her diaper she goes to get the paper. She sees Bill's face on the front of the paper and decides to throw it in the garbage can. Ava feels the baby kick. Olivia and Dinah are talking about Ava when Bill appears. He says good morning to them. Bill sticks around and Dinah leaves. Olivia starts to talk to Bill more about Ava, the baby and the sperm bank. Ava is on the couch in the living-room, Bill finds her there. After Bill leaves Ava, she goes online. Outside, Bill is getting to his car when Lizzie shows up. He tells her he is going to the office. She says perfect, I'll ride along and before Bill can say anything she is in his car. Outside the car, Bill gets a phone call and tells Lizzie they are finished talking and leaves. Mallet and Marina, and Dinah are together, Dinah is the only one talking. She is talking about Bill's wedding. Ava and Olivia are talking about Bill staying with her even though this is not his baby. Bill tries to talk to Lizzie, who tells him to forget it. He drops a piece of paper as he walks off. Lizzie calls after him but to no avail so she picks up the folded piece of paper and starts reading it to herself. Lizzie catches up to Bill at the hotel and gives him the piece of paper. Ava is online looking at a cabin. She gets a phone call about it. Ava tells the person online she and her "husband" are interested. Lizzie is back now feeding Peyton. Ava gets a package. It is a basket. She picks it up adoring it. Later as she is setting it down she has another baby movement. Lizzie takes the baby for stroll/walk and runs into Mallet and Marina. Mallet soon leaves saying he has to get back to the office. Marina stays to talk to Lizzie and tells her that though they never were really friends if she needs someone to talk to she is around. Lizzie like that and says thanks. Ava and Bill are at the hospital for Ava's and the baby's checkup. Dinah is arguing with an assistant to the governor and Mallet sees them and later calls her on it. She says Bill was supposed to take care of it. Ava gets on ok from the hospital. Olivia tells Lizzie to stay away that Ava and Bill are happy. Mallet is sitting at his desk when Marina comes in. Mallet doesn't look happy. He gets up and directs her to an empty room and talks to her about their walk and run in with Lizzie and Peyton. Mallet wonders if he wants kids. Marina says she'd love to have one one day. Finally at home. Bill pampers Ava with a cup of tea. Dinah is furious when she gets home and takes Bill aside and tells him of her confrontation with the security guard. Olivia continues her talk with Lizzie and tells her if she loves him to stay away. Lizzie says she is right, that she loves Bill. Olivia leaves, she leave a piece of paper on the table and leaves. Lizzie picks it up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Blair finds out that Cole has informed Todd that Starr is pregnant and plans to give their baby to Marcy and Michael, she tells him he will be sorry for what he did to her daughter. Todd goes to confront Marcie and Michael. But Marcie is confident that he won't win if he opposes them or Starr. Blair tells John that she wants to help Marcie and Michael get Starr's baby. Marcie is very adamant about adopting Starr's baby. But Michael tells her he cannot go through with it, knowing all the pain in could cause them. Rex is obviously not ok with Brody being a father figure to Shane. Gigi tells Rex that their relationship is over. But she indicates that she is not over him any more than he is over her. Todd is still working on developing Marty's trust while she is hidden in his new place.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Brad wants to dig David deeper in the hole so he invites Skye to a very intense poker game which David winds up losing big. Ana is making her singing debut at Indigo and is getting stage fright, Karen offers her a remedy. Meanwhile Chloe’s pregnancy is confirmed while at Indigo, she has been fired by Cane and now accusing him of sexual harassment. Unfortunately Chloe can’t rain on Lily and Cane’s parade as she looks at their display of affection she becomes jealous. Sabrina and Victoria have it out at Restless Style, Daniel is told by Amber that she had sex with someone else and Adam wants to exploit David’s gambling to Newman’s advantage.

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