The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/18/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby brings Kathy home to Krystal. Tad and Aidan arrive home, but Tad has something to tell Aidan before they go inside. Greenlee questions Zack if Richie could get away with this. Kendall arrives at the hospital to join Zach and Greenlee. Richie meets with his lawyer and cannot understand why J.R. is getting away with kidnapping him and injecting him with a dangerous drug. Ryan and Annie arrive at the hospital. Greenlee begins to lash out at Annie over Richie and Ryan defends Annie. Greenlee becomes jealous when Ryan defends Annie. J.R. and Babe arrive at the hospital. J.R. wants to use vigilante justice on Richie. Tad tells Aidan that he is giving up being a private investigator. Tad is reunited with Kathy.

Tad helps Kathy unpack and they make plans to visit some of the family. Greenlee lets Zach know how jealous that she was over Ryan’s defending Annie. Richie asks to see Annie. Richie blackmails Annie once again in posting his bail or her perfect life as she knows it will be over. Richie is released into the custody of the police. Aidan hits Richie and knocks him to the floor.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden continues to think about Carly right before they share another awkward moment when they run into each other at the farm. Henry covers for Carly at Metro; that is where Bonnie finds him with a big fat check from Gray’s estate – thanks to the fact that she was able to subtly blackmail Gray’s attorney. Sophie switches Barbara’s Morphine. Holden asks Lily out on a date. Cole warns Sophie that Meg is on her way up to see Barbara. Meg administers the medication Sophie left. Luke calls Noah to talk, but he explains that he is with Ameera at the station; Luke rushes to see them. When Meg sees Barbara is unresponsive, Meg and Paul rush her to the hospital. Henry relishes in his newfound wealth and decides to ask Carly to become partners at Metro. Carly turns Henry down, but Henry is determined. Ameera apologizes for all the trouble she caused; she wishes Luke and Noah the best in their life together, as she explains she is going to LA to live with a family that was close with her mother. Lily wonders if Carly is the reason she and Holden are out; she thinks that she has invested a lot in making sure they get back together. Carly can’t stop thinking of Holden. An unconscious Barbara is being closely monitored at the hospital when Meg realizes she has given Barbara the wrong dosage. Meg is riddled with guilt over having made another mistake, but she is sure that she picked up the right dosage. Paul believes her. However, the doctor on duty tells her that he will be informing the Medical Board and the Police. Sophie stashes away the Morphine she took from Barbara and then cashes Paul’s check and gives a very small amount to Cole. Lily and Holden go to Metro and Carly struggles to pretend this does not bother her, as this secretly bothers Holden too. Barbara flat lines, but is brought back and is stable but still unconscious. Meg questions the nurse on duty and finds out that the same strength Morphine she administered to Barbara went missing. She tells Paul of her beliefs now; she thinks Sophie was involved. Vienna doesn’t care about the money Bonnie got for Henry. Henry wants to partner with Carly, but Vienna isn’t interested. Holden asks Lily to stay the night. Luke and Noah talk, as Noah comments about thinking Luke moved on already with Reg. Luke explains that he hasn’t, but it was nice to be with someone that wanted to be with him and someone that doesn’t have all sorts of problems. Noah is angered over this and tells Luke that he doesn’t have to be with him anymore. Luke tells him that he doesn’t know why he always falls for men that he can’t have. A confident Sophie tells Cole that she is thrilled that Meg is going to be in trouble with her career, the police and Paul will no longer love her since she almost killed his mother. Carly interrupts Holden and Lily, who obviously are spending the night together; Lily tells her that she is happy to say that things are working again for them. Carly makes a quick exit, as Holden looks bothered. Cole and Sophie fall back into bed again. Carly and Holden spend time alone but thinking of one another.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caught red-handed going thru his backpack, Marcus asks Steffy what she is doing? She asks him if it’s true? He is Donna Logan’s son? He’s hostile and chastises her for doing this to both him and Donna. She doesn’t deserve this. Katie confides to her sisters that she is thinking about their mother, why they haven’t heard from her. What’s wrong with her when her own son is dead and she did not come to his funeral and Katie had a heart transplant and was close to death? Jackie worries about Nick; living with Bridget but having deep feelings for Katie and it’s obvious she is in love with him. He overhears the sisters talking and realizes how distraught Katie is that despite all that has happened, her own mother has been a no-show and not called, or sent one bloody e-mail or card to ask about her.

