The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/1/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Cambias Industries, Zach plays with his revolver and then loads it with a clip. J.R. comes in, sees Zach with the revolver and asks Zach does he have one of those for him. Kendall and Greenlee try their best to think of where Richie could have taken Babe. Greenlee looks at a pic of Babe, and Kendall makes the connection as to where he could have taken Babe. Angie and Jake are in the hospital room, visiting Randi. Angie sends Jake to see another patient so it will leave her alone with Randi. Randi tries to assure Angie that she doesn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to her having a “thing” for Frankie. Krystal and Adam argue over Babe being with Richie. Adam tells Krystal that Babe was going to move back into the mansion so that she and J.R. could have another chance to get it right. Adam asks Krystal where is their second chance because Adam is in love with Krystal. Zach feels guilty that he hadn’t killed Richie when he had the chance. Richie calls Annie and orders her to bring him money and gives her the directions to the cabin. Babe begs Richie not to kill her. Richie assures her that he will not kill her because he loves her and wants to be with her. Jake notices something wrong with Frankie and asks him about it. Frankie opens up and tells Jake that Angie had taken him off of Randi’s case. Angie gives Randi helpful advice on being a prostitute and what it could do to her body. J.R. calls Babe’s phone and Richie answers it. Richie tries to make J.R. believe that he and Babe had slept together and she had come with him voluntarily. Kendall and Greenlee head for the cabin where Richie is holding Babe.

Adam comforts Krystal at a time when she needs it the most. She leans her head on his shoulder and he hugs her. Babe pretends to soften up to Richie. Babe pretends that she couldn’t hate him. Babe comes on to Richie. When he tries to kiss her, she kicks him and tries to escape. Richie catches her and throws her onto the sofa. Greenlee and Kendall find Babe and Richie at the cabin, but they are just about caught by Richie when Kendall’s cell phone begins to ring. Adam and Krystal kiss. Aidan, J.R. and Zach are on their way in search of Richie and Babe.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey informs Tom and Margo that he won't be coming to their anniversary party because he is upset about the way that Tom treated Allison at the trial. Margo is sure Emily has something to do with Casey's attitude change towards her and Tom. Emily asks Margo to handle her children and leave her out of it and Casey agrees and tells Margo Emily has nothing to do with his change in attitude. Emily wishes Tom and Margo a happy anniversary and storms off. Casey later goes to Emily's office to tell her he is sick and tired of her treating their relationship like it means nothing to her. Emily tells Casey about being a prostitute and that Margo could use that information to take Daniel away from her. Emily is surprised when Casey is sympathetic to her pain and tells her that he loves her and won't leave her. Margo tells Tom she forgave him for his affair with Emily a long time ago but she worries that Emily could be a bad influence on Daniel. Tom tells Margo that despite everything Emily is a good mother and would never hurt Daniel. Margo goes to look for Casey at Emily's office and takes the opportunity to tell her that she knows there is something going on between her and Casey although she can't put her finger on it. Margo tells Emily to put a stop to it or she will use her secret to take Daniel away from her. Barbara lies to Meg and tells her that her cancer is getting worse in order to get Meg to elope to Vegas and marry Paul as soon as possible. The plan works and Meg is excited to marry Paul as soon as possible. Paul feels that he should tell Meg about Sofie being pregnant but Barbara asks him not to do so because he will lose Meg. Barbara threats Sofie that if she hurts Paul and Meg she will either send her to jail or make her disappear. Paul tres his best to tell Meg about the baby but she doesn't want to hear anything about Sofie and tells him they will handle Sofie together once they are married. Sofie runs into Mike and tells him she is pregnant with Paul's baby so he goes to the farm to talk to Meg. Paul also heads to the Farm to tell meg about the baby but Mike gets there first and tells Meg that Sofie is pregnant with Paul's child.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope doesn’t want her grandma to leave. Brooke and Stephen echo the same sentiments. Beth tells them they are in denial, she’s made arrangements for her life when she no longer knows or recognizes them. She repeats again that she will not be a burden to them. She has no control over what happens to her, but she won’t subject her family to that. Steffy admits she likes what she sees in Marcus so he asks if she wants to see more? Ridge is upset that Donna hid her son right under their noses and now Steffy is involved with him. He tells Phoebe he will have to do what is best for his daughter. When Bridget hears about Beth, she tells Katie she will try to get her evaluated with some tests so they will all know what she is dealing with. Katie thanks Nick again for bringing her mom back from Paris.

