The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/30/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Zach and Kendall get ready for Spike’s party. Tad is in a deep coma, and Dixie is by his side as they have a “second chance” dream life. In their “second chance,” Tad and Dixie are married for forty-five years. They raise Kate and have grandchildren together. Angie believes that what happened at the wedding should not have happened, because it was a happy occasion; now they are burying Julia, and maybe Tad as well.

Kendall, and Zach get sexy. Dixie, and Tad get sexy. Angie and Jesse cuddle in the doctor’s lounge. Krystal urges Tad to come back to Jenny and her. JR tells Adam that Tad wakes up everyday to find out that his daughter is still missing. JR vows to spend the rest of his life trying to find Kate. He promises not to give up. Jesse urges Tad to come back. Adam asks Jake if Tad can hear him while he is unconscious? Tad walks off with Dixie; he intends to stay with her forever!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Liberty sends Ashley a text message from Parker's phone telling Ashley to meet Parker at Al's for a big surprise and then advises Parker to give Ashley a kiss. Parker tries to pull Ashley in for a kiss but it doesn't work and Ashley ends up dropping her books and leaving thinking Parker is a jerk. Liberty yells Parker to practice kissing on her so he won't be so nervous next time he wants to kiss a girl. Parker and Liberty kiss and he likes it so much that he wants to do it again but Liberty tells him he has had enough practice. Brad advises Liberty to forgive Janet for whatever the reason is she is mad at her because her mother made a lot of sacrifices for her Liberty goes to Al's to talk to Janet but leaves when she sees Janet flirting with a customer named Bud. Katie is concerned when Brad isn't happy to see Janet on a date with Bud. Brad insists that he feels he must protect Janet because she tends to get into trouble. Bud pushes himself into Janet's room and tries to get Janet to give him a kiss. Janet pushes Bud off of her and tells him no and then she falls to the floor. Paul turns down Sofie's advances and makes it clear that he doesn't love her and they can only be friends. An angry Sofie trashes Paul's living room and cuts herself on some glass when she breaks a picture of Meg. Paul and Meg declare their love to each other and later go to Fairwinds to try and help Sofie but she yells at Paul for hurting her and runs out of the house crying. Mike finds Sofie at the Lakeview and seeing the cuts on her hands wonders who hurt her and Sofie tells Mike she was raped.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Bridget set the table for Katie’s birthday. She warns him to be nice today with Ridge around, she wants no big drama. Katie is still in the recovery mode with her first birthday after the new heart and she can’t handle a lot of excitement. She’s not out of the woods yet. Katie walks in and remarks that she sees she has no say in how they celebrate her birthday. Ridge agrees to go, but tells Brooke he would be just as happy if Donna didn’t. Eric sees Marcus talking to Donna and asks what is going on? He recognizes Marcus as one of the caterers and asks is there a problem? She covers by fibbing that yes, she was planning a surprise dinner for him. She asks Marcus to give them some time alone. Katie opens her gift from Bridget, a keychain with Chinese symbol for life. Nick’s is an indoor basketball goal and they both declare they will beat each other right here in the living room. Thorne and Jackie join in and Jackie has to pass judgment about Nick living there with both Bridget and Katie when she could recuperate at one of her sisters' houses. Then Brooke arrives and Jackie quips to Nick now it is a party.

