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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the courthouse, Ryan and Annie arrive for Ritchie’s arraignment. Annie remembers her conversation with Ritchie. Jake refuses to move in with Greenlee. At Pine Valley Hospital, Jesse and Angie look in on Randi. Zach, Kendall, Babe, J.R. and Opal also arrive for the arraignment. A guard brings Ritchie into the courtroom. Annie is more than a little surprised when she sees all the cuts and bruises on Ritchie’s face. Kendall questions Zach as to what had happened to Ritchie. Ritchie defends himself in court. Annie is called to testify in Ritchie’s behalf. He shows her a document which he lets her read which states that all the charges against Ritchie had been dropped. Jesse wants to get involved in the investigation as to who had beat up Randi. Angie is very much against the idea.

Jesse visit’s the bar and meets up with the man, who had beaten up Randi. Jesse sets a trap for him. The man visits Randi in the hospital and begins to twist her wrist when Frankie, Jesse and a police officer come in. The man is arrested on the spot. Jesse owns up to Angie that he was behind the man being arrested. Ritchie is released on bail. Zach calls Greenlee to let her know the news. Upon hearing the news, Jake agrees to move in with her. Opal lets Ritchie know that death will not be cheated.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Chris wins the sexual harassment lawsuit because the judge says that even though Allison was treated unfairly he feels that Allison was dropped from the program because of her poor academic performance. Chris isn't happy about his victory and goes to the Lakeview Bar to drink. Bob is happy that the hospital is free from blame and Casey tells Chris that because of him Allison will never be a nurse. Emily decides to write an opinion piece for the paper on sexual harassment in the work place with a big picture of Chris on the front of the article. Casey offers Emily his moral support and she tells him he has been great through the ordeal. Allison confronts Chris and tells him that she will eventually go back to school but he will always be a coward. Luke tells Noah good-bye but makes it clear that he will always love him and if he ever needs him for anything he will always be there for him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie hugs her mom and laments that she came home to her just like she knew she would. She fills her in on what happened when she shot Storm and then woke up with his heart. Brooke arrives and tells Nick he’s something else for going so far out of his way to deliver her mom and dad for Katie. Felicia delights in Ridge telling her and Thorne that Donna has a son, the scandal they have been waiting for has finally raised it’s ugly head. Out Donna will go. Jarret informs them the public is still upset with Eric’s recent marriage and publicity. Ridge tells his siblings now they really have to go deliver their dad a rather big wake-up call. The P.I. confirms it all so they are twice as strong they need to tell their dad and he needs to ends his marriage. Marcus gets miffed when Eric won’t let him change shipping procedure paperwork they have been using for years. Eric wants to go back to the old way although Marcus is sure his way is the most efficient. Later Eric apologizes to Marcus and says he will accept his new concept, and he likes when people take the initiative. Marcus hugs and swings Steffy around in the office.

