The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/13/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

A process server serves Kendall a subpoena; she is being sued for one million dollars, in a civil suit by Greenlee. Annie is ovulating, and plans to get pregnant with Ryan’s child. Richie starts to convulse, and JR becomes concerned. He calls Babe, who suggests that JR get Richie to the hospital quickly. Jessie says that he is OK with turning down the chief of police job. Ronda, Frankie’s patient is back in the hospital. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is lucky to have her in his life, because he needs a friend. Josh confesses that he slept with Greenlee; Kendall is shocked. JR tells on Richie; the police are called.

Angie agrees that JR could have had his bone marrow stolen. Greenlee admits that the more damage she does, the worse she feels, but she cannot stop her behavior. Annie made dinner, but Ryan was not there. She realized that he was not coming, because he was with Greenlee. The police come to investigate JR, and Richie’s story. As Greenlee enters her apartment she sees Annie sitting on the sofa waiting for her. Richie runs into Zach, who recognize his voice, and thinks that he is the man who locked him in the bomb shelter.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Parker tells Jack about his new Job as an instructor at a local tennis camp and asks him if its okay he not go to his regular camp this year. Jack is proud of Parker and decides to let him stay and work at the tennis camp. Parker pretends he doesn't know how to play tennis and plays a match with Liberty. Liberty is angry when she catches on to the joke and decides to hang out with Dylan. Janet is bored since Liberty is in summer school so she helps Jack take care of J.J. Carly and Holden have a fun day at camp but their car gets robbed while they stop on their way back to look at the view. Holden and Carly hitch a ride and find the car on the road but the car keys, their cell phones , and money are missing. Holden hot wires the car and while he shows Carly how to hot wire a car they come close to kissing each other. Meg and Paul discover that Sofie did not go to the high school where she claimed and later Meg threatens to rip Sofie's life apart if she doesn't drop the rape charges against Paul. Sofie rushes to Fairwinds and Paul seeing a panicked and nervous Sofie gives her a check to begin a new life. Sofie goes back to the Lakeview and thinks about what she should do with the check and heads to the police station to show Margo the check.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie comes to Forrester's and is delighted to see Steffy working there, who claims it is more interesting that she thought. Pam snoops around in Shipping and quizzes Marcus what are his qualifications. All are pleased to tell Katie that it looks like her procedure worked and the heart problem isn’t coming back. It’s a miracle, she’s going to live and the miracle is also Bridget. Katie thinks good thoughts and Nick confides in Brooke that he was honored to be part of the prom last night that got Katie to let go of her painful past. This Katie crisis has made Donna realize how short life is and she wants to tell everyone that Marcus is her son. He won’t let her. He knows Eric’s family is already trashing her, even blaming low sales on her, so this news will only add to the misery.

