The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/2/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Kendall manage to gain the upper hand on Ritchie and rescue Babe from his clutches. Greenlee and Kendall tie Ritchie up and then try to decide what to do with him. Greenlee picks up a knife off the floor and holds it to Ritchie’s throat. Carmen comes into work at the Chandler’s. The phone rings and when Carmen answers it, it is Tad on the other end and he wishes to talk to Krystal. When Carmen opens the living room, she finds Adam and Krystal kissing. Krystal immediately talks to Tad while Adam and Carmen get acquainted. Samuel comes to see Erica in her cell. He feels that he had taken advantage of the situation when they were in lock up together. Colby, Cassandra and another friend enjoy a girls’ night out, until Dre and other boy show up to join in the festivities.

Greenlee continues to hold the knife to Ritchie’s throat and reminds him of what she and Zack had gone through in the bomb shelter. Annie watches the goings on from outside the window. Greenlee, Babe and Kendall gag Ritchie and leave him alone in the cabin. Annie comes in and picks up the knife. She contemplates on what to do to Ritchie herself. Kendall finally gets through to Zack and lets him know that they had found Babe. Adam calls Krystal, but she refuses to talk to him since she is with Tad.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison wants to drown her sorrows, but Aaron won’t let her. Tom and Margo celebrate their 25th anniversary with family. The only glitch on their special day is Chris shows up drunk. Kim takes him aside where he admits that Allison was telling the truth. Meg tells Mike that she doesn’t believe Sophie is pregnant and she is going to put an end to her lies for once and for all. Paul tells Barbara that he has to be honest with Meg before she learns the truth, but Barbara is very unsure and would rather take care of Sophie herself. Paul learns from Mike that he told Meg that Sophie was pregnant. Meg confronts Sophie. Sophie gets the upper hand when she pulls out the sonogram and recalls details like the name of the doctor she saw and how Paul went with her. Meg recalls bumping into Paul at the hospital and starts to realize it is true, as Sophie taunts her. Chris pours out his feelings to Kim, who is very upset to hear them. Aaron vows his support Allison for however long she needs it. Chris sees Allison and Aaron and tells her that he is quitting; it is a bittersweet goodbye. Paul can’t find Meg and goes to see Barbara, who is coming in from somewhere and seems nervous and out of breath. She wants him to track down Meg and assure her that Sophie will never bother them again – because she won’t. Paul finds a semi-conscious Sophie on the floor of her room with a syringe nearby. Sophie seems to finger Meg, as she dies. Paul realizes what he has to do, as he starts to cover it up. He places Sophie in some sheets and puts her in the Lakeview laundry cart; he is almost caught by the maid, but he recovers. Meg arrives back at the farm despondent, as Mike worries what he caused. He suggests the unbelievable - that she call Paul, but Meg wants to be by herself. Meg almost breaks down, as she admits to not knowing if she can get through this. The Hughes' tell stories and toast Tom and Margo, as their anniversary party continues. Margo and Tom look through a photo album that everyone chipped in to buy and put together. Barbara confronts Mike, but assures him that his big secret reveal will not break up Paul and Meg. Paul buries Sophie on the grounds of Fairwinds, and then calls Meg, who ignores him. He leaves a message where he promises that they will be ok; Paul burns the sonogram.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is happy when Brooke tells her and Donna that Beth spent the night and how can she help but not stay? Her whole family, including Stephen, wants her to stay. Steffy tells Phoebe she should be furious with her for spilling Marcus’s secret, but since no harm was done she will overlook it this time. She will hang out with who she wants to and Ridge can’t dictate. Rick quizzes Marcus why he wasn’t upfront about who he was when he first came to town? They laugh over being cousins. Beth asks Stephen not to fight her over this. She has made a decision he won’t like. He asks her please not to go, it will break the girls’ heart. They make a list of how to bring mom’s memories back, but are crushed moments later when she insists she is going back to Paris. A stranger stands on the street outside of Forrester’s and declares that yessiree Marcus has got it made. Steffy tells Marcus just work hard, don’t make waves and it will all work out. However, she thinks it is going to be very interesting around here to see how things unfold. Owen Knight waits until Steffy leaves and introduces himself to Marcus, from the P.I. service that pointed him to Donna, he owes all of this to him.

