The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/23/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Babe and Amanda arrive at work at Fusion, but finds no one there. Annie also arrives for work, but calls Ryan and leaves him a message. Annie wonders where Greenlee is. Kendall and Lucy arrive. Lucy is there to observe the women of Fusion at work. Everyone wonders where Greenlee is because they want to present a united front for Lucy. The women of Fusion argue amongst themselves because Greenlee isn’t there. Greenlee and Ryan have gone sailing. Greenlee and Ryan make a pact not to talk, but then tells each other their troubles. Jesse drops Angie off at work at Pine Valley Hospital because he goes to check out his office at Pine Valley Hospital. Frankie orders tests to be run on Randi. Angie overhears and asks to see the patient. While Angie and Frankie check on Randi, two police officers arrive. The officers make the insinuation that Randi is a prostitute and had been beaten up by her employer. Aidan comes to visit Richie in the hospital and finds him gone. The guards refuse to tell him where Richie is. Zach holds Richie by the hair of the head and forces him down to the ground. Zack has a “billy stick” in one hand. Richie begs for the guards, but Zack refuses to let him go.

Jesse questions Frankie about Randi. To help out Frankie, Jesse questions the other officers as to what had happened. At first, they are reluctant to tell Jesse anything, but then gives in and gives him some info. Kendall and Annie argue over the fact that Kendall is now on Greenlee’s side. Annie accuses Kendall of being happy that Greenlee is after Ryan because it keeps Greenlee away from Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul and Meg tell a relieved Barbara that she is being released from the hospital, as Meg continues to worry about Sophie’s sanity. Sophie is spreading lies and gossip about Meg, which Mike overhears. Brad pumps Jack for information about what he is doing with Janet. Brad tries to dissuade Jack claiming that Janet is too into him and will only hurt Jack. Parker tries to hide the fact that he is having trouble concentrating on his tennis while Liberty is around. Katie tries to find out information from Janet about her and Jack; she warns her not to hurt him, but Janet assures her that they are just friends and Katie feels better. Jack calls Brad on how he wants Janet to only focus on him instead of having a relationship with someone else. Janet shows up to see Jack, much to Brad’s chagrin and Jack asks her to Parker’s tennis game. Paul lets Lisa in on his and Meg’s thoughts about Sophie and then he asks her to have her kicked out of the Lakeview. Liberty unleashes her anger on Mike. Lisa kicks Sophie out, as Sophie has a minor meltdown assuming it is because of Meg. When she sees Meg a moment later, she accuses her of trying to ruin her life and then tries to slap Meg. Meg stops her and puts her in her place, which results in Sophie fainting. An annoyed Brad shows up to work and tells Katie that she shouldn’t interfere with Jack and Janet. Then he asks (supposedly innocently) Katie to attend Parker’s tennis match without letting her know that Jack and Janet will be there. Paul finds Meg tending to an unconscious Sophie. When Sophie awakens, she is thrilled to find Paul standing over her. When he tells her that he had her kicked out of the Lakeview, Sophie is incensed and promises that she won’t forget it. Janet, Jack, Brad and Katie show up to watch Parker’s match, as Jack and Katie realize it wasn’t a coincidence. Mike overhears that Lisa is kicking Sophie out and offers her support. Paul asks Meg to marry him – in front of Barbara, but Meg doesn’t know if she can. Liberty holds her mom and dad’s hands at the same time, as Katie and Jack watch awkwardly. Parker wins his tennis match, as Liberty begins to see him in a new light – even though she tries to deny it. Barbara tries to excuse herself after words of support for Meg, as Meg stops her telling her and Paul that she hasn’t really given him his answer – it is yes, as they celebrate with champagne and a sparkly new diamond ring. Mike feels partly responsible for forcing Sophie to go to the police when she wasn’t raped. Sophie stands by her accusation and blames Mike for having to drop the charges. After Mike suggests that she get help, Sophie orders him out of her room – not before she almost faints again. Brad is annoyed that Jack is taking out Liberty with Janet; he tells Katie that Jack is trying to steal Liberty away. Katie thinks Brad is overreacting; she is sick and tired of this sibling rivalry and how it is affecting their marriage. Janet and Jack seem to be getting closer, but Jack thinks they should remain just friends because of how close and related they all are. Parker and Liberty continue to flirt. Sophie calls Paul and tells him that they need to talk now. Meg sends him on his way hoping that news of their engagement will finally convince Sophie that she will never have Paul. Brad asks Janet about she and Jack, as Janet plays coy, which annoys Brad. Parker asks Jack if he is dating Janet? When he tells him that he is not, Parker makes a pointed comment about why Janet is with Jack, which stuns him. Katie sees Brad wrestle with handling Janet and Jack. Barbara tries to occupy her thoughts with bridal magazine, but admits to Meg that she is worried about what Sophie wants now. A thrilled Sophie hugs Paul, as she declares that she is pregnant with his baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Without begging, Nick states his case to Beth, she needs to be back home with Katie who needs her mother. No matter what obstacle she brings up, he has an answer and promises that he will fly her and the girls any place they want to go to be alone, and without Stephen if he makes her uncomfortable. All Katie wants is to be held by her mother and have a visit. Beth finally agrees, but is reluctant again until he says he has a jet, all she needs it to pack one bag, he’ll take care of the rest. Donna tells Brooke and Katie that soon Eric and everyone else will know Marcus and they will all be charmed. She is not ready yet to explain her son. But when ready, she wants to see her mother and have her meet her grandson. Katie thinks that might be useless as she was cold to her on the phone and blew her off. Marcus tries to kiss Steffy and she lets him know they don’t know each other well enough for that. He says he is an open book, she can ask him anything.

Marcus knows he’s putting Steffy in an awkward situation keeping secrets from her father. She hopes it won’t be long. Without their knowing, Phoebe is close by and hears when they mention that Marcus is Donna’s son. Nick coerces Beth to call Katie and let her know she is coming. He tells her again that all these girls want right now is her, just to be with their mother.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Morgan and Phillip confront John at the pub. She later tells Phillip that Chloe warned her to stay away from him. Chelsea confides in Hope about her date with Daniel, and extracts a promise from her that she won’t tell Bo. Daniel asks Kate if they can be friends for Chelsea’s sake. Kate continues to act coldly towards him. Sami begs EJ to move out. He refuses, and John backs him up. When Sami threatens to tattle to Marlena, John tells her to watch it before he kicks her out. Lucas sneaks out and heads over to Chloe’s place. He tells her that he knows Paul Hollingsworth set the fire. He wants her to pretend she saw him, and talk to the police, since Lucas was out at the pier illegally.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Reacting badly to Jerry's teasing, Alexis announces loudly to the police station that they slept together the night before. Robin does not agree to Patrick's suggestion that she and the baby move in with him and remains adamant that it will be her baby, not their baby. Patrick dissents. Anthony orders Claudia to kill Jason, but she's more interested in keeping him alive and in quarantine. Jerry is determined to pursue Alexis. Johnny rebuffs Maxie.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie gets in touch with Harley. And at first Harley doesn't answer her, then changes her mind and does and they talk. Harley is not happy with the phone call. Cassie tells her the reason she is calling is because of Cyrus and his brother. And what has been happening with them. Cassie says she is a friend. Harley's young boys spend time with Cyrus and his brother at Harley's. Cyrus introduces them to his younger brother. Daisy visits the SPD and talks to Uncle Frank. Frank tells her that he doesn't want her to make the same mistakes as her mother. This is when she asks to speak to Cyrus and his brother. After no getting anywhere with him she leaves in a huff. Jeffery is getting released from Cedars Hospital legally. Reva is there to pick him up. they have a little disagreement about how he is going to leave the hospital. Jeffery asks about the Movie. As they leave his hospital room, Reva kids by saying lean on me baby, lean on me. Jeffrey laughs. Cassie take a walk. Harley calls Buzz to tell him to keep Daisy away from Cyrus and his brother. Buzz tells her not to worry. Daisy visits Cassie to get the lowdown on what is going on. She has a bag of clothes for her to take to Grady. Cassie is angry at her. Daisy tries to reason with Cassie that Grady needs clothes for court. While Cyrus and his Brother and the boys enjoy a TV program, Buzz come in. The boys go with Grady as Cyrus talks to Buzz. Buzz tells Cyrus his is taking the kids and that he and his brother should stay away from Daisy. Daisy goes to see Grady and tells him she has clothes for court. He is surprised she did that for him. After some words he runs off. Grady doesn't go after her but calls back to her. She ignores his call. Jeffrey and Reva goes to Jeffrey's office. Reva calls for a press conference to tell all that Jeffrey is back on the job. Cassie opens the door to see Cyrus on the steps of. She tells him how unhappy she is about the current situation. Reva and Daisy are talking about Grady and the situation. Reva says she is not happy and she knows Cassie isn't either. Reva tells her that the guys are off limits. Outside Grady tries to pry his tracking device off his leg. Cassie visits Jeffrey to talk business. But not to tell Reva about their talk. Cassie tells Jeffrey about her talk with Josh about them. Jeffrey then realizes that is why he has been acting so strange around him. Jeffrey then talks to Reva about some of his talk with Cassie, mainly about Grady. Reva tells Jeffrey about what she knows about Grady and Daisy and not to call Daisy if at all possible. Cassie is home looking at a nice picture of her and Josh and wondering. Cyrus catches Daisy and Grady kissing and separates them and takes a hold of Grady and drags him away. Harley is alone talking to herself saying, I will be all right....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

People get ready for Nash's funeral. Jessica is outraged to find out that her father dropped the charges against Jared. But he explains to her that Natalie told them they would have to in order for her and Jared to reveal whom Asa's real son is. Natalie and Jared are together knowing they are not wanted by anybody except each other. Meanwhile, David and Addie have gotten married. Dorian cannot accept what has happened. When she sees her sister acting uninhibited with David, she calls Dr. Bonner. He gives Addie an "ink blot" test. Dorian assumes he's concluded that Addie needs to go back to St. Anne's and needs protection from David. But Dr. Bonner informs Dorian he does not believe that. He believes Addie is very sane and it's Dorian whom he advises to seek professional help.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Ms. Lily Winters is now 21 and her loved ones want to throw her a low key bash, Cane, Colleen and Devon plan the event. While Chloe figures out a way to crash, she succeeds by giving Lily a regift some trendy sunglasses that she took from the freebie bag at Jabot. Glo is being mistreated as the new receptionist and she’s not feeling it at all, Jana tells her to hang tight though because after all she is “glorious”. Nikki shares with Victoria that David wants a divorce and Jeffrey tells Jill um well he slept with Glo. Meanwhile Adam is on to Zara (Sabrina’s mom) and kicks her off the Newman property; Victoria applauds his act and tells him Sabrina will thank him too. Karen asks for her job back from Adam who is also power tripping in Victor’s absence, he agrees but places her on probation.

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