The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/6/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Greenlee ask Jake for sex, because she wants to forget. Zach know that Kendall is lying about what happened with Greenlee, and does not like to be lied to. Greenlee, and Jake have a “life sucks” contest. Greenlee wins the “life sucks” award. Tad has a new attitude about Adam, because of Kathy; he is grateful to Adam. JR is upset over the newspaper article in the Herald.

Babe gets in trouble with a client, while posing as a prostitute. Tad forgives Adam, but Krystal calls Adam a cold bloodied son-of-a-bitch. Zach ask Kendall to stop obsessing about Greenlee. Zach get angry with Kendall obsessing over Greenlee, then leaves. Kendall is afraid of pushing him away. Amanda is arrested as a prostitute. Greenlee is about to sleep with someone, but the camera does not show who it is.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

When Sage arrives at the farm with Carly for her riding lesson, Holden tells Carly that he invited Jack along to watch Sage ride a horse. Carly looks disappointed but she tells Jack she has happy to have him there to watch Sage. Sage enjoys the ride so much she wants to try it without Jack holding the horse. Holden sends Jack and Carly with Sage on the trail and stays at the house. Carly confronts Holden about why he has been avoiding her, and he tells her she knows why, but Jack interrupts them before they finish the conversation. Jack thinks he interrupted a fight between Carly and Holden, but Carly tells him she intended to surprise Jack with the fact that Sage could ride a horse, but Holden ruined the surprise. Casey and Emily are forced together when they have to take Daniel to a concert in New York. Casey and Emily make love and are almost caught by Daniel when he returns from the concert. After Sofie presses rape charges against Paul, he is arrested when DNA evidence proves that he could be a possible suspect. Meg is determined to dig into Sofie's past to find something to make her admit she is lying about Paul raping her. Cole returns to Oakdale to visit Sofie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie doesn’t want to take the medication as she feels it is doing her no good. Her body is rejecting her heart, so why not let it finish that job? Donna catches Marcus working too hard and offers some advise. She also warns him again about the evil Pam and Felicia and the others who she hopes will like him. In moving some bolts of material, Marcus runs into Steffy who spills her coffee on the material. He thinks he is so fired! They bond over talking about where they’d like to be - Texas and London. Brooke quizzes Bridget about giving Katie false hope. But they can do this for her and with her. Katie trusts Nick and asks him to sail away with her and not go back. From the day that gun went off in her hand, she has not made a single decision for herself.

