The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/9/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Josh wake up together. Greenlee finds it hard to believe that they had slept together. Amanda is arrested and brought into the police station on prostitution charges. Babe gets herself into hot water with a pimp and his client. At the police station, Aidan finds out that Amanda had been arrested for “working the streets.” Babe’s cover gets blown when the man pulls her wig off, and the woman recognizes her. Amanda calls J.R. and tells him the trouble that Babe had gotten herself into. Kendall paces the floor and wonders where Zach is. She remembers the conversation that she had had with Zach right before he had left. Kendall hears a noise at the door and Zach comes home. Kendall wonders where he had been. Annie imagines how Ryan would react if she told him that she was pregnant. Annie starts to give herself a shot when Ryan walks in. Colby brings Kathy to the hospital to visit Tad and Krystal. Tad begins to tell Kathy what had happened to Julia. Adam is sitting alone on the sofa when Colby walks in. Adam remembers his conversation with Dixie in which she had told him what would happen when everyone found out that he had kept this secret about Kathy from tad. Adam tries to explain to Colby, but Colby refuses to listen.

Amanda is released from jail. Aidan and Amanda have drinks with Josh and Greenlee. Greenlee finds out that Amanda had been arrested for “working the streets.” Adam rushes to the hospital to intervene in the situation with Tad, Krystal and Kathy. J.R. barges into the room just in time to save Babe from the pimp and his client.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack notices that JJ seems off but then notices Parker reading a book that he tries to hide. Cole shows up at Sophie’s doorstep – followed soon after by a furious Barbara. Meg promises Paul that she will figure out a way to get him out of this mess with Sophie. A hidden Cole overhears Barbara unleash her anger at Sophie about the supposed rape, as Sophie later reluctantly tells Cole her version of what happened with Paul. Cole promises to be there to help her through this. Jack learns the name of the book Parker is reading – 100 Ways to Rock a Girl’s World. Janet shows up with dinner. Meg and Paul become closer, as she stands by his side. Liberty is suspect of Janet and tells her so. Brad tries to cut Janet a break and asks her to stay for dinner. Liberty tells them that Janet has an agenda for herself. Cole sweet talks Sophie and soon they are in bed. JJ claims he is not feeling well and is going to bed; Jack worries, but Parker breaks down and asks him what to do about a girl he likes. Cole and Sophie’s reunion is short lived when Cole insinuates they should blackmail Paul into giving them money instead of putting him in jail; Sophie refuses because it isn’t about the money. Cole thinks Sophie needs him and he will wait until she figures it out. Meg goes to Mike for help with Sophie; he is not receptive at first, but Meg gets him to consider it. Jack offers Parker advice, but Parker worries about being gone during the summer while the girl is around without him. Liberty and Janet make up, but soon after Janet is up to her manipulating ways again with Brad when he brings her ice cream and Janet asks to stay and watch the Cubs play, which Liberty readily notices. Paul worries when he finds out Meg went to Mike for help. Mike goes to see Sophie and tries to find something out about her past. Liberty texts Parker, who makes an excuse that he is tired to Jack and then sneaks out to meet her. Janet snuggles up to an unsure Brad, as they watch baseball. Parker meets Liberty, who wants to go swimming, but Parker wonders if she is going to take summer school seriously? Liberty teases him when she finds out that he is going to camp and then dangles swimming with Dylan in his face if he leaves town, as both leave in a huff after taking some swipes at one another. Janet falls asleep on the couch and Brad decides she should stay the night, as Liberty who has just come in thinks her mom scored some more points, as a supposedly sleeping Janet smiles. Parker tells Jack that he is now unsure he wants to go to camp since a lot of his friends will be in town this summer. Mike learns a few things about Sophie, as she thanks him for being the only one she can trust. Once he leaves, Mike calls Meg and offers to meet her in the morning with his information, as Paul and Meg are happy he is helping them out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Stephanie visits and administers to Katie’s needs, Felicia and Thorne and Ashley discuss the situation. Nick makes excited plans for her as well, plus Eric and Ridge are making her a special dress. Nick tells them about his day at Catalina and how Katie wanted to stop taking her medication and die happy right there. He wants to speak on her behalf and have them promise to let her die in dignity with her family. Katie thinks she has already had her miracle. Her body is rejecting the best heart match she will ever find. But she is going to fight this, she doesn’t want to die. She says her goodbye and tells Stephanie she loves her, just in case there is no tomorrow.

