The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/4/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica has a visitor, but is reluctant to see the visitor. Aidan comes to visit Tad at the hospital and runs into Jake. Annie goes to a Women’s Fertility Clinic. Ryan flips Greenlee to the ground when she comes up behind him at the beach. Babe and J.R. still reels from the news that Kathy is really Kate. Tad remembers his conversation with Adam in which Adam had told him that Kate was alive and she was Kathy. Aidan lets Jake know that Greenlee had broken off the engagement. Erica’s visitor is Adam, who asks for her help. Adam lets Erica know that Kathy is really Kate and that Adam had known for a long time. Annie sees a doctor for her fertility problems. Krystal visits Tad in the hospital. Tad begs Krystal to get hold of Adam for him and tell him that he needs to see him. Krystal is reluctant, but agrees to do as he asks .

Erica gives Adam some helpful advice on how to deal with his problems with the family. Ryan and Greenlee almost kiss, but Ryan pulls away. Ryan reminds Greenlee that he is married and that this isn’t right for them to do this. Greenlee understands. J.R. vows revenge on Richie despite protests from Babe. Babe calls Amanda and asks for her help in this situation.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie arrives as Bud is calling the police on Brad. Allison hears the rumors about why she got kicked out of the Nursing Program. Bob overhears a conversation between Chris and Brenda and is worried about Chris’ role in Allison getting kicked out of the Nursing Program; Chris back steps and claims his hands are clean; he only offered Allison support. Jack shows up and Bud wants to press charges; Janet admits that Bud didn’t give her the black eye, but Brad is still arrested for assault. Liberty arrives to see Brad hauled off. Katie is worried and angry, as Brad still believes he did the right thing. Kim threatens Brad that his job is in definite jeopardy if the charges stick. Katie pleads for Kim to understand; the advertisers and investors won’t understand the situation – only that Brad could have a record. Jack helps Katie. Bob tells Susan what happened according to Brenda. Susan suggests to Allison that she let this drop, as this angers Allison. Aaron confronts Chris. Katie thinks Janet enjoyed Brad defending her. Katie tries to get Bud to drop the charges; he agrees and all she has to do is pay for his pain and suffering and Brad has to apologize. Brad refuses to do that so Bud walks away. Allison refuses to go up against Chris because she has to work at the hospital with him and all of their colleagues. Katie appreciates why Brad won’t back down, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to save his neck. She and Jack have an idea, as Janet watches them leave. Katie offers Bud twice the amount he wanted before minus the apology. Allison has to work on a patient of Chris’, and they seem to handle it in stride, but soon after, Chris asks the hospital higher up to remove Allison from working in patient care. Allison is informed of this request and is infuriated to learn it came from Chris. Bob tells Kim that Chris was involved in a mess with Allison getting kicked out of the Nursing Program, but it is ok now. Janet tells Brad that Katie left with Jack. At first, Bud turns down Katie’s money because he thinks it is a set up, but Jack convinces him this is his best offer. Bud finally agrees. Katie tells Brad that she got the charges dropped. They both agree to disagree. Liberty and Parker enjoy their time together. Janet wonders if Jack still has feelings for Katie. Jack hopes Janet isn’t getting her hopes up just because of what happened. Kim hears the charges have been dropped against Brad; she tells him that he is safe - until next time. She wants to talk to Katie about her trip for the show now though. Katie is still upset, but Brad doesn’t want them to fight the night before she leaves, as Katie relents, but warns there will be an issue if Janet causes trouble while she is gone. Aaron informs Susan of what Chris did. Susan is worried about Allison’s battle, as Aaron strongly suggests that Allison needs Susan in her corner. Allison confronts Chris; she promises that he may feel like a big man to snap and get her barred from patient care, but big men fall hard.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick helps Bridget drag a big cooler aboard the Marlin. Nick wonders if this three hour tour is going to do the trick? Bridget reminds her that Katie has a little crush on him and she thinks this will work wonders as long as she doesn’t swim or exert a lot of energy. Donna tells Katie that she chickened out and didn’t tell Eric about Marcus. But now she thinks she can get a job for Marcus and buy them both a little more time. Katie is about to tell Donna that she herself does not have much time, but Brooke arrives and does it for her. Then Brooke whisks Katie away to The Marlin. Nick puts the lifejackets on and explains that he likes laughs when he goes sailing, and right now she is looking pretty stupid. Taylor is surprised to find missing daughter, Steffy, in Ridge’s office. He’s summoned her home. He explains his position; he needs her in the company right now. There are going to be a lot of changes. She is not overjoyed as she hasn’t ever been a part of the business, but she agrees to give it a try. Taylor is shocked when Steffy tells her she is not going to lecture her, more power to her with Rick.

