The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Kendall goes to Greenlee’s home to make things right between them. It is touch and go for Tad, but they find the bleeder, close his wounds, and caution that the next 24 hours will be critical to his survival. Jesse and Aidan search for Kate, but run into stumbling blocks. Aidan is concerned about Greenlee, but he lost Julia, a friend and Tad is in trouble as well. Kathy (Kate) does not yet know that Julia has died. Maria is seeking guardianship of Kathy. Colby was sitting in the chair where Julia was shot. Adam dislikes Tad but does not want him to die.

Kendall offers to mend her friendship with Greenlee who insists she hates her, but they both agree that they will not lose Fusion. Jake stands by Tad. Jack want to point the finger at Kendall, but Zach will not let him. Krystal is worried that she did not love Tad enough. Tad sees Dixie and wishes they had another chance; Dixie says they can. Zach found a new understanding while in the bunker, which is why he can forgive Kendall. Frankie talks to a social worker about the girl found on the street. When they return to her room, Randy has disappeared.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Meg accidentally tells Chris that Allison spent the night at the farm with Aaron so Chris rushes to the farm and assumes Allison slept with Aaron since she is wearing Aaron's t-shirt. Allison tells Chris she has slept with a lot of men she just couldn't make it work with him. Allison tells Chris that she doesn't care if he thinks she is a slut but makes it clear their relationship is over for good. Later an angry Chris tells the nursing supervisor Brenda to stop giving Allison special treatment. The party for the secret stories jewelry line is a big success. Meg arrives with Mike and Paul can't keep his eyes off Meg. Mike gets called away on an emergency and Meg and Paul spend the evening at the party together and share a kiss. Meg tells Mike when he takes her home that she is still in love with Paul. Sofie arrives at Fairwinds after the party takes off her clothes and tells Paul she intends to show him her gratitude. In New York Noah and Luke look for Ameera who manages to escape from Winston Mayer after throwing away the drugged tea he gave to her. Ameera finds Luke who arranges for the police to put Ameera in protective custody. Noah tells his father he won't allow him to ruin Ameera's life. Colonel Mayer punches Noah and when Noah finds Luke again he gets upset with Luke for taking Ameera to the police. Colonel Mayer calls Noah and tells him if he doesn't take Ameera to peer 17 by noon tomorrow he and Luke will die.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie makes it clear to Nick that she wants no celebrating for her birthday, not even one cupcake. Bridget thinks Katie looks flushed and worries about her health. Stephanie drops by with a birthday present although she probably is really more concerned about Katie and Bridget living with Nick than she wants to admit. Thorne tells Felicia and Ridge that Donna will be on her best behavior, but they expect the real Donna will surface soon, back in the tabloids. Eric admonishes them they are treating Donna like an albatross around his neck. Donna is not going to bring scandal down on them. Marcus drops by to see Donna just as she is about to hire a P.I. to locate him. He informs her that the Forrester receptionist set out to find him also and seems mighty interested in his relationship with Donna. She is not ashamed of him and insists that she wants him to meet her entire family. He can’t help but wonder why she has not told Eric by now. He thinks the whole family sounds messed up, he just wants to leave town. Donna begs him not to until she gets a chance to know him better.

