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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Jack thinks Greenlee should consider forgiving Aidan for sleeping with Kendall. Jesse took the job at Pine Valley University; he will be professor Hubbard. Zach gets flashbacks of the night he was hit by Richie, and was locked in the bomb shelter; he gets so angry that he breaks the glass in his hand. Zach can protect his family, but not against random behavior. Jake cannot help Ryan regain his memory, because of complications. Richie threatens Annie to bails him out. Ryan has a blood condition that may prohibit him from having a procedure done to help his memory. Annie asks Richie to get Greenlee out of her life before he leaves Pine Valley. Kendall begs Zach not to do anything to Richie that may put their family at risk. Richie agrees to get rid of Greenlee in return for Annie paying his bail. Randi's pimp hurt her. Ritchie thinks that he is going home, but the guards are taking him to face Zach!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty gets Parker to come over and help her with her geometry homework but she falls asleep on Katie and Brad's bed while they are studying so Parker ends up doing her homework for her. Parker watches Liberty sleep and considers kissing her to wake her up but thinks better of the idea. Parker wakes Liberty up and tells her he must go home so she thanks him for helping her with her homework. Its a boring day in Oakdale as Jack and the entire dayshift at the station are so bored that they decide to go have drinks at Yo's. Janet is also bored and since Liberty is studying and can't go out she also goes to Yo's and runs into Jack. Jack thanks her for helping Cure J.J with her chicken soup and the two relive the 1980's and have a great time together dancing. Brad is also bored and persuades a tired Katie to go to Yo's with him for 1980's night. Brad is not happy to see Jack and Janet together and tells Janet about it. Janet steals Brad away for a dance to their prom song and Katie tells Jack she isn't threatened by Janet. Jack takes Janet home and he refuses her invitation to come in for a drink. Katie I happy that Jack and Janet are having fun together because they could both use a distraction. Brad calls Janet to ask if Jack is still with her and she tells him jack went home but she smiles because Brad is acting like a jealous guy. Carly finally admits to Holden that she can't stop thinking about him but she encourages him to forget about his feelings for her because they are just momentary. Holden tells Carly that he loves Lily he just doesn't think he is in love with her anymore. Holden tells Carly that he can't keep lying to himself and later disappoints Lily when he cancels their romantic trip to Montana.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In Paris, Nick asks what exactly is it going to take to get Beth Logan to come home? She refuses to discuss this with him. She even grabs her purse, tells him to close the door behind him and have a safe trip home. He calls Stephen over, who doesn’t see the problem, but then admits he hasn’t wanted the girls to know why Beth won’t go home. He admits things have been estranged between him and Beth for years, so her distance now is not that strange. He’s sorry Nick came all this way for nothing. Nick repeats again that he is not leaving until he gets his answers. Marcus takes Steffy to dinner and she says she can not explain her family to him or they will be there all night. They exchange childhood moments and get to know each other better. He calls her perfect. Katie realizes Nick is gone and tells Bridget it’s just the two of them, guess they can have a wild girls’ night out. She suggests to Bridget that maybe they can plan her wedding. Bridget says engagement first and while she is ready, not sure Nick is there yet. Katie confides that she fell for Nick hard, but she will never betray Bridget so she supports them and hopes this confidence won’t spoil their own relationship. Bridget is glad Katie can be this honest with her. And she knows Nick is with her because he wants to be and she allows him to go away alone occasionally to share his heart with someone or something else. But she assures Katie that he always returns to her.

When Beth returns to her apartment Nick is still there, ready to ask the same question. How can she not be in her daughter’s life at this crucial time? He probes and she withdraws more. Simply he asks her to please come back with him. Her daughter wants and needs her, don’t deny her that. Katie feels like she should leave so Nick and Bridget can get on with their lives, but Bridget assures her this won’t change her feelings for Katie and she needs to stay during her recuperation. Katie confides in her about her mother.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea tells Morgan and Stephanie about her date with Daniel. Morgan worries about the age difference and what her father might say. Chloe and Phillip sleep together, and she later confronts Morgan, telling her to back off when it comes to Phillip. Morgan refuses. John tells Phillip to give up and cut his losses, but he refuses to do so. Later, Phillip and Daniel talk about women and their love lives. Daniel worries that Kate would hit the roof if she knew he was dating Chelsea. Lexie confides in Kate about Theo and the testing done on him. Marlena tells John that she wants him to date other women. If he would rather not be with her after that, she wants them to get a divorce. Stephanie pesters Max until he agrees to tell Caroline that he found his biological father. Trent corners Nicole and demands she have dinner with him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

At the boathouse, Lulu tells Johnny all about her and Dillon. Mac insists on taking Patrick in and holding him for 48 hours for stalking Robin. She prevails on him to let Patrick go. Meanwhile in the cop house, the Jax brothers are arrested after Jax tries to beat Jerry for sleeping with Alexis. Misunderstanding the five carat diamond that Max bought for Sonny to give Kate, Diane accepts his unsaid marriage proposal and takes off with the ring. Alexis begs her to give it back since she does not want to marry anyone. Claudia and Spinelli discover Jason is not a good patient. Tracy breaks in on Lulu and Johnny, while Alan offers his advice on not meddling. Patrick proposes at least living together, possibly marriage. Max and Diane clear up their misunderstanding.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Alan are fighting. She tells her grandfather she should hate him forever. Grady is talking to Cyrus. Their cells are right next to each other. Reva is talking to Josh about Cassie and the truck. Then Foley's name is mentioned as to whom targeted Jonathan. Lizzie is speaking to an old judge, who is not giving her any info she wants. He tells her he can't talk about any cases. Lizzie tries to bribe that judge into a deal. Reva talks to Alan about people's dreams. She asks if he dreams about Gus. He just looks at her. Josh is calling all over for Cassie. During the last call she shows up at home. While talking Josh hurts himself. Cassie gets the first aid kit and puts a band-aid on Josh's hand. They hug. Buzz is talking with Alan. He asks Alan if he is ok. Alan says he is leaving the boarding house. He continues to tell Buzz he'll miss him. Buzz repeats that as if he doesn't believe him. Reva goes to the jail to visit Grady. There is talk about who's a saint. Grady tells Reva that Jonathan isn't a saint. She wants Grady to confess. Reva then talks to Cyrus, who by now is out of a cell. She asks him if she heard anything. He says no ma'am. Lizzie runs into Cassie at Company. She helps her pick up some stuff and they talk. Grady goes to the park and sees Buzz. He tells him thanks for nothing. That Reva stopped by the jail. Cyrus says he doesn't blame Cassie for what she did. But Grady is his brother. Lizzie is with her little pooch when Grady calls. He tells her about Reva's visit, saying he had a visit from the "Grandmother from Hell". Lizzie asks him what he said. He tells her nothing. Cassie and Reva run into each other at the SPD as Reva is leaving, Cassie is coming in. Reva gives Cassie a hug for support. Grady then signs his release papers and meets Cyrus outside. Cassie soon follows and sees them together. Alan visits the SPD. He sees a tribute on the board to Gus. He then speaks to an officer. At this point Lizzie rushes in to stop him. She pulls him to the hallway. He tells her Gus would want him to do this. Cyrus and Grady talk about his release and Daisy. Cyrus says when she walks through that door he is going to be there. Reva barges into Josh and Cassie's to tell him that Alan is thinking of fessing up about Tammy's death. That it is a miracle. Josh really isn't as excited. He more or less wants to wait to see. Cassíe calls Harley to tell her about Cyrus.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John finds Cole by his mother's gravesite and very upset after Starr has told him she wants to give their baby up for adoption. He tells him that he cannot accept that since the baby is the only family he has left and the only "memory" of his two deceased parents. Little do they know that Marty is not far away. While Todd keeps Janet in a private room with the help of Ramsey's nurse, Janet, Marty demands that Todd tells her how they know each other. He doesn't know how to answer that. But when he notices that she has a picture of herself and John, he realizes that she remembers nothing about him either. So Todd convinces her that John was a "bad man" who failed to save her life. Starr goes to "drop the bombshell" upon Marcie that she is pregnant and she'd like for Marcie to adopt her baby. But Marcie does not think that would work, given the situation with Starr's father. Langston and Marco observe that all of their friends are so immature, whereas Starr and Cole may never again have a chance to "be young" again.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Sabrina exchange their wedding vows in an exquisite ceremony. The guest list is peppered with the who’s who in Genoa City, even Victor’s children and grandchildren are there some even participating in the ceremony. Sabrina’s mother starves for attention as she takes illegal pictures and plans to sell them to the highest bidder. Too bad Victoria’s caught win and vetoes that bill, by stealing the memory card. At the GCAC Nikki is no longer experiencing wedded bliss as David decides to ditch her and go to Las Vegas because his gambling problem is spiraling out of control. Paul goes to Nikki to try and console her and she tells him to mind his beeswax and go kick rocks. Heather and Adam are giving everyone something to talk about at the wedding and Jana and Kevin discuss a what? WHITE WEDDING?

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