The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/8/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

After spending the whole night guarding Greenlee, Aidan brings her breakfast then helps Jake move all his possessions into her apartment. Tired of listening to her whining about Aidan, Jake wonders why Greenlee won't give him a second chance. Blaming Ryan, Greenlee attributes her reluctance to forgive Aidan to the fact that he kept his dalliance with Kendall a secret from her, but Jake points out that Aidan is a hero who saved both of their lives. Greenlee is surprised when Aidan shows up at her door with a silent message of love on index cards then quietly departs. While having breakfast with Angie at BJ's, Jesse wonders how he's going to solve Richie's murder, since he doesn't believe it's a simple hit and run case. Krystal joins them and declares she's not concerned about who did it, as long as the evil Richie has been stopped.  Krystal then stops by Cassandra and Dre's table and spreads the news about Richie. When they discover that he was mowed down on the same road they were on when they hit something the night before, Cass and Dre worry that they killed Richie but try to remain composed in front of her parents and discuss their first kiss the night before.

In the Chandler Mansion's living room, Adam accuses Babe of being the reason Richie targeted his son, but J.R. orders him to back off now that Babe is living there. When Colby stumbles in hung over, Adam yells at her for coming home early and placing herself in danger when Richie was on the loose. Unwilling to let his father treat Colby like another alcoholic, J.R. urges her to go clean up before Adam catches on. Glad to see her baby doll, Krystal hugs Babe and confides that she kissed Adam in a vulnerable moment. Although Krystal thinks she should return to her own home, Babe decides to stay at Chandler Mansion but in a separate bedroom. Krystal resists the temptation to kiss Adam again. Upon hearing that Angie is going to check on Richie's autopsy report, Cass and Dre panic and go tell Colby that they might have hit Richie. Excited about a clue regarding one of Richie's prison guards who just retired early, Jesse calls the station. Ryan helps Annie make arrangements for Richie's body to be sent back to Chicago and buried next to his mother as soon as his autopsy is over. Zach and Kendall show up with coffee and condolences. While Kendall comforts Annie, who thinks her brother's actions are her fault, Zach assures Ryan he's not worried about being implicated in Richie's death just because he found the body.  Kendall wonders why Annie took off her wedding ring. Zach realizes Annie's hiding something and offers his support, while Kendall wishes she could be Zach's alibi. Aidan joins them in agreeing they all wanted Richie gone, but Kendall feels he should be with Greenlee. While Zach is at the police station answering more of Jesse's questions, Ryan and Annie go to the hospital and wait for Richie's body to be released.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Jack are both jealous that Carly is going out to lunch with Mike's boss Neal stoles and they are both mad at Lily for setting Carly up on a date with another smooth talking guy with an accent. Jack tells Lily that the last thing Carly needs is to be set up with another guy who she thinks can sweep her off her feet. Lily knows Jack is just jealous and tells him so because she thinks Jack doesn't want Carly to be happy with any man who isn't him. Lily is surprised when she looks to Holden to support her about Carly but he agrees with Jack. Holden also can't stop thinking about when he and Carly made love at camp. Carly and Neal have a good time at lunch and Carly is surprised that Neal isn't scared away by her past. Carly tells Neal he can call her to go out sometime and Neal is thrilled the date went so well. Neal stops by to thank Holden and Lily for helping persuade Carly to go out with him because he had a great time on their lunch date. Lilly tells Neal that she plans to invite both he and Carly to dinner and Neal is thrilled and accepts the invitation.

Paul and Meg try to figure out who killed Sofie and they suspect Barbara when she arrives and happily tells them that Sofie has left town so they are free to get married today. Barbara wants Paul and Meg to get married in the garden next to the rose bushes Paul planted earlier that morning to cover up Sofie's grave. Paul and Meg decide to protect Barbara because she is ill and they think she only killed Sofie to help them be happy. Mike goes through Sofie's personal effects at his office and finds Cole's phone number and calls Cole to find out if he knows Sofie's whereabouts. Cole tells Mike he has no idea where Sofie is and doesn't care about her at all. Cole tells Mike that he is sorry that he fell for Sofie's innocent act but he should know that Sofie was never innocent. Mike finds some of Sofie's Jewelry in the box of her personal things. Mike rushes to Fairwinds to confront Paul about Sofie and is shocked that Paul and meg are getting married today. Mike wonders if marrying Paul is what Meg really wants and she tells him she must marry Paul. Paul and Meg are saying their vows when Mike finds a piece of Sofie's jewelry on the ground close to where he body is worried and he wonders what the jewelry is doing there.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget calls the entire family together and tells them she is engaged and going to marry Nick. Both Donna and Brooke are worried about Katie and her feelings for Nick, but Brooke says she is strong and she can handle this. However, she does confide her doubts in Bridget and reminds her that she and Katie are both living under the same roof. Donna speaks with Katie who is making all the wedding preparations. Donna thinks it is a bad idea for Katie to be maid of honor considering she is in love with Nick. It’s one thing to be a martyr, but she should fight for her own self. Nick and Bridget have been married before, so it might not work out this time either. Eric wants to give a big kick-off party tomorrow and design Bridget’s wedding dress.

Taylor and Rick can’t get enough of each other and laze in bed. Bridget laments to Brooke that she doesn’t feel jealous of Katie at all. She knows Nick has a bond with Katie, but she also knows that he loves her more and wants a lifetime commitment. Katie admits to Donna she doesn’t want to break Nick and Bridget up and then live with that guilt. Any happiness she could have would be tainted forever. She is going to be happy for them to be happy together and she tells Donna not to ever bring this up again.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max’s possible sister hangs up on him. He and Stephanie discuss his plan of attack for finding out more information about his father from her. Max confides in Stephanie about how the demons from his childhood are coming back to haunt him. Lucas and Chloe, and EJ and Nicole make love in their respective elevators. When EJ and Nicole get rescued, Sami is in the lobby. She realizes what happened and throws a fit, but EJ reminds her that she told him it was over. When Lucas and Chloe are rescued, Lucas tries to make a break for it. Roman and the police spot him, and he is arrested, despite Sami’s please for clemency.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

In trying to escape as well as save Maxie from rape, Lulu kills Logan. Johnny tries to help the two girls figure out what to do next. Claudia is determined to seduce Sonny, but he won't go for it. The Jackal finds a photo that makes it seem as if Kate might have had sex with Jax in the back of a limo recently. Anna and Noah discuss parenting and the future with their respective offspring. Each one is on the side of the opposite parent to be. Robin turns to Jason for advice about the baby and Patrick. Carly goes ballistic after seeing the picture and takes it to Sonny. Meanwhile, stranded in midair, Kate panics while Jax tries to calm her about the picture. Johnny claims to be the killer

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy is hanging around with Marina shopping. They talk about what is going on with both of them. Reva talks to Jeffrey about the dailies from the movies. He tells her he wasn't threatened. Daisy goes see Grady. Reva plays with some prescription pills. Grady kisses Daisy. Jeffrey is talking with Frank and Mallet about Grady. He wants Grady to go free so they get Alan. Frank protests. Marina has a confrontation with Cyrus about Grady and Daisy. Reva catches Daisy with Grady. Reva is not happy. When Grady speaks up, Reva angrily tells him to shut up. Daisy says that Reva and Josh were like this when they were young. Reva reminds her they were 18. She is not. Franks is at the Park sitting on a kiddie ride when Marina stops by. Cyrus is still on Frank's mind. Marina reminds him that she is not with Cyrus anymore. Frank says he'd love it if Marina and Harley would branch out as far as falling in love. Marina tells him she is over Cyrus and that Mallet is a good guy. Reva continues her anger on Grady. Cyrus catches up with Daisy. He asks if she was with Grady. She says yes. Jeffrey talks to Frank about protecting daughters. Reva disguising her voice calls Jeffrey and tells him that Grady is running around with illegal proscription drugs and to check it out. Frank hauls in Grady. Frank has a small bag of drugs in his hand telling Grady he has enough to hold him. Marina is talking to Mallet about her decision to first move to Paris, then her decision to stay. Mallet smiles as she is telling him this. After they kiss, she gets up and says lets go. A laid back Mallet wants to know where. Cyrus is on the phone call about Grady. Cyrus tells Daisy, who is still with him about Grady. Frank and Jeffrey are talking about Grady. Jeffrey wants to know if Frank has enough to hold him until trial. Frank calls Reva about the recent arrest on a drug charge. Frank asks her if she know anything. Reva denies knowing anything. Marina has Mallet by the hand and is dragging him. Mallet still wants to know where they are going. He sips a beer and then kisses Marina. Cyrus and Daisy arrive at the SPD and Cyrus says he has to call a lawyer. Daisy visits Grady, who tells her angrily that her family is setting her up. Reva talks to Jeffrey, who tells her about Grady's arrest. She acts somewhat surprised. Then they two talk about the movie premiere. Jeffrey wants to walk the red carpet with her to the premiere.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora goes to arrest Lindsay. Bo is alone in his apartment drinking and very upset over being betrayed by Lindsay. Rex tries to reach him and tells him he won't give up on him. Charlie finds out that he did not go to Rodi's to drink on the night when he passed out there. And he puts two and two together that Dorian might have set him up. And he goes to confront her. Jessica is now Tess, scheming to make Viki and Natalie both believe that she wants to live in Llanfair with the whole family. But what she really wants is revenge upon Jared and Natalie.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Cane wakes up from his drunken stupor and is surprised and disgusted to find the faux fashionista atop of him half naked. They both go to Lily and try to explain the activities of the night and both end up getting kicked out, but Devon’s reasoning causes Lily to take Cane back. Chloe however is not done with her torment. Daniel and Kevin return and Jana and Amber are overjoyed, they do a little Ouja then make a little love. Amber’s guilt eating at her like a disease. Victor joins forces with Paul and JT and continue to dig up dirt about David Chow. Nikki won’t listen to David when he tells her to stay away and begs that he stay the night with her. Neil hires Tyra at Indigo and Karen tells Neil how much she loves him..

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