Jackie brings in Katie’s dress and they all scatter to help the decorators and caterers get ready for the prom. Stephanie comments that she has never known Nick to be so compassionate. He says a special gift to the prom queen. Brooke, Jackie, Donna, Bridget, Ashley all fawn over Katie to get her ready for her special night right down to the right color of lipstick. Brooke tells her it was Nick’s idea. He cares for her a lot and wants to make this a night to remember. Nick tells Bridget he loves her and asks her if she is okay with all of this and she says yes. She’s been searching all over the internet trying to find a solution. Katie is thrilled at the Forrester Original and now feels the ugly duckling has turned into a swan. She’s overwhelmed with teary emotions as she sees the décor below and the orchid that Nick pins on her. They dance to it “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ tells Nicole that he can’t be with her, as he loves Sami. Ava comes by, and she and Nicole go out for drinks. Later, Ava confesses that she met John Black and felt a connection. Nicole encourages her to pursue him, since he and Marlena aren’t really together. Chelsea asks Victor to help her get a job at the hospital, and they go down there to talk to Daniel about it. They run into Kate, who is in a lot of pain. Daniel admits her to the hospital for tests. Max, Nick, and Stephanie go to Dean Robbins’ book signing. Afterwards, Max comes back alone to tell Robbins that his premise is flawed, and that he a fraud. Max threatens to expose him. Bo and Hope show up at the DiMera mansion with a search warrant. While Bo is upstairs searching, John gets Hope to tell him about the time they made love on the submarine. When Bo doesn’t find anything, John tells him to look into the connection between Paul Hollingsworth and the Kiriakis family.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Johnny has to intervene when Lulu and Claudia go at it. To Sonny's anger and dismay, Jason refuses to take action against thugs who beat up Mike over gambling debts, forcing Sonny to vow to take matters into his own hands. Nikolas amazes Nadine by offering her five thousand a week to run a clinic for the poor he is opening in Emily's memory. Lucky invites Liz and the boys out, and she agrees. Maxie is offered by Claudia up to twenty grand in order to get Johnny away from Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffery is kidding with Cassie, making her laugh. Jeffery apologizes for having her spend so much time in the hospital considering that the last time was when Tammy died. Reva is at the police station. She sees a wanted poster for Rafe. See later sees Mallet and talks to him. Reva wants to know if anyone is watching Daisy. Mallet says he'll do all he can to keep her safe. Daisy meets up with Cyrus and Grady. Daisy feels a little uneasy. Grady makes a pass at her and Cyrus goes after him pinning him up the shed door. After Cyrus lets him go, Daisy asks Grady if he is ok. He says yeah. The mention of drugs and Harley moving her out to the house is mentioned. She tells Cyrus that he can't tell her what to do. Cyrus then takes her by the arm and leads her away from the shed and Grady. Reva visits Jeffery. He is not happy. He says he'll be happy when he can get out of the hospital. They talk about marriage. Reva kids how many times she has been married, but not going as far as saying the number. She tells him to forget it. Jeffery wants to know about Rafe. He wants him first before someone who wants the reward gets to him and does something Jeffery can't fix. Olivia is seeing her doctor for another checkup. He wants to see her in two weeks. Just as she leaves she runs into Doris. They have not so happy words to each other. Doris then visits Jeffery. He tells her he can't wait to get back to work. She tells him not to hurry. He then asks if she's talk to his doctor. She says yes in a way. They next mention the shooting. Doris is starting to get on Jeffery's nerves. She leaves. Daisy goes to Company for money. No one is there so she takes a few bucks from the register. She then has a visit from Reva, who is worried about her. Daisy tell her that her life has gone crazy. In the woods, Cyrus and, Grady, Cassie run into each other. As soon as Grady sees Cassie he takes off running. Cassie starts running after him only to be stopped by Cyrus. She asks Cyrus why he didn't stop Grady. Jeffery is talking to Mallet about coming clean about the dirty cop case or he will find him a patrol man until he retires. Jeffery want Mallet to work on it in a low profile way. Cyrus has calmed Cassie down enough to tell him that Grady isn't the guy she is after. That it must be someone else. Reva talks to Daisy about Rafe. She wants to meet with him and it is not a trap. Reva also tells Daisy that Jeffery is alive and is going to be ok. Daisy is relieved. Grady is by a lake not knowing where to go next. Mallet visits Olivia at what was her house. They ask each other how they are. She tells him about selling the house back to Natalia and Rafe. Jeffery decides he's had enough and tears his IV out and gets up bearing a lot of pain. Grady and Cyrus meet up. Grady says he needs money. He tells Cyrus the night of the accident he tried to move out of Tammy's way. Cassie goes to Reva to talk to her about the past and the present of Reva's life. Cassie says she can't take it anymore. They then move on to seeing Grady and thinking it was the guy who killed Tammy. Jeffery winds up at the Police station after trying to get into his old office. Seems Doris had his privileges taken away so he is locked out of his office. Grady and Daisy go to Tammie's grave to put flowers on it. Cyrus is at Harley's looking at a picture of Daisy with Buzz.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd has found a body guard that he hopes will scare his family and Marcie and Michael. Blair and Starr are still wondering what would happen if he ever found out Starr was pregnant. Dorian and Langston discuss the boundaries and acceptable guidelines for Dorian being a mother to her. Langston confirms that she will not abandon Dorian even if Adriana has. Rex tells Adriana they are through. There's no way they can be married with all that has happened. She doesn't want to accept that, however. Viki admits to Jessica that she is just as angry with Natalie and Jared as Jessica is. Natalie talks privately to Charlie about all that has happened. Jared goes to apologize to the Buchanans. But none of them look like they will ever forgive him for what he has done.


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Michael struggles with his tumultuous upbringing, wondering if it can somehow resurface and affect his relationship with Fen. Jack and Sharon catch Glo and Alistair drunk skinny dipping. Alistair is kicked off the property and runs into Jeffrey at the GCAC as he leaves, they exchange words about Glo's expertise in the sack which leads to Jeffrey knocking him out in the lobby. Chloe can no longer hide her ulterior motives, Devon knows she wants Cane and calls her on this, Chloe denies it and plants a kiss on him. Meanwhile Cane and Lily take this alone time to their advantage and they reconnect biblically sharing some loving in the tub. Jack and Sharon also take advantage of an empty house and do some good old fashioned couch shagging. Kay tells Jill that Jeffrey does not love her, in fact he is still madly in love with Glo. Amber and Adrian talk about relationships over drinks at the GCAC.

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