Felicia tells her dad that she will always love him, so does her mother and the rest of the family, but they fear Donna will let him down. Katie tells Stephanie that she encouraged the relationship and living arrangements between Nick and Bridget. She doesn’t know why Stephanie is trying to turn it into something ugly. Donna tells Marcus she knows all of this sounds complicated, but give her a chance to get everything out in the open and make it right. As she is begging him one more time not to go, Eric walks in and asks what is going on?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Steve tries to distract Kayla by assembling a swing and stroller for Joe. Kayla continues to worry, despite Steve's efforts. All of the rest of the action takes place at Chez Rouge, where everyone is gathering for a dinner held in Nick's honor. Chelsea stalks around Daniel, who is tossing back shots with two of his colleagues. One of them attempts to hit on Chelsea, but she turns him down. They later poke fun at Daniel because they suspect Chelsea has a thing for him. Daniel gets a phone call and rushes off. Lexie confides in Hope about her marital problems. Nick admits to the Dean of the physics department that he had help with his work, and doesn't deserve the grant money. The Dean warmly disagrees. Max shows up, but is seemingly scared off by seeing the Dean, and he beats a hasty retreat. EJ and Nicole sit at the bar, drowning their sorrows over Phillip and Sami. Nicole formulates a plan to make Sami jealous, suggesting that EJ arrange for Sami to walk in on them sleeping together. EJ thanks her, but refuses, fearing that such a move might drive Sami into Lucas' arms.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason tells Carly to stay away from him for her own protection. She refuses. He does allow Diane and Max to date. Another drug failure causes Liz, Epiphany, and Lucky concerns. Sam grooms Spinelli to become Maxie's lover. Ric begins to sweat when Anthony realizes Liz could be used as leverage against him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie want to make Bill suffer and tells Buzz. Later Lizzie is cleaning out the glasses she just used for the wine that makes Bill pass out. Dinah finds out that Jeffrey was shot by Rafe, Mallet tells her. Reva rushes to the hospital to be met by Mallet. She asks him if he knows anything. Mallet tells her no. Josh helps Cassie with her paperwork for bill paying. Though it will cost her, homemade cookies. She laughs then kisses him. Dinah calls Bill and leaves a message. She tries again and Bill just about hears it, too late to answer though. Bill gets up and dressed. After dressing he collapses on the bed. Lizzie is talking with Dinah about him. She doesn't tell her what she did to him. Reva calls Cassie about Jeffrey. Cassie can't believe her ears. Cassie asks Reva where she is and that they are on their way and she and Josh take off. Dinah finally sees Bill as he dresses. Bill tells her what he remembers. While he tries to stay awake. Cassie and Josh arrive at Cedars and finds Reva all shook up. Josh tries to comfort her and so does Cassie. Reva leaves with Josh as Cassie looks on. Dinah gets coffee for Bill. While gone Bill hears laughter coming from the next room. He walks in to see Lizzie laughing with some of the board members. She tells them that Bill is not the one to run the company. At the film site Reva and Josh walk in on a rehearsal. Bill looks at Reva. Dinah tries to fix the situation at the Board Meeting. Mallet checks through the door window of a hospital room then checks on Cassie, who is sitting alone. He asks about Josh. Cassie tells him he went with Reva. They talk about Tammy and the what ifs. Josh takes Reva back to her and Jeffrey 's place and she picks up his guitar. Back at Company, Dinah is giving Bill a piece of her mind. He continues to tell her he doesn't know what happened. Dinah calls Bill a failure. Reva picks up something she made for Jeffrey. Dinah and Bill get bad news. The board members will be going ahead with the vote. Back at the hospital, Josh and Reva meet up with Cassie. Josh and Cassie sit in the waiting room. Bill meets up with Lizzie and kids about returning to the scene of the crime. She doesn't admit drugging him. She wants what she wants. Bill tells Lizzie she still wants him. Lizzie denies it. Reva comes back to the waiting room and tells them about her and Jeffrey's marriage. Cassie is thrilled. Josh is dumbfounded. Reva is certain Jeffrey will wake up and she wants to stay. Reva is sitting alone while Josh and Cassie are standing in the corner of the waiting room. Josh says he thought Reva wanted to be alone. They sit down and talk more. Dinah and Bill are in the board room talking with a news person about an upcoming speech that Bill will make to the TV audience. Lizzie is on her bed eating and watching TV. She sees Bill on the screen and turns up the volume. Bill mentions Gus in his speech. Bill says he will continue to make a dream of Gus' come true of a community center. Lizzie is furious at what she is hearing. Especially when she hears Bill say the Spauldings have failed Springfield. He continues to say he is ready to be CEO....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora tells Clint she doesn't want him having anything to do with Lindsay; business-related or not. He tells her she is obsessed about Lindsay. It looks like Bo and Lindsay are getting closer. RJ Gannon makes it clear he's not ok with that and that he might want to hurt them both. Todd has a court hearing for temporarily losing custody of Sam after Marcie and Michael caught him driving his infant son without a child safety seat. Marcie wants to prevent Todd from ever having his son in his home again. Starr, Langston, Cole and Markko all get subpoenaed. Both Markko and Cole testify about Todd assaulting them. The judge then asks Starr to testify.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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