The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/27/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Samuel Woods arrives at the prison to see Erica. Ryan and Zach burst into Ritchie's room to find Annie knocked out cold. Zach asks why she is there and where is Richie? The ladies (Kendall, Greenlee, Babe and Amanda) are at Fusion watching the news about Richie; Babe is worried that Ritchie will come after her. Zach looks at Annie suspiciously. Frankie goes to Randi's room, but she is not there. The police are at the Pine Cone Motel taking Annie's statement. Richie climbs up to the Fusion roof while the girls are talking.

Erica, Sam and a guard return to the place where Erica was in solitary confinement. Randi is back in the hospital bed. After dinner Angie gives Jesse a box with a police captain’s hat in it. Angie tells Jesse that he doesn’t belong in a classroom; he belongs where he can see people and touch their lives. Angie frets about Frankie's involvement with Randi. The ladies hear a sound and search around Fusion but decide nothing is there; they think it was just a mouse. Amanda thinks Greenlee should take Aidan back. Greenlee tells Amanda that she can have Aidan. Kendall tells Amanda that Greenlee does not mean it.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Mike tells Katie that he thinks Brad must be crazy to leave her and go to Janet. She doesn't think her ex needs to hear about her present martial issues. Janet continues to kiss Brad and tells him that he knows where that is coming from and he wants it too. He lamely fights it and insists she is not in love with him. And he is not in love with her, she can do better. But not Jack; he's a train wreck waiting to happen. Liberty asks Jack to please not tell her mom about the kiss with Parker. She catches Brad comforting Janet and assumes the worst. She accuses her mom of finally making her move. Jack drops by, and he and Janet end up going back to Carly's house for a beer. Carly and Holden make love although she insists throughout they can not do this. It was WOW, now what do they do? He wants her to know that she makes him feel really good, even before this. She vows she will not become a complication for him. Faith interrupts and finds them together in the cabin when she thought they returned home. She's glad Carly is filling in for her mother.

When Holden returns from walking Faith back to her cabin, he finds a good-bye note from Carly - back to the real world. Carly tells Jack she got unstuck at the camp, and he has a lot of nerve bringing his date back to her house. Janet informs Jack that whatever mood Carly is in, it happened before she got home and saw them. After speaking with Liberty on the phone, Parker confides in Carly the awkward age he is in. Jack returns to check up on Carly; he feels something must be wrong. What is going on?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy rushes out of the Shipping Room when Phoebe tells her that their dad is taking care of Marcus right now. Eric will know that Marcus is Donna’s son. Eric is concerned that Donna has a son and didn’t tell him. Steffy vouches for Marcus that what he says is true. Donna wanted everyone to get to know him first, this was not Marcus’ idea. Marcus tells Eric he never cared about anyone in this room but him. Please do right by Donna. Stephen and Katie overhear Brooke and Beth arguing. He tries to get Beth to explain why she wants to turn around and go right back to Paris, and how it will hurt Katie. Katie accepts her mom’s strange behavior and wants to give her a few days; she just can not leave. Beth tells Stephen he is forgiven, if that is what he wants to hear. He says if she is hurting, then tell him about it, perhaps they can work it out. She says she has spent years with them when he was away, she’s paid her dues. Perhaps her time in Paris just doesn’t fit in with what is here in L.A.

Eric shocks his family by telling Marcus that he is not a scandal; he’s looking forward to getting to know him better. He tells Donna she does not have to defend herself. There is no iron-clad rule that engaged couples must reveal all about their previous private lives as he knows he certainly didn’t. Ridge chastises Steffy for not telling him sooner about Marcus and warns her to stay away from Donna’s son. Eric tells Donna and Marcus that he is embarrassed by this chain of events. He is not trying to defend his children, but he knows they were only trying to protect him. Katie wants to talk to her mom before she has a plane to catch. She tries to get her mother to admit that she can’t stand Katie being alive and not Storm. Beth tells her she is being too demanding. Katie rails at her until Beth says she is not the mother she remembered. She had a stroke and it might be the onset of dementia, and nothing she can do to stop it. She can not be that mother again, only a burden to her kids and she will not do that. So just please let her go.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Tony takes Anna out for dinner and asks her to join his ad agency. She refuses, but when he leaves to take a call, her boss stops by to tell her he is bankrupt and the agency is closed. Anna then accepts Tony’s offer. He is surprised, but pleased. Later, while she is in the bathroom, Anna’s boss tells Tony about Anna losing her job. Chelsea and Daniel have dinner in an empty room at the hospital. They manage to dance and kiss in between his calls away to tend to patients. Victor suspects that Phillip is sleeping with Morgan, but he denies it, saying it is just business. Morgan later accuses Phillip of only wanting to see her to pump her for information about her father. Phillip denies it, saying that he wants to cheer her up. Lexie and Abe talk about Theo and his condition, and their plans for the future. Marlena argues with John about the disc and storms out. Ava tries to convince John to destroy or forget about the disc, but John’s curiosity gets the best of him, and he decides to try to see what is on it.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

