The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

The celebration continues for the birthday of Little Spike. Annie and Greenlee feel as though they are outsiders during the celebration. Adam, finding his chance to go into Tad’s hospital room, he tells Tad that Kate is really alive and she is Kathy. Tad’s eyes pops wide open. Krystal walks in and finds out that Tad is awake. Everyone is overjoyed that Tad is awake, but they are stunned by Adam’s news that Kathy is really Kate. J.R. demands to know how long that Adam had known that Kate was really Kathy. Krystal figures it out that Adam had known for months. Adam finally confesses that he had known for months. Josh, Greenlee, Kendall and the others at the party find out that Tad is awake. Greenlee calls Aidan to tell him the news about Tad. Aidan encourages Greenlee to meet with him and let them talk. Aidan and Greenlee talk about getting back together, but Greenlee refuses to listen to him, orders him to get his things and get out .

Everyone blasts Adam for knowing about Kate, but not telling Tad. Adam tries to convince Krystal that he had had a change of heart but Krystal refuses to believe him. J.R. denounces Adam as his father. Ryan is alone on the beach. Greenlee comes up behind him and upon hearing someone behind him, he flips her over his shoulder and onto the ground in front of him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty is sure that Parker doesn't want to ask Ashley out anymore because he was affected by the kiss they shared. Parker tells Liberty that her kiss only rated a C- and dares her to kiss him again but Liberty tells him he already had his chance with her and he won't get another chance. Janet doesn't show up for work and Brad thinks something is wrong but Katie persuades him not to check on Janet. Liberty later tells Brad that Janet has a black eye and she thinks that her date last night hit her. Brad warns bud to stay away from Janet and later an angry Bud demands that Janet calls Brad and tell him she hurt herself. Brad arrives and thinks Bud is hitting Janet again and punches him. Bud tells Brad he is going to press assault charges against him Noah and Luke get ready to meet with Colonel Mayer and think that Coyle and Police Detective Livia Gordon are helping them but later discover that they are working for Colonel Mayer. Noah watches his father put Ameera in a car and drive away but since he can't bear to see Ameera hurt he jumps onto the back of the car to try and rescue her. Allison accuses Chris of getting her kicked out of the nursing program because she refused to sleep with him. Chris asks the nursing supervisor Brenda to keep their conversations confidential.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie asks if she is going to die? Bridget is put on the spot, but has to tell her she has a couple of weeks to live. Katie does not want them to treat her like she is going to drop dead any second. She will get on with life. She doesn’t want their pity. Brooke and Bridget want to make every minute count and make Katie's life filled with joy. Marcus is disappointed that Donna won’t tell her family that he is her son. She wants to do it gradually and let them know him first before springing the truth on them. She will take care of everything and get him a job at Forrester. He is skeptical about working at a fashion house and thinks it is a bad idea. He doesn’t trust the receptionist, Pam, but agrees to give it a try.