Nick warns Katie that she may think she wants this because she thinks her sisters can’t handle it, but whether the hospital or Catalina, has she thought about the pain she might be in at the end? Sailing off with her would not make him happy with that looming over her head. Marcus tells Donna that he likes Steffy, but he’s surprised to find she is a Forrester. Nick says Katie doesn’t have to feel this alone….she is afraid, she can admit that. All he knows it ain’t over until it is over. And it’s not up to her or him when that is going to be. He isn’t going back without her. She takes the pills and cries that she doesn’t want to die. She clings to him and begs him not to let her go and he promises he won’t.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ stops Nicole from calling Lucas and lays into her for trying to blackmail her. She admits to him that she is just lonely and friendless and runs off. EJ gives chase, and Nicole later kisses him. Caroline and family gather at the pub to celebrate her green certification. Chelsea tries to be friends with Nick, saying she made a huge mistake, but he tells her that they can’t be friends, and that she needs to move on. Max apologies to Nick and Stephanie for his strange behavior, but doesn’t offer any explanations. Bo and Hope question John, and then Victor about the drugs found in John’s cargo. Both deny any involvement. Chloe and Phillip come by the mansion to visit Lucas, and John kicks them out. Chloe returns later, begging Lucas to be her friend. Steve and Kayla learn that Joe’s ventilator will be removed soon. John pays a man at the docks for information, and he tells him that Paul and Phillip have been meeting.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kate catches Spinelli kissing Maxie at the Crimson office. Spinelli is upset because Maxie thinks the kiss was staged to keep Kate from catching Maxie looking at the “top secret” designs. Mike gets beat up for failing to pay a gambling debt. Sonny confronts the loan shark and is shown no respect. Sonny belittles Spinelli and tells Jason to fire him. Jason stands his ground with Sonny. Jax and Carly talk about having another child. Carly says she’s not “ready” and may never be. Nikolas invites Nadine to Wyndemere. Claudia and Johnny disagree about Lulu and Nikolas. Sam goes to GH to try and make amends with Liz. Liz agrees to try and “forgive” Sam for her role in Jake’s abduction. Leyla finds an unhappy Spinelli on the dock and offers him her help.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Grady is now talking to Cyrus and Daisy is off in her car. Josh goes home to an empty house. Cassie is visiting Jeffrey. Josh sees a note on the frig to that fact. Hawk Shayne is visiting Reva. Reva is not happy with him or the movie. Then Daisy comes to see Reva and sees Hawk there. Grady and Cyrus seem to know each other as pals. Could Grady really be Gillespie? That is mentioned. Josh and Reva are having a talk about their lives. She asks for a favor of picking up Jeffrey. He says he'll help her with no strings. She also needs a key for the storage unit they share. He asks to let him know when they start shooting the movie. Reva says she will. Cyrus and Grady ?Gillespie share a moment of tag in Harley's kitchen. Cassie stops by Harley's in search of something she finds it in the hall closet and goes. Josh picks up Jeffrey from the hospital and takes him home to Reva's. While with Reva, Daisy gets call on her cell. It is Grady. She is surprised. He wants a meeting in a secluded place. She suggests Memorial Park. He tells her he'll meet her there. Reva gives her granddaughter some advice and when the phone rings and Reva goes to answer it, Daisy goes into Reva's purse and get a key. Grady is talking with Cyrus. While with Josh, Jeffrey has a medical complication. He bandage show blood. Jeffrey is worried about what his nurse will say. Josh looks worried also but for another reason. Josh suggests they go back to Cedars. Jeffrey agrees. At the hospital, Cassie joins Josh and gives him a piece of her mind about taking Jeffrey out of the hospital. Reva arrives and does the same. Daisy meets with Grady at the park as planned. Cyrus is on the phone talking to creditors for Harley, and not getting anywhere. A nurse tells all three that Jeffrey needs a blood transfusion. Cassie says she is the same blood type so she will do it. Reva says she will do what Cassie was about to do before this happened. That is go to the film set and help there. Jeffrey is back in his room with oxygen on and Cassie is with him. They are getting ready for the blood transfusion. Reva is making a meal for the cast and crew of the movie. Daisy and Grady go to the storage unit where Daisy then opens it. Grady makes a move on Daisy and kisses her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica is distraught from the loss of her husband. And she sets Natalie straight that she will never forgive her or Jared for what they did to Nash. Todd is staying at Viki's when he gets a restraining order to stay away from his family. Dorian tells Blair, Addie, Starr and Langston that now that she's bought out B.E., she is starting her own new company called Cramer Enterprises and wants them all to be her partners. None of them are impressed that she had to do what she did in order to take over the company nor do they want to be a part of it. Rex is distraught from being lied to and betrayed by both Charlie and Adriana and he goes to talk to Bo. He confirms that Bo is more a family member to him than anybody else he knows. Adriana confronts Dorian and tells her she is done with her, she can see right through everything Dorian has pulled since they first met, and she will never forgive Dorian for the schemes she has partaken in.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jabot loses the battle against Natural Glow (Newman), David confronts Nikki and tells her the truth. Nikki asks Paul why he’s investigating David. Glo goes to see Jeffrey at the Chancellor mansion, Jill won’t allow her to see him. Meanwhile Ester finds Jeffrey’s love note to Glo and shows it to Kay who confronts Jeffrey. Glo invites Alistair over. Nick and Sharon talk about Noah growing up as they send him off to camp and Adam and Heather get it on in the elevator at Jabot. Sabrina also talks to Nick about the wedding, Nick states that Sabrina cannot change Victor.

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