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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Tad is still in his coma. Tad is with Dixie and he doesn’t want to leave her side. Josh arrives at Kendall’s and Zack’s for Spike’s birthday party. Josh brings the birthday cake which is a giant cupcake. Ryan and Annie also arrives, bearing a gift for Spike. To everyone’s surprise, Greenlee also arrives with a gift. Greenlee is sarcastic as usual. Jack visits Erica in prison and lets her know that he had told Greenlee about Kendall and Aidan sleeping together. Erica is completely beside herself. Adam is at Pine Valley Hospital and he tries to get to see Tad, but Jake stops him and refuses to let him go any farther. Jake and Aidan are attempting to escort Adam to the door when they meet up with Krystal. Krystal tells them to take a caffeine break and she will take care of this situation with Adam. Krystal absolutely refuses to let Adam in to see Tad. She also tells him that she will never forgive him if he goes in to see Adam. Babe tells J.R. that Kathy had caught her crying and she had to make up a lame excuse to tell her as to the reason why she was crying.

Annie questions Greenlee as to what is wrong. Greenlee lets her know that she and Aidan had broken up thanks to Kendall. Adam still insists to Krystal that he could save Tad’s life if she would allow him to talk to him. Krystal still refuses to let him see Tad. Dixie encourages Tad to go home for the children’s sake. Adam shows Krystal the birth certificate for Kate/Kathy. Adam rushes into Tad’s room and tells him that Kathy is alive. Dixie fades away into the fog and lets go of Tad’s hand. Tad opens his eyes when he hears Adam tell Tad that Kathy is alive.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg and Paul relish in their reconciliation. A bitter and deceitful Sophie tells Mike that Paul raped her. Holden tells Lily that he is going on a trip. Carly wants to call Holden when there is a problem at Metro, but when Henry shows up, she asks him for assistance instead. Meg worries about what Sophie is capable of. A horrified Mike tries to convince Sophie to go to the police, but she balks at that. Lily tries to hide her hurt when Holden wants to go on a trip to buy horses. Carly and Holden have an awkward meeting. Carly asks Holden if he is leaving because of her? Holden assures her that it has to do with Lily and where they go from here. Lily notices the tension, but Carly and Holden blow it off. Bonnie tells Henry that she lost her job because of him; she offers to join him in his lawsuit against Gray’s estate now. Meg and Paul learn from Mike about Sophie’s accusations. Meg stands by Paul’s side. Vienna misunderstands Henry and Bonnie’s toast until he explains that Bonnie is on their side now. Paul tells a distraught Barbara about Sophie’s accusation. Sophie daydreams about Paul taking her back. Meg goes to see Sophie and promises her that if she rethinks her false accusations everything will go back to normal. Mike goes to see Margo and tells her what Paul did to Sophie; Margo and Mike try to talk with Sophie, but she won’t budge. Mike apologizes for pushing, as Sophie doesn’t want him to leave. Lily tells Faith that Holden’s trip is a good thing because when he comes back things will be better. Carly confronts Holden about how worried she is that something is different with them now ever since the day they went riding. Bonnie and Vienna agree to a tentative truce to fight against Gray’s estate for Henry. Meg tells Paul that she spoke with Sophie and thinks she will recant. Sophie is distraught after learning that Paul thinks she is delusional and with a look of evilness pulls out the underwear she wore the night Paul and she slept together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie comes around from her fainting spell and all are worried about her. Bridget confides to Nick and Brooke that Katie's body is showing rejection of the new heart. Felicia worries about her mom and confronts her. Stephanie admits it’s been harder than she realized to get on with her life and live down at the beach house alone. She no longer knows what her purpose is. She just needs to slow down and re-think her life. Eric is shocked and thinks this must be some bad joke. Marcus seems too old to be Donna’s son, she would have had to have been a child. She says she was…. a mere teenager. So was the father. She is glad that Marcus looked her up and found her. Eric tells Marcus he thinks he is lying, so what does he want? This must be a scam and he wants money. He orders him out of the house. He and Donna argue and he won’t accept this. His family was right about her and he announces the marriage is over. Then she is brought back to reality from her daydream. But she tells Marcus that Eric is still on the phone and she has been thinking, this might not be a good idea after all.

