The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/16/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Richie bumps into Zach at the hospital. Zach begins to remember what Richie had done to him. Zach grabs Richie, but the cops have to break them up. Kendall urges Josh to sleep with Greenlee again. Josh is surprised by Kendall’s suggestion. Ryan comes home and finds Annie gone, but does find the mess that Annie had made. Annie pays Greenlee a visit and demands that Greenlee stay away from Ryan. Angie examines Richie and tells him that his system is shutting down. The police order a warrant. Annie comes home and asks Ryan does he want to leave her for Greenlee. Ryan lets her know that he will not leave her for Greenlee. Katrina agrees to help Babe and J.R. by giving a statement to the police. Zack threatens Richie’s life. Zack gives the police a statement .Kendall pays Greenlee a visit and will not leave until Greenlee lets her in.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke is trying to be supportive as Noah moves out of the cottage. Meg continues to worry about Sophie – especially after Paul gave her the check, as Paul is sure the Sophie will do the right thing. Sophie tells a furious Cole that she dropped the charges against Paul. Paul learns from Margo that Sophie dropped the charges. Luke wonders what the status of his and Noah’s relationship is? Lucinda is happy to see Lily in good spirits, as she admits it is nice to talk business and not focus solely on Holden. Carly and Holden share a kiss, but then Carly burns herself. Sophie kicks Cole out after he insinuates that Paul is laughing at her. Lily is content right now that Holden admits that he wants to work on their marriage. Noah explains that he just needs a break. Carly and Holden share awkward moments in the car, as Carly wants to talk about it but Holden doesn’t. Sophie comes to see Paul but finds Meg; Meg informs her that she isn’t welcome there anymore. Sophie is surprised to learn Meg knows about the check. Lucinda and Barbara bond over cancer, as Lucinda doesn’t want to see Barbara make the same mistake she did with her kids by pushing them away. Luke runs into a friend, Reg, and finds out he and his boyfriend broke up; Reg asks about the rumor that Noah is now married and then asks Luke to hang out sometime. Carly and Holden are uncomfortable as they arrive at the farm and run into an excited Lily, who wants to know everything that happened on their trip. Holden excuses himself, as Carly and he catch one another’s eyes. Carly talks to Lily about their time at the camp and their trip home - while leaving out the obvious. Paul and Meg find Barbara feeling not so well at lunch and Meg takes her upstairs while Paul cancels her order. Paul bumps into Sophie, who insinuates that she might take his money and leave town. She also poses a question to Paul; if Meg didn’t exist would they have ever stood a chance? Luke tells Noah about Reg and Noah is unsure what to think but doesn’t back down from still needing space, which leads to a big blow up with them, as Luke doesn’t know where he stands and Noah can’t tell him anything concrete other then he needs time. Paul tells Sophie that loving Meg isn’t a choice - he just does. Luke walks out on Noah, who also reacts badly. Luke meets up with Reg. Meg takes a leave of absence to take care of Barbara; Sophie overhears she and Paul talking about how she is on probation. Noah hears about Luke’s side from Lucinda’s point of view. Noah moves out, leaves his wedding band behind, but later he spies Luke with Reg, and takes off unnoticed. Luke leaves soon after. Sophie slips into the on call room at the hospital, takes Meg’s ID badge and goes to look her up on the hospital computer. Lily is thrilled when Holden agrees to have breakfast with her, but Holden can’t stop thinking about his kiss with Carly. Carly is looking over pictures on the computer at camp and is stopped in her tracks by happy and comfortable pictures of she and Holden.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna confides to Brooke that she hopes their lives can get back to normal. But if there are naysayers out there who want to stick the pin in the Donna Logan doll, she has a so-called scandal that might do it. She has a son. She tells Brooke that Eric is wonderful and kind and generous; he will get to know Marcus and love him as much as she does. But it’s Brooke who has her mouth left on the floor when she is introduced to Marcus. She quickly gets over her shock and welcomes him openly. Jackie and Nick share a toast over the two remarkable women upstairs. Katie tells Bridget she owes Bridget her life, not once, but twice. She will always be grateful. Katie thanks Nick again for her wonderful prom night, and the only difference is the princess didn’t die. Steffy takes a peek at Marcus’ personnel file that Pam left for her to see. She shows it to her father, Thorne and Felicia. They all think Eric should see it pronto. Marcus got employment here even though he had no background check.

