The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/19/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Angie has invited Krystal over to talk about her fight with Jesse. She is worried that Jessie might not come home. Jesse speaks with Tad about his fight with Angie. Carmen is sad, because she has no family, and no man; her life is empty. Barry tells Adam that JR planted the asylum story in the paper; he will assist Adam with getting back at JR, and teaching him a lesson. Adam wants to make Ritchie suffer for stealing JR’s bone marrow. After talking to Frankie, Randi is grabbed by a man.

Angie knows it's not fair to Jessie, but she wants him to do anything but police work. Aidan knows that Josh, and Greenlee has been spending time together. Erica wants to help Carmen be productive once she gets out. Randi continues to deny that she's being abused. Aidan still has feelings for Greenlee, he wants to fix things between them. The judge agreed to have a new trial for Carmen. Jesse took the Chief of police job. Aidan returns, and plants a passionate kiss on Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Holden can't stop thinking about each other and the kiss they shared even though they are trying hard to fight their feelings for each other. Holden feels guilty about his thoughts of Carly so he invites Lily on a romantic get away with him. Lily insists on going to Carly's cabin in Montana. Carly lets Holden borrow the cabin and once she confronts him about the kiss they agree to forget what happened and put it in the past. Carly decides to go for a horseback ride and Holden decides to go with her. Holden and Carly almost kiss again and Carly wants to leave but Holden asks her to stay a little longer. Casey is disappointed that Tom intends to use Allison's porn past against her. Casey blasts Tom and accuses him of being unethical and hurting Allison despite that fact that Allison once saved Margo's life. Casey calls Allison to tell her Tom intends to use the porn movie against her in court. Allison considers dropping the lawsuit against Chris but is encouraged to keep fighting by Emily and Aaron. Tom calls Allison to tell her that he intends to use the porn movie against her. Allison thanks Tom for the call and tells him she intends to go ahead with the lawsuit. Aaron asks Chris to allow Allison to keep her dignity as he pleads with Chris not to use the porn movie against her if he ever loved Allison at all.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is perplexed why her mother wouldn’t talk to her on the phone last night and why she isn’t here now. She needs her so much. She tells Brooke she doesn’t understand this indifference at all. Nick and Jackie fly to Paris and lament on how weird it is that Beth Logan has all but disappeared from her family. Rick meets Marcus on the Forrester rooftop recreation center/lounge and Marcus learns a little more about the family dynamics when Ridge and Brooke join them. It’s clear to Marcus that Ridge is not in the Donna Logan fan club. Ridge passes along that paranoia to Rick and predicts that Donna will have their dad come crashing down and he just hopes it doesn’t take Forrester with it.

Ridge offers advice to Marcus. He knows he is Donna Logan’s pet project, but don’t get too close to her, not a good move. Brooke tells Katie she is glad Nick was there for her. Katie confides she has led her life so carefully, and she is so alone now, she now needs to find out what she wants to do with her life. And she misses her mom. Nick surprises Beth by showing up at her door. She asks him to leave, but he assures her he only wants the truth and won’t leave without that – why a mother, any mother could do that to her daughter?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole and EJ kiss, but she stops him, saying that he should go be with Sami. Later, Victor accuses her of going after married men for money. She laughs it off, but later admits to herself that that is not what she wants. EJ confides in Tony about his problems, and Tony suggests that EJ's feelings towards Sami may be influenced by the fact that EJ feels guilt for betraying Stefano, who urged him to pursue her in the first place. John apologizes to Marlena for the way he treated her at the pub, and insists that Ava is just a friend. She accept his apology and dinner invitation. Max gets Robbins to confess that he is Max’s biological father. Max demands to know who the girl is in the picture he found. Robbins remains mum, but agrees to meet Max the following day to talk about it. Chloe catches Morgan and Phillip kissing, and lays into Phillip for betraying her. He insists that she is the only girl for him, and Chloe tells him that she has feelings for him, also. Morgan and her father exchange their goodbyes. Phillip and John both spend a lot of time on the phone, telling their cohorts to make sure that Paul Hollingsworth stays silent and doesn’t leave town, respectively. Later, we see a mysterious figure roll Paul’s body into the river.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Claudia, Jason, and Spinelli are quarantined because Spinelli exposed them to Asian ague. One potential effect is delirium and babbling, something none of them want. Robin and Patrick conspire to get around Epiphany. Angered by their deceits, she quits. Kate confronts Carly about her relationship with Sonny, but Carly denies that their connection is ongoing beyond the boys. Alexis admits to Jax she slept with Jerry last night. Patrick stands up to Mac over his devotion to Robin, and is arrested as a result.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey and Reva are talking about memories of Tammy. Reva tells Jeffrey she is not postponing the wedding because of his current condition or that she doesn't love him. Jeffrey wants to know if it is because of the shooting or the movie. Jeffrey asks if it is Josh. Reva says no. That it's her. She is unable to make good choices. Jeffrey still believes it is the movie that is part of the problem. Later Reva goes to Cross Creek and it is littered with props and other things that make Reva relive her past. She is trying on a hat when Mark comes up behind her to tell her she looks beautiful in the hat. Reva asks him if he liked playing Josh. He says he did. But he wishes he got to know Josh better. Reva volunteers to stick around to help Mark play Josh better. Mallet gets a call that a guy has locked himself out of his car. When he gets to the location, he sees that it's Buzz. After Buzz get into his car he drives off. He goes to Company to find Mark in the parking lot in a tux. Mark tells Buzz he finally has hold on Josh and why he always returned to Reva. When Buzz tells him Reva was always with someone, Mark tells him he is just following script. Back at Cross Creek, Reva gets visit from Mallet. Mallet tells Reva he is concerned for Daisy. They agree to keep each other informed. When Mallet leaves, Reva calls Olivia wanting to talk. Meanwhile Olivia is watching Remy watching Ava doing some stretching. Later Olivia tells Remy that if he messes up with what Ava and Bill have she'll ruin him. Then she orders him to leave. After Remy leaves, Ava, Olivia and Dinah sit down to talk wedding plans. Suddenly Ava feels the baby kick and the plans for a wedding turn into a baby shower. Ava looks overwhelmed as Olivia and Dinah work on the plans. Later Olivia talks to Ava about the wedding. Olivia tells Ava she doesn't have to go through with it. That she will support Ava in whatever she wants. Ava tells her she wants the wedding, she is just a little scared. Olivia tells Ava that sometimes dreams work out and sometimes they don't. Olivia promises to make Ava's dreams come true. Olivia takes Ava to the hospital to talk to Jeffrey. Ava tells Jeffrey about the engagement, but the look on his face tells her Olivia had done it already. Jeffrey asks if she is happy. Ava want her parents to be happy for her. Then it will be like a royal wedding. The baby kicks. Ava says she is happy even though it is not Bill's baby. When Ava steps out. Olivia and Jeffrey agree to be happy for Ava and support the marriage. Jeffrey says he just doesn't want Ava hurt. Olivia says neither does she. Meanwhile Remy and Dinah search the internet for baby shower ideas. Remy hints to Dinah that Olivia is going to make Ava queen of the house. Dinah tells him not to worry, she is head of the house. Dinah says shell let Olivia play in the Big house and if she didn't play by Dinah's rules, she was out. Olivia says they are one big happy family and hugs Dinah. Later Dinah meets with Mallet. She tells him she wants the wedding in the park. Mallet reminds her who's wedding it is and not to get hurt or hurt anyone else. He gives her a ticket for illegal parking and tell her to obey the law. At home Dinah looks at the ticket then a picture of her and Mallet. She tells the picture to wait and see. Mallet calls Marina to ask her to meet him later that evening. When Remy and Ava return to the mansion, Dinah asks if everything is ok. Remy wants to get Ava water. Ava says no she is ok. Dinah asks Ava if she has any friends who'd like to be in the wedding. Ava figures that Dinah wants to be Maid of Honor. So she asks her. When Remy returns he is asked if he'd like to be in the wedding, he curtly says no. At Company, Buzz is going out the door with food for Jeffrey when he sees Reva on the steps. She tells him that Jeffrey can't have that kind of food. Buzz notices Reva is happy but nervous. Reva tells Buzz she is confused about Jeffrey, her past and future. She doesn't want trouble due to her feelings for Jeffrey. Buzz tells her to take one moment at a time and enjoy. He continues to say she earned it and that he thought she'd be happy forever. She shouldn't live in fear about it. Buzz leaves and Olivia walks up. Reva hands her a bunch of bridal magazine for Ava because she doesn't need them anymore. After a chat with Olivia, Reva goes back to Jeffrey's hospital room. He tells her he'd been truant that day and that he is sorry. Reva lays her head on his chest. He asks her if there is something she wants to tell him. Reva says she doesn't want to get married. And that it isn't that she doesn't want him, she does want him. Jeffrey says, ok. Reva asks him if he wanted to marry her. He says, "Nope, never did." He says he was going through it for her. Reva tells him after looking at her past, she is right where she wants to be. Jeffrey agrees he was too. After agreeing they are right where they want to be, Reva climbs into bed with Jeffrey.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cristian grudgingly agrees to let Tina stay in his home as Sara has asked of him. But, meanwhile, he notices his brother and the cops looking for this "woman in question". Antonio and Talia reveal to Carlotta that they have not broken up, are still together, but had to have everybody believing that she dumped him for John. She is not happy that her son lied to her but is happy that he is getting serious with Talia. Todd Manning and his body guard hide Marty in a new place and promise to take care of her. Janet, Ramsey's previous hired nurse is helping them. Marty admits she does not remember Todd or anything else. But she can sense she's had a history with him and demands that he tells her how they know each other. Starr tells Cole that it's completely unrealistic for the two of them to become parents so young. But he tells her he cannot accept that she doesn't want to raise their baby when it's the only family he has left. When she's alone Starr goes to see Marcie, alone, and asks her if she will adopt Starr's baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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