The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/30/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the prison, Erica and Samuel are trapped in solitary confinement during a lockdown. Babe, Greenlee, Kendall and Amanda are working at Fusion when the lights suddenly go off, thanks to Richie. Richie grabs Babe and takes off with her. When the lights come back on, the other women find Babe gone. Jesse and Angie are at the Pine Valley Police station. Jesse lets the others know that he is taking over Derek’s job as Chief of Police. Annie is questioned about what had happened when she was with Richie earlier in the night. J.R. and Adam are at the Chandler mansion. J.R. lets Adam know that he will protect his family. Krystal comes in and brings Little A home. J.R. and Krystal find out that Richie had taken Babe. Adam offers his home for as long as she wants to stay. When Zach arrives at Fusion, Kendall just about knocks him out with a ball bat. Annie confides to Angie that she might be pregnant, but doesn’t want Ryan to know just yet. Zach fills the women in that Richie is on the run. Krystal and Adam argue as usual over Babe. Richie takes Babe to the cabin in the woods where they had taken the children. Samuel opens up to Erica about his wife. Samuel and Erica kiss before they are released from solitary. Kendall and Greenlee vow revenge on the men who try to hurt them.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly is distracted by thoughts of Holden, as she replays his message of concern repeatedly. Lily is happy Holden is home, but he is riddled with guilt. Lily calls Carly and asks her to watch Ethan while she and Holden have some alone time, as Carly agrees. Sophie continues to twist the knife subtly to Paul about being pregnant; she remarks that he hasn’t told Meg yet because he knows she will leave him. Meg shops for wedding dresses. A distraught and furious Barbara learns Sophie is pregnant. She advises Paul to make sure that the baby is his by getting a sonogram done. When Carly misspeaks, Lily learns Carly was with Holden at the camp but is glad. Carly and Holden try to hide their awkwardness. Lily secretly tells Carly that she is going to wear her new lingerie for Holden, as Carly can’t help but be sad. Meg is worried about buying a dress too soon; she doesn’t want to jinx things. Paula asks Sophie to get a sonogram; at first, she balks but then she agrees. Paul asks the doctor to perform the sonogram and she agrees. Barbara gets Meg to agree to let her make her wedding dress only if she promises to take it easy during the process. Barbara learns Meg is having lunch with friends and is on her way to pick one of them up at the Ob-Gyn wing of the hospital; Barbara warns Paul. Sophie’s sonogram takes place while Paul is out of the room and she learns that Paul can’t be her baby’s father. Meg finds Paul at the hospital and he pretends to be there to ask her and her friends to lunch. Lily seduces Holden, who is guilty and not really in the mood, but when Lily questions him on his mood, Holden sleeps with Lily. Lily wants him to move back in, but Holden is unsure. Lily talks about how she has changed; she promises that while she won’t be perfect she will be honest; when she waxes on about how honest he is, Holden becomes uncomfortable and changes the subject. Soon, Holden is also agreeing to move back home. Sophie calls Cole with a favor; she wants him to steal her a sonogram for a woman who is 2 months along. Paul is preoccupied at lunch but is charming nonetheless. Cole does as he is told and Sophie calls Paul and asks him to come back to the hospital to see the sonogram. Carly learns that Holden is moving back home with Lily. Meg’s friends are impressed with Paul and toast to her future with him. Sophie shows Paul the fake sonogram. Paul tells Barbara that Sophie’s baby is his and worries about losing Meg. Barbara tells him to marry Meg soon and leave Sophie to her. Carly and Holden meet in secret where he tells her that he has to be honest with Lily and tell her what happened between them, as Carly pleads wit him not to. Cole tells Sophie that he is not taking her small pay off and leaving town because he knows that the baby is his and if she wants him to stay quiet then she is going to have to get used to paying him off regularly from now on. Lily tells Ethan that his daddy is coming home. Holden thinks he has to be honest, but Carly thinks it is selfish because it is going to devastate Lily; he will lose his wife and she her best friend. Holden finally agrees not to say anything. Carly tells Holden to go take care of his wife and they will pretend that the night before never happened again, as an emotional Carly walks away and a saddened Holden watches her go.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is incredulous that her mother previously had several small strokes and yet didn’t tell them. Katie tells her they can deal with this, but Beth doesn’t want to be a burden. So Katie surmises she had rather run away than share. Katie knows that life isn’t fair, she’s afraid of the future too, but warns her mother that she can’t just go away. They can live for the moment, but Beth won’t let them be forced to take care of her. Brooke tells her dad that Beth is not going anywhere until she tells them what is going on. Marcus is ecstatic that Eric accepted him so openly and how he appreciate that both Stuffy and Donna stuck up for him. He tells Steffy he will never forget that, she’s a hero.

