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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad is rushed to the hospital by helicopter. When another doctor wants to take over his care, Jake insists that due to his recent experience in Africa, he is the best qualified to treat his own brother, so he proceeds to pack the wounds and order blood transfusions. Meanwhile, in the next cubicle, Joe and Angie struggle to resuscitate Julia.  Finally, they call the time of death and inform all her shocked friends. When J.R. calls Colby with the news, she drops the phone and hugs her dad. Greenlee kisses Zach and then asks him to make love to her, but he insists he loves his wife. After Zach gets a call about Julia's death, he takes care of the arrangements regarding her body since she has no family in town. Everyone stands vigil at the hospital awaiting word on Tad’s condition. Jake informs his dad that Tad is stable enough for surgery. Adam and Colby arrive at the hospital. Krystal walks up to him and asks him what is he doing there. Dixie looks at Adam in a questioning way as if wondering what he is going to do next. Greenlee is stranded by the side of the road with a flat tire when Ryan comes to her rescue.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Sage doesn’t want to ride any horses after all so Carly and Holden enjoy a horse ride by the Farm themselves. Meg goes to see how Barbara is, but she finds Paul instead; Paul invites her to Sophie’s jewelry unveiling party, but Meg is unsure and a bit bothered that they are working together. Paul apologizes for what happened and explains that he and Sophie are strictly business partners. Sophie seems to be more interested if Paul will be attending her jewelry showing party then anything else; Barbara has to continue to explain that he is not interested in anything more then her success in making a jewelry line. Meg tells Paul she has to do one thing before she makes a decision. Allison is overjoyed to learn she passed her latest test and calls Aaron to thank him for sending Meg her way to tutor her. Chris shows up to take her out to celebrate. Carly and Holden have fun on their horse ride, but Holden’s horse’s leg is bothering him so he is forced to ride with Carly on her horse; being in such close proximity seems to make Holden and Carly strangely happy but awkward. Meg tells Paul that she rescinded the retraining order. Mike shows up, sees Paul and Meg together, and is not happy. Meg explains the situation, but Mike is leery. Paul tries to prove he has changed by inviting them both to Sophie’s jewelry party. Allison hits Chris with a dart so they head to his house to fix him up. Aaron shows up to see Allison and is disappointed to hear she left with Chris. When Carly and Holden continue to be in close quarters, Carly brings up Lily. At Chris’ room, things get heated between him and Allison, but Allison again puts on the brakes. Chris gets upset and says some hurtful words, which send Allison running out. Sophie is unsure what to do about Paul’s invite; she stresses nonchalantly that Meg and Mike appear to be going to the party together. Holden helps Carly off her horse and she winds up in his arms; they hold each other’s gaze before they look away uncomfortably. Allison goes to see Aaron, as she vents about what she is doing to herself and Chris. Aaron thinks she may be forcing feelings where there really aren’t any anymore for Chris and that is why she keeps pulling away from him; Allison wonders if he is right? Mike doesn’t want to be used by Meg for face time with Paul; Meg tells him to consider it a date. Chris tells Susan that he is tired of the way Allison has been treating him. When Allison doesn’t want to go home, Aaron offers her a room at the Farm. Mike excitedly tells Henry about his date with Meg. Henry is leery since Paul and Meg are a force. Carly asks Holden if he can take Sage riding tomorrow, but he balks saying that he is busy. Carly walks away unsure what is going on, but she and Holden give each other a backward glance.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke berates Taylor that this isn’t a love match, but to Rick it’s a rescue mission. Rick says their opinion doesn’t matter, only Phoebe’s. Taylor says that she was just proposed to and she hasn’t given Rick his answer. Now she will – yes, she will marry him. She asks Rick for a little time so she can prepare Thomas and Steffy. Rick also asks his mother for a little time for her to accept this. Pam tells Marcus not to act so Mr. Innocent. He tells her that she is barking up the wrong tree if she thinks he is having an affair with Donna Logan, so keep her twisted mind to herself. Taylor apologizes to Rick for making him wait. He replies it doesn't matter now. He doesn’t care what anybody else thinks of this, he’s ready to be it all, even father to Jack. She asks him to stay the night. Rick only wants to stay if Taylor wants it too, not just for his sake. She utters yes she wants him to stay and feel all of him. Marcus tells Pam that she doesn’t know the first thing about him so how dare she call him a liar. He walks out.

