The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Jesse arrives at the Lavery’s home asking to speak to Annie about Ritchie. Annie is at the cabin taking the gag off Ritchie. Greenlee thinks it felt good to mess with Richie. Babe thanks Kendall, and Greenlee for rescuing her. The ladies think that Richie is still inside, but Annie is inside untying him. Kendall is concerned about Zach going after Richie. When the group enters the cabin, they find Richie gone. Adam thinks that Carmen and he are getting off to a bad start. Annie, and Richie fight. She blames him for continuing to ruin her life.

Jesse becomes suspicious of Annie’s behavior. Richie thinks its time Annie and he parted; he doesn’t need her, because he has her money and her car. Annie wants Richie gone for good. Annie gets concerned because the authorities may suspect her of helping him. Kendall can’t change Zach’s mind about chasing down Richie. Annie calls Ryan, and pretends that she never saw Richie. The camera shows that Annie is in the car alone; Richie is missing. Dre will drive Colby’s new car home since she is drunk.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry once again asks Mike to help him persuade Carly to sell him part of Metro but Mile's plea for Henry doesn't persuade Carly to sell part of Metro to Henry. Henry and Vienna celebrate the Fourth of July by making love in the diner dressed as George and Martha Washington. Lily invites Carly to a BBQ with her and Holden. Carly turns down the offer but later decides to bring Mike with her to Holden and Lily's house. Holden tells Lily that he is going to get milk, but he drives to Carly's house and admits to Carly that he was jealous of Mike. Carly admits to Holden that she has feelings for him but its best that they not act on them again. Holden and Carly almost kiss but they are interrupted by a call from Lilly asking him to bring home eggs and blueberry muffin mix so they can have breakfast in bed tomorrow. Cyndi Lauper sings at a gay pride benefit at Yo's, and Noah realizes that Luke is the only person he could love. Luke is thrilled and Luke and Noah kiss and make up. Luke's happiness is short lived when Noah tells him that he has enlisted in the army and he is leaving for Chicago tomorrow to do the final paperwork. Luke tries to persuade Noah to stay but there is nothing he can do to change Noah's mind.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In an around about way, Brooke asks Katie now that she is not on her deathbed, is she going after Nick? As Bridget’s mother, should she be concerned? What is she going to do with her feelings for Nick? Speaking from experience, she knows it is hard to walk away from a special man like Nick. Katie says she loves both Nick and Bridget and Jack and wants them to be happy. Felicia shows Eric the newest fashion magazine cover with Marcus as the new future of Forrester’s. He asks what’s he to do, give up and slink out the back door? She and Thorne wonder if he cares about them at all, how he is taking sides and how little he feels for what they think or care. Eric doesn’t want Marcus to be the target of their anger. Stephanie also doesn’t want Eric to push their children aside for a new family. He takes her advice well and assures her that his children have nothing to be concerned about.