To try and keep her potential baby away from Sonny, Carly decides if worst comes to worst, it's Jason's. Sonny vows not to let anyone else have his child even as Kate plans an elaborate wedding. When a new intern breaks Maxie's phone by accident and is rude, Nikolas takes him down a peg. As Patrick continues to lobby for parental rights, Anna arrives to take care of her child. Spinelli is flooded with female attention from Claudia and Maxie. Once again, Jerry vows to keep Alexis and her kids safe. Johnny, however, is released from jail, thanks to Ric. Alexis proves to be the one who helped Nikolas get his clinic going. Anthony vows to bring Alexis to heel, or is about to until Jerry shows up and threatens Johnny if the family does not leave her alone. Patrick decides to file suit to get visitation rights to his unborn child. Sonny suggests to Jax that Carly might need a paternity test if she is pregnant.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and Josh are at home talking about camping with RJ. Josh is trying to convince Cassie that they will have a great time. Josh then says he has to leave. Cassie comes up close to him to kiss him and tells him to hurry back. Reva and Buzz are talking about Harley and Daisy and a flight Harley booked for Daisy. Reva tells Buzz she will get her on that flight. Daisy meets up with Grady and they talk about jail. He tells her he has to get out of town and he leaves. She then also leaves the park. Josh sneaks up on Cyrus sitting on a bench in town. They talk about Grady. Cassie is alone when Grady comes in the house asking if she needs help. He startles her. He explains the door was open. Cassie asks how he can come in this house. They then talk about Tammy. She tells him to leave. Grady wants to make it up to her. Cassie says trade places with her. Buzz and Josh are talking about Harley and her running. Daisy is home washing the car. She then calls someone who is not home. Reva comes up on her in a joking matter and Daisy laughs. Reva tells her Granddaughter she is going on vacation. Daisy wants to know from what. Reva explains she is going where Harley is. Daisy doesn't want to go. Reva tells her that Harley has sent a helicopter for her. Daisy suggests staying with her dad or granddad. Reva turns those ideas down. Cassie is yelling at Grady for what he has done to her. Cyrus then comes in and tells Grady to leave. Then asks Cassie if he hurt her. She says she is fine. Josh comes in calling for Cassie saying he is ready to go. He sees Cyrus there and then when Cyrus leaves Cassie tells him. Reva says where she is going is next to paradise as she can get. Later Daisy and Grady meet up. She tells him she can't leave him. Cyrus catches them, asking Grady if he is going somewhere. Josh asks Cassie again what happened and if she is ok. They then hug. She tells him she doesn't know if she will be ok again. Reva catches Grady with Daisy. Tells him to leave and not come back. She tries Frank and can't get him. She then calls Buzz to get in touch with Frank for her and to call her. Cyrus is trying to break into Harley's house and Frank catches him. Cyrus tells him he needs Harley's new number. Frank gives him a speech of what he and his baby brother have done. Cyrus then asks if Harley is ok. Frank nods yes. Back at Josh and Cassie's, Josh is ready to go. Cassie wants to talk about the day she was caught with Cyrus. She says it was a mistake. Josh reminds her she slept with the man who's brother murdered her daughter. Cassie says she needed something. She wanted to tell him, but she didn't because of Harley. She runs after Josh who has left. She catches up to him and he tells her she lied to him day after day. Cassie says she broke it off. She then says they can work it out. She asks Josh if he is coming back. He just looks at her. Both Cyrus and Grady are walking a meadow. Frank finally goes to see his Dad. Buzz doesn't mention that Reva wants to talk to him. Frank tells Buzz that he caught Cyrus at Harley's. Frank continues to tell him he will find anything to put those two brothers in prison. Frank tells his Dad that Harley is not alone. Buzz reminds Frank neither is he. In the grass the Cyrus and Grady each have a beer and talk. Daisy then comes up on them. Cyrus wants her to go. He reminds her of what Grady did to her cousin. Daisy tries to find different ways to stay and be with Grady. Cyrus knocks down every one of them. Telling her to go home. Daisy meets Grady at the Police department. Daisy tells her that her uncle, Frank that Grady will co operate. Frank ask Grady if that is so. Grady says yes. Daisy waits in the squad room where she makes a call to apologize to Reva. She gets Reva's answering machine. Josh catches up to Cyrus and pins up against the wall in the stairwell of the SPD. Reva goes to see Cassie.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tina has escaped from Jonas Chamberlain. But he's held Talia hostage and knocked out Sara with chloroform and has contacted Cristian and Antonio about getting the jewels back. Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared are out on their own, realizing they are unwelcome in the family. And while at the park, Tina's dog appears, Natalie notices his name tag that says David Vickers and she wants to take him home. Jessica is distraught by the loss of Nash. And Tess comes back. Clint declares that he wants Nora in his life. And Bo asks Lindsay to marry him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo and Jeffrey hit Vegas and get married by the one and only Little Richard. While Glo is in Vegas she notices David gambling and losing badly, which again put him in the hole with Walter. Adrian interviews Sabrina with Victor joining them to make sure all is copasetic. Nikki confides in Kay about her tumultuous relationship with David. Colleen is asked to move in with Jack and Sharon.

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