The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/17/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

In prison, Erica and the other inmates prepare for Erica’s “New Beginnings” television show straight from prison. Jack and Samuel Woods arrive for the television show. At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake comes into the doctor’s quarters where he meets up with Frankie. Frankie and Jake discuss the young lady, who had came into the hospital on numerous occasions with cuts and abrasions. Jesse and Angie go on a picnic at the Yacht Club. Jesse and Angie begin to argue over the fact that Jesse wants to go back to work as the chief of police at the Pine Valley Police Department .The argument results in Angie walking off and leaving Jesse. Zack arrives at Greenlee’s apartment to let her know that Richie Novak had been the one, who had fastened them in the bomb shelter.

Jake visits Richie in his hospital room and confronts him about what he had done to J.R. in stealing his bone marrow. Erica interviews Samuel Woods as well as Carmen. Carmen gets stage fright and can’t hardly speak a word, just mumble. Frankie goes in search of the mystery woman and finds her working at her second job. She agrees to go for a cup of coffee with him. The DNA test results come back and reveals that Richie had indeed stolen J.R.’s bone marrow. Zach and Greenlee arrive at the hospital just in time to see Richie arrested for stealing J.R.’s bone marrow.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Sofie upsets Barbara when she brings flowers to her room so Barbara demands Sofie leave her room. Barbara almost faints and Meg gives her a shot and watching the scene Sofie gets an idea. Sofie later calls Cole and asks him to steal medicine from the hospital for her and he does as she asks him too though he later regrets it because he thinks Meg is hot. Paul asks Lisa to kick Sofie out of the Lakeview but later changes his mid about the idea when Sofie tells him she wants to change and that she is going to leave town using the money he gave her. Sofie tells Cole that Meg got in trouble for causing the death of a patient by giving her the wrong medication. Sofie uses a key card to get into Barbara's room and fill a syringe full of the medication that Cole stole from the hospital. The Hughes and Stewart families continue to battle as Susan confronts Chris about locking Allison in the on call room. Kim and Susan argue with each other defending their children. Aaron locks Chris in the on call room and after a verbal fight they come to blows with each other. Chris and Aaron are taken to the police station where Bob persuades Chris not to press charges against Aaron if he wants to have any chance to save his medical career.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric overhears Brooke tell Donna and Marcus that she should tell Eric that Marcus is her son, and tell him sooner rather than later before he hears it from someone else. Donna quickly covers by making it about his job. Felicia tells Ridge and Steffy they need to track all this information down and find out who Marcus is and what hold he has over Donna. Katie doesn’t understand why Nick doesn’t want to talk about these feelings and their connection. She doesn’t want him to deny them. The last few days wasn’t just a fantasy, it was real. She knows Bridget will be hurt, but she wants them to be honest. Bridget examines Katie who is chomping at the bit to get out of bed. Bridget advises her to take it a little more slowly. She cries that it is because of Bridget that she has a second chance on life. She thanks Bridget for letting her have Nick and that time together. Bridget comments that she would not have it any other way. Katie tells Nick that Bridget has a big heart, and if she ever hurt her, she would never forgive herself.