Brooke tells Bridget that she is proud of her. She knows she wouldn’t be throwing Nick and Katie together if she wasn’t dying though. Bridget says Katie just needs a best friend right now and no one makes her happier than he does. Nick gives Katie a steering lesson at the helm, and she finds it peaceful. She spots the island and asks if they can go? She’s lived in L.A. all her life and never been. He says, “Catalina, here we come.” They spread their picnic and he asks if she likes buffalo? She tells him she feels fine, she doesn’t feel sick, she can take care of herself. He sees her tears thought and goes straight to comfort her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ won't allow Sami to leave Johnny with Lucas, so she leaves Allie with him, and takes Johnny with her. Allie crawls outside while Lucas is hunting down her favorite toy. When he rushes out after her, his monitor goes off, and he is again arrested for straying outside the bounds of his house arrest. When Sami learns that Allie has been handed over to CPS, she flips. Daniel sets up a breakfast for Lexie. He later tells Chelsea that he is involved with a married woman at work, and he thought she should know. Abe and Lexie argue about Theo. Max has quite the temper today; he explodes when Pete doesn't want to cover a shift for him, he gets in a fight with his supervisor at the docks, and finally, when John demands that he give him information on Kiriakis shipments, Max threatens to fight him, too. John accuses Phillip of planting the drugs, and Phillip denies it. Victor comes home and kicks Chloe out. He tells Phillip that he knows all about the drugs, and is removing Phillip from his position as the head of the Kiriakis shipping line. Paul skulks around the docks, and again denies any knowledge of the drug bust when Morgan confronts him. EJ meets with Mr. Burke again. Nicole tells Sami that all isn't right with her marriage to EJ.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason goes to visit Monica to tell her about his new job. Monica puts two and two together and realizes Jason took over the business to protect Morgan. Carly allows Anthony to stay at the Metro Court. Her decision upsets Jax. Lulu is upset to find Claudia at Wyndemere kissing Nikolas. Claudia leaves Wyndemere and meets Johnny at the hotel. Lulu tries to discourage Nik’s friendship with Claudia. Lulu later confronts Claudia and tells her to stay away from Nikolas. Carly steps in when Claudia threatens Lulu. Spinelli is disappointed when the woman he tries to pick up at Jake’s has a girlfriend. Jax is upset to learn that Sonny strong-armed Crimson’s distributor. Jax heads to GH to talk to Dr. Lee about Carly’s odds of having another child. Maxie confronts Spinelli about posting negative comments on Robin’s blog. Later, Spinelli is “mortified” when he and Maxie walk in on Sonny and Kate. Robin demands that Patrick post an apology for the negative blog comments. Johnny goes to see Jason about the truce. Jason says he will retaliate again if necessary. Nikolas visits Emily’s grave.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus is looking through mail of overdue bills and doesn't look happy. Ashlee and Daisy are talking about living arrangements. Daisy tells her she is living with Reva, but who knows for how long. Buzz helps Mallet move to another place. Frank talks with Olivia. Dinah calls Mallet a Martyr. Mallet tells her at least he doesn't loose sleep over the job. Seems Daisy is getting a car and she thinks it is Ashlee knows who is sent it. Ashlee says she has know idea but suggests Harley. Daisy shoots that idea down by saying Harley doesn't have the money. Mallet and Ashlee meet. Ashlee says she has story about a spray painting bandit. Mallet likes it. Ashlee says he looks great in the police uniform. Daisy goes to see her Uncle Frank about the gift. He says he has know idea but is acting a little coy. Then Harley is mentioned. At first Daisy wants Frank to send her a message, the she changes her mind. Mallet runs into Cyrus looking at a house. Mallet wants to know why. Cyrus wants to know why Mallet is even in the area. Neither answer each others questions. Dinah visits Frank at the Police Station. She wants to tell him that it is her fault he is not chief. Frank wonders if she put that woman up to it. Dinah confirms it. She tells Frank that Mallet doesn't know. Olivia is out at the park and she is about to faint when Mallet catches her. He asks her what she is doing out. She says she got bored and wanted to take a walk. He tells her that The Beacon is a couple of miles away and is surprised she walked that far in her condition. Dinah visits Buzz and they talk about guilt. Back with Olivia and Mallet they talk about what is going on with them. Ashlee asks frank if she can visit a prisoner to thank him. When Frank and she go back to the cell and see a guy, Ashlee says that is not the guy. Frank says well a case a mistaken identity and they leave. Cyrus is at Harley's and thinks she is home and sees Daisy there instead. A confrontation between Mallet and Frank. Frank punches Mallet in the mouth. Later Dinah runs into him and asks what happened. Mallet tells her Frank punched him. She then says she knows why. Mallet says he is going to see Olivia. Dinah is a little jealous saying that Olivia is getting a lot of male attention. Later Mallet goes to see Olivia with a grinder. Dinah is at her place eating alone. Buzz sees Ashlee and tells her he is worried about her and asks if she wants anything to eat. She says not. But he talks her into egg whites. Cyrus tells Daisy why he is at Harley's. They talk about Harley. Daisy asks him if she can trust him. He says there is nothing to steal. When she leaves he cases the place.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Charlie is brought to the hospital. He'll be fine but they need to keep him overnight. Nash is taken to the hospital. When everyone comes in, Mike tells them Viki is in the other room with Charlie. Jared runs to him and calls him dad in front of Viki. Natalie goes to Viki and tells her about Nash. She goes out to see Jessica. As Mike and the nurses fight to save Nash the family gathers in the waiting room. Antonio goes to Ramsey's penthouse pretending to worry why he ran out of the squad so fast. He sees Ramsey bringing a tray down from upstairs. Antonio wants his cut of the jewel heist money. Ramsey stalls him. Talia and John search Ramsey's office and find x-rays of a woman. John will have Mike read them for him. Eddie comes in and John ducks behind a door as Talia bluffs him by saying she was just turning in her badge. Rex confronts Adriana about lying to him. At first she denies it, then admits she lied about something. Antonio and John talk about Ramsey. Antonio planted a bug on the food tray in Ramsey's penthouse. Dorian goes home. She's not smiling. David gets her to talk about the BE takeover then asks about what she did with Charlie. At the hospital Mike warns that Nash may not make it and tells the family to say their goodbyes.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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