The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/4/08 Short Recaps


NOTE: Due to the 4th of July holiday, All My Children, General Hospital, and One Life to Live aired reruns.  Days of Our Lives did not air due to Wimbledon tennis coverage. All CBS soaps aired regularly.

AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

AMC showed the February 18, 2008 episode where Angie wouldn't let Jesse leave her again while Ryan wrestled with his feelings for Kendall, and Erica was arrested.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Parker helps Liberty with her homework. A friend stops by with a new video camera and whisks Liberty off to the parade, after teasing and calling Parker a geek kid. Janet sweet talks Jack into celebrating as she has fresh, warm apple pie. Jack gets called by Katie about some stolen cameras at WOAK and he and Janet dash off. Brad doesn't want Jack arranging his life for him. Katie tells Janet that her life became very complicated when Liberty and then Janet showed up. But it's time to grow up and leave high school behind and lead her own life. Janet confides to Jack that she saw a friend of Liberty's with a camera and she thinks it might be one of the stolen ones, and Liberty has no idea what is happening. Lisa tells Barbara that she got her wish, Sofie is gone. There are several scenarios, but is Barbara involved? Holden won't let it drop and insists Paul knows something about Sofie. Paul swears to Meg that he would not have married her without telling her the truth about Sofie. Holden hustles Meg back to the farm. Both she and Paul think the other is Sofie's killer. Jack tells Parker that he needs his help. Get Liberty away from her friend, Dillon. He stole the camera and Jack wants to keep her out of any trouble. Brad is furious at Liberty for staying at home as promised and is resentful of Jack trying to intercede and tell him how to raise his kid. Liberty has some major explaining and apologizing to Parker when she finds out it was Janet that fingered Dillon. Janet drags Jack and the picnic basket back to her hotel room to watch the parade and eat apple pie.

Luke reveals to Holden that his boyfriend enlisted in the Army without telling him, denying who he is. Holden advises him to go to Noah and perhaps talk him out of this if he is doing it for the wrong reasons. Janet shocks Jack when she asks him when is the last time he had sex, good old fashioned, mind-blowing, uncomplicated sex? The last time he said yes, he got pie. Just think what he might get now. She lays a big kiss on him and they start ripping off each other's clothes.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the rooftop, Marcus catches Owen flirting with some models. Marcus wants him to leave, but then Donna comes out and Owen wants her to be aware that he is the one who found her for Marcus. She tells Owen he did something for her too, gave her a second chance and she will never forget it. Nick is impatient and takes the phone from Bridget and tells the hospital technician that he wants to ask this lady to marry him. Bridget is perfectly all right to wait until the time is right and Katie is out on her own. It’s hard for her to believe this sudden proposal has nothing to do with Katie. Katie assures a concerned Brooke that all is okay with her and Nick and their feelings, and she is happy. She doesn’t want to take another single second for granted. No more regrets; she is going to do what feels right. Nick and Bridget have given her back her life, so now she can give them theirs. She can be the catalyst to bring them back together again as they deserve.

Felicia asks Ashley about her trip back home for Victor’s wedding and they discuss a perfume line. Mainly Felicia is interested in the conversation that Donna is having with Owen. Katie overhears Nick pledging his case that he is a better man because of Bridget and he pulls out a diamond ring for her. Bittersweet, Katie turns away when Bridget says yes and she and Nick dissolve in a passionate kiss.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

No new episode today due to Wimbledon Tennis!

GH Recap Written by Amanda

GH aired the May 1, 2008 show where Kate kept a big secret from Sonny while Nikolas and Emily shared a loving moment as they danced for the last time and said their final goodbye.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Rick is talking a walk with a bag of 4th of July stuff when he gets a call from Ed. Rick is arguing about the annual Bauer BBQ. After his call he comes up on Beth. They wish each other a happy Anniversary. He tells her not to feel bad, they made it a year. He says he has no regrets. Alan and Lizzie are outside talking about the newspaper. Alan thought she'd be at the Bauer's BBQ. They are talking about marriages when looking at a photo of Bill and Ava on the front page of the paper. Bill and Ava are talking. He tells her he made an appointment to see a doctor. Ava is not happy. Beth visits Alan and Lizzie. She is feeling down. Lizzie tries to lift up her spirits. Alan suggests the 3 of them have their own July 4th tradition. Ava and Bill are at the hospital, Bill gets a call and takes it leaving Ava alone. Remy sees her sitting there and says hi and they chat a bit. At Company Buzz is on the phone and Lillian is at the bar with Natalia. Soon Mallet arrives. Natalia is feeling uneasy. Buzz tells her to have fun. Lizzie arrives and Lillian is glad to see her. Remy stops by Company. Lizzie starts in on him about Ava. Remy tells her to stop. Lizzie is taking a walk and runs into Bill. They talk about the wedding, baby, and the company. She tells him he's got it all. Bill tells her that is what he thought he wanted. They then just look ahead. Bill then looks at Lizzie and tells her she is the one he wants. He asks her to tell him she loves him. Remy visits Ava at the mansion. They get into an argument. Remy tells her in short he thought she was something, he then says he was wrong. Beth is with Rick remembering the old Bauer BBQ s with Ed, Bert, Maureen, and him. Rick tells her he is the only one left. Ava and Bill are talking about being a "Power Couple". Ava suggests they go out on the town to project a happy couple. Rick and Jude are seeing to the hamburgers and hot dogs. Josh is having fun with Marina and Cassie. Alan tells Natalia a story of a long ago BBQ that he was at. Alan later encounters Rick and thanks him for the Bauer BBQ even if it is for the children's sake. Rick smiles and thanks him. Lizzie and Remy are at the BBQ. Remy thanks her for making him see what he missed. Bill and Ava are inside a house not far from the BBQ and Lizzie looks in on them through a door's window and doesn't like what she sees and leaves. Josh wonders where Cassie went and goes looking for her. He finds her and they decide to talk. Beth and Rick steal a few minutes together alone and talk. Josh then gets the guests together and has Rick make a speech. Rick doesn't know what to say. Lillian speaks up saying someone has to say something about why they are really here. Mallet speaks up. Yankee Doodle is now being played as we see some of the cast having fun. Happy 4th of July it ends....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

OLTL reran Snoop Dogg’s May 9, 2008 performance at Ultra Violet while John and Blair were unaware of how close Starr and Cole really were, and David thought he'd found his latest meal ticket.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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