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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Erica and Samuel flirt as they prepare for the prison interview. When she's asked why she doesn't despise the man who prosecuted her, Erica claims their bond is due to common interests such as public awareness of prison conditions. At the end, the interviewer points out how Erica brings out a different side of Mr. Woods. After some more flirting, the guard takes Erica back to her buddies, and Samuel goes on the campaign trail. Frankie threatens not to discharge Randi from PVH if her pimp, Fletcher, is going to go after her. When he points out what she does with her lips when she's angry, they start laughing together as Angie watches uncomfortably from the hall. Frankie suggests she call her sister, but Randi claims she's dead. Taking him up on his challenge to walk out, Randi gets out of bed and quickly falls into Frankie's arms then thanks him. Frankie tells his mom that Randi's ready to be released.

Dré, Cassandra, and Colby discuss the ride home from the Chandler Lodge when they fear they killed Richie. When Dré suggests that he confess to the hit and run and say he was driving alone, Cassandra fears that he'll go to prison and proposes they tell no one what happened for the sake of their families. Putting their hands together, they all promise to keep the secret. When Jesse warns him that he is a person of interest in Richie's homicide, Zach advises the new police chief to count him out. After Jesse divulges a scenario of him purposely running Richie over, Zach insists he was dead when he got there, and the coroner's report will prove that. Zach continues to act cool even when Jesse mentions Wallace, the cop he paid to let have some private time with Richie for which Jesse promises to find the proof. Reasserting that he did not kill Richie, Zach asks Jesse to stay away from him and his family and leaves. Upset that she has to wait for Richie's autopsy to be over at the hospital, Annie wishes he'd leave her alone. Ryan is puzzled when she states that she can't change the fact that Richie is dead. Annie feels responsible for being unable to fix or save him when he became a monster. Angie informs Annie and Ryan that the cause of Richie's death was blunt force trauma to the head immediately after being struck by a car. Relieved at the coroner's finding, Annie recalls how she hit Richie with a tire iron when he threatened to divulge her secret pregnancy plan to Ryan the previous night but assures him that she's fine as long as she has him in her life. While he's holding Annie, Ryan recalls scenes from his past with Greenlee and Kendall but keeps his new memories to himself and takes his wife home.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey calls Emily, but she is steadfast in her resolve to stay away from him, as she hangs up. Margo catches Casey on the phone with Emily and starts in on him. After a pause, Meg and Paul marry, but their happiness is short-lived when Mike shows up wanting to talk with Paul. Tom wants to whisk Margo away for their anniversary, but she doesn’t want to go. Casey pleads with her to not pass this up on his account. Margo can’t let go of her worry about Casey and Emily, which causes a fight between she and Tom. Mike questions Paul about Sophie’s bracelet being found on his grounds. Paul has an answer for it and Mike leaves, but Meg continues to worry. Barbara toasts the couple and wishes them a happy life now, as Paul and Meg can’t help wonder what she did to get them that. Mike sees that Paul has just planted new roses – on his wedding day. Casey goes to see Emily to tell her that he still wants to be with her, and even though Emily is tempted especially after he tells her that his parents have left for the night, she pushes him away and they say goodbye. Margo realizes that she has the upper hand when it comes to Emily with what she knows about her past, so she suddenly decides she will go away with Tom. Mike speaks with Lisa and then the maid outside Sophie’s room and learns that Paul was the last person at her room. Meg and Paul talk about their life and the predicament they are in because of Sophie’s untimely death and the subsequent cover up. Meg is dedicated to being by Paul’s side as his wife and admits that she has forgiven him; they will get through this together. Tom and Margo leave for the night. Emily finds herself outside of Casey’s house watching him and wanting to be with him. She decides to leave, but Casey sees her and convinces her to stay. Meg has trouble sleeping so she ends up in the rose garden where she finds Mike; they have an argument about why he is so interested in helping Sophie after all she has done. Mike voices his concern that Paul might have done something and that he has forced her into a cover up. Meg defends Paul and orders Mike to stay away from her and off their property. Meg races back to tell Paul what happened. While she is gone, Mike goes digging. Paul doesn’t find Mike when he gets back to the rose garden; Meg is sure Mike has left because he has a plan. Tom and Margo’s trip gets interrupted before it is even underway when Tom gets a business call and has to head back to Oakdale. Casey and Emily are getting frisky and undressing in the living room. Mike goes to see Jack at the police station. Margo finds Emily, clad only in her underwear in her kitchen with wine glasses. A horrified Emily claims it isn’t what it looks like, but an ice cold Margo takes out her gun and points it at Emily telling her that she found an intruder in her home and she has to protect her son.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With the entire group around, Donna gives a family speech at the Forrester pool on the occasion of Nick and Bridget’s engagement. Katie looks uncomfortable. Donna announces this is another special day as it is Marcus’ birthday, the first one they have shared. Felicia finds Stephanie in bed in the middle of the afternoon and questions why. Stephanie quips if she wants to have the vapors that she thinks it’s within her rights. She still hasn’t made that big adjustment without Eric yet. And she doesn’t cook or have much of an appetite, she does take-out. She loves Felicia for caring, but just needs some solitude. Eric greets Beth while Stephen casts them the evil eye. Marcus states it will be cool having Beth and Stephen as his grandparents. Pam is lurking in the shadows. Also Owen surmises so this is how the rich and famous live in their natural habitat.