When Katie turns her head, Beth grabs the keys and runs out and drives away. Katie fills Brooke and her dad in on the details, and they vow to go to the airport and stop Beth. Beth ends up at Brooke’s and is let in by Catherine. Beth roams the living room, looking at family pictures and tells herself that all of them have their lives set and will be okay without her. Until she meets Hope and she calls her Grandma and they hug and Beth doesn’t want to let her go.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Trent confronts Max at the pub. After Trent asks Max not to tell anyone that he is his son, Max threatens to tell everyone. Finally, Max calms down, and promises to keep his mouth shut, but only because his real father, Shawn, taught him right from wrong. He asks Trent who the girl in the photo is, but he refuses to tell. Bo and Roman search Paul’s apartment, but find nothing. They do find a letter for Morgan in his suitcase. Morgan and Stephanie both confide in Chelsea about their dad and boyfriend, respectively. John asks EJ about the annulment, and Sami overhears. EJ is forced to admit the truth, and also admits that he lied and bribed Mr. Burke from Immigration. Sami vows to never to trust him again. He gets her to admit that she still has feelings for him. John remembers Stefano telling him that all of his memories are on the disc. He decides to watch it, but Ava urges him not to, telling him that he should leave the past in the past. He agrees not to look at it, at least for tonight, and kisses her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

To annoy the new doctor, Maxie claims she and Spinelli are in a hot relationship, then assures Spinelli that will never happens because their friendship is too important. On the strength of Sonny's insinuations, Jax wants Carly to come home for a serious discussion, but she puts him off so she can get Jason to agree, for the second time in his life, to claim to be the father of her baby if there is one. Anna and Patrick have a sincere talk about his role in Robin and the baby's life. After delivering this threats, Jerry takes Johnny hostage and leaves the Zaccharas, prompting Anthony to threaten to kill Trevor and Claudia if Johnny dies. Nikolas promises Claudia that if any of his family is hurt, Jason will find out the truth about Michael's shooting. Carly is not pregnant. Anna admits she would testify for Patrick if it came to it.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At the police station, Marina, Jeffrey, and Mallet have a meeting. Meanwhile Josh has gotten Cyrus in a choke hold. Reva is talking to Cassie. Reva wants to know what has got Josh so upset. Cassie tells Reva she slept with someone and it was only once. Cyrus dares Josh to beat the crap out of him. Josh then punches him. Cyrus says to him, more Reverend, which makes Josh stop and leave the stairwell. Reva tells Cassie she has made a life for herself after Josh. That Cassie took Josh from her. Now she fight for him on her own. Frank catches up with Marina and Mallet outside. Reva catches Josh outside destroying a garden with a hoe. She tells him to stop. She also says she just saw Cassie and she is not going to get in the middle of their fight. Reva tells Josh to talk to her. Frank and Mallet talk about Foley getting a false ID. They tell each other they have their backs. Frank hugs Mallet and leaves. Cyrus is in the woods when Marina comes up on him. She asks him if he needs help seeing he looks hurt. Jeffrey goes to Cassie to tell him Grady Foley confessed. She is pleased. When Jeffrey doesn't see Cassie smile, he guess she told Josh the affair. Reva hands Josh a glass of alcohol and he refuses it. Josh comes up on the actors practicing a scene for the movie. It is one in where Reva tells Josh she married HB. Reva sees Josh look at this scene and feels uneasy. The actors ask Josh and Reva if they got it right. Josh says yes. So does Reva. Reva looks a little happier that Josh didn't get angry about the scene. Josh and Reva talk about old times after the actors leave for a break. She reminds Josh of so many fights.. He starts laughing. After some more words Josh leaves. Reva looks puzzled. Marina catches up to Cyrus and they talk about the situation he is in with his brother. Cassie asks Jeffrey if he is going to marry Reva. He says maybe, but they like things the way they are now. Marina gets Cyrus to the hospital to get checked out. Tells her he can't go anywhere because of his brother. Cyrus meets up with Frank. Cyrus asks Frank where his brother is. Cyrus asks for help. Frank says no one is going to help. Marina and Mallet play and talk on a set of swings. Reva catches Jeffrey doing arm exercises and scolds him. Telling him the doctor told him to take it easy. Then she questions him about Daisy, Cassie, and Cyrus and his brother. He tell her he's known awhile about all. She tells him that he should be glad they aren't married yet, he'd have to tell her everything. Cassie goes to the church. She sees Josh sitting in a pew. She sits behind him and starts explaining what went on. She tells him she has faith, and she does believe in their vows. And a lot she has learned about faith and goodness if from him. She puts her hand on his shoulder, and Josh touches it. Cyrus goes back to Harley's house to see a For Rent sign on a post. After some fun on a bed with Reva, Jeffrey gets up in pain.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica has turned into Tess although she hides it from everybody at Nash's funeral. Natalie and Jared bring David Vickers, the dog to Dorian's, assuming that he belongs with David wherever he is living. Dorian has invited a fortune teller to persuade Addie and David to believe they made a mistake getting married. But the fortune teller does not cooperate and reveals that it's Dorian who has done wrong. Lindsay gets the others to believe she is ill so she can be alone in the house when the others go to Nash's funeral. And when she's alone and unseen, she burns the letter that RJ wrote to her that reveals that she killed Spencer and faked a nervous breakdown. Knowing nothing about it, Bo announces to everybody that he and Lindsay are getting married.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Heather feels the heat as Jill comes down hard on her about her work and then Victoria follows with advice on whom she should date. She turns to Paul for advice and help deciding to investigate the Ji Min case on her own. Nikki is clueless about what to do about her marriage to David, Kay offers her friendly advice. Meanwhile David spirals down the path of darkness with Walter being his conscience, he fears that Glo will also spill that she saw him in Vegas. He also reveals a dark secret. The Bardwell, Bardwell return to GC and Jeffrey shares his news of wedded bliss with Jill who smacks him across the face. Sabrina tests out her new name going head to head with Victoria and Nikki, she is also asked to co-chair the charity ball she enlists Jana to help.

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