Ridge doesn’t know how Phoebe could give Rick such a free pass. But he is sure that Taylor is not going to marry Rick any time soon. Brooke is sure this was orchestrated for her benefit, getting engaged right under her nose. She still believes this is payback, Taylor using her son, to hurt Brooke. Ridge half-way believes this too, but he warns her that the more she says no to this union, the more Rick’s heart will say yes. Brooke still can not back away. After making mad, passionate love, Taylor wonders why she took so long to say yes to this. They discuss their unlikely future by themselves as people shun them. She declares she loves him so much.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole catches Chloe and Phillip making love. After Phillip throws her out, she goes to the pub to drown her sorrows, where she meets and befriends Ava. Morgan and Stephanie meet with their professor about their grades. Stephanie asks Max to attend a dinner given in Nick's honor for his academic achievements. EJ tells Marlena that he will never give up on Sami, but he wants to win her fairly. Marlena confides in Roman that she fears Sami will lose both EJ and Lucas. Steve, Kayla and Stephanie are allowed to see Joe. Steve and Stephanie surprise Kayla with a brand-new, fully-furnished apartment, but it isn't enough to take her mind off of her son.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie spent the night with Spinelli to make sure he did not die from a concussion, but in the morning, her coyness makes Spinelli think they made love. Mac also believes that and tosses him out violently. Jax comes home and expresses his deep hurt at Carly shutting him out; she lashes back with why did he go see Brenda? After arguing with Jason and learning that Carly is prepared to take Morgan and run, Sonny decides to cede his parental rights. Jason sells his entire interest in the coffee business to Sonny in return for Sonny's interest in the casinos and plantations, etc. Sam comforts Spinelli over his amnesia even as Maxie assures Robin there was nothing and will be nothing to forget. Jason informs Anthony that he has taken over.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank walks around the PD squad room and notices on a computer, Rafe's picture. Natalia goes to Alan for help in finding Rafe. Frank then goes to see his Dad to see if he knows where Rafe went. Bill and a business associate (Brian) are talking about the stockholders meeting when they are interrupted by Lizzie. After they are alone. Bill gets on Lizzie's nerves. Ava is waiting for Olivia to arrive to Cedars. Once she does, Ava tells her of Jeffrey's condition. Lizzie goes to Bill's car and then decides not to go with him and departs. They talk outside of the car. Natalia, Buzz and Alan and Frank are at Company talking about Rafe. They all except Natalia want to find Rafe. Ava and Olivia still await news of Jeffery's condition. Buzz tells Frank of Harley's and Rafe's departure. Frank is furious. Alan and Natalia continue to talk. Ava meets up with Bill. She sees something is on his mind and asks. He tells her it has to do with the stockholders meeting that day. Then they laugh. Bill tells Ava that Jeffery will be ok. Alan continues to talk to Lizzie about his not being able to help his own grandson. And that times like these family should hold together. Lizzie promises him it will. Natalia goes to Cedars to be with Olivia. Olivia can't understand why the mother of the boy who shot Jeffery would want to be with her. Natalia says after everything they've been through that is why. Lizzie goes to see Buzz. After Lizzie calls Bill on her cell. Ava comes back from her walk and Olivia tells her of Natalia's visit. Lizzie goes to see Bill, catching him off guard as he is not dressed. Bill tells Lizzie to call her people and call off the buy. They share some wine. Frank is at the Park meeting Natalia. Frank tells him what Harley did. Natalia is outraged that Harley would do that. She wants Frank to get on the phone to stop Harley. Alan goes back to Company to talk to Buzz. Natalia goes back to Olivia to talk some more. Frank and Buzz talk again, this time Alan is part of this conversation concerning Rafe. Then Natalia comes to Company to get angry at Buzz. Olivia follows her to Company with a check. Natalia promises to pay her back. Olivia tells her not to worry about it. Ava is waiting in Jeffery's hospital room and calls Bill., who is passed out. With Lizzie over him with her wine glass.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Rex talks to Adriana about why she took his toothbrush. She lies and tells him she wanted him to be 100% sure so she was going to get it tested. Rex asks if that's so why didn't she take the fork with Charlie's DNA on it too? Marcie confronts Todd about not having Sam in a car seat. John calls Child services and they take Sam into custody until a hearing in the morning. Gigi catches Brody giving beer to Shane. They argue, Shane yells that he hates her and runs upstairs. Gigi and Brody talk it out and she agrees to let him stay if he goes by her rules. When Shane comes downstairs Brody tells him that he was wrong to give him beer and yell at Gigi. He makes Shane apologize to Gigi. Viki is upset about Charlie lying to Rex. She talks to Natalie and Jessica about it. Dorian stabs Charlie with a syringe and he passes out. She calls two men to help her, then sneaks him out of the hospital and takes him to her home. She texts Viki with Charlie's phone telling her he hasn't told Rex yet and he needs more time.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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