The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/10/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie examines Ryan. Jake comes in and lets Ryan know that there may be a way that Ryan can remember everything that he had lost from the last four years. Jesse meets Samuel for lunch. Jesse questions Samuel as to why he is here. Samuel tells Jesse that he is going to give him an accommodation. Jesse is puzzled. Kendall goes to visit Erica and lets her know what all had been going on between herself and Greenlee. Greenlee is at the Yacht Club and is on the phone with Josh. She tells Josh not to let anyone know that they had hooked up the night before. Zach walks up and lets her know that it is too late for that. Greenlee and Zach have a heart to heart talk about her feelings for Aidan. Jack arrives at the Yacht Club to see Lily. Lily is apprehensive about going away to school at M.I.T.

Samuel offers Jesse Frye’s job as Chief of Police. Erica gives Kendall some helpful advice on how to deal with Greenlee. Angie lets Ryan know that this treatment of Jake’s some kill Ryan. Jesse comes to the hospital to let Angie know that he had been offered Frye’s job as Chief of Police. Erica finds out that she has been replaced on “New Beginnings.” Erica throws a temper tantrum when she finds out the news. Kendall arrives at the Yacht Club and sees Greenlee with Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet substitutes for Katie on Oakdale Now and she and Brad interview a woman who wrote a book on empowering Single mothers. Liberty also appears on the show and offers her opinion on the topic. Brad, Janet and Liberty bond with each other while on the show. Janet tells Brad she is still scared of Bud who is a guest at the Lakeview so he offers to let her stay at his house until Bud leaves the hotel. Katie calls and Brad doesn't tell her that Janet substituted for her on the show or that she will be staying at the house for a few days. Noah gets angry at Luke and tells him he needs a break from their relationship. Noah later apologizes to Luke for making it seem like he blamed him for what happened in New York but makes it clear he needs a break from their relationship so he can think about things. Jack and Carly bond when J.J gets sick from strep throat and both blame themselves for not noticing J.J's symptoms earlier. Lily is frustrated and angry because Holden doesn't even want to spend one minute in the same room with her alone. Holden calls Jack to talk about the Ameera situation but Carly answers and Carly and Holden tell each other they are not having a good day but can't talk about it right now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Katie dance the night away under the disco ball. She picks out the music from the juke box, they take pictures both serious and silly. They drunk punch and he listens to her own not-so-great senior prom stories. She had been made fun of, her date made a bet, he was dared. She thanks Nick for listening and taking that away and giving her a new memory. Bridget explains to Brooke and Stephanie that she knows Nick is committed to her and she will give him up for this night or a few days to make Katie happy. Nick and Katie slow dance and she asks if he believes in life after death? He admits he believes life is on earth right here tonight. She agrees, and that it also has to come to an end and she thinks it is time. He asks what kind of prom date would he be if he didn’t see her home? He scoops her up in his arms and takes her upstairs.

Bridget is down because Katie is dying and she feels she has failed to find her a second chance at life. All they have managed to do is buy her a little more time. Nick places Katie down on her bed. She wants another pain pill, but he talks her out of it as being too soon. She seems to think that won’t matter now. She tells him how grateful she is tonight; she feels like the belle of the ball and it’s all because of him. He tells her there is no place he’d rather be right now nor anyone else he’d rather be with. He leans in and they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe moves out of the mansion, despite Phillip’s pleas with her to stay. After bickering with Sami about Brady, Chloe returns to find Morgan and Phillip flirting and having drinks. Chloe leaves her key and walks out. Paul meets with John and insists that he didn’t plant the drugs for Phillip. Morgan sees them together and she rushes off to Phillip to ask for help. Paul calls Phillip, demanding money for planting the drugs on John’s ships. John sets up a date with Ava. Lucas pays a man for a device that will remove his ankle monitor. He takes it off and heads down to the docks, where he finds Chloe in tears. Later, Sami searches for Lucas, but finds his ankle monitor instead. After Max forbids Robbins from being at the pub, Stephanie does some snooping in his room. After finding a picture of his biological mother, Max opens up and tells Stephanie some of the things he remembers about her. Stephanie encourages him to look for her, but Max refuses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny wants to undo his decision about giving up the boys, but Diane thinks he did the right thing. Johnny informs Claudia he and Lulu are together. Alexis continues to try and cut Sonny out of Christina's life, with no success. The mayor goes ballistic when Nikolas is arrested for solicitation. It was a mix up and besides, Nikolas pays the most taxes of anyone in town. Spinelli is arrested for assault when he defends a nurse's honor. However, Alexis gets everyone free.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy wants to know why Grady is in town if he has no ties. She leaves him alone at the storage unit. Ashlee is getting up and looking at herself in the mirror. Coop comes in and says good morning. He had just gone for a walk. He has a bag of groceries. He tells her about a phone call from Blake. While he goes to take a phone call Ashlee looks in the bag and grabs a sandwich which she later puts down on the table and turns her back away. Mallet and Marina are at the park. Buzz comes upon Daisy who is at Harley's getting ready for an outing. Buzz tells her Harley called. She is startled by the news. Grady visits the old Spaulding Mansion not knowing Alan doesn't live there anymore. He startles Dinah who wants to know who he is and what he is doing there. He just compliments her on looking prettier than Alan Spaulding. Grady wants money from Alan. Dinah tells him good luck on getting it. He is now wants to know why Dinah let him stay and not throw him out. Mallet and Marina are still talking. Marina says she is still a little stung since Cyrus. But is willing to let Mallet see her if he is willing to see a superior officer. Daisy meets up with Grady and gives him money. He can't believe she came through. Ashlee tells Coop he better get a move on if he wants to make it to his meeting and kisses him. Daisy is looking for someone other than whom she come up on, Mallet. She then takes off after they talk with Mallet calling after her. Dinah is talking with Buzz and tells him she is sorry about what happened with Frank and she is going to try and fix it. While Mallet and Marina are talking in the park they don't realize they are being watched. Coop and Blake are having there meeting and looking at ideas for a book cover. Ashlee runs into Grady at Company. She seems a little startled at first, then thanks him for saving her life and that she has his bag. She asks him for a name. He says Grady. He then adds she has beautiful eyes. Daisy leaves the shed after doing some stuff in it. Mallet finally takes time to sit and relax. He gets a bag of goodies (food). He has a smile on his face. Blake and Ashlee run into each other. Ashlee is nervous. Blake tells her it is ok. Blake invites Ashlee to her place. Mallet is alone when he hears a knock at the door. It is Dinah with another bag of food. Dinah tells him she is going to tell the authorities the truth so that he and Frank get their jobs back. Then Mallet gets another visitor, Marina. Dinah looks at Mallet with a smirk on her face. Grady and Daisy met again at the storage unit. They talk, he tells her he wants what she wants. then enter it hand and hand. Coop meets Ashlee at Company. They talk. Coop tells her the meeting went well. Ashlee suggest celebrating. Coop says there is nothing yet to celebrate, then changes his mind, she can invite anyone. Blake leaves Mallet and Marina. Marina says she is sorry she butted in that she didn't know Dinah was there.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr admits to her mother and to Cole that she doesn't believe that either she or Cole are ready to be parents. She sounds like she doesn't want to have an abortion but she doesn't believe it's realistic for the two of them to raise the baby. Clint, Bo, Nora and Renee tells Jared they will never forgive him for what he did to their company and for what happened to Nash. And cops come to take him away. Natalie is not ok with that. And they reveal that she may not be welcome in their family either. She is, however, getting along pretty well with Charlie. Rex is ready to end his relationship with Adriana. But he realizes he first has to confront his mother and Charlie for lying to him.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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