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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Samuel Woods offered Jessie the police chief job. JR has cornered, and beaten Ritchie. JR knows that Richie set him up, drugged him, put him in bed with a hooker, hit Zach with JR’s car, and buried Zach in the bomb shelter, but he did not know that Richie stole his bone marrow. Dixie returns to Tad in her ghostly form. Ryan cancels dinner plans with Annie, and she is disappointed. Tad, and Dixie have their star that they wish upon. Jesse wants to work as the police chief; he asks Angie how would she feel if she couldn't be a doctor again.

Richie admits that he wouldn't have kidnapped JR if he had known that he would give him his bone marrow; Richie start to convulse. Annie asks Greenlee when will she stop butting into their lives. Carmen has arranged for an inmate “thank you” rally for Erica. Carmen gives Erica a great idea about a “New Beginnings” show to be held in prison. Tad said goodbye to Dixie; he asks to touch her one last time, and she thinks it can be arranged.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Carly are forced to go to take the girls to camp when Lily has a business meeting and Jack has to stay home and take care J.J who is sick. Holden and Carly are tense with each other but later relax when the camp director catches them sneaking beer into the cabin they have to share. Katie arrives home early from her trip to find Janet has moved into the house. Katie and Brad fight for a long time but in the end Katie forgives Brad for his mistake and Janet moves back into the Lakeview. Jack refuses to help Janet by talking to Katie and asking her to not be so hard on Brad. Janet later comes by the house to apologize to Jack for putting him on the spot about Katie she also brings chicken soup for J.J. Allison tells Bob she won't go to court if she is reinstated in the nursing program and Chris is fired. Bob advises Chris to either fight the lawsuit or find a job opportunity in another state. Chris decides to fight the lawsuit but makes things worse for himself by locking Allison in the on call room and telling her she is unbalanced , has a terrible past, and she will lose in court. Chris insists he did nothing wrong and when Chris refuses to let Allison leave the room she tells him she will scream, call the police, and tell them he held her against her will. Chris allows Allison to leave the room an she says she will see him in court where he will be the one who feels trapped.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge calls an emergency team meeting about the future of Forrester Creations. They don’t want to oust Eric, but they are concerned. Ridge passes out the latest sales figures to Thorne, Felicia, Ashley, Steffy and Phoebe with the proof that Eric’s marriage to Donna is a proven negative and the company has gotten bad publicity. They all agree that Donna Logan does not belong in the company, now what to do about that? And it bothers them when they find out that Marcus was hired with no experience or interest in fashion all because Donna pushed for it. Ridge states that Eric married Donna, so be it, but she’s hurting the company. They all agree that as of now Donna is out and Stephanie is back in.