They immediately get on the internet and start some checking. With Donna as a potential liability, Ridge wants to find out all he can about this Marcus and they find he comes from Texas. Katie confesses to Nick that she doesn’t feel very brave. She thinks about that day on the beach when she wished the water could just wash her away, let fate decide. But now she has a second chance and he made her see it, made her want to wake up in the morning, what she had been missing and what could be. He made her want to live. He has this uncanny feeling to know what she is feeling, and she doesn’t want to hide from life ever again. He has brought magic into her life, and she loves him. She doesn’t care who hears her say it, she loves him!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate refuses to let Daniel operate on her. Her surgery with another doctor is successful. Victor overhears Daniel ask Chelsea out for dinner. EJ offers a divorce settlement to Victor. He tells Nicole and EJ that he will accept if the offer is cut in half, and Nicole agrees. Lucas tells Sami that either she or EJ must move out of the mansion. Sami breaks the news to EJ, telling him that it can’t be her. Chloe gets Lucas to admit that he removed his ankle monitor and snuck out of the mansion. He begs her not to tell anyone. Steve and Kayla are allowed to hold Joe for the first time. Max sneaks over to Dean Robbins’ house and trashes the place. He hides when Robbins comes back with Nicole. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla worry about Max and his troubles. Stephanie and Nick search for him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis is in meltdown over the Sonny/Christina situation. Diane and Max discuss it. Lulu talks about her Johnny problems with her brother. Sonny tries to learn more about the Zaccharas from Ric.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy meets up with Cyrus at Harleys house. He tells her how much it means to him and means to Harley. Reva and Cassie meet up. Reva has a bag, Cassie is curious. Reva says it is for the baby. Cassie gives her a look that makes Reva explain clearer that they are for Ava. Cassie smiles and feels relieved. Lizzie is talking with Bill about Ava and the baby. Lizzie is still quite angry at Bill and shows it with her snide remarks. Daisy and Cyrus are on the porch of the house still talking about Harley and Gus. Daisy can't believe how people get away with stuff and she keeps getting busted. Cyrus is talking about his brother. He wants Daisy to stay away from him. Grady is Cyrus' brother! The two brothers are talking about the death of Tammy Winslow. Grady says he wished that never happened. Grady tells him to leave the property. As Grady leaves Cyrus asks him where he is going. Grady tells him he doesn't owe him that since he doesn't seem to care otherwise. Billy is giving Bill Miss Martha's wedding ring to give to Ava. Bill brushes his father off by saying thanks for stopping by and that he has a lot of work. Reva meets with Lizzie and they are talking about Bill and Ava. Reva tell Lizzie how happy she is that Lizzie is taking it so well. Little does Reva know that Lizzie has something planned for Bill and Ava. Cyrus is on the phone with Grady and telling him that he has to disappear because if Cassie knows he is around she will press charges or worse because he continue to tell him she never recovered from Tammy's death. After what she heard, Daisy goes to Grady to tell him what she now knows. She gets angry and leaves Grady at the storage building. Cassie starts crying while talking with Cyrus about Tammy and what should happen to the person involved with her death. Reva is now talking with her grandmother, Lillian. While doing so she gets a call from Grady. He tells her times up. Lizzie tries to get him off the phone before Lillian hears too much. She finally hangs up and tells Lillian she has to go. Bill and Billy are still talking about Bill's upcoming wedding. Later when Bill and Reva meet up, Reva has fun kidding with Bill. She then gets serious telling him to not hurt Lizzie. He tells Reva he is trying not to. Reva reminds him what the Spauldings are like when they are hurt. Cyrus meets up with Mallet. They are talking about hearing from Harley. Lizzie meet up with Grady with his money she owes him. Mallet sees Daisy running. He sees she is upset. He thinks it is about Rafe and Harley. Mallet pleads with her to tell him where they are. Grady is at the storage building counting the money he just got from Lizzie. Lizzie meets up with Billy. They start talking about Bill and Ava, till Lizzie stops Billy and tells him that is not why she is there. Lizzie has a business proposition for Billy which Billy says no too. Lizzie kind of upset says fine. Cyrus and Grady meet up again at the storage building shed. They talk more. Lizzie meets up with Bill at the park, to try to compromise. It doesn't happen, as they separate Bill drops something in the grass and Lizzie helps him find it. Daisy sis at her cousin's grave. Mallet has both Cyrus and Grady arrested, Grady for murder, Cyrus for aiding him. Daisy is at Reva's feeling miserable. Reva sees her out on her porch and asks what's up. Daisy says she died something awful she can't fix. Reva says they can. Daisy still isn't sure. Both Cyrus and Grady are fingerprinted and put into cells next to each other. Cyrus is just thinking while Grady looks on....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John, Antonio and Talia are attempting to unravel and decipher the mystery involving Ramsey getting shot, the mysterious redhead with the dog in the limousine who took the jewels and cash from his home, and the invalid woman who got removed from Ramsey's home. Yet they come up with nothing. Tina (the redhead in question) finds her way to Viki's home and spies upon her sister. She overhears Viki talking to Sara and wishes she could reunite with her daughter. But she overhears that everybody believes she has abandoned her family. David wants to reveal his secret to the family but doesn't know how. Tina spies and notices him when he goes to talk to Viki. Natalie goes to see Jared in jail and tells him that she wants to help him clear his name. She goes and tells her father and uncle that she and Jared can tell them whom the real Buchanan heir is and she hopes that they will drop the charges against Jared if they tell her what they know.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

The wedding is approaching and Sabrina and Jana try on their dresses, Sabrina also goes to see the OB/GYN. Devon and Lily reminisce about the old days while at the Condo; Neil returns from NY sans Karen. They decide to stick around and keep him company. Victor visits Restless Style asking Nick if he’d allow Summer to be in the wedding, Nick thinks she may be too young but he notices a peace and calm in Victor that was not evident before, he talks to Victoria about this and states that he will be attending the wedding as a truce. Glo and Jeff have a tryst in the pool house but it soon turns ugly when she realizes he was the one who took her diamonds. Victor sees Sabrina in her dress.

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