Katie’s heart is aching when she sees how loving and attentive Nick is with Bridget. Stephen tells Beth she is exhausted, and she can not stand here and plan out the rest of her life. Just stay the night and they will figure out something. Brooke assures her they are all family and how much they love her. They could never be happy with her half way around the world and alone, so please don’t cut them out of her life.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope get ready for their fourth of July barbecue. Doug and Julie show up, and they both talk to Hope and Bo about Chelsea and Daniel. They both advise them to back off and let Chelsea make her own choices. Chelsea and Phillip both try to soothe Morgan into feeling better about her father’s disappearance. Phillip tells Chloe that he wishes she had not told the police about Paul. Chloe catches Phillip hugging Morgan. Lucas uses reverse psychology on EJ to get him to stay at home and away from the barbecue. Nicole comes by, and EJ thanks her for letting the news about the annulment slip. Sami had to admit she had feelings for him. Lucas overhears and is angry.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Anna siding with Robin only makes her more determined to fight for total custody of her child and goes to Alexis for help. She agrees to represent the girl, though she seems to favor Patrick's side a bit. Sonny is not happy with Jason who supports Carly's decision. Carly is able to convince Jax that Sonny was just messing with his head and that while she is not pregnant, she wishes she would soon have his child and he is sorry for distressing her. Kate forges ahead with elaborate wedding plans. Claudia tries to get Johnny away from Jerry. Johnny manages to get Jerry's gun and try to kill him, but in the end, they reach an agreement that provides Jerry with an insurance policy for Alexis' and her girls' safety.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie looks at the house that is for rent. It is Harley's house. Beth and Alan follow her in. Lizzie tells them the place is theirs for the summer. While Alan and Beth are not positive about the house, Lizzie tries to be. Mel goes to see Remy who has a surprise for Mel. He is now an EMT. Mel is excited for him. Bill and Ava sign the marriage license. Jeffrey comes in and asks about the cameras. Olivia tells him to be happy. Ava convinces Jeffrey she wants to be at house with Bill and Dinah. Bill talks to Olivia. Lizzie, Beth and Alan toast to their new house. Alan is wondering why Lizzie did this. He mentions, Tammy and Sarah. Lizzie says it is time to forgive but not forget. A police officer comes to arrest Alan. Lizzie says she'll get a lawyer. Alan says it is all right and leaves with the officer. While Alan is being processed, Beth and Lizzie talk in the corner about the recent events. Ava starts feeling funny. Olivia asks if she is alright. Ava says she is lightheaded. Lizzie runs into Bill literally. Olivia visits a jailed Alan. Alan tells her she has to help. That he slept and asked Gus in his dream to help. Now that Olivia has shown up it is the answer. Olivia doesn't want to help. EMTs arrive to help Ava. One of them is Remy. He puts his good luck charm around her neck. Bill is still with Lizzie. She tells him about Alan's arrest. She continues to tell him how much he has and how much she lost. Jeffrey sees and hears something he doesn't like, the fight between Bill and Lizzie. While he is on the upstairs landing. He hears enough that he leaves. Remy and Ava continue to talk. Ava is feeling better. Jeffrey is on the phone and Lizzie is listening from just feet away. Bill gets home to find Remy there. Ava says she is alright. Bill shakes Remy's hand to thank him for helping Ava. Ava smiles at them. She then gets up and hugs Bill. Alan and Beth talk in the SPD's conference room. Beth says they need to post bail for him and get him out of jail. Alan tells her to let him go. Beth wants to know why now he chooses to be "Mr. Nice Guy." Olivia talks to Remy about Ava. Bill pampers Ava. Gives her a gift she finds under a cushion in the sofa she is laying on. She loves the gift. Lizzie realizes Jeffrey was standing there. Lizzie tells him she will not ruin his daughter's precious wedding. Jeffrey says alls he knows is that Bill doesn't like his daughter. Lizzie asks what she has to do with it all. Jeffrey just leaves with Lizzie having more questions than answers.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marcie calls her lawyer friend Judy over to discuss the "hypothetical" situation of a pregnant teenage girl giving her baby up for adoption to her and Michael. But she does not reveal just whom this girl is. Meanwhile, the fortune teller whom Dorian has invited to the house reveals to Starr that there is some sort of "conflict" involving her baby. Blair doesn't want her daughter to believe a word the fortune teller says. But she has some insights about how Starr needs to go and talk to Cole. And she also reveals to Blair that Todd is involved in some sort of "business" with a woman from his past, although she does not reveal whom the woman is. Meanwhile, Marty is beginning to trust Todd, still with no memory of him. Cole tells Markko he won't let Starr give the baby up for adoption. Markko tells Cole he must attempt to reach out to Starr and see it from her point of view. Jessica has turned into Tess and is ready to make Natalie and Jared believe she is herself, (not Tess), that she is no longer angry at them nor blames them for Nash's death. Natalie buys right into that although Jared does not. The fortune teller finds herself right at the place where Marcie and Michael live, as if she knows that there is some significance between them and Starr's baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo reveals to Nikki that she saw David gambling in Vegas. Nikki is determined to help David beat this addiction but has no clue that its more than that. Victoria and Nick try to explain to her that she needs to let him go but she insists on staying. With coaxing from Cane, Tyra comes clean with Neil and tells her the reason why she is in GC; Karen insists that Neil open up his home to Tyra and Ana helping them get back on their feet. Jack and Sharon try to advantage of some alone time but are interrupted by the Newlyweds, Blissful Bardwells. Jack feels guilty and thinks about inviting them to stay in the mansion at Sharon’s disapproval. Glo and Jeff start their honeymoon and Jeff gives Glo a special surprise, her diamonds. Chloe up to her shenanigans tries to convince Jill to let Lily be the only Fresh Face of Jabot, with her supervising and Cane managing the campaign. Cane is not sold but puts it on the backburner to express his happiness of finding his family.

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