Brooke, Nick, Bridget and Donna stay at Katie’s bedside waiting for any sign that she will pull through. Stephen is called, but he can not get out of Paris. Donna whispers to Katie that she was the only person she confided in about Marcus, but she will tell Eric very soon. Brooke remembers Katie’s birth and that she was a gift from God. While Nick holds Katie’s hand and says his goodbyes, there is a breakthrough. She sees this bright light and Nick’s face and asks if she is in Heaven?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nick continues to demand that Max be given credit for his work. Max confides in Nick that he has always been smart, but hid it so he wouldn’t be labeled as a geek. Nick wants him to take an IQ test, but he refuses. Later, Max tells Robbins that if he doesn’t let Nick keep the money, he will expose him. Morgan catches Chloe and Phillip kissing. John continues his date with Ava. Hope and Bo visit John and Phillip respectively, telling them that the warehouse where John’s cargo was impounded was burned to the ground. John immediately suspects Phillip. Phillip calls Paul in a rage, yelling at him for burning the warehouse down. Marlena returns to find Ava at the mansion. Sami demands that Lucas tell her where he was earlier, but he claims he has been in the mansion and hasn’t left. Chloe realizes that Lucas must have been spying on her at the pier. Lucas remembers running into Paul at the docks shortly before the fire. Hope and Bo compare notes and suspect that Phillip is lying.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Following a heart to heart with Liz, Patrick goes to declare his intentions to be a dad to his child to Robin, but she's more interested in pizza first. When he returns with it, she has collapsed. Thanks to clout, Nikolas is able to get past red tape and get to work on the clinic. Under Jax's tutelage, the Jackal turns into a well dressed charmer, just in time to wow Giselle, the editor of Couture who had stopped by to harass Kate until Jax showed up to take them both to the Star for Roulette. Both Claudia and Anthony pressure Lulu about Johnny, but one wants her gone and the other wants to keep her as a means of controlling the boy. Luke's cryptic clues send Sam and Lucky south of the border.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah continues her conversation at the park with Bill about the party. Bill doesn't want a party like the Spaulding. He asks about the invitations if they all went out. Dinah ends the question by saying she is not even sure who is coming. Ava visits her mother, Olivia. Just as she leaves, Mallet arrives. Back at the park Dinah. They salute each other with drinks. Bill and Ava talk. Ava says she wants Bill and wants a life with him, but she can't leave Olivia. Bill's solution to that is have Olivia move in with them. Ava thanks him. Frank drops by Company. Blake is there talking with Buzz. Frank comes by. Later Marina is there. Later Marina leaves. She then calls someone. Ava, Mallet and Olivia are together at Olivia's, Ava tells them of her conversion with Bill. She is so excited. Lizzie talks with Dinah. Lizzie wants to come to this part. Dinah says no. Lizzie continues by saying when her Grandmother and she and mother lived there her Gram used to help with the preparations. Dinah cuts her off and tells her that she doesn't live there and is not invited to this party. Lizzie says ok and leaves. Dinah gets on the phone to security and orders Lizzie off and not to allow her on the property again. Bill goes back to Ava and Olivia's and they get ready for the party. Lizzie is having a talk with Remy and telling him of her latest with Dinah. And about growing up in the house Dinah "stoled" from her. Olivia, Ava and Bill arrive at Dinah's. Bill calls out for her. She appears in a nice dress. She calls him to a bedroom and gives him a box. She wants him to help her put on her jewelry. Bill tells Dinah that he invited Ava, Olivia and Emma to come live with them. Dinah is not pleased. She tells Bill it wasn't part of the plan. Both Remy and Lizzie are now drunk. Not making much sense about anything. Remy says someone should get Ava away from Bill before it is too late. Lizzie says she tried. Bill an Ava are together and talking about what Bill calls a boring party. He wants Ava to call people to come over. Ava says no. Ava start running at the mouth about living at the Spaulding Mansion with her baby, mother, and husband. She then regrets the last and Bill says wait a minute. Ava then says she doesn't expect anything from him. Later Bill has a run in with Dinah who tells him that the guests will be going home soon. Lizzie arrives to Dinah's and Bills surprise. Dinah tries to talk to Lizzie after Bill does. Dinah tells Lizzie to get over Bill and let him be happy with Ava. Mallet tells Franks and Buzz about he and Marina while she is not in the room. When she comes back the guys get quiet. Mallet tells her he told them about them. Frank breaks the quiet by joking that finally a guy he likes. Everyone smiles. Outside the Mansion, Bill and Lizzie have an argument. Bill tries to calm her down. Bill reminds her of the baby and that is the life he didn't have. Ava is on the stairs when Bill sees her. He tells her to wait there and he runs up next to her to make an announcement that they are engaged.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In this episode, we reveal two long-lost characters. The mysterious, unseen, invalid woman whom Ramsey is keeping in his home is Marty Saybrooke. The mysterious "princess of Mendora" appears in Llanview and reveals herself as Viki and Todd's sister, Tina. She collects the stolen jewels from Ramsey and pays him. She also reveals she has a dog named David Vickers. Shortly after Ramsey and Tina have their "transaction", two guys enter Ramsey's house and shoot him. John is listening to what is going on at Ramsey's home with a surveillance device. He rushes into Ramsey's house. Todd and his bodyguard also enter.

Starr and Cole are in the park with the infant Sam, when they run into Marcie. Starr panics when she sees that she cannot respond to Sam when he cries the way Marcie can. She concludes that she is not ready to be a mom. And when she finds out that Marcie cannot have kids nor adopt, she declares that there is something terribly wrong and she must "do something" about it. Rex and Gigi run into each other at the hospital. They uncover the secrets and schemes on the parts of both Adriana and Brody and are both furious at their respective "partners". And it looks like their opportunities exist to continue their relationship.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Father’s Day is being celebrated in Genoa City, new relationships are being built between estranged offspring’s and their donors; meaning Heather, Paul, Adam and Victor. Michael asks about his father and Glo really doesn’t have much in the way of answers. Devon and Lily urge Neil to go after Karen. While the Newman clan (minus) Victor and his “new family” enjoy brunch at the club. Sabrina has a wonderful Father’s Day surprise for Victor, she’s pregnant and Victor of course is ecstatic.

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