Brooke asks Ridge to give Donna a break. He says it is business and they can’t let it throw them off track. Donna tells Marcus that she can tell that Eric was impressed with him. It won’t be long before she can tell him that he is her son. Being suspicious, Felicia brings in Marcus’ duffle bag and she searches through it finding nothing of importance. Steffy looks through again and finds Marcus’ birth certificate that lists him as a baby boy born to Donna Logan. Katie knows what she said, but she will not hurt Bridget that way, she will not cross that line. She wants to give in to it, but her gratitude to Bridget eclipses everything else. She vows to be happy for him and Bridget, and states she will always love Nick.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe agrees to keep Lucas’ secret. Max escapes from Robbins’ room with a picture while Bo investigates the break-in. Steve confronts Stephanie about what’s going on, but she remains mum, and Kayla tells Steve to let the two of them work it out. John calls Ava for help with Phillip, and she has her goons bring Paul in. They threaten him and rough him up, but he maintains that he had nothing to with the fire. Lucas recognizes Paul from the dock. Nicole runs away from Robbins’ house, clearly scared of him, and asks Phillip to protect her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Alexis contemplates running away, Jerry vows to keep her safe if she will stay. Claudia finds Spinelli drunk and gets him safely home. The grateful boy invites her to dinner, to Jason's displeasure. She takes him to task over how he treats Spinelli. Maxie wins a date with Johnny. When Sonny begins feeling depressed over his domestic situation or lack thereof, Kate makes him feel more hopeful.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At the police station, Mallet is walking out when he spots Dinah. She has heard about the arrests and is talking about it. She says she expects a statement from the arresting officer. Daisy finally tells Reva about Grady and Cyrus' relationship. Reva is upset. Daisy tries to tell her she is sorry. Daisy also says she didn't know at first. She just found out a couple of days ago. Reva tells Daisy they have to tell Cassie. Daisy thinks that is a bad idea. Daisy thinks maybe over the phone would be better than in person. Reva asks how Daisy could let Grady back into his life. Reva orders Daisy not to see Grady ever again. Mallet tells Cassie they have the man that ran over Cassie. Dinah asks Ashlee for a favor, she wants Ashlee to do the story about Tammy's accident and the arrest of the guy as soon as Mallet gives her the ok. Reva tries to call Cassie. She only gets answering machines or voice-mail. Daisy runs off while Reva tries to reach Cassie. Reva run after her. Mallet continues to tell Cassie what he knows of the arrest. Mallet calls Dinah and gives her the ok to go with the story. He then calls Cassie but gets her answering machine and tells her one more thing he has to tell her. Daisy meets up with Ashlee and tells her about Grady. Ashlee is not happy. Cyrus gets out on bail thanks to Buzz. Cyrus tells Buzz about it. Buzz tells him after the things he has done he shouldn't judge. Cyrus thanks Buzz for getting out and leaves the police station. Dinah comes back to the police station to talk to Mallet. Daisy and Cyrus meet up and talk. Daisy says she is sorry. Reva goes to the house and calls for Daisy. When no one answers her she leaves. Daisy then talks to Buzz about her troubles. She ask Buzz for help. Reva catches up with Daisy and Buzz. Ashlee not knowing that Cassie doesn't know all yet tells her. Cassie doesn't even know what she is talking about and Ashlee is crying. Cassie is still clueless. Cassie then figures some of it out in between Ashlee's crying and takes off. Ashlee tries to stop her, calling after her. Daisy sitting with Buzz and Reva tells them she will give back all the money she stole from the register. Reva says, "You bet you will." Cyrus goes to Josh and tell him about Grady and that Cassie might know by now. Josh is fuming mad when he leaves. As Josh leaves Cyrus tells Josh he is sorry. Josh walking out says you bet you are. At the Springfield PD Cassie is held back as she is about to lash out at Cyrus. Alone, Daisy takes a photo of her and Grady out of her jacket pocket. Josh and Reva find each other and head to the SPD. Ashlee goes to Buzz looking for Daisy. Cassie has words with Cyrus as Grady looks on is shame. After Cassie is through with her anger at Cyrus. Cyrus just stands there in quiet. Later Cyrus is out side trying to make a telephone call he then changes his mind. Josh gets Cassie home on the couch and he gets her mug of coffee. Daisy is outside Company on the steps thinking and Buzz is on the porch with Reva.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tina reappears to see Sara and Cristian. Sara wants to believe and trust her mother. But Cristian is very guarded and demands to know why she abandoned her daughter. Dorian is ready to take over B.E. and make it Cramer Enterprises. She offers Gigi a good paying job that will enable her to provide for her son, if Gigi is willing to help her with something. But Gigi washes her hands of Dorian and is ready to look for another job. Natalie asks Clint, Bo and Nora if they might consider dropping the charges against Jared if she can tell them whom Asa's rightful heir really is. Clint says no way. But Bo and Nora consider that maybe it's not cost effective to keep Jared locked up when the person they should really go after is Dorian. Viki goes to see Charlie and tells him she can never forgive or trust him again. But it sounds like she really wishes she could. David goes to see Dorian and obviously has a trick up his sleeve.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo refuses to bow down and goes to Jabot to asks for her job back, Jill agrees on one condition that she be the receptionist. Neil questions Adam’s changes to Beauty of Nature, Victor assures Neil that he has approved these changes and tells Adam to keep Neil abreast of any changes. Victoria shares her disdain with Neil about the union of Victor and Sabrina, Neil offers sound advice and urges her to attend the ceremony. David buys Nikki a horse and continues to gamble out of control, Victoria overhears him placing a bet. Colleen returns from Singapore and its not all sunshine and roses as she breaks up with Adrian and accepts a job at the coffeehouse.

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