Bridget is surprised that Dr. Patrick shows up and he informs her that Katie’s tests results were not good this morning; she is showing signs of rejection. Eric guesses that Donna might be pregnant; is that her surprise? She assures him she isn't, but she does have a mystery that goes back to her teenage years and she doesn’t know how he’s going to take this. She just hopes it won’t change his opinion of her. He gets a phone call before Donna can say more. Ridge confides in Ashley that he’s probably being paranoid and he doesn’t like being at odds with his dad, but he does not know where Eric’s loyalty really lies, with his old family or his new. Eric assures Donna that he’s made plenty of mistakes in his life that he would not like to be held accountable for that now, so what does she need to tell him about hers? As Marcus walks back in and wants to know if he should tell Eric, Donna blurts out that Marcus is her son. The group at Nick’s house is putting candles on the cake and wishing Katie a special happy birthday. As she prepares to blow out the candles, she suddenly collapses and falls to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Roman, Kate, Hope, Bo, Anna, and Tony all have dinner together at Chez Rouge. Anna and Tony talk about their honeymoon, and they all speculate as to whether Roman and Kate are back together. Roman warns Kate not to meddle in Sami and Lucas' relationship, and she agrees, saying that Lucas is an adult and can make his own choices. Abe tries get John to confess to drug trafficking, but he refuses. Ava visits with Marlena, and receives advice from her about seeing another counselor. Marlena later visits John and tells him that she loves him and thinks he is innocent. After Marlena leaves, John bursts into tears. Stephanie confronts Max about why he rushed out of Chez Rouge, and what's going on with Nick's proposal, and he finally admits that he is really smart at math. Before Stephanie can question him further, Ava shows up, and Stephanie lays into her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny flatly turns down Alexis' plea to cede his rights to her daughter, especially considering that she is "with" Jerry Jax. Carly and Jax clash about her involvement with Jason and his with Kate. When Nikolas comes home, at first he thinks Emily has returned, but it's just Claudia. Sam finds that Spinelli is sore in places he did not even know he had and ready to give up his My Fair Jackal routine. The Zacchara mansion burns, but Anthony does not want to leave. Sonny refuses the guards Jason wants to put on him. After Nikolas is thrown from his horse, Claudia rescues him. Maxie makes a move on Johnny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill is on the phone, when Dinah arrives. They are meeting at Dinah's. She is so excited about his speech. Lizzie gets a call she doesn't like. Frank is talking to Buzz about stuff when Cyrus arrives at Company. Frank has words with him and leaves. At the police station Frank is looking over reports with Mallet concerning the case and Mallet tells Frank he tried to talk to Harley. While there Mallet gets a phone call. At the hospital, Ava and Reva are talking about Jeffery. Reva tells Ava that Jeffery will wake and be a grouch that they know and love. Ava laughs. Reva even has some nice things to say about Rafe that Ava agrees with. Bill calls someone about a talk at the park. After his call Lizzie shows up and fizzles his smile. Lizzie tells Bill she will take him down and take her family's company back. Bill goes to the hospital to be there for Ava. He tells her and Reva, who is sitting with her that he is now CEO of the Former Spaulding Company. Cyrus finds Mallet and tells him he is worried about Harley. Telling him she disappeared. Mallet rambles off scenarios of people calling telling him where she is being spotted. Mallet then tells Cyrus to call him if he has heard from her. Bill talks to Reva about Jeffery and what he means to her. Dinah's name comes into the conversation and Reva tells Bill to be easy on Dinah. Dinah invites Lizzie to the opening of the new company. Cyrus manhandles Buzz asking him where Harley is. Dinah is talking to Mallet about Bill and what she has done for him. Dinah tells Mallet that it was her that also got him the Chief job. Then Mallet goes nuts. He tells her that if he'd not been chief, Gus wouldn't have died, Frank wouldn't be out of a job. He tells her to get out of his life. Bill and Ava are talking. He is actually very nice toward her. He tells her about wanting dinner with her and maybe Dinah joining them. Frank is comes to Company and sees Lizzie stuffing her face. He sits down to talk to her. He tells her she is one tough cookie. Cyrus and Buzz are still talking about the whereabouts of Harley and Rafe. At the park, Dinah runs into Cyrus and tells him he looks like crap. He tell her it is due to wanting to keep Harley safe. She tells him of a party she has to get ready for. Mallet is about to break when Frank sees him in the stairwell. Frank gives him advice about the job of Chief. Mallet tells Frank he wished he never got the job. Frank begins to worry about him. Bill talks to the people of Company while Lizzie looks on from afar.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In court, the judge rules that Todd loses custody of Sam. Marcie and Michael's lawyer, then tells the judge that they are a better alternative than sending him to foster care. But the judge says no to that. At that point, Blair tells the judge she would like custody and the judge grants it to her. Todd is furious with Blair at that point. Starr overhears Marcie telling Michael how upset she is to not be able to have or even adopt a baby. And from hearing that, she might have "plans" involving her own pregnancy. Dorian still has Charlie lying unconscious in the bed upstairs. She doesn't want him to ever wake up and reveal to anybody whom he really is. David knows what she is doing and demands to know why. But she won't tell him. Meanwhile, Viki is trying and failing to find Charlie. Jessica announces to Natalie that she is pregnant again.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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