The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Kendall play a game of tennis which results in Greenlee getting hit in the eye with the ball. Tad and Joe discuss the fact that Kathy is really Kate. Dixie pays yet another visit to Adam in which she congratulates him for doing the right thing when it came to telling the truth about Kathy. Zach threatens that he will bring Aidan down if he hurts Kendall or Greenlee. Opal brings Kathy to see Tad. J.R. and Babe conspire to trap Richie. They consider getting Zach involved in their plan. J.R. suggests moving back in with Babe. Babe refuses to let him move back in. Richie finds out about Annie’s plan to become pregnant by Ryan. Richie blackmails Annie. Annie succumbs to his blackmail and pays him off. Tad tells Kathy that she is his daughter. Krystal pays a visit to Adam in which she tells him that when she had seen him with Kathy that he was more like the man that she had fallen in love with.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Emily, Casey and Daniel return from New York. Chris meets with Dr. Bob and Tom to discuss the harassment case and hopes it doesn't go to court. Meanwhile Bonnie talks with Alison and advises her it is all in the timing and they need to get it to the court as soon as possible. Alison's duties have been re-instated and Bonnie tells her not to fall for this to get her to drop her case. Kim asks a reluctant Susan for two minutes. If this case goes to court, there will be no winners, just losers. Her husband and son won't be the only ones hurt, being raked over the coals. Neither of them should want to see their kids or the hospital drug through the mud. Susan advises Alison she may not want to do this, to air all the dirty linen. Emily walks up and tells her to forget that, get out the big guns and blow that guy away. Kim asks Chris not to breathe a word of this to his dad. Luke goes through bad times waiting to hear from Noah and vows to stay busy. Lilly runs into Noah and offers condolences about his dad, but advises not to push away the people that love him. She invites him for a home-cooked meal. When Lilly brings him home with her, there are awkward moments between Luke and Noah.

Emily rails at both Susan and Alison and will not roll over and play dead for the Hughes and thinks Alison shouldn't either. They bicker, but Alison warns her to mind her own business and not ruin her life. Casey begs Emily and asks why she is fighting it? It doesn't matter to him that she is the mother of his half brother. In leaving, Luke follows Noah out and insists he get some things off his chest. Noah rejects any mention of them trying to stay in touch. Holden and Lilly confide in each other as they prepare to send the girls off to summer camp. Alison confides to Aaron that she isn't sure she is doing the right thing taking this to court. He wants her to do what feels right. And he's not going anywhere, he will be there for her. Margo thinks Casey is spending too much time with Emily; how do they fix that? Emily vows to continue to see Casey, but it must remain a secret. He clears the desk and they make mad, passionate love there.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After the home prom, Katie and Nick kiss and she comments that was some kiss. It made her weak feel knees or knees feel weak, one of those. Steffy hugs her dad and compliments him doing such a good job and the sentiment attached to make Katie’s dress and this night such a memorable one for her. Bridget continues to work feverishly on the internet and she won’t stop looking. She’s got to hold out some hope and find the answer. She finally finds it – the long shot and Dr. Patrick makes the arrangements. Katie’s fever has spiked and she breaths deeply, coughing. She doesn’t want Nick to leave her side not even to call someone. She just wants him to talk to her about the island, the prom, all they have shared in the last few days. She gasps, closes her eyes and is silent. Marcus is sad to hear that Donna’s other sister is dying. Katie, this is Marcus’s aunt and he doesn’t even know her. But she seems to believe in him and he likes her for that. He wishes he had more time to get to know Katie better. Donna offers that she wishes he had someone to take care of him too. Steffy oversees this conversation from a distance.

