The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/24/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Greenlee waits for Aidan to join her. Aidan finally join her and wants to know what she had wanted with him. Greenlee informs him that she wants to start over with him, but only as friends. At B.J.’s diner, Tad and Kathy have breakfast together, but Kathy will not touch a bite of food. Jake comes in and join them. Tad introduces Jake to Kathy and tells her that Jake is his brother, but that he doesn’t live in Pine Valley. Kathy questions him as to why he doesn’t’ live here. Andre and Cassandra come into B.J’s diner to meet Colby. When they realize that Colby isn’t there, they come to the conclusion that Colby has set them up. At Chandler Enterprises, J.R. is already at work when Adam and Colby. Adam surprises Colby with a new car, the keys to the mountain cabin and shares in Chandler Enterprises. Jack comes to the prison to meet with Erica to let her know that the judge will not agree to let Carmen work for either of them in order to get out of jail until her trial. Erica comes up with the solution to the problem, and that solution is Adam Chandler.

Colby finally joins Andre and Cassandra and fills them in on the news that Adam had bought her a new car and given her the keys to the mountain cabin. Aidan tries to come on to Greenlee, but she imagines them making love. Greenlee quickly makes her exit. Babe and J.R. share breakfast in his office at Chandler Enterprises. J.R. vows that he will take over Chandler Enterprises. J.R. asks Babe to marry him again, but Babe tells him to let them take this one step at a time. Greenlee suggests to Jake that he move in with her. J.R. and Babe go to Ritchie’s arraignment together. Adam visits Erica and she fills him in on her plan. Under protests, Adam agrees to do as Erica asks.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly persuades Holden to go on the romantic trip with Lily to Montana although Holden thinks the trip won't save his marriage because when he returns he will still want to see more of Carly. Carly helps Lily pick out sexy lingerie for a romantic night with Holden. J.J asks Carly if he can go to camp if the doctor says it is okay for him to go. Carly agrees to take drive J.J to camp if it is okay with the doctor for him to go. Sofie announces to Paul she is pregnant with his child but he doesn't think it is true until she takes another test in front of him. Paul doesn't think the child is his because Sofie could have slept with other guys. Paul asks Lisa not to let Sofie stay at the hotel and send him the bill. Paul makes Lisa promise not to tell Barbara. Sofie is still living at the hotel. Paul tells Sofie to stay away from Meg and Barbara and tells her he will tell Meg the news about the baby. Sofie tells Barbara that she will have to make peace with her after Paul tells her some important news. Holden gives Paul and Meg's marriage his blessing but warns Paul that if he hurts Meg Emma will use the shotgun on him. Paul tries to tell Meg about Sofie's pregnancy but he can't bear to ruin her happiness as they share a private engagement celebration.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus shows Steffy how to make some basketball lay-ups on the rooftop lounge. Thorne, Ridge and Felicia take major offense at Donna approving some ad campaign. They vow to find out more about Marcus and maybe ousting Donna at same time. Phoebe reveals to her dad what she heard last night – Donna is Marcus’ mother. Ridge thinks this is the answer they have been looking for, and a way to get through to his dad. Donna calls Eric and wants to set up a special time for dinner as she has something she wants to tell him. Stephen surprises Donna by walking in with their mother. He thanks Nick for making it happen. He wants to see Katie and Nick wakes her for a present. Donna wants to dispel that 200 pound gorilla in the room by bringing up Eric to Beth. She knows they shared a lot of history. Beth sloughs it off by saying as long as Donna is happy then she is. Donna brings up years ago when she was pregnant and how understanding Beth was then. Beth is stunned when Donna tells her that her son has come back into her life, he found her.

Thanks to Phoebe, Ridge is sure that Donna Logan will be out of their lives and the Forrester’s in control once again. He calls for a full background check on Donna. Katie laments to Nick and Stephen how much she misses her mother, where is she, why isn’t she here? Beth walks in and there is a lovely mother-daughter reunion with both crying how much they love each other and Katie says all is forgotten and forgiven for her not coming sooner.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe convinces Lucas that she can handle testifying against Paul. EJ and Lucas discuss Sami’s problem with jealousy, and how she always wants what she can’t have. Nicole admits that she and EJ nearly slept together to Sami, and Sami confronts EJ about it. EJ chuckles, tells Lucas that he was right about Sami, and they head off to finish their chat. Max tells Caroline that he hates his father. She thinks he needs to let go of the anger and use the gifts that God gave him. Phillip gives Marlena the disc with John’s memory on it, and extracts a promise that she won’t tell anyone where she got it. John tells Ava that he might get a divorce. Ava tells Nicole that she thinks EJ is interested in her. Lexie and Abe tell Marlena that Theo has been diagnosed with autism.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Babysitting proves to be a test of Patrick's patience at every turn. Though Carly is sure she's not, Jax is equally sure she is pregnant. While in quarantine, Spinelli's fever spikes making his babbling even more nonsensical. Trapped in an elevator together, Maxie uses the opportunity to try to persuade Johnny to fall for her, not Lulu. Meanwhile, Logan warns Lulu off Johnny. Patrick sees through Robin and Liz's scam to show him how tough being a dad can be. Kate and Sonny discuss the future. When Maxie and Johnny get free, they meet Lulu and Maxie predicts she'll turn into Laura.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank, Buzz, and Ashlee, Coop are cleaning up the porch of Company and talking. Ashlee gets cranky, she later apologizes. Lizzie talks with Jeffrey about testifying. Lizzie changes the subject by asking Jeffrey if he has a wedding to go to. Ava an Bill are having a meal and Olivia is with them talking about flowers. After Bill leaves, Ava looks up to Olivia and asks everything is going well? Olivia says yes, but by her look she isn't so sure. Blake and Coop are talking. He tells her of Ashlee's outburst. Blake really doesn't see it as a problem that Ashlee is probably letting off some steam. Coop the gets up and tells Blake he has got to go. Grady is let go after getting his bracelet on his leg. Ashlee runs into him. She is not happy. She tells him he lied to her because of who her mother is. Grady tells her she didn't make it all that difficult. She gets angry. Grady asks if she is now going to run to mommy. She tells him off and leaves. Bill and Ava are talking about wedding vows he found on the internet just as Jeffrey arrives. Ava isn't happy with Bill. Jeffrey sees Olivia and talks to her before going to the table where Ava and Bill are sitting. Remy and Lizzie are talking about Bill and Ava and their upcoming wedding. Coop and Ashlee meet up at the indoor basketball court. She tells him about Grady without naming him. And how nice he was. Coop is startled. Ashlee says it was flirtation that is all. Coop says he isn't getting any of this. Ashlee is crying. Coop asks if this guy did anything to her. She says he brushed her off. After Ava and Bill meet about their wedding plans, Ava leaves with Jeffrey, who's offered to take her home. Just before they leave for the elevator, Ava tells her father she loves Bill. Grady meets again with Lizzie. At home Ava is kidding with Remy. Remy gives her a gift. Telling her it is no big deal. They are talking about Gus and his death and what people said about him. Remy tells Ava he wants to be somebody. Ava tells him he is. Jeffrey and Bill are sitting together talking about Ava. Bill is remembers he hasn't officially asked Jeffrey for his daughter's hand in marriage. Jeffrey tells Bill that Lizzie is not happy about this wedding. Bill says she will get over it. Jeffrey isn't so sure. Bill asks again for permission to marry Bill. Jeffrey says how can I say no. Bill laughs in happiness. Blake catches Jeffrey practicing his submission to the court for Grady and Cyrus' case. Blake says he reminds her of Ross. Jeffrey says we all miss Ross. To break the ice, Blake offers to get him a cup of coffee. Coop now knows about the guy who Ashlee was having a crush on. He is furious. Ashlee tells him she didn't know who he was at first. Then she comes back to say that he was the only one to outright says she was attractive. Coop says she is attractive. He later leaves saying there is no more to talk about. Ava gives Remy a good luck necklace and helps him put it on. Ava is looking over his shoulder and recognizes Grady as one who she saw before. Remy goes after him. Bill asks Lizzie for a favor to stay away. Lizzie says she doesn't care and tries to prove her point. After some last minute words, Bill kisses Lizzie romantically. She makes him leave by closing the door. He hears her crying behind the door. Remy is really feeling bad about not being there for Tammy. He is crying over it. Ava tries to comfort him. Telling him it is ok. Frank sees Ashlee on the steps of Company and asks him when is she going to cut him a break. She tells him she loves Coop. Frank tells her that Coop is afraid of loosing her. Ashlee repeats Frank's last words like she can't believe he said them. Blake and Coop meet up. Blake wants to celebrate Coops working so hard on his book. He tells her thanks and leaves. Leaving her to romanticize what it would be like to have coop there. Jeffrey goes back to talks to Olivia about Ava and Bill. Ashlee walks in on Blake and Coop. She sees Blake in a black nighty and is shocked....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr informs her mom that she wants to give her baby up for adoption whether Cole agrees or not. John comes to see them and she urges John to convince Cole that she is doing the right thing. Cole tells Nora that he wants her legal help in suing Starr for custody. He doesn't want her to give his child to strangers. Todd is "programming" Marty to believe that John is a bad man who hurt her. Todd serves Blair with divorce papers when John is visiting her. John notices Todd's new address. He goes to visit him and knows that Todd is hiding the "mysterious woman" (who, unknown to him, is Marty).


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

David returns and Nikki wants to know what for in her frustration and anger she contemplates giving into temptation and drinking. Sabrina and Victor enjoy their honeymoon is Paris. Glo continues to be pushed around by a jealous Jill at Jabot and Kay lets on that she knows the game Jill is playing all too well. Kay and Amber work on her book and she reminiscing back to when Jill and she were not on the best of terms. Karen and Neil reunite as does Glo and Jeffrey as he confesses to her at Indigo that he loves her; Jill walks in on their PDA. Over at the Campus House things are in full swing as Lily legally gets her drink on and Cane surprises her with a trip to Cabo; that’s not the only surprise Devon gets one too when his aunt and cousin turn up from Seattle. Chloe shows once again that green is not a good color on her as she vies for Cane’s attention and instead gets intersected by Colleen.

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