Owen leans heavily on Marcus with a guilt trip that he was the one to find his birth mother and look how cushy he has it now. He thinks he deserves his share of this new-found wealth. Nick comes on more romantically with Bridget. Katie catches him alone and warns him of Brooke’s concerns. She also wants to share what she told Brooke. She told Brooke they are good friends and she doesn’t want anything to change that. She wants Nick to get back to his old life, make a commitment to Bridget. She suggests that he needs a permanent woman in his life and Bridget deserves to be that woman. Nick saved Katie with his understanding. Now she wants this fairytale to end the way it is supposed to.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Days of Our Lives is pre-empted in the U.S. both Thursday and Friday due to Wimbledon tennis coverage.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli is sorely tempted when Jax offers him a job away from Jason's employ. It would allow him to be closer to Maxie, but he is loyal and does not want to be in the middle of the complicated web of Jax vs. Sonny and Jason. Carly learns Jax kissed Kate and vows to destroy her. Claudia warns her father that Johnny's life depends on Jerry, Alexis, and the girls staying healthy. Logan attacks Maxie.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ava has words with Remy. Olivia and Jeffrey also have words about their daughter. Bill is still trying to talk some since into Lizzie. All that does is get him angrier. After Lizzie leaves, Bill takes the ultra sound out of his breast pocket and looks at it. Ava tries to talk to Remy. Remy tells Ava to break it off with Bill. Ava says it is too late. Then Olivia comes in and tells Remy to leave. Reva is in the library when Bill and Vanessa arrive together. The maid interrupts their talk with a couple of questions. After the maid leaves. Reva, Billy and Vanessa talk about arrivals. Reva says he hasn't seen Josh arrive yet. But maybe he is at the bar so she goes to check it out. Olivia and Jeffrey continue their talk alone concerning Ava and the upcoming nuptials. Bill and Dinah are outside talking. Bill decides he's leaving and goes. Dinah yells after him what is she going to tell the guests?? Billy catches up with Bill and talks to him Father to Son. Olivia runs into Remy at the House and threatens to call security. Dinah interrupts and says he's her guest. After Olivia leaves them, Dinah gives Remy a look and pat on the back. Lizzie talks to Jeffrey about Bill, and the baby. Jeffrey says Ava is going to be humiliated. Lizzie says no, Bill is. After all this is Ava's doing getting pregnant. Bill goes to see Ava. Olivia tells him to leave. Ava says no. Then Olivia and Dinah leave Bill and Ava alone to talk. They talk about the baby. Bill asks if it is his. Bill asks about the clinic. Ava is shocked he knew about the clinic. Bill says but the baby isn't his. They have been living a lie. Lizzie is outside the gate when Billy shows up. He wants to know what she is doing there. She says she is pretty soar. Billy tells her that the wedding is off. Bill is going to break it off. Lizzie doesn't believe him, she says it is just words. Vanessa and Dinah talk. Dinah tries to convince Vanessa this is a great day. Bill is getting married. Reva and Jeffrey connect outside. Reva sees the look on Jeffrey's face. She wants to know what is going on. Jeffrey tells her she doesn't want to know. Jeffrey says lets elope or something. Reva kisses him. Bill and Ava continue to talk. Bill says he still wants to marry her and raise the baby. After he tells her this he adds we are running late and leaves her standing in the hall. Ava then goes into the changing room and looks at the necklace his is going to wear. And ponders what she is going to do next. Olivia finds Jeffrey out on the balcony and just looks at him. His back is turned so he doesn't see she is there. Bill is walking the grounds near the gate. Lizzie is hiding on the other side of the gate just watching him. He then turns and walks away. She then comes toward the gate and just continues to look. Jeffrey then goes to see Ava and tells her he just could sit back and let her do this. Jeffrey sees she is still getting ready. Jeffrey asks her if she still is going to go through with it. She answers by saying he loves me. Lizzie once again comes on the property through the small gate door. The musicians start playing the bridal march. Jeffrey brings Ava down the aisle. Lizzie looks on from a place no one can see her. The ceremony starts and Bill sees Ava cringe. He asks if she is alright. She says it is nerves. The vow start. Remy then arrives not to let anyone notice. He looks on as the I dos are said. Then they kiss. Lizzie looks on in horror.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr is adamant about giving her baby to Marcie and Michael. Cole is equally adamant that he won't let her give their child to anybody. Meanwhile Marty (his mom) and Todd (her dad) seem like they might be developing a friendship. She remembers nothing about Todd and expresses sensitivity toward him when he informs her that John McBain and his wife prevented him from seeing his kids. Cristian, Antonio, Sara and Talia are all taken to Mendorra with Tina while Jonas Chamberlain holds them hostage. And we find out a secret about Carlo Hesser.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Fireworks are going off all over the place in the fair city of Genoa. Victor goes off on Adam about bringing Heather to the Ranch, reminding him once again of who he is The Great Victor Newman and what he says goes. Victoria, JT and Nick are all privy to this exchange and are simply glad it’s not them being affected by TGVN’s wrath. Restless Style Party at the Abbott’s and all are in attendance, much to Sharon’s dismay Glo and co. are there and Sharon scolds Jack for it but does not get the reaction she wants which infuriates her more. Chloe is there trying to woo Cane who succumbs when she fakes an injury and asks for a ride home and they get stranded. A drunken Amber and scorned Adrian are there consoling one another as they put the booze away leading them to the couch at Restless Style. Nick also faces off with Jack after he arrives questioning his intentions for Restless Style and reminds him that there is no I in TEAM. Sharon seconds that.

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