As he looks over the magic room from a few hours ago, Nick is stricken what to do next. He sinks down in a chair and tears up as he reminisces about the time on the island, the prom. Bridget and Brooke rush in and yell at him they have the solution. He barks back to set all the equipment down, it’s too late. Bridget examines Katie anyway and wants to try. Nick demands Katie have a peaceful death and not try to prolong her life. Bridget and Brooke both insist this won’t prolong it, but it could save it. All they can do now is wait and pray.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max admits to Nick that he altered some of his work. Nick, hurt that Max didn’t think he was smart enough to collaborate with, talks to Robbins, and gives up his grant money, pointing Max out as the person who deserves it. Daniel continues to run tests on Kate. He confides in her about Chelsea, and tells her that they cannot be together. Chelsea tells him later that she knows he doesn’t love her. In private, Daniel admits to himself that he does. Lucas hears Chloe crying and calls her to comfort her. She wants to form an alliance and he agrees. Sami notices that he is missing, and Roman shows up looking for him at the mansion. Lucas shows up just as Roman starts to demand to know where he is. Phillip talks Morgan into having dinner with him some time. Her father, Paul, warns both her and Phillip to stay away from each other. Chloe catches Morgan leaving the mansion and is furious with Phillip. He claims that they are just friends and kisses Chloe. John and Ava have their first date. They find that they have a lot in common and they end up kissing.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Seeing how well Jax manages women inspires Spinelli to choose a new hero. Diane gets a payoff for Spinelli from the guy he assaulted while defending Layla. She then tells Jason he loves working for him but expects it not to last and Sonny to take it all back. Carly and Kate argue over who Sonny loves more. Robin melts down a bit after being confronted by the husband of a patient she lost. Luke sends Lucky a coded message through Sam. Tracy comes home and reveals he's penniless.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill and Billy are at a batting park and having an argument. Lizzie is talking with Alan about family and what Lizzie wants to do in life. Remy does Ava a favor and gets a thank you. Billy is also with Ava and they are talking about the baby. Remy is now with Dinah and they are talking while sparing boxing. Alan remembers when Lizzie was a little girl and tells her. Alan says he got a message to keep an eye on her. Lizzie thinks he got it wrong. Then Beth comes by with her baby. Bill and Remy talk about Ava and the baby. Remy gives Bill a test. Asking what color Ava was wearing. Remy thinks Bill doesn't care about Ava. Alan is still talking to both Lizzie and Beth. He wants to be back on top. Bill gets to Ava's doctor's appointment barely on time. They find out it is a boy they will be having. Later Remy and Ava are together. Remy shows her a picture. Dinah feels shoved aside by Mallet and tells him. After Dinah leaves Mallet gets a call from Frank. Frank wants Mallet to pick someone up for questioning. Lizzie meets Billy at the park and talk about Bill and Ava. Bill meets Dinah at the park and tells her that Ava and he are having a boy. She is excited for them. Bill tells Billy about the sonogram. Beth and Alan talk about Lizzie. Mallet come up on a person who is attempting to burn something. He yells for the person to stop. Mallet runs into Alan at Company. Mallet is still down. Alan tells him welcome to his world. Dinah and Remy meet. She gives him an invitation to the "Coming Out" party. He is reluctant to come. Dinah makes it an order to come.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Rex confronts Charlie and Roxy about who his real father is. He tells Roxy she is no longer his mother and wants nothing to do with her anymore. John, Talia and Antonio listen in on Ramsey and his house guest. Just before he says who from Llanview is going to be most surprised the housekeeper interrupts and takes the tray. He leaves a photo of John where the woman can see it. Later we here Ramsey call the woman "Marty". Adriana goes to Marcie to apologize for how she's treated her in the past few months. She tells her she and Rex are separated.  Shane asks if he can have his father's name. He invites Brody to the father son day at the community center. Gigi goes to Marcie's. When she sees Adriana she says she'll come back later. Adriana tells Gigi she didn't tell Rex about Shane and leaves for the airport.

Starr and Cole get into a heated discussion with a woman at the cafe about young people being parents when she sees them with Sam. Cole tells her all you need is love to be a good parent. The woman says she had kids but only after she went to college, traveled and was ready. Cole tells Starr not to listen to that woman but Starr agrees with her. Later in the park Cole suggests naming the baby Marty if its a girl. Starr doesn't seem thrilled but agrees. Sam starts crying but they can't calm him down. When Marcie walks by Starr asks her to help. The Ambassador of Mendoza welcomes the high princess. She takes off her sunglasses and says call me Tina. (Its Tina Lord!)

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Restless style may be headed for demise as ad sales decline and they lose a major ad account, thanks to Kate Perry an up in coming indie rocker who appeals to the younger crowd. Nick refuses to concede and so does Jack, both prepare to butt heads. Glo gets a job at Fenmore and her first day is AWFUL as she spills two cups of coffee on Jill ruining a 2000.00 blouse. Victor gives Adam an opportunity of a lifetime; Beauty of Nature. Sabrina is overwhelmed with happiness and Jill and Jeffrey get their groove on in the Jabot boardroom.

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