Brooke pulls Nick aside to once more question his feelings toward Katie. He tells her that he has no qualms about his future so don’t worry her pretty little head about it. Retrieving a Frisbee, Donna spots Owen in the bushes and insists he join the crowd since it was him that brought her son back into her life. Donna is perturbed that Pam went behind her back and had the menu changed from shrimp dips to tamales. She gripes to Eric that this is the last straw, and he promises to speak with Pam one more time to tell her this is totally unacceptable. Both Nick and Bridget give little speeches; he saying he has his compass and it is smooth sailing ahead. As maid of honor, Katie also gives a teary congratulatory toast.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max asks Steve and Kayla to help him find his sister. He tells Caroline that Trent his is father, and also tells her about his possible sibling. Steve gets someone to trace the girl’s number, and Max learns that her name is Melanie. He vows to find her. Steve makes him promise not to get Stephanie involved. Caroline tells Trent that he will have to deal with her if he hurts Max. EJ wants to talk to Nicole about their sexcapade in the elevator, but Trent interrupts. He threatens Nicole, telling her to break off her relationship with EJ or else. Later, Nicole tells EJ that what happened between them can never happen again. Lexie continues to have problems with Theo’s behavior. Roman and Bo give Paul’s letter to Morgan, and in it, he tells her that he has something important to give her. Bo and Roman assume it’s incriminating evidence on someone, and that finding it will help crack the arson case. Chloe fights with Phillip about Morgan, and admits that she slept with Lucas.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu and Maxie fight over Spinelli. Claudia seems to doubt her brother killed Logan. Noah is highly doubtful that Patrick will be a good father. Though Jax and Kate try to explain, Carly will not be appeased, but Sonny is forgiving. Jax agrees to try and be more loyal to Carly per her criteria. Anna is on Patrick's side, though.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Doris has a talk with Ashlee. Doris thinks Ashlee is working too hard so she doesn't have to think about breaking up with Coop. Coop tells Buzz about his excitement of going back to teaching. Ashlee starts her video blog. She wonders if anyone can relate. Daisy learns she is not on Grady's visitor's list. Buzz visits Grady and tells him it is up to him to turn his life around. Grady gets infuriated by Buzz calm threat. Daisy goes by a cop into the police station. Daisy then visits Grady promising that Cyrus is going to get him out. Blake goes to see Ashlee an apologizes to her about Coop. Blake hurries to take Clarissa to her enrichment class only to find out Coop is the teacher. Blake promises Coop she will stay out of his way and not to punish Clarissa for her mistakes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Rex and Gigi talk about what happened at the wedding. Rex appreciates her honesty and says he should be honest too. Blair talks to Starr about the baby and Cole when Todd shows up. He confronts her about having a baby. They argue. Cole goes to John and tells him that he told Todd about the baby so Starr wouldn't be able to give the baby away. Marcie and Mike talk about adopting Starr's baby. Marcie thinks they should do it but Mike says it's impossible. Todd would never let it happen. They talk about it. Rex and Gigi talk but then his phone rings and it's Adriana. After he hangs up, Gigi tries to leave but he stops her and they kiss. Jessica convinces Jared and Natalie to move back home so they can all be together. Charlie confronts Dorian about what she knows about the night he got drunk. Dorian denies any involvement. Looking around the room Charlie starts to remember. He figures out that if he had spilled the beans about Jared and Rex, she never would have been able to take over BE. Charlie goes to talk to Viki. He says he still loves her. She doesn't want to talk about that. Charlie says he's here to talk about him and Dorian. Todd shows up at Marcie and Mike's apartment. Cole goes to talk to Starr.

**BONUS OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S..

After Cole has informed Todd that Starr intends to give their baby up for adoption to Marcie and Michael, he goes and tells her he knows what she plans to do and that he won't let it happen. Marcie and Michael both realize that adopting the baby might be easier said than done. But they express that they want to and realize it's their only way to have a baby. Cole confesses to John what he did. Jessica (who's really Tess) goes and finds Natalie and Jared and tells them she wants them all to live together in Llanfair as one big happy family. Natalie wants that very much and Jared considers it. But Tess obviously has a trick up her sleeve. Charlie goes and confronts Dorian. He tells her knows that something is "not right" about his winding up drunk in the Rodi's back alley. He is beginning to understand what she did and has only to prove it. David goes and encourages Viki to give Charlie another chance.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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