Marcus explains to Donna he didn’t exactly know his mission, but he was determined to meet her, see her face, and she’s been much nicer than he thought she would be. He tells her he was a big basketball star on his local high school team and wanted to go to the University of Texas. But he did not get a scholarship and could not afford the tuition. Brooke confides to Nick what she and Bridget have discussed, and he is the whole key to Katie’s immediate happiness. Bridget makes Nick promise to spend as much time as he can with Katie, fill her life with joy. He’s honored to think they believe that he can do that for Katie, and he gives his word that he will do all he can.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lucas wants to move out of the mansion, and Kate wants to help him. EJ comes by and tells them as well as Sami that their annulment isn’t valid because they conceived Johnny, meaning they were intimate. Kate and Lucas both throw fits, and Lucas kicks Kate out. Kayla, Steve, Stephanie and Max head for the hospital to visit with Joe, who is doing poorly. After a few minutes with his parents, the baby responds favorably. Phillip meets a woman from Titan who is going to help him decrypt John’s disk. Chloe meets with a real estate agent. John learns from Sami that Marlena went to Colorado to be with Eric, who has been involved in a car accident. He later calls Phillip to set up a meeting. Nicole tells EJ that she remembers what he told her about his plan for Sami the night before and that she knows he is lying about the annulment.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Tracy returns home just in time to catch Lulu in bed with Johnny. Edward advises Lulu to rethink her involvement with Johnny. Alan’s ghost returns to haunt Tracy. Carly throws herself back into her work at the hotel. Carly and Jax argue over her friendship with Jason. Carly has a heart to heart with a sympathetic Bobbie. Jax confides his troubles to Jerry. Jax wants the Zaccharas out of the Metro Court but Carly says they’re welcome to stay. Nikolas tells Claudia not to “misunderstand” the kiss. Claudia advises Nik to focus on his family. Nik thinks Claudia kissed him to keep him quiet. Robin continues to work on her blog. The comments on his blog offend Patrick. Alexis thinks Sonny is still involved in the mob. Spinelli tries to score points with a preoccupied Maxie. Patrick gives Spinelli more lessons on capturing a woman’s heart. Sonny convinces Kate’s magazine distributor to be more respectful. Lulu arrives at Wyndemere just in time to see Claudia kissing Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva visits Jeffrey and cleans off his table of files. She tells him he needs his rest. She starts stuffing her mouth with grapes, then gives Jeffrey some. Mallet and Frank are talking new forms for uniforms when the investigation on the shooting is mentioned. Then Mallet sees on his orders a new salary. Frank reminds him new level of job, new salary. Ava and her mother are spending more time with each other as Ava is getting ready for a new trimester in her pregnancy. Bill is being fitted for new suits for the job. While Dinah looks on. Remy listens to Lizzie's tirade and cheers her on. Frank visits Jeffrey. Lizzie runs into Reva and tells her she is going to kicked some butt. Reva asks how. Remy gets 2 walkie talkies and gives one to Ava. Bill visits Jeffrey. Mallet and Dinah meet and she listens to Mallet as he talks. They hug. Olivia visits Jeffrey. Lizzie is alone in the park near the pond when Bill comes by. Lizzie sarcastically congratulates him. He tries to reason with her. She says forget it. When Dinah visits Jeffrey, he asks her if she is looking for something. She says yes, she wants dinner with him. Supposedly they were going to have dinner before he got shot. Mallet runs into Remy and says he feels little. Remy says welcome to the land of the "Little People." Lizzie visits Jeffrey and she tells him the reason he is in the hospital. She is shocked. Dinah and Ava run into each other and small talk. It seems cheerful. Lizzie runs into Remy and he asks how her plan went to topple Bill. She answers back, Fabulous. He smiles. Bill has a meal with Dinah and Ava. He got takeout.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian announces to all of the shareholder, at the BE board meeting, that she now owns B.E and she has proof that Jared is a fraud and not a valid board member. Everybody is shocked. But she is able to prove that. And that means that Jared's attempt to bail Nash out of his debt and save his winery is invalid. Nash is furious at Jared for that and blames both him and Natalie. Rex is also devastated when Dorian announces and proves that Charlie is not his father. He is Jared's real father however. Rex also comes to the realization that Adriana lied to him about many things. Charlie is passed out and in need of medical care after Dorian has drugged him. Viki finds him and acts like she is less angry at him for lying than she is concerned about saving him. John, Antonio and Talia are still attempted to find out Ramsey's secret about why he is hiding this unseen disable woman in his home.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Sabrina talk about their wedding; Sabrina would like for Victoria to be the matron of honor, Victoria does not think so. Cane wants Lily to be able to have freedom in her career as a model so he asks Jill to amend her contract with Jabot. Jill agrees but Lily decides that modeling is not for her but her education is. Glo is not feeling waiting on Jill and Jeffrey so she plays a little prank that goes so wrong, Jeffrey unable to breathe is rushed to the hospital. Jack and Sharon want to interview Sabrina; Nick refuses this proposition and Jack and Sharon are not the least bit pleased.

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