No amount of talking or arguing can make Beth change her mind. She will not be a burden to her children though they think that is their decision to make, not hers. When told that Bridget is working on this, Beth yells for them not to push her. Katie tells her she will be choosing fear if she runs back to Paris. Like herself, she has to choose to live. They all beg one more time for her to stay. Just let them love her, that’s all they have. In the end Beth gives in and admits she wants to be with them too for whatever time she has left.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tells EJ to move on, but he is convinced he has a chance with Sami. She overhears and calls EJ to tell him that they will never be together. Lucas overhears what EJ told Nicole about Sami having feelings for EJ, and he sneaks off to see Chloe. Bo and Hope’s barbecue is in full swing. Chelsea and Daniel show up together. Victor warns Daniel not to hurt Chelsea. Bo tells Chelsea that he will back off when it comes to her love life. Ava discovers John’s disc in the lab and convinces him to destroy it. Marlena sobs and begs with him outside the door, but he destroys it anyway. A blackout rolls over Salem. EJ and Nicole and Chloe and Lucas are trapped in two separate elevators at the inn. All four end up kissing the person they’re trapped with.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After Maxie is protective of him, she confesses to Spinelli how she values their friendship. Then, Layla pays a call on the recovering boy. Mayor Floyd continues to apply pressure to Nikolas. Johnny and Claudia wonder about how to deal with the fact that Lulu and Nikolas know about their involvement in Michael's shooting. Once again, Sonny lobbies for Carly to return his parental rights, but she refuses. He then tries to get a hand into the business again, but the accountant stonewalls him. Claudia turns to Carly for help in keeping Johnny safe.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie sits in her room figuring out her next move. Ava is at home about to eat what Olivia has brought her. Olivia has also brought her the newspaper. After getting a copy of a newspaper, Lizzie is upstairs reading the front page article on Bill and Ava. She then goes to her old home and tried to get in the smaller gate and succeeds to get on the property without anyone knowing. Bill visits Ava and they talk about guests and family. Billy visits Reva. Dinah catches Lizzie and tells her Bill doesn't want her anymore and to give up. Billy and Reva are talking about Bill, Ava and Lizzie. Billy thinks Bill belongs with Lizzie. Reva says that Bill and Ava have a shot and to let them figure it out on their own. Bill talks with Dinah about the wedding. Lizzie gets some advice. Olivia, Bill and Dinah are at the mansion waiting for Ava. Bill goes to find her. Bill is at Reva's looking for Jeffrey. Reva says she doesn't know where he is. She suggests the office. Reva suggests he walk away. Back at the mansion, Dinah greets Bill. Guests are let in through the gate and once again Lizzie slips through unnoticed. Reva is admiring the job they did on the mansion to get it ready for the wedding and compliments Dinah. A guard lets in Remy. Ava is with Dinah getting ready. She is dressed but needs some final touches. Ava talks about second thoughts. Olivia arrives and compliments her daughter. Bill catches Remy on the property and they talk. Bill asks Remy if he loves Ava. Bill then says it is a private party. Lizzie has managed to be on the upstairs looking down on the library where the bride is. Ava cries, saying she is so happy. Ava asks Olivia to find Jeffrey. Ava come upon Remy when she leaves the dressing room to find another. She opens the door and there is Remy looking at a necklace. He tells Ava he loves her. Bill is waiting with the rings, when Lizzie shows up. He pleads her not to say anything.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Gigi and Brody are at her place when Dorian comes in asking for her money back. She says she gave Brody a lot of money to leave town and she demands he give it back. Nora is working at a table at the country club as Vikki come in. She tells her about Bo and Lindsay. Vikki is shocked. Vikki tells her about Charlie. Bo and Lindsay prepare for their wedding. Bo gives her an engagement ring. Bo asks Rex to be his best man. At the diner, Starr and Cole talk about the baby. Cole is determine to take care of his baby. Starr tries to make him understand they just aren't ready yet. At Roxy's, Madam Delphina tells Roxy that Rex won't forgive her until she tells the truth. Madam tells Charlie he didn't drink alone. Cole walks out after saying it won't work.

Blair goes to Todd's condo. She wants to know who the woman is he's shacking up with. Todd tells her she is jealous and still wants him. She signs the divorce papers and shoves them at him. After she leaves, Todd tells Marty he's divorcing her because she is cheating on him with John. Blair goes to the diner. John sees her there. She's crying, he hands her a tissue. Brody tells Dorian he put the money in an account for Shane. He tells her if she tells who Shane's real father is he'll make sure Adriana knows that Dorian set it up so that she has to share her husband with another woman's son. Dorian storms out. Brody gives Gigi the bank book with the money for Shane. Gigi gets tears in her eyes and hugs him. Rex watches from the door, then leaves. After leaving Roxy's the psychic goes to the Country club and runs into Vikki. She tells her there is more to Charlie's story. When passing Nora the Madam says what she seeks is in a sea of blue. Later Nora opens the blue folder and finds R.J.'s letter. She reads it as Bo and Lindsay prepare to be married.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

David Chow, David Chow, has Nikki all upset and Victoria and Nick don’t like it one bit. David tells Nikki that its over for good and she tries to negate that but is unsuccessful. Nick, however tells him to get gone, Victor senses that something’s up and confronts Nick who denies this. JT shares with Victoria the investigation he was doing on David, she is upset but asks that he continue it to keep Nikki safe. Colleen has a date and Korbel is not exactly thrilled. Phyllis gets a message from Daniel with attachment of some racy pics she decides to use one of these pics to further depress Amber (it works). Adam and Heather go for a late night swim at the Ranch and are caught by Victor Newman, this does not go over well at all. Paul comforts Nikki and Sabrina and Victoria share a touching moment.

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