Nick tells Bridget if it wasn’t for her, they would be calling the morgue right now and he knows she would have done it even for a stranger….he loves her for that. Steffy catches Donna still in Shipping talking to Marcus. He’s defensive when she asks if he would be working there if it weren’t for Donna? Pam manages to get to Steffy and lets her know she doesn’t trust Marcus and how Donna got him the job. She can’t say a word as it would upset Eric if she spoke badly about his new bride, but if she just happened to leave Marcus’s personnel file laying about and Steffy found it, well no one could do anything about that. Stephanie asks Brooke about Katie and they share a quick bonding moment. Nick confesses to Bridget that he also feels a bond toward Katie. She reveals that she knows he loves her and she is secure in that and will never let anything bother her again about their relationship. They hug and kiss, but his eyes keep going back to that frail little figure in the bed.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel diagnoses Kate with a torsion in her abdomen. He tells her family that she will need surgery, but should be fine. Chelsea admits to Daniel that she is in love with him. Nicole pinkie swears that she won’t tell anyone about Sami and EJ’s annulment going through. In exchange, EJ tells her he has a way to get her the divorce settlement she wants. Max continues to refuse to tell Stephanie what is wrong with him. They make love, and after she falls asleep, he tells her that no one can ever know about “him.” Kayla fills Caroline in on what is going on with Max. John tells Marlena that she is in love with a man that doesn’t exist, and she packs her bags, threatening to leave. Chloe accuses Lucas of spying on he down at the pier. Sami begs Marlena to stay and help John with the situation with Phillip. Phillip and Lucas find out that Kate is in the hospital. Victor shoos EJ away when he comes to talk to him about the divorce settlement.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jerry is somewhat amused by Spinelli's charming Aussie pretense. Lucky and Sam's investigation brings them face to face with a woman whose man Sam stole and scammed, but Lucky professes not to care about her past. When Claudia accuses Nadine of wanting Nikolas, the nurse denies it. Robin and the baby are fine, but Patrick is prompted to tell her that he's in it with her for the long haul. Jason brings Sonny the Father's Day gift that Michael ordered and had delivered to Jason for safekeeping.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill continues his toast to Lizzie's dismay. Olivia questions Ava about the announcement of the engagement to Bill. Ava tells her she is happy. Dinah is visited by Remy, who hands her a drink. She says thank you. He says, No Problem. Dinah is getting annoyed at those asking her how she is. Ashlee is spending Time with Daisy and Buzz. Ashlee is talking with Grady. Grady visits a shocked Lizzie. Grady tells Lizzie he can very easily see that Alan goes down for murder if Lizzie tells who he really is. While they are talking, Lizzie hears footstep approaching her room. She has Grady hide. When Lizzie opens the door it is Alan. After she gets Alan out, Grady comes out of the closet and asks Lizzie for money. She writes him a check. He wants her to double it. Bill is at the park on the bridge looking at a picture. Lizzie gets rid of Grady and breathes a sigh of relief. Remy is visiting Dinah. He tells her that Bill will kick him out. Dinah says no. That Remy is her friend. Lizzie goes to Company. Just as soon as she gets there, she gets sick to her stomach. She runs to the bathroom. Buzz goes after her. He asks her if she is pregnant. While holding her head on the sink she cries she wants a family, which in a way answers Buzz's question. Grady is teaching Ashlee some arm exercises. Remy questions Ava about the engagement. Ava gets upset at Remy for it. They get quiet when Bill comes to the door. Bill asks Ava if she is ready to then they leave Remy standing there. Ashlee is questioning Grady. Lizzie and Alan are talking. Lizzie says she is staying at the beacon until she builds a house. She wants the family together. She then says she is starving and grabs a menu. Later Lizzie leaves and Alan asks for a refresh drink with a smile on his face. Ava has another doctor's appointment. Bill accompanies her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Todd and his bodyguard are tailing Starr and Cole, he gets distracted when he spots a limousine with his long-lost sister, Tina. He follows it to Ramsey's house where Tina pays Ramsey out of a suitcase for the jewels that he has. She is known as the Princess of Mendora but we don't know why. Her agent pulls a gun on her so she hands over the goods. She escapes. And she just happens to "stumble" upon her daughter, Sara who does not see her while in the park with Cristian. Two thugs come to Ramsey's house and shoot him with the intent to steal the money and the jewels. But John shoots the thugs before they have a chance and Tina walks away with the money. John enters Ramsey's house. So do Todd and his bodyguard. Todd discovers that Ramsey has been been hiding Marty Saybrooke. She is alive but ill and has lost her memory. Todd and his bodyguard have a plan to prevent John from knowing she is there. Meanwhile, Starr decides that she wants to have her baby but give it up for adoption.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Neil goes to NY to win Karen back, he proposes and she refuses. Cane tells Lily that Chloe kissed him, Lily confronts Chloe and orders her to pack her things and be out of the campus house before she returns. Glo is a complete disaster, Lauren fires her after she sets Fenmore’s on fire. Jill tells Jeffrey that they can just be friends with benefits and Adam rubs Beauty of Nature now Newman Infinity in Victoria’s face. While Sabrina and Victor plan their upcoming nuptials and future; Sabrina asks Jana to be her maid of honor.

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