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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Carmen is packing up to leave the prison; she will receive a retrial, and has been released on bail. Flowers are delivered to Richie’s room with a note that reads, “Enjoy your freedom while it last” signed “Z”. Jake, and Aidan come to an agreement about watching over Greenlee. Annie gives Richie the bail money, and now wants to know what else he wants. Annie feels that it is her fault that Richie is back on the streets. Richie tells her that she is crazy if she thinks she has a future with Lavery.

Ryan lists all of Richie’s dirty deeds, then agrees to be on-board. Colby calls Tad, because Kathy is missing. Tad, and Krystal rush home. Zach believes that Richie will skip bail, and run. Richie knocks Annie on the head with a bottle to make it look like they were fighting; she is unconscious. Ryan, and Zach break into Richie's hotel room and find Annie knocked out on the floor. Richie arrives at Fusion and says, “Well hello ladies, surprise! Surprise”!

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Beth makes reservations for the first flight out of L.A. She overhears the girls all giddy saying they all need their mommy. They plan a party and she looks disinterested. She offers no reason why she didn’t come sooner. Marcus tells Steffy he thinks her dad knows his secret. Maybe he should leave and go back to Texas. She blurts out she doesn’t want him to go. Ridge confides in Stephanie that they are telling Eric about Donna and Marcus tonight. Stephanie hates to see him hurt again. Stephen admits to Nick that nothing about this with Beth makes sense. Her family was always everything to her. Brooke overhears Beth making plans one way back to Paris. Marcus tells Donna that something is going down tonight.

Moment of truth time – Ridge and Thorne and Felicia wait for Eric in the office. He wants to get it over with and get it done quickly, but states he will not put up with Donna bashing. Brooke argues with her mother that all the girls need her here, she will not go up and tell Katie she is leaving. Eric is told the truth and is stunned yet laughs because it is so ridiculous. Until Donna and Marcus walk in and admits it’s true. She begs Eric not to turn his back on her and her son.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel is on call, and he has to go back to the hospital in the middle of his date with Chelsea. He drags her along and has Chez Rouge delivered to the hospital so that they can finish dinner. Nicole divulges that she and Trent were in a relationship, but he callously dumped her. He threatens to reveal a dirty secret of hers if she ever tells anyone about his past. Chloe tells Roman all about the night she supposedly saw Paul. Morgan accuses her of lying. Chloe is forced to text Lucas when Roman asks a question she can’t answer. Marlena tries to convince John and Rolf to access the data on the disc. John hesitates, not wanting to brainwashed again. Max heads off to confront Trent, despite the fact that Stephanie, Kayla, and Steve try to convince him otherwise.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Both Claudia and Tracy worry about how to break up Johnny and Lulu. Scotty is determined that Alexis prosecute Johnny for slugging his son and if she won't, he promises to have her job again. Carly continues to dodge the pregnancy issue with Jax. A lack of response to Nikolas' free clinic baffles and frustrates the staff there. However, that changes when Nadine rounds up the destitute to fill it to the brim, much to the mayor's chagrin. To get Johnny out of jail, Anthony threatens Christina. She turns to Jerry, who promises to fix it. Carly consults Diane to try and figure out how to handle things if she is pregnant and it is Sonny's.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill asks Ava if she is nervous about the shower. She says kinda. Then he tells her he has to get ready to go to the office. Olivia and Dinah are making setting up for the shower. Lizzie is on the phone while outside. She tells whomever she is talking to she feels good about today. Olivia and Ava are now talking, Olivia tells Ava she looks beautiful. After Olivia leaves Ava is on the phone with Remy. Bill meets Lizzie outside what was Spaulding. They go inside. Mallet and Marina are outside talking when she gets a call on her cell. After she hangs up. She tells Mallet it was a Cooper Update. After some more chit chat they kiss. The shower gets underway. Emma and Ava are having some time together when Dinah interrupts asking Emma if she can barrow her big sister for a bit. They talk about the shower. Reva shows up shortly after. Dinah isn't happy to see her. Reva says Olivia and Ava invited her. Marina then shows up. Dinah says more the merrier. Marina gets another call. She is cut short by Dinah's interruption. Vanessa shows up. Dinah suggests she start opening gifts. Ava wants to wait for Bill to arrive. Bill and Lizzie are still talking about the company and them. Lizzie is not happy at Bills reaction. Bill says he is happy when Lizzie asks. She says fine and walks off. Reva talks to Ava, who is sitting at the Bar. Reva keeps her company till Bill Arrives. He hugs and kisses Ava then Vanessa walks over and he kisses her. They all talk for bit until Bill leaves to talk to Dinah. After they talk. Dinah then says it is time for a toast, which she makes to Ava and Bill. Olivia walks over to Bill to talk to him about Ava. Natalia sees Olivia and Bill talk. After Bill leaves Olivia, she looks over to see Natalia with a disappointing look on her face. Olivia asks why. Natalia tells her that she is going after Bill. Olivia says no. Lizzie shows up at the shower. Bill takes her aside saying to everyone in the room, they are wrapping up business. Once he gets Lizzie alone he asks her what she is doing there. Lizzie tells him she didn't know about the shower. Vanessa talks to Reva about Bill and Billy. She blames herself for the way Bill acts for not having what he had as a boy, that is 2 parents. Reva says no. The two talk longer. Then Remy arrives and Ava is surprised to see him. She asks what he is doing there, Remy tells her just checking thing out. Lizzie and Bill go back to the dinning room where the shower is taking place and Lizzie makes a scene that Ava sees and doesn't like. Dinah leave the shower and goes to meet Mallet. She tells him she had to take a break from getting the shower going. Mallet asks if she need any support she says yes, they need extra guys. Bill asks Remy to walk Lizzie to her car. Ava says don't make a scene about it. Then both Lizzie and Remy leave. Bill talks to Ava. Natalia is in the stairwell when he gets a call from Rafe. Olivia is the only other one in the stairwell she is listening to Natalia's part of the conversation. Natalia starts to cry as Rafe hangs up. Olivia is seen feeling sad for Natalia. Olivia spends time with her youngest daughter, Emma. Olivia assure her she is ok. Mallet and Marina are outside talking. Dinah, Vanessa are chatting about today. Dinah gets a little upset at her mother. She tells Vanessa that she bets she was looking for her to screw up. After Vanessa leaves. Dinah gets even angrier. As she is walking out of the room her aide is trying to get the gifts ready and Dinah closes the door. Bill is talking to Ava, who is now laying down on a couch. She feels bad about having to leave. Bill says it is ok. They have many more parties in their future. They tell each other they still want to get married. Bill mentions running for Mayor. Ava looks at her tummy and says what do you say, "Daddy for President". They talk about the future.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica speaks at Nash's funeral. Natalie and Jared appear. She lashes out at them. They are both clearly aware that they are not welcome at the funeral or anywhere near the family. Marcie encourages Gigi to see if she can get back with Rex even though Rex is still technically married to Adriana. She tells Gigi she owes it to Shane and she indicates that she "might have a chance" to adopt a baby although she doesn't discuss the details with Gigi. Tina's "agent", Jones Chamberlain corners Talia and Sara after his failure to corner Tina. And he holds them hostage. While Todd is at the funeral, John goes to Todd's new home in an attempt to uncover some clues about the "missing woman". But he is unable to find out that Todd is keeping Marty Saybrooke at his home.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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