Brooke tells her mom that she doesn’t want her to grieve alone in Paris. They are all in pain, but they have each other. Ridge announces to his dad that he, Felicia and Thorne need to talk to him about Donna. Eric tells him they need to accept his new wife, he’s moved on. It’s refreshing to come home to her and know she’s not keeping secrets from him. Marcus is listening in when he hears Ridge make the final arrangements for the family meeting tonight. Ridge runs into him in the hallway and tells him to get a shipping ready – to Texas. Marcus calls Steffy and tells her something is definitely going down tonight. As all the girls rejoice, Beth slips off and makes a phone call for a reservation back to Paris tomorrow.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope have a romantic dinner at Chez Rouge, which is where Chelsea and Daniel are having their first date. Chelsea decides to confront them, and Bo is shocked that they are seeing each other. Nicole and Trent have dinner, and he tells her that their secret from the past is safe. He also admits that Max is his son. Marlena urges Lexie and Abe to seek counseling and support groups to help them deal with Theo’s autism. Max and Stephanie argue about Max’s dad, and Steve has a heart-to heart with him. Morgan tells Roman that her father is missing. Chloe tell him that she saw Paul the night of the fire. He smelled of gasoline. Lucas spies on Marlena as she tells John and Rolf about the disc.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick accuses Robin's control freak nature for why she won't let him be part of the baby's life. Kate begins planning an elaborate wedding, despite Sonny's worries. Spinelli is taken to the hospital where Claudia and Maxie both fuss over him. Jax realizes Carly is afraid to be pregnant, but not why. He thinks it is because of Michael; in truth, it's because the baby could be Sonny's as easily as his. Because Johnny hit Logan, Scott wants him jailed, but Alexis is not cooperative. Spinelli begins to recover.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Doris and Dinah meet each other and talk about their futures. Blake tells Ashlee what happened was not Coops fault but hers. Coop is still upset with Blake. Olivia, Ava and Bill still are working on the Wedding Plans. Bill leaves them saying he has a couple of meeting and will be back later. Olivia asks if Ava is sacrificing things with this wedding like her friendship with Remy. Ava wonders why Olivia is asking for trouble. Coop catches up with Ashlee and explains all. Ashlee says she believes that Coop found Blake on his bed and that he told her to get off. Coop wonders why Ashlee just left and not hell at Blake or him. Ashlee says she really wasn't angry at Blake because she is so confident and beautiful. Ashlee tells Coop she has to go. Coop tells her she is running away. As Ashlee goes Coop calls back they need to deal with this. Bill runs into Doris. They talk about being Mayor or corporate life. Bill doesn't know which is better. He doesn't want to be Mayor. Doris tells Bill he has the potential to make it in politics. Bill tells her no!. Maybe a year ago, but not now. She tells him to think about it. Doris and her daughter, Ashlee talk about the weight. Doris is actually listening rather than objecting. She tells Ashlee she looks great and better every day. Ashlee doesn't believe her mother. Doris mentions Coop and their friendship. Ashlee says they are just friends. Doris remembers seeing him when Ashlee went for the surgery, she tells Ashlee the look he had in him. How he cared. Ashlee then decides to go back and talk to him. Doris thinks it is a good idea. Blake and Dinah talk about Ross. They both wish he were coming back. Dinah reminds Blake he isn't. Blake tells Dinah if she and Bill need a hand with the wedding just let her know. Bill comes home and finds the library empty. He calls out and Ava come in from one of the adjoining rooms. Bill tells her those coming to the shower are going to want to be friends. Ava doesn't know what to think. Ashlee goes to see Coop. Coop starts rambling and says so. Ashlee listens. He then tells her he loves her. Ashlee tell him she has a hard time believing he loves her because she doesn't love herself. Coop tells her he can't watch her hurt herself. Ashlee tells him she has to do this her way. She is trying to fix herself but she is not sure she can if she has to worry about him. Bill visits Blake at a park bench. They talk about luck. Remy is alone until a knock on the door. It is Ava. He invites her in. They small talk and he gets her a glass of water. Ashlee packs up her clothes from Coops place. She tells him she is sorry. Coop asks her if she is. Ashlee tells him her mother thought they were good for each other. Blake has a talk with her daughter Clarissa. Blake suggest ice cream. Clarissa thinks it is cool and they go get some. Ava talks with Remy about her shower and wedding. He tells her that the mansion isn't his style. Dinah and Bill talk about love and Mallet and Ava. Bill wants Dinah to stick with him through this. She says yes by asking if he can pull it off in front of a crowd.......

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

John goes to Todd's and questions him about the woman at Ramsey's. Talia and Antonio go to her place and find someone has trashed the place. They call Sarah because they think it is related to the man who held her and Cris at gun point in the park. Jessica gets ready for the funeral. She's very upset. Vikki and Clint try to support her. As they wait for the service to begin, Nora tells Bo she hasn't had a chance to look over the papers he gave her. Lindsay says it's not a time for work. Rex sees Gigi and Brody in the diner with Shane. Shane is excited because him and Brody won a three legged race. Rex introduces himself to Brody. Brody apologies for what happened at the wedding. Rex makes a sarcastic remark about resisting a pretty lady with a check book. Rex leaves for the funeral. He goes through the park and meets Jared and Natalie. They are talking to Roxy. Roxy asks to walk to the church with Rex but he says no. Rex doesn't want to talk. He asks Natalie how long she was going to keep the secret. He leaves.

At the funeral Jessica is trying to face burying Nash. John searches Todd's downstairs then starts up the stairs. Antonio and Layla go to the funeral. Talia stays at her apartment to wait for the squad car. Cris gets Tina to tell the truth by saying Sarah is in danger. Tina admits to being a princess and shows them the jewels. She says Jonas Chamberlain is the US ambassador to Mendorra. He would kill her if he caught her. They agree she should leave the country. Cris says she leaves or he goes to Antonio. Jared suggests they go to the funeral but just stay back. That way Jessica could feel Natalie's love even if she can't see her. Talia is working on the computer when Jonas enters her apartment. She holds up her gun and threatens to shoot but he laughs. He says she won't shoot and closes the door. Tina talks to someone about staying with Sarah longer but then agrees things are too dicey. Jonas is on the phone saying Talia was no problem. The funeral goes on. Jessica is up front talking about Nash. Tina takes her dog for a walk. Jonas finds her. At the funeral, Jessica talks about forgiveness and Roxy looks at Rex and gets up to leave. As she opens the door in the back Natalie and Jared are there. Jessica stops talking and stares.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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