Steffy tells Marcus she doesn’t want to be the one to turn on him and keep him from knowing his new-found mother, so she can keep this secret from her dad. He invites her to dinner and she considers it. Nick speaks to Katie about her mother. If momma won’t call here, then why doesn’t Katie call her? The phone call upsets Katie more as her mother was detached and blew her off as if they were just attending a tea party. She did not ask how she was doing, but said she had guests, Katie had caught her at a bad time and she hung up. Nick holds and comforts Katie. Then he calls his pilot and tells him to get the jet ready, they are going to Paris.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Paul begs Phillip to help him, but Phillip tells him that his luck has run out, and he needs to get out of town. Later, Phillip comforts Morgan over her father’s departure. They kiss. Hope talks Marlena into giving John another chance. Ava tries to make nice with Hope and Marlena, but they are less than receptive. Nicole tells Ava that a man from her past is back in town. John declines Marlena’s dinner invitation, and tells her that she should move on, like he has. Lucas and EJ argue about whether or not EJ should move out. EJ confides in Nicole, telling her that Sami is trying to kick him out. They kiss. Max and Stephanie argue about Robbins, and Max goes over to confront him about the picture he stole. Stephanie shows up, demanding to know what is gong on, and Max tells Robbins to confess.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric is completely amazed at how Sonny is trying to change his life. Jax convinces Carly to allow Morgan to take judo lessons. After realizing how close Alexis is getting to Jerry, Nikolas flips out. Mac and Epiphany's care for Robin's health is driving both her and Patrick insane. Seeing Carly and Kate square off over a how a fashion shoot is interfering with the hotel, Lulu and Maxie find another reason to be at loggerheads. Being alone with Lucky on their quest is a joy for Sam.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina now knows after reading a report on her desk. Frank comes in and tells her more of what happened. He is not happy about it. Tells her he shouldn't complain about her being with Mallet and wont again. Dinah is on the phone when Mallet walks in her house. He thanks her for the way WSPR has taken care of the story. Olivia walks down the stairs and sees Mallet talking with Dinah. They change the subject and talk about wedding cakes. Natalia visits Buzz. She tells him that Rafe was with her for a few days then took off leaving her. Jeffrey wants to leave the hospital, he can't because Reva took his clothes and won't tell him where they are. He threatens her by telling her if she doesn't give him his clothes the wedding is off. She just looks at him with a smirk on her face. She imitates him later to his laughter. Olivia visits Jeffrey. Reva leaves them alone to talk. Olivia tells him about Ava and Bill. He is not happy. Olivia tells him to be. Frank and Reva run into each other. Frank questions Reva about Daisy and her newer "boyfriend", not Rafe. Franks says Daisy is trying to one up on her "Grandma". Reva takes offense to that statement. Jeffrey and Olivia are still talking about Ava when Olivia helps Jeffrey pack. Dinah stops by Company to see Buzz and ask if he is still mad at her for the story on Frank. Buzz says no. Dinah asks him if they can have the cake made by him. She tastes a sample and can't believe her taste buds. She loves it. Natalia goes to Olivia's room and knocks on the door. When no answer by the second call she lets herself in. Reva and Olivia have a drink at the hospital together. Reva asks how she is doing. Olivia tells her latest test results and waiting. Reva kiddingly asks her if she'd love to cater a wedding at the Beacon. Olivia says speaking of weddings, she continues to tell Reva about Jeffrey not liking the idea of Ava marrying Bill. Reva stops by Company to talk to Buzz about Grandparent skills and Buzz tries to kid with Reva and she tells him to stop. At Dinah's Olivia there helping with the plans. They kid about Buzz's cake. The also salute to the planning of the wedding. Natalia goes to Frank about Harley's taking Rafe. Natalia is not happy. She tells Frank she doesn't want to be rude, but next time she sees Harley