Nick is worried, they can’t lose Katie. He wants to take her to the hospital do something to fix her. Bridget explains there is nothing more to be done to assure the body won’t reject the heart. Eric leaves for the office after not getting any more out of Donna. Marcus is very disappointed that she didn’t tell Eric the truth. She doesn’t feel it is the right time. She’s afraid Eric wouldn’t understand and would leave the marriage. So it’s a matter of timing. Donnas says she loves her husband, but she loves Marcus too. She doesn’t want him to leave town. They have to find a way for this to work. He states that it sounds like she has already made her choice and this is not working for him anymore. Supposed to be lying down, Katie comes down the stairs and sees the tears and depressed looks on their faces and demands to know what is going on. Is she going to die?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ and Nicole take shots as he divulges his grand scheme to get Sami back. Their annulment is valid and complete, but EJ plans on telling Sami that the annulment is void because they slept together. Sami and Lucas bond with the twins, until Maggie calls, asking Sami to come get EJ, who is making a scene. She convinces him to leave with her, and Nicole ponders telling Sami about EJ’s plan. Bo and Hope spend the evening dancing, and run into Paul and Morgan. They question him about the drug bust down at the docks, and he denies any involvement. He receives a call from Phillip, and tells him he can’t talk. Bo and Hope are suspicious of Paul. Chloe and Phillip make love, and she sees the disk from John’s house. Phillip tells her it’s just something for work. Abe and Roman question John, who insists Phillip planted the drugs in his shipping containers. He is arraigned, and pleads not guilty. Marlena posts his bail. John comes home and finds a letter from her. He tells Sami, Lucas, and EJ that Marlena has left him. Stephanie once again demands to know what is going on with Max. He tells her that there is nothing to know--he’s just really good with numbers, like the guy from Rainman.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Kate is apprehensive about her future with Sonny.  Jason confronts Anthony as the Zacchara house burns.  Spinelli walks in on Maxie kissing Johnny.  Johnny makes it clear that he only has eyes for Lulu.  Jax and Carly try to reclaim their marriage.  Jax gets angry when Lulu asks Carly to talk with Jason about the “war” with the Zacchara family.  Claudia tends to Nikolas after he falls off his horse.  Nikolas mourns Emily.  Spinelli runs into Sam at the shooting range.  Sam continues on her quest to help Spinelli win Maxie over.  Ric wonders if Sonny ordered Jason to set the Zacchara house on fire.  Ric thinks Sonny is still calling the shots.   Anthony agrees to honor the truce with Jason for the time being.  Maxie continues to throw herself at Johnny.  Sonny and Jason have different ideas about how to handle the Zaccharas.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is with Jeffrey. Reva is happy that Jeffrey is conscious. Daisy and Ashlee go and share a beer. They do not know they are being watched. Josh tells Cassie that Jeffrey is awake. Cassie wants to go visit Jeffrey, Josh doesn't think the doctors will let her yet. Jeffrey asks how long has he been in the hospital and what happened. Reva tells him the truth. She accepts his marriage proposal. Ashlee is doing some jogging and other things to loose wait. Daisy goes to visit Jeffrey. She tells him Rafe is really a good person, just that he was upset. And he would never have hurt Jeffrey. Jeffrey won't press charges. Reva and Daisy meet up outside at the park. Daisy seems down. Reva is trying to lift her up. Cassie and Josh visit Jeffrey in the hospital. Cassie tells him to take care. Now someone in a house is looking at Daisy. Cassie and Josh go home. She sees he has been working at getting stuff out of the barn. She gives him a kiss but he barely reacts. Josh is now sitting and listens to a music box. A cop watching Jeffrey is on the phone in Jeffrey's room. An hour later he wakes to find Reva sipping a soda. He asks how long he was out. She says an hour. She shows him a heart she made with their initials. They laugh.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian is up to no good. She has Charlie upstairs in her bedroom drugged and unconscious and she is ready to "dispose" of him by a dumpster. She has some guys take him to an alley and leave him unconscious. She pours booze all over him so that even if Viki or Jared do find him, they will assume he's gotten into a severe drinking bout yet again. David knows something is going on yet she won't trust him to know what she's doing. Viki runs into David and admits that she is very upset not being able to find Charlie. David then tells her he might be able to help her. Dorian then goes to the B.E. board meeting and announces that they have all committed fraud to their shareholders by passing Jared off as Asa Buchanan's son. Meanwhile, Antonio and John are trying to uncover the secret and the dirty they need on Ramsey, while they play their roles to both Ramsey and Eddie, pretending that they hate each other and that Talia has dumped Antonio for John.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Jack has decided to do a good deed and offer Glo an olive branch after realizing she was the generous donor to both his father’s and Cassie’s charities. Sharon’s scathing mad and Mikey thinks that this is pretty peculiar. Chloe fakes being sick to get Cane alone, but much to her dismay Lily misses her plane and her plan is ruined. Phyllis realizes that Adam and Heather or shagging while Nick takes the upper hand and makes a decision without speaking with his partners. Amber and Cane share a tender moment and Mikey fears that he is no better then his parents.

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