The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/7/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

While driving a drunk Colby's car, Dré hits something in the road, then Colby gets out to puke and pleads to go home instead of going back to check on what they ran over. At Chandler Mansion, J.R. assures Babe that Richie won't hurt her again, because everybody's out gunning for him. Cassandra and Dré try to sneak Colby up to her room, but J.R. and Babe catch them. When J.R. berates Colby for her condition, Dré and Cassandra defend her. At the cabin where Richie held Babe hostage, Jesse questions Kendall and Greenlee, but they keep mum about Zach's whereabouts. Finally, the new police chief lets them go home. Meanwhile, Zach drives his car into the night, ignoring Jesse's urgent phone call. When he finds Richie's body on the highway, he reports it to Jesse who hurries to the scene then gives Zach a ride home while continuing to question him. Once they're alone, Kendall is glad it's all over, but Zach cautions her that it's far from over. J.R. gets a call then informs Babe of Richie's death. Glad that they don't have to deal with him anymore, J.R. and Babe look forward to moving on with their lives now. While Colby goes up to bed, Cassandra decides to stay the night, then kisses Dré good-bye at the door.

Opal visits Erica in prison to frantically relay a message from her tarot cards linking Richie and death. Worried about Kendall and Zach, Erica is desperate to call them, but the rules won't allow it, so Opal distracts Rose, her guard, while Erica sneaks to use the phone and calls her daughter who assures her that everyone is fine. Once the guard leaves, Opal prophesies that the "winds of change are a-blowing" for her gal pal. When Aidan takes Greenlee home, bad memories make her afraid to spend the night alone, so he camps out in the hall, promising to keep her "wussiness" to himself. Annie returns home and hugs Ryan then insists she's been at the movies and acts surprised that Babe has been found and frightened that Richie is still on the loose. When Ryan tries to question her further, she claims that the bump on her head is making her act weirdly, and she doesn't know who she is anymore. Ryan assures Annie that he will protect her then gets a call that Richie's been found. Annie feels responsible for provoking him into removing his ankle bracelet and making a run for it and doesn't know how she's supposed to act now that her brother is dead. Holding her mother's pocket watch, she hears Richie's childish voice singing and showing her their special fort. Since she's crying, Ryan offers to go to the morgue and identify Richie's body, but Annie insists on doing it herself.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Noah is close to completing his enlistment when Luke shows up wanting to talk. Holden daydreams about Carly, which results in a slight injury. Holden and a British man cross paths. Carly has to take Parker to work when Jack is a no show. Jack and Janet wake up together in bed. Jack however, jumps out of bed soon after without an explanation. Holden learns this charming British man, Neal, is Mike’s boss who is involved with the Farm’s project. Carly meets him when she comes looking for Jack, as Holden notices that Neal interested in Carly. Luke tries to convince Noah not to finish enlisting, but he is adamant that he needs to do this. Luke is worried about Noah not being able to be himself because of the don’t ask don’t tell policy. Liberty and Parker enjoy the aftermath of their kissing the previous night, but it is cut short when they realize both their parents didn’t show up to pick them up this morning, as Liberty is sure they were together and Parker is in denial. Jack explains that he realizes he overslept and has to go find Parker as Janet tells him the same thing happened with her and Liberty. Jack wants to make a quick exit, but Janet doesn’t let him off the hook so easily. Neal asks Holden if Carly is single; Holden doesn’t want to say yes, but he does in the end. Luke shows up at Noah’s room to try to get through to him, as Noah remains steadfast in his resolve to enlist. He will be back to him in a few years, but he needs to do this. The army recruiters show up and are bothered that Noah didn’t play by the rules of no visitors. Luke explains that he showed up unannounced so Noah doesn’t get in trouble, but that is after he introduces himself as Noah’s boyfriend… much to Noah’s chagrin. Carly and Holden talk about her worrying about Jack and Holden makes her feel better. Jack checks in with Carly and lies about where he was. Janet and Jack act awkward when they see each other later with Parker and Liberty. Jack lies to Parker about what he was doing too. Liberty guesses what is going on and Janet tells her to keep things quiet. Holden later snaps at Lily when she pushes the issue about what is bothering Carly. Holden explains that he has other things on his mind – like Luke. Neal shows up at Metro to ask Carly out, but she turns him down telling him that she isn’t available. Neal explains that Holden said she was available. Neal leaves his phone number. Luke talks with one of the recruiters about how the army isn’t right for Noah because he is hiding from himself. The recruiter understands Luke’s dislike of Noah enlisting and believes if he can convince Noah not to join then it is for the best because the Army only wants dedicated people. Noah is talking with the other recruiter, who is worried Noah’s heart isn’t 100% in the Army; Noah assures him that it is. Noah leaves with the rest of the recruits, as Luke runs up to the van and knocks on the window trying to stop him to no avail. Noah answers a battery of other questions in his final test with the army; they ask him if there is anything else he wants to tell them because now is the time to do so. Noah finally admits that he is gay, but the recruiter doesn’t want to hear it. They talk about the politics of don’t ask don’t tell. Noah realizes he will have to deny whom he is to enlist. Jack realizes he left his wallet upstairs in Janet’s room, as Janet entices him to go wit her. Parker walks away from Liberty when he realizes their parents are dating. Liberty tries to act tough thinking Parker is breaking up with her. Jack doesn’t want a commitment because he is gun shy and Janet wants to have fun, as they wind up in bed again. Noah shows up at the farm and tells Luke that he couldn’t do it. An angry Carly confronts Holden about ‘pimping her out.’ Holden tries to explain, but Carly realizes he wants her away from him so he can focus on his marriage. Carly decides he is right and calls Neal and tells him that she is single after all. Lily interrupts them and asks Carly what is wrong? Carly lies and tells her that she is just having a hard time with change. Lily thinks having a handsome charming man interested in her is exactly what she needs to move on, as Carly quietly tells her that she hopes so. Holden doesn’t seem too happy about this.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget shares with Katie her joy of Nick’s proposing. She owes it to Katie’s persistence. She was responsible for Katie’s second life, now Katie has returned the favor. Katie accepts Bridget’s invitation to be her maid of honor. Jackie is dubious, but Nick tells her he is marrying Bridget, the one he’s known the longest. Throughout all the talk she notices he does not use the word love. And what about the little complication of Katie? Despite all Jackie says, he will only discuss that his future is with Bridget. Bridget wants to keep it simple, but Katie insists on planning everything and wants it to be her gift. Marcus asks Steffy a simple question of where is Props department and she leads him on a long winded goose chase across several buildings including rooftops. This is followed by some heavy-duty flirting.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate sees Daniel and Chelsea kissing at the barbecue and faints. Later, she tells Chelsea that she can’t see Daniel anymore. Lexie asks Daniel if he is sure that dating Chelsea is such a good idea. Marlena freaks out when she sees that John has destroyed both the lab and the disc. She and Sami both argue with him, but John has decided that he isn’t interested in the past. Marlena vows not to give up on him. EJ and Nicole make love in the elevator. In their own elevator, Lucas and Chloe do the same. Sami shows up at the inn, looking for an air-conditioned room. Nick helps Max get Trent’s cell phone. Max calls a number on the phone and gets a girl on the line asking for her father.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Claudia confronts her father about how little he loves her. She also admits her and John's involvement in the shooting. When Carly wants to destroy Kate, Jason tries to make her see reasons, after all, she did sleep with Sonny. It was just a kiss between Kate and Jax. Robin offers her support to Sonny over his lifestyle change. Logan pressures Lulu to come back to him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah and Olivia are talking about the flowers in the hall when Ashlee arrives. Olivia hears the reason why Ashlee is there and makes fun. Ashlee has come to interview Dinah. When Ashlee goes into the other room, Dinah goes over to the flowers that Olivia arranged and starts plucking them from the vase. Cassie and Josh are outside. Josh says they have been invited by the movie company to watch dailies. Josh is uncertain what dailies are. Reva invites Jeffrey to the showing of the dailies also. Alan visits Cassie while she is still outside. Alan tries to be nice in thanking her for inviting him and his family to the Bauer BBQ. She says she didn't invite them. She just didn't have him thrown out like she wanted to. Alan mentions Tammy and Cassie tells him to stop. At the dailies party, Josh and Reva are introduced to the actors that are playing them and the director and production team. Josh is really uneasy there. The scene they will be watching is the wedding at Cross Creek. They are still talking as the one hosting the event calls them to sit down. Olivia and Jeffrey talk about Ava and Bill. Olivia says they are sleeping in separate. Jeffrey tells Olivia that he cornered Lizzie and told her the baby Ava is carrying wasn't Bills. Then both Olivia and Jeffrey talk off for a place to talk. Olivia is upset that Jeffrey told Lizzie. Jeffrey says she had a right to know. Jeffrey then says he will keep an eye on Lizzie. Alan and Lillian visit Dinah at the mansion. He tells Dinah he is not angry at her anymore. Alan says just being there gives him a presence a feel of guidance. Dinah tells him that is a load of crap. Alan leaves the library where the three met and Lillian takes Dinah aside to explain Alan's statement. Lillian tells Dinah she just doesn't want Bill to treat her the way Alan treats Alex. The showing of the dailies begins.

Josh sees the cancer scene and doesn't remember it that way. He whispers to Reva that he doesn't remember it that way. Reva whispers to him that it wasn't in the script. Josh is shocked, mouth wide open. Ashlee talks to Alan about the environment. Now Cassie is not happy with a scene in the dailies where she supposedly visits Reva in the hospital and in the scene, the actor playing Josh is rude to her. After the showing, Josh gets angry at Reva and she is loving it. She smiles as he gets angrier. An argument ensues between Reva and Josh, then Cassíe gets in the middle. She leaves and Josh goes after her and catches her at the elevator and goes in with her. Jeffrey talks to Reva about the showing. Olivia and Dinah talk about Alan and Alexandra. Lillian and Alan are talking in the kitchen when Dinah comes in saying to Alan's face that she and Bill have a good relationship. Josh and Jeffrey talk about Reva and the movie. Josh wants Jeffrey to do something about the movie. Jeffrey says he can't unless Josh has a complaint. Josh says there is a scene in where an underage Marah is drinking. Jeffrey smiles and tell Josh to remind him never to cross him. Reva is home and viewing a copy of the film when Cassie arrives. Reva says she got the copy from the film company. Cassie is upset about a scene with her in it where she is portrayed as sleeping with Josh to get him. Cassie says it wasn't that way. Cassie tells her to go and be with Josh.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole goes to tell Todd the whole story about Starr being pregnant and ready to give up her baby to Marcie and Michael McBain. But at that same time, Starr is able to convince Marcie and Michael that her dad will never find out. Nora gets Lindsay to read the letter to Bo about how she (Lindsay) faked a nervous breakdown in order to get away with murdering Spencer Truman. Everybody at the wedding believes that Nora has gone too far and it doesn't matter what Lindsay did. But Bo declares that he cannot trust Lindsay for her failure to trust him with her secret and he cannot marry her. In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser reveals that he is Talia's biological father and that he has a personal vendetta with Tina, Sarah and their family.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Nick tires of Jack undermining, with help from Nikki they pitch the next cover to Kathy Hilton and Jamie Whitfield and they absolutely love it. Too bad Jack hates it because he feels like they have stole his thunder. Phyllis wants Amber gone and insinuates that she knows what went on between her and Adrian. Victor is investigating David and tries to warn Nikki to stay away. Cane is at Indigo getting trashed with an old rugby bud, the devil wearing Prada Chloe joins them after finding out she’s gonna be a mommy and sets Cane by placing him in a compromising position. Glo asks for her old job at Jabot back and Jeffrey tells her she could do better than that by buying stock in the company.

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