she is going to smack her. Jeffrey and Doris is talking about Tammy's old case. Jeffrey is not happy. He doesn't want to let the guy off again. Doris tells him she is extending his leave and leaves Jeffrey's hospital room with him yelling for her to come back. Marina and Mallet are at the storage shed (bin). They are looking for clues as to how long Grady was there. Frank visits Buzz. Frank is upset about Cyrus, Grady, Harley and Rafe. Natalia visits Jeffrey. She tells him that Rafe is very sorry for the shooting. Jeffrey tells her she doesn't have to. He continues to tell him he is not pressing charges but Rafe is not out of trouble. He's bee suspended and the Mayor isn't happy. He also tells her to get a lawyer. Dinah runs into Mallet and Marina, they talk about the wedding. Reva comes back to Jeffery's room still eating the cake. Natalia goes to see Olivia to thank her for helping her go see her son. Natalia asks if Olivia is happy not to have her under foot reminding her to take her meds. Olivia kids by wiping her brow and smiles. Natalia then says ok she will see her at work. Mallet meets up with Marina at the park. He is practicing his golf putting. Frank comes back to Company and apologizes for his actions earlier. He tells his father he loves him. Buzz says he knows. Natalia goes back to the empty house. Reva shares the piece of cake she got with Jeffrey. They talk about the wedding. Jeffrey says he doesn't think Ava should marry Bill Lewis. Reva tells Jeffrey she'd hate marrying Jeffrey if they didn't get it right. Jeffrey is confused. He thinks Reva is dumping him. She says no, just what is the rush to get married. He smiles....

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Starr plans to cook dinner for Cole. David walks into Dorian's office at CE (formally BE offices) and announces he married Addie. Addie comes in wearing a wedding dress. Dorian calls Blair. Cris agrees to let Tina spend the night in his loft. He questions her about what she is into that is too dangerous to involve the cops. Tina won't give him a direct answer. Vikki talks to Charlie. She is hurt that he lied to her and says she can never trust him again. She leaves. When she gets home she sits in the living room and cries. She remembers the good times they shared. Charlie remembers things they have done, too. Natalie makes a deal with Bo, Clint and Nora. She tells them if Jared gets off with no charges she'll tell them the name of the real Buchanan heir. She makes them sign a contract. Nora does the legal work and Clint and Bo sign. When Natalie tells them its David Vickers they are in shock. Jared tells them the whole story saying he over heard Alex talking on the phone when they were in Texas. Starr tell Cole she wants to give the baby up for adoption. Cole is very upset and argues with her. Blair punches David Vickers. Addie says she knows David doesn't love her. She doesn't love him. She feels its too late for her to find love so she found the next best thing. A warm, sexy body who knows his ticket to ride depends on her happiness. Natalie apologizes to Clint. Clint tells her to save it and orders her out. Natalie has tears in her eyes as she leaves with Jared. The Ambassador is still looking for Tina. He calls someone to ask how Antonio and Talia are involved. Dorian tries to pay David to divorce Addie but he tells her they are family now.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victoria continues to struggle with whether or not she will be attending her father’s wedding to Sabrina. Nikki urges her to put her differences aside and be the bigger person. Ashley and Abby return to Genoa City for the big event (the wedding) Abby is a flower girl. Ashley realizes that Glo’s on the premises and wonders if Jack has lost his natural born mind. Jack tries to explain Glo’s new persona. Karen and Neil decide to do a “remake” while a drunk Chloe is once again on the prowl terrorizing Vonzie (Devon) and of course her object of desire Cane. Adrian won’t accept the fact that Colleen has kicked him to the curb. Victor whisks Sabrina off to the gallery where he wines and dines her and they talk about their past and future. Brad tempts David with another gambling opportunity, to which he concedes and Sabrina’s estranged